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“Ah, crap!” My eyes shot down to my watch.

It was 10:15 pm. I had been thinking about Kira and Sasori so much that I completely forgot about Netori’s training regimen. With a sigh, I considered whether the goddess and her so-called date would be there or not. Deciding it was far too late, I shrugged and took a step towards the house. At that moment, a person suddenly appeared out of thin air.

“You… stupid!” the girl cried, stomping her foot on the ground. “After I came to the park and everything!”

She was a beautiful goddess. She looked exactly like Netori, but there were a few subtle differences that you got used to if you saw the pair next to each other enough. She was just slightly shorter and just a pinch more baby fat. She also did her hair slightly differently in a braid. I was surprised to see her there though.

“Eh? Netorare?” I hadn’t seen her since Netori had made her vanish over a week ago.

A second later, Netori appeared right next to Netorare. She crossed her arms as well and gave me a dark look.

“What is this? Are you saying that super training I was supposed to be doing was dating Netorare?” I made a face of disgust, not even able to imagine it.

Netorare hissed and then pouted. “I’m a goddess, don’t you know? How dare you look down on me so much! I did all of this for you! Netori asked me to help train you on how to handle women! So, after I graciously decided to go out, I found that you didn’t even show up!”

“Ah… I’m sorry… as to that…”

“Don’t be… I had to drag her out kicking and screaming every step of the way. It’s probably better you didn’t come, or she would have made both of our lives miserable,” Netori sighed, floating up into the air like she was lying down to take a nap after an extremely stressful day. “Besides, you’ve earned points today, I know. When a flag appears, you have to take it. I’m not too upset.”

“What flag?” I snorted. “I was just worried about Kira.”

“Kira?” Netorare incessant whining ended for a moment as she looked over in curiosity.

“Yeah, she’s a childhood friend and she called earlier today wanting help. That’s why I completely forgot about the training session.”

“Is she your next target?” Netori asked. “I don’t know… her mother seems much more willing. You’ve been making a lot of points off her today. If you play your cards right, you should be level 4 within a week. You can definitely get the remaining points out of your teacher, especially if you get her to play with Akiko or Maria.”

“That woman…” I grimaced. “Mrs. Fukumi is just using me to hide her own insecurities. It’s the same way as with my father. She’s just throwing all of her desires and happiness onto me, hoping I can make it all better.”

“Isn’t that good?” Netorare suggested, cocking her head. “It makes her a really easy conquest. All you have to do is keep pushing her and she’ll become completely infatuated with you.”

“And who says I want that!” I shot back, causing Netorare to stick out her tongue.

Netori chuckled. “I agree with my player here. There is little point to a cheap win.”

Netorare shot her sister an ugly look. “Is that the kind of advice you give your player? Do you want him to lose? You don’t seem particularly helpful at all!”

“Lose? You’re one to talk!” Netori returned the look, but then shrugged, “Well, I’m not going to cheat if that is what you are suggesting. I want Hakaru to win of his own ability. If I just walked him through everything, then there would be no point to any of this.”

Netorare crossed her arms and sniffed. “You still think he’s the one? Here I thought Netorase was the hopeless one.”

“Enough sister!” Netori’s expression grew angry. “You lost… predictably, so now you must follow along. Whether Hakaru has what it takes to win is none of your concern. What is your concern is giving him the best chance to do it!”

“It’s not me who ditched our first date!” Netorare defended. “I’m honestly doing what sister says! Please, don’t throw me back in the box!”

Netori’s expression looked somewhat dangerous for a second, and Netorare looked genuinely afraid of whatever it was that Netori could do. Was that when Netori made her disappear before? I shook my head. I only had a partial understanding of anything they were talking about. After glaring at Netorare for a few moments, Netori spun away, turning toward me.

“Although it is true that Sasori is a bit questionable in her intent, it is also true you need the points. You gained many points with her recently, and with a small push, you can reach level 4 before next weekend. That should be our goal for the moment.”


“Hakaru… I know you are worried about Kira. You’re afraid that if you continue to chase Sasori that you will drive Kira farther away. The fact you follow your heart is one of the things that lead me to picking you. However, you’re just going to have to trust me on this one. Okay?”

I sighed, lowering my head. “Fine… Sasori it is. Of course, that leads to the next question. How do I get Sasori to stop running away from her problems?”

“Mm…” Netori nodded. “That is a tricky one. The answer to that… will come from my sister here!”

As Netori suddenly gestured to Netorare, she let out a cry. “Eh? Me?”

“She is the goddess of betrayal and loss. Only she can truly understand the psyche of a woman who is willing to betray her own loved ones.”

Netorare eyed her sister suspiciously, but as she seemed to say good things, her attitude instantly improved. “Hehe… I’m glad sister has noticed her weaknesses and my strengths. That is right! I, Netorare, the beautiful goddess of loss, can truly help you understand a mere human’s mind.”

“That is why Netorare and Hakaru will be sleeping together every night from now on.” Netori nodded.

“Eh?” Netorare looked back.

My eyes widened too, staring at Netori. There were a few seconds as the words truly started to set it. It was Netorare who exploded.

“What are you talking about!” Netorare cried out. “I am a beautiful and sexy goddess! You dare to tell me to lay with th-th-this human!”

