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“Ah… yeah… keep it up, girl,” I moaned.

I was lying naked on the bed. In my fingers was a handful of Sasori’s hair. Her head was going up and down on my cock. She was lying naked on top of me, with her head down and her lips on my member. Her bare chest was pressed against my stomach and if I reached hard enough, I could slide my fingers up her backside and fondle her pussy to my delight.

Thus, when there was a click and the door finally opened about fifteen minutes after they had started trying to get inside, we made quite the display. The person who stepped in was none other than Mr. Fukumi. When he saw me and the state of his wife, he had an intrigued expression on his face. I met him with a smile. As for his wife, she barely glanced at him. I had filled her in on all the detail about her husband during foreplay, and now she sucked my cock definantly in front of him without a single ounce of hesitation. She wasn’t excited either. Rather, towards her husband, there was only coldness, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Behind Fukumi was a couple of other hooded men. However, I didn’t feel threatened at all. In fact, as Sasori’s splendid tongue worked the shaft, I felt great.

“So… I see you have finally come around to seeing things my way.” The Vice-Principal nodded. “Good. Good. Please, continue to enjoy my wife. The meal is delicious. I welcome your points and the exciting feelings you’re delivering to me.”

“Your wife?” I raised an eyebrow. “You’re quite foolish. I’m not interested in that kind of crap at all.”

Mr. Fukumi’s smile flickered uncertainly. “R-right, you’re saying that you don’t want to share her. In honesty, had Kira not slipped away somewhere without my knowledge, I wouldn’t have had to depend on such tactics with my wife anyway. A promise is a promise, but since this kind of an alliance is a once in a lifetime thing, I suppose I can take my wife off the market for these men.”

There were several annoyed noises behind him from the other men. It looked like he was getting in trouble with this supposed organization in order to set up an alliance. Was something like that really that important to him? Well, it didn’t really matter to me anyway. I had no intention of setting any kind of agreement with him.

“You keep talking about your wife… your wife…” I shook my head. “The only girl in this room is my woman. I think you’re a little confused. Ah… wait… cumming!”

I tightened my grip on her hair. My cock began to swell. Like a pro, Sasori eagerly sucked while stroking my balls, easing out the juices as they blasted deep in the back of her throat. She swallowed each one excitedly, taking my seed into her mouth with renewed vigor. The noisy sound of her moaning as she sucked my cock filled the room for a solid minute while Mr. Fukumi watched uncertainly. When I finished, letting out a single sigh of pleasure, she wiped her mouth, moved up and then kissed me on the lips. They were wet and hot, and she and her entire body were mine. We continued to canoodle in front of Mr. Fukumi until he couldn’t stay silent any longer.

“You can have her however you want.” Mr. Fukumi finally stated. “However, the points for being cheated on are all mine. NTR goes both ways. I already said this is fine for me.”

“You got points?” I asked curiously. “Hmm… I wonder…”

“Hmph… well, she is my wi-“

“Imai… I’ve decided I want a divorce.” Sasori’s voice rang out.

“Y-you… wh-what?” Mr. Fukumi seemed surprised at first. “You can’t… we…”

“The things you’ve done to me… to my daughter… how could I be with a man like you? We’re done.”

“Even if you say it… that doesn’t mean it’s official-“

“Here are the documents.” I tossed out a packet which landed at his feet. “My Sasori had this printed out and sitting in her purse for a while now. While I was taking her backdoor, she decided to finally sign them. My girl is quite productive on all fours.”

“Mm… It’s Hakaru… who makes me this way…” Mrs. Fukumi purred, kissing my neck while her hand started to stroke, my soft member.

“Oh… and mind the sex stains. I put it down on the table and I never predicted the distance your ex could go when she receives the right stimulation.”

“H-hakaru… don’t tease me so…”

“This!” He shook his head grabbing the paper and shaking it at us. “This isn’t binding!”

“Ah! That’s right!” I lifted up my smartphone and snapped a picture. “I already emailed the files to the lawyer, but he says I needed a picture of you holding the documents. They call that getting served or something. I don’t know about that stuff very well, that’s why we have a lawyer.”

“L-lawyer…” He took several steps back, the smile finally leaving his mouth and a flash of anger showing instead. “You can’t do this… my points… I earned points.”

“Buddy… your relationship with your woman was always a dependency. It was weak and feeble. Your points are earned by her connection to you. When she cheats on you. Feels bad for being with another man. Consciously is conflicted. That is where points come from. After what you have done to my woman, how do you think she feels.”

“Nothing…” It was Sasori who spoke up. “We’re not husband and wife. We’re not together anymore. I don’t know anything about the points Hakaru is speaking, but I believe him when he says that you will earn nothing off me ever again.

“No… that can’t be…” He turned to his right, seemingly speaking to himself. “Cuckold. My points… nothing? Truly nothing? How? How can that be… You promised me! You promised me that my wife would always give me points!”

I couldn’t see cuckold myself. It seemed like he had appeared just for Mr. Fukumi. Although, I was the only one in the room who knew about the god and the game. The others were looking at Mr. Fukumi like he was unhinged and a step from going insane. The men who were previously supporting his back took several steps away and looked about ready to leave.

“You think you can leave me!” Mr. Fukumi’s expression turned dark, and a snarl formed on it. “I have images! I have images of the two of you together! I’ll destroy your life Sasori! How do you want to go to jail for sleeping with a student!”

Sasori held me closer. “It’s okay… I know I’ve made mistakes… but Hakaru definitely isn’t one! If I have to go to jail… even if I lose everything… it’ll be worth it If I can be by Hakaru’s side in the end. As for my daughter, I know that he will be looking after her too, and that brings me peace.”

