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Monday came too quickly, and I was back in class with everyone else. The previous two nights, I had ended up sleeping with Netorare. Well, we slept in the same bed. No sooner had nighttime fell than I went to bed. With the lights out, I flopped into bed next to her. My hands reached out to touch her, but halfway to her body, her eyes snapped open.

“Don’t even think about it!” She growled.

“Eh? But, Netori…”

“I’m not sleeping with you! I’m not!” She huffed.

“Is that so?” I asked, grinning.

I reached over and touched her leg gently. She let out a cry, trying to move away, but instantly chains appeared, preventing her from resisting it. Just like Netori had said, Netorare was completely defenseless. She was stuck under the law and I had the full right to do whatever I wanted to her. She let out a cry, desperately fighting her chains, but she couldn’t stop it as my hand slowly went up her robes.

“Stop!” She cried out. “Don’t! E-even if you do it with me, you’ll never earn points! I hate you! You’re a pervert! Worse!”

My hand stopped suddenly, my lips only a few inches from her own. I smiled, removed my hand, and then flopped down on the bed right next to her. I closed my eyes and sighed. She blinked, staring up in confusion before finally turning to me.

“Wh-what are you doing?” She demanded suspiciously.

I opened one eye. “Eh? You said stop? What do you want now?”

“Y-y-you actually stopped?”

“What’s the point if I’m not going to earn any points?” I shrugged.

“The point?” Netorare’s eyes widened, and then her eyes narrowed. “Are you speaking of sleeping with a goddess like it’s a chore!”

“Huh?” I blinked. “I’m just saying if there is no point…”

“No point? No point! I’m the best fuck you’ll ever get! I’m a goddess. You should feel lucky for even being within an inch of my greatness!”

“Then, are you saying you want to fuck?” I asked incredulously.

“Of course not!” She sniffed angrily. “But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want it.”

“Whatever…” I rolled away, “You just better not snore.”

“I’m a goddess! I don’t snore!” She cried out.

She remained in a huff for some time after that. I felt her eyes watching me deep into the night until she finally fell asleep. As it turns out, she snores really badly. A particularly loud snort in the middle of the night woke me up.

I grabbed her and tried to turn her over so she’d snore into her pillow at least, and then she suddenly grabbed me.

“Geehee… Hakaru… no touching…” A strange smile formed on her.

“I’m not touching!” I growled.

“Oo… naughty boy… well… maybe just a little. No… stop… You lowly mortal. Yes… you can be my slave. Gee hee…”

I realized her eyes were closed while she had that creepy grin, and all of her words weren’t being addressed to me at all. Her talking was worse than her snoring. I sighed, collapsing next to her and using my music headphones to block out her talking and snoring.

So, school returned quickly with my nights spent like that. Sitting in class, I watched Sasori who was wearing a long skirt that went down to her ankles. I supposed in school she should be Sensei or Mrs. Fukumi, but I was having a harder and harder time not just seeing her as a woman. Was she really not wearing any underwear? I kept glancing at her skirt wondering about that.  She gave nothing away in class. She was really good at keeping her face free of emotion while she was teaching.

After school, I planned to take her over her school desk. If there was one thing, I was good at, it was milking a girl for every point she was worth. If my teacher wanted to play sex games at school, then I would happily play with her until she was completely mine. It’d be better if I felt her emotions were genuine rather than escapism, but there wasn’t much I could do about that. The game must continue.

“Hey, Hakaru… how’s it hanging?” The bell had just rung for lunch and I looked up to see Derek smiling down at me with a harmless expression.

“What is it, Derek?” I responded flatly.

“I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch together.” He smirked.

I raised an eyebrow. “I thought you weren’t talking to me anymore? What happened to Halloween?”

Derek and I had sort of made peace after Akiko left him like she left me. He did have a bad personality and he was an asshole, but in some ways that made it easy to be his friend. You didn’t care what an asshole thought about you, for example. You also didn’t care if you screwed them over. I also had to admit I had fantasies of Derek getting into a relationship with a new girl, and then me NTRing him, in the same way, he did me. When I did it with Akiko, it was

Derek shrugged. “Sorry, man. I was being childish. I mean, Akiko was your girl, to begin with, and then I took her away. The fact she ran back to you is whatever. Bros before hoes, right? Why let our relationship fall apart because of women.”

This was pretty interesting. Of course, I didn’t trust Derek a single ounce, but to see him suddenly trying to regain my friendship, I was definitely suspicious. He held out his hand to me and shaking it felt like shaking hands with the devil. However, I was curious was his game was about. I had mostly left him alone. We were friends for a while and so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. However, if he wanted to push things, then I still felt like he had gotten off light.

 I took his hand and smiled. “Sure man, oh, wait, there was something I needed to do for the student council during lunch. Sorry…”

Derek smiled back at me, his expression just as passive. “Of course, man. The offer is always open.”

