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Shit! How could I possibly hear a phone call conversation like this and then completely ignore it? No! Kira was definitely in trouble, and it sounded like she was being abused by someone. That guy sounded older too. Damn it, what was going on?

Many years ago, Kira had been my best friend. My girlfriend at the time got really jealous over Kira, despite the fact she cheated on me with numerous guys, and the end result was that I stopped being her friend. Kira had always been aloof and distant since we had stopped being friends. I took it to be respect for me and my future relationships. Similarly, I had always tried to give her space. Honestly, I was too embarrassed to try to return to being friends after my girlfriend dumped me.

However, this was something completely different than letting her have her own love life! Especially after that weekend we had shared and everything she had done to help me gain the extra points I needed to blackmail her mother. She had even offered me her body casually. A shiver shot through me. How casual she was with sex meant she had to have experience with it before. Damn it! These thoughts were getting me nowhere.

Who should I contact regarding this? Would Netori be able to tell me where she was? No, she’s busy putting together her new training camp idea. She’d probably get really annoyed if I tried to interrupt it so I could lament over a girl I wasn’t even really pursuing. How about Akiko? She was my information network right now, but even she wouldn’t know where Kira was right now. Then, it would have to be her!

A person’s face popped up in my mind and I grabbed my coat and left. Grabbing my bike, I sped down the street to a house that wasn’t too far away from home. That house was none other than the house of my teacher. It’d also be the house of Kira, her daughter. Dad wasn’t with Mrs. Fukumi right now, and her own husband’s schedule was something Kira had given me herself. I jumped off my bike and ran up to the door, still breathing hard. Knocking the door aggressively, I waited for her to open it.

The sun was setting and it was starting to get late. The door finally opened with several clicks, and Mrs. Fukumi’s head poked out. She had the same dead-eyed stare she always gave me when I stopped by these days. Her face was flat and emotionless.

“Now is not a good time.” She said in a deadpanned way. “I am on my period. Since there is blood-“

“I don’t give a fuck about you or your period, Sasori!” I growled, pushing into the room and shoving her aside.

Sasori gasped, the first expression on her face was shock as I ran through the house, heading straight for Kira’s room. She started to follow me, her flushed face growing genuinely angry.

“Kira!” I shouted, even though I didn’t expect her to be there.

I shoved open her door and stepped inside.

“E-excuse me!” Sasori yelled as she blocked the door, a fist on her hip. “This is absolutely inappropriate! We may have made some… agreements, but that doesn’t mean you can just barge in here like you own the place and-“

I ignored her yelling, which came off in the same disciplinary tone she used as a teacher when she was trying to make a student submit. Instead, my eyes were scanning the room, looking for anything that stood out that would explain where Kira was at the moment. Unfortunately, Kira was absolutely meticulous. Her room was cleaned perfectly, without a single door ajar or a letter left open. I touched her computer sitting on her desk, but it was locked. When Sasori saw me touching her daughter’s computer, she finally had enough, walking up and grabbing my wrist to forcefully pull it away.

“You go too far!” She snarled hatefully.

My eyes matched her in ferocity and she could only stop in pause when she saw them. “Do you know where your daughter is right now?”

Sasori looked uncertain for a second but then said. “She’s with friends.”


I pulled away from her and started going through the dresser, desperately looking for an address or something that might indicate where she had gone. I thought back over the last few months since I had reconnected with her and she helped me get a job. I had run into her in the red-light district. I was so focused on myself that I hadn’t noticed that she was in love hotel central. Well, new western ordnances made most of the love hotels go out of business, but a few were still there. Why else would a high school girl just be walking around that area? It certainly had nothing to do with visiting her brother’s new place.

Ah! That was right. She made a big noise leaving her brother’s place which looked like a love hotel. Why would the careful and otherwise experienced Kira be so oblivious? Unless, she had just left a love hotel earlier, and wanted to be seen leaving this building as a cover. That way, if rumors sprouted up that she was seen in a love hotel, she could just claim she was visiting her brother’s new game center and she’d have several people vouch for her. How long has this all been going on? Why was she putting herself through it?

Sasori’s eyes narrowed and a dark grin formed on her lips. “Oh… I see what’s happening. Has my daughter found a boyfriend? Now you’re all jealous because you’re not the only guy she fucks? Well… to hell with you! My daughter can date whoever she wants. We may have promised you our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we have any loyalty to you!”

I grabbed her blouse and pulled her to me, causing Sasori to squeak. “You listen to me! Your daughter is out there right now being hurt, and you’re such a shitty, selfish mother, not only are you not aware of the signs, but you dare mock the one guy who gives a shit about her!”