I was also protesting. “Netori, I have Akiko and Maria, there is not much she can teach me in bed-“

“First off!” Netori turned to Netorare. “You’ve already banged Hakaru before. Don’t give me crap about your purity. That body of yours has already been ruined!

“You… that… even though…” Netorare was puffing out her cheeks with indignation.

“Secondly, you agreed to aid me in any way I needed. This is the way I need! Maria and Akiko have already delivered about all of the points they can. There are many points to earn from a goddess, and you will give him all of them!”

“I-impossible!” Netorare spun away. “Points only come with feelings… even if you… even if we… do that… every night… a goddesses’ feelings won’t change so easily!”

“Hmph!” Netori crossed her arms. “I wanted to ease the pair of you into this slowly with a date, but I have a feeling we don’t have time to take things slow anymore. Forcing you two to begin a sexual relationship is the quickest way for my goals to be achieved.”

“You’re crazy… I can’t believe you would destroy your sister’s chastity. You know you’re asking me to basically give up all of my power, right? Mortals corrupt! It’ll be a thousand years before I can return to heaven after doing what you want.”

“That is… if we don’t succeed.”

“You…” Netorare lowered her head. “Success… you really do think he will-“

Their eyes turned to me, and then both women suddenly closed their lips. As to what they were talking about, it just seemed like sleeping with Netorare would allow me to gain points quickly. It was something like that. Still, I had my own feelings on the matter.

“I’m not really interested in Netorare. It’s the same as with Sasori. I’m not someone who just chases people without reason.”

“Hakaru… I admire that you’re a man of principle, in fact, I am thrilled. However, your only success so far has been with your sister and a high school girl. Your practices have been in the small leagues. You need to graduate to someone a bit more in control.

“You saw it yourself, didn’t you? When it’s a high school girl, someone with a low body image or someone off guard, you can dance circles around them. However, as soon as they grow assertive, you back off. Sasori Fukumi is your teacher and a prime example. When you’re blackmailing her or she’s drunk, you can easily push her down and tell her whatever you want. However, when she comes on to you, you lose control of the situation.

“It was the same way with Kira. As soon as she put her foot down and refused to tell you anything, you began to back up. Your confidence is better than it has ever been, but you’ve never needed to butt that confidence against another person who was just as assertive.”

“Wait… were you guys watching?”

The two girls looked away.

Netori shrugged. “When you didn’t show up at 8, of course, we’d come to you. We saw most of your time in the love hotel and your time with Sasori and Kira. We also saw you let Sasori take complete charge! You aren’t assertive at all!”

“Th-there was Jack!” I threw out. “I was assertive with Jack!”

“You had Gio backing you up, and Jack was not an assertive guy. He had no beliefs or desires. He simply pushed his way forward with violence. In many ways, he was a weakling, more insecure than anyone.”

“H-hey…” Netorare raised an eye, and then sighed. “It’s true. In the same way, you sit back and leave things to fate because of your insecurities, Jack would overcompensate because of his. That was his failing in the end. If you don’t learn how to face a challenge head-on, you might as well give up NTR Crush.

I bit my lip. I wanted to say something in my defense, but they were absolutely right on their account. I was never someone who was assertive. Once getting enough, it didn’t occur to me all that much to take more. If I took more, there was always the chance I could lose it. Suddenly something occurred to me.

“I mentioned once that I was worried that I wouldn’t want what other players wanted. You told me you’d increase my appetite. Is Netorare your way of doing that?” I asked.

Netori let out a chuckle. “Who knows?”

“H-hey! I’m a goddess! Sister… you’re not treating me like some sacrificial lamb, right? Wait, that’s exactly what you’re doing, isn’t it! I can see it now! Have my body used for points until I’m nothing but a husk of a goddess!”

Netori ignored her sister. “Netorare will sleep in your bed every night. Make sure to use her to her fullest.”

“Netori!” Netorare looked like she was being betrayed, a step from breaking into tears.

Netori’s eyes snapped onto Netorare. “You must do as I say. Both of our futures depend on it! Stay close to Hakaru. Don’t give him your usual bad advice, but teach him how to be the man we both want him to be.”

“Netori?” I raised an eyebrow. “What’s going on? You sound strange when you say that!”

“Netori?” Netorare’s eyes widened.

Netori sighed. “I’ll be leaving for a while. I have something in heaven I have to take care of. It should only take a week or two.”

I frowned. “Really, you’re leaving already? And you’re leaving me with her?”

“S-sister… this couldn’t be about…” Netorare’s eyes flashed fearfully.

Netori nodded. “I need to make sure that he doesn’t learn about the game.”

“I didn’t tell anyone associated with him!” Netorare took a step forward. “I swear! Even I wouldn’t go to the extent of letting him know. She keeps him on a short leash, you know? His circles are small these days. It could be another decade before he hears a peep.”

“Or…” Netori sighed. “He could be on his way already.”


Netori shrugged. “It’s probably just paranoia, but now that things have settled down with the decree, I’m going to make sure that no one accidentally tells him.”

“Netori? Netorare?” The two girls got real serious suddenly, and I had no clue what was going on.

Netori shot me a forced smile. “I’ll be going. Don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it. Netorare will be taking my place. You can cash points with her. She’ll also put out, or heavenly law will make her do it like before. If you want to have sex, Netorare will do her best.”

Before I could say another word, Netori vanished.

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