As she was saying such bold worlds, my smartphone which was in my free hand started beeping. My other was still wrapped around Sasori’s naked body, where I occasionally fondled her. A message appeared on my screen, and I let out a little laugh.

“Well, my sweet, I don’t think you’ll need to worry about such things. Actually, I’ve accomplished what I came for, so I suppose it’s about time we leave.”

“You think we’ll let you leave?” Mr. Fukumi snarled. “You’re not going anywhere! Come on, guys… my wife is free. You can all enjoy her. Just help hold him back and hold her down!”

“I’m not yours!” Sasori hissed.

“I don’t know… this is totally rape. I’m not going to do something like this. If she was knocked out or whatever…. But she’s totally conscious. She can even identify us!” One guy said.

The other few started muttering, and soon it seemed like no one was interested in helping him at all. These men were opportunistic rapists. They might coerce a girl or drug her, but to physically force her into sex was even beyond most of them, especially since they’d have to physically restrain a guy too.

“Nonsense!” The Vice-Principal cried out. “I’ll pay… I’ll pay you. Join me!”

His eyes were turning unhinged, and it was clear he was starting to lose it. As for the men, most were picking up on it and already had a foot out the door, but at least two men looked like they might take him up on the offer. There were always those that would do anything for money.

“I’m going to stop you right there.” I cut in. “You see…”

I clicked something on my phone. Five seconds later, an alarm suddenly rang throughout the building. The fire alarm had just gone off. Akiko was willing to do anything for me. So, I planted her at the fire alarm, ready to pull it in case I sent an emergency text, which I had just done.

“What did you do?” The Vice Principal demanded, apparently too enraged to think clearly.

“That’s the fire alarm.” I shrugged, getting out of the bed and putting my clothing on casually. Mrs. Sasori did the same on her side of the bed. “Soon, this place will be flooded by police and firemen. You can all explain why you’re here in cult-like robes banging whores. I’m sure your wives will be really interested in learning about your extra activities.”

Before I had even finished, most of the men were already running away.

“You… we’ll just call and…” He suddenly, stopped, sniffing… ”What’s that?”

I grabbed Sasori, “This place doesn’t exactly meet fire regulations. You have a weird sex meet here, put out a bunch of candles, some flammable lube, and then someone knocks it over, this place will go up quickly.”

Without another word, I pushed past him and then started heading towards the fire exit on this floor. I was slightly cursing Akiko. She had set the fire much quicker than I wanted. It was my second phase. She was supposed to pull the alarm. Give it five minutes, and then set the fire. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. However, I also wanted enough evidence planted around that when it came time for a police investigation, all of these men would be caught and put under scrutiny. This whole event, the God of Lust Society, was about to blow wide open.

I lead Sasori out as the smoke steadily increased. I didn’t watch to see if Mr. Fukumi followed. We opened the fire escape and headed down to the bottom floor using the outdoor metal. Of course, I had checked this ahead of time. I wasn’t going to come here without knowing I had several safe ways out. I could hear alarms in the distance getting closer, but I quickly lead Sasori towards a car stopped on the side of the road. It wasn’t the one I had come here with Gio in. Rather, it was Akiko’s car.

“Wait!” A shout came from behind us.

I stopped and looked back, to see a flush-faced Mr. Fukumi glaring at me as I walked away with his former wife. He was panting, and behind him, smoke was billowing out the windows of the building as the fire steadily grew more out of control.

“You will pay for this!” He said. “By Monday, I will make sure everyone knows about you!”

“I would worry about myself, personally.” I shrugged. “Come Monday, I don’t think I’ll be seeing you ever again.”

“What did you say?” He snarled.

“A spycam in the janitor’s closet? Countless sex tapes in your office? All of this was just a distraction. As we speak, the police have already raided the school and your home, except for a few choice pieces of evidence I had my sister stash before she called them and confessed what she found. Plus, you’re connected to this fire which happens on the very same night? I’m glad we had the divorce papers served now because I suspect you’ll be in prison soon.”

“N-no…. impossible.” He pulled out his phone, which he seemed to have on mute.

Whatever he saw on it made him go white. He collapsed to his knees.

“Sasori… do you feel… bad at all?” I asked hesitantly as I noticed her watching her ex-husband collapse.

Sasori shook her head and then turned to me. “The only thing I worry about… Is it possible to save my daughter?”

I held out my hand and smiled. “Let’s save her… together.”

Sasori grabbed my hand, and the pair of us got in the back of the car. As the sirens grew close, we drove off. Akiko ended up being my driver once again.

“Um… Hakaru… I know I’m just Hakaru’s bitch and all… but can you please not bang our teacher in the backseat of my car! I still have to go to her classes on Monday!”

“Ah… So… Hakaru has you wrapped around his finger as well?” Mrs. Fukumi asked breathlessly as I played with her tits and kissed her neck.

“Y-yes, Sensei!” She said with a squeak, more intimidated by her teacher than me.

“Then… it looks like tonight I must instruct Akiko as well…”


“Mmm… I’m a 39-year-old woman, surely there are many things I can teach a young girl about men!” She purred, reaching out and gently touching Akiko’s neck, causing her to shiver. “What do you think, Hakaru?”

“Akiko!” I ordered. “Head to the nearest hotel. We’ll need a proper place so that Fukumi-sensei can educate you thoroughly.”

“Y-yes! Akiko is open to learning!” Akiko stepped on the gas.

Before we even reached the hotel, sensei was already giving Akiko a full hands-on demonstration.

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