The pair of us separated and I headed out into the hall. I went to the boy’s restaurant and waiting for most of the halls to clear out. Only then did I pop out into the hallway, heading for the student council’s room. Checking carefully as I moved, I made my way over to the room they used to carry about their activities. I carefully kneeled and listened at the door.

“What are you doing?” A voice came from behind.

I spun around to see the vice-principal. I stood immediately and bowed.

“Mr. Fukumi, I’m sorry, I was just checking to see if the student president is in. I didn’t want to disturb them otherwise.”

The vice-principal, Mr. Fukumi, was Kira’s father and Mrs. Fukumi’s husband. I bet he didn’t know his wife came to school today without panties on. Whatever went wrong in Kira’s life, I had a feeling that this man was involved. She had said that previous night they were all cheaters. She spoke of her mom and her dad. Her dad was cheating as well. That was something she let slip. I suspected Mrs. Fukumi picked up on it too, which might have been part of the reason she started throwing herself at me, especially after already seeing my dad in another woman’s arms.

“Ah, you’re looking for Kira?” Mr. Fukumi’s eyes brightened. “That’s right, you used to be close friends with her. My wife was just talking about that recently.”

“R-really, Mrs. Fukumi mentioned me? Nothing bad I hope?” I smiled innocently, even though I felt a bit awkward speaking to Mr. Fukumi.

I had banged his wife. Unlike most of the people I had done this to, I had no anger aimed at this man. When it came to Jack, Derek, or even my father, they were all assholes that I didn’t mind stealing from. As far as I knew, Mr. Fukumi was an okay guy. Even if he was a cheater, it wasn’t nearly at the level of my father, and he seemed to genuinely care about his daughter, which is more than I can say about my dad towards me.

“No… she was just mentioning that you and Kira had rekindled your friendship and you may be coming over to the house occasionally.”

Leave it to Mrs. Fukumi to already create alibis. If Mr. Fukumi ever saw anything suspicious where I was involved, Mrs. Fukumi would undoubtedly blame it all on her daughter.

“Yeah, Kira is a good friend. I’ve had some friendship issues lately and Kira has been nothing but supportive.” I gave a vague answer that still complemented Kira.

“Ah, I have heard a lot of rumors about you lately, some disturbing.” The man’s eyes narrowed, but then he laughed. “Children can be so cruel, making up any story they can to discredit each other. My daughter has always been the selfless type, doing things for others when she should worry about herself. I’m glad she has been able to help you. People you can trust are hard to come by, so I’m glad you had her. Actually, on that note, could you perhaps do me a favor?”

“What is that, sir?” I asked nervously.

“Make sure to look after my daughter too. Her grades are still good, but she comes home very late and has seemed very distant lately. Honestly, so does my wife, but she can take care of herself. As for my daughter, it’d be good if a friend she could trust would watch over her as well.”

“That…” I nodded. “Of course, Mr. Fukumi. On that note, do you know…?”

“Ah! That’s right, you’re looking for her. The last I heard she had some business with the basketball team. She was discussing club fund allocations with their team leader. If you go out to the sport’s shed, you might find her there.”

“Thanks!” I said.

I bowed again and parted ways with Mr. Fukumi. I only felt worse that I was having such a relationship with his wife. The guy seemed genuinely normal. I headed outside. It was a chilly day and we had both indoor and outdoor basketball courts. Thus, I was surprised when I headed out to the sports shed and I saw the basketball team huddled around the sport’s shed.

As I got close, a guy turned and put his hand out, stopping me in my tracks. “Heh… this is a basketball team exclusive. You’re not allowed”

“What?” I asked.

Another guy turned and blocked my way. “You heard him, beat it. Coach says this is our award for reaching regionals.”

A strange feeling came over me, and two fists launched into each of their guts. The two men made shocked sounds, but I was moving before anyone else even realized I was there, let alone that I had attacked two of their teammates.

I shoved through the group of guys brutally. I got curses and a few elbows, but I fought my way in, a sinking feeling growing in my gut. I finally burst through into the sport’s shed. There was a sports mat in the middle of the floor, and Kira was on her knees in the middle of it. Her shirt was pulled down exposing her breasts. She had two boys with their shorts pulled down and their dicks out, one in each hand. Several others had their erect dicks out and were stroking them, while still more filmed it on their phones.

She was jacking the boys off, and by the look of wet spooge on her face, chest, and the floor, they were not the first. Kira was currently servicing the entire basketball team with handjobs! Someone shouted from outside, likely one of the guys I punched. This brought notice in the dimly-lit room to me. Kira looked up from her duties, her eyes locking on me for the first time. They widened in shock for a moment, but then the light seemed to dim out of them.

“Kira…” It was the only word that came out of my mouth.

What else could I say?

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