I let go of her shirt and then stormed out of the room. I felt frustration and anger. I hadn’t meant to burst out against Mrs. Fukumi, but I still remembered how selfish she could be, and the look on her daughter’s face when she put her own satisfactions above her family. Perhaps, that was part of the reason I didn’t pursue Sasori Fukumi harder. In a way, she reminded me too much of my father. She was a carefree cheater who didn’t care about her family in the slightest.

My next location to search was Kira’s school backpack. I opened it up and brought out some papers. This time, Sasori was flustered, walking towards me much slower while rubbing her neck, an odd expression on her face.

That’s when I stumbled on a group of photos. They depicted Kira in a variety of lewd positions. I forced myself to look through them, trying to see if there was even a hint. Sasori finally reached me, glancing over my shoulder at the images. She made a noise of disgust.

“You’re still having her do those? I thought we had an agreement.”

“These aren’t her photos,” I said softly. “And they’re not mine.”

“E-excuse me?”

“The night I came over here and blackmailed you, the reason you invited me over… I thought the same thing you did. I thought you caught Kira sexting with her boyfriend. There is nothing between Kira and me. She’s just a friend. When she found out about the affair you were having with my dad, she wanted you to suffer. That’s why…” I shook my head. “It doesn’t matter now. I wasn’t with Kira enough to notice, and her own parents didn’t give a shit enough to notice. Now, she’s out there somewhere…”

Sasori wrapped her arms around herself, her angry expression finally dissipated into the worried expression you’d expect to see on a parent, but she still said. “I don’t… believe you.”

I stood up and handed the last picture in the pile to her. It was a picture of Kira giving a victory sign, a frown on her face, her eyes just as dead as Sasori’s were, and a cock cumming on her face.

“You’ve tasted my cock,” I said. “Tell me, is that it?”

Sasori glanced down at the image, blushed, and then turned away. “No…”

“Is that a teenage boy at all? To me, it looks like a guy in his fifties. Look at his hands.”

Sasori forced herself a second time and then nodded. “Y-you’re right…”

“She called me about twenty minutes ago asking me to save her,” I said. “Do you have any clue how to find out where she is?”

Sasori finally looked down, her expression turning defeated. “You really… the both of you… what you’ve done to me…”

I reached out and touched Sasori’s face lightly, she shivered for a second, but didn’t turn away. “There is a lot of anger both ways. I won’t say I’m proud about what I did, but I’m not going to regret it either. My father is a cheat, and an asshole. It’s taken me some time to decide the kind of man I am, but I’ve decided it’s someone who won’t throw women away.”

I thought back to a time I had tossed Akiko away and shook my head. No, I won’t do it again.

“You… said she called you?” Sasori asked.

I nodded. “She gave me her smartphone number a while back and-“

Sasori turned and walked over to the couch, opening up her laptop. “My daughter’s phone would have pinged off a cell tower. Part of the agreement my husband made Kira agree to in order to have a phone was that we’d be able to track where it is.”

My eyes widened as I sat down right next to her. “Of course. You’re brilliant!”

“Hmph… I’m your teacher, did you already forget that?” Sasori pulled out her glasses from her pocket and put them on, her voice just a bit bitter.

The screen said loading, and a few moments later an address popped up on the screen. “Google it!”

“On it…” Sasori immediately copied the address to a search engine and looked it up.

I reached out toward the screen at the same time she did, our hands ended up touching. “The Fushumi Love Hotel!”

We turned to each other with smiles on our faces and it was only at that point did I realize how close we had gotten. Her lips were only a few centimeters from mine.  With her glasses on and her expression no longer dull, she looked every part the teacher from my class than many guys had fantasized about. I realized my other hand was also on her lap.

“It’d take me too long to get there from my bike…” I said, suddenly feeling attracted to her for the first time since that first night we had sex.

“I-I have a car.” She spoke back, her cheeks growing red.

“Then, I’ll have to ask you to give me a ride,” I said, pulling away and shaking myself from my daze. “Kira is in trouble.”

“Y-yes…” Sasori nodded, closing her laptop and stood up, brushing off her dress.

“The keys?”

“R-right!” Sasori shook herself and then grabbed her purse pulling out her keys and pointing to the garage.

I followed her into the garage and the pair of us got into her car. It was a blue Mazda with a hatchback. I jumped into the passenger side and she started the car, opening the garage door. She paused for a second and turned to me before setting the car in reverse.

“Hakaru…” she spoke uncertainly. “Do you think I can become… a better mother, for Kira?”

I blinked and glanced over to her. “That depends.”

“Depends on what?”

I shook my head. “What happens next.”

Sasori nodded slowly and then pulled out of the garage. In short order, we were heading toward a certain love hotel and hoping Kira was still okay.

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