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My name is Hakaru, and I’m officially on an extended break from school. After a certain vice-principal was exposed for taking videos of women and blackmailing them, an entire scandal broke out. It made it on the news and everything. Every student was questioned, including me. Although no one attached me to the events that lead to this, it was still very stressful being under the interrogation lamp. Many girls who had been abused over the years came out, and there was even a hashtag movement on twitter.

At the end of it all, the school was shut down for a prolonged period of time while every staff member was put under investigation. This included Sasori Fukumi. Of course, I denied doing anything with my homeroom teacher and there was no one who could confirm that we acted inappropriately. She was Mr. Fukumi’s wife, after all, so in many ways, she earned a victim status that got her absolved of being looked at too closely. However, she was still being watched, and thus we weren’t able to spend much of our break together.

“How about her?” I asked, sipping from my milk tea.

I was at the mall right now, and sitting next to me was Netori, currently hidden in her Tori outfit, as well as Akiko. We were scoping out the current scene to see if there were any girls worth having. The one I had pointed to was with a boy right now, but she didn’t seem that interested in him. Akiko shook her head immediately.

“That girl has been around. She has a bit of a complex where she easily justifies cheating.” Akiko explained.

Akiko seemed to have an abnormally good read on other women that bordered on eerie. As she spoke, the girl seemed to notice I was watching her. Behind her boyfriend’s back, she winked at me and bit her lip. Yeah, it seemed like this girl was a thrill-seeker who enjoyed cheating. She was a bit like Akiko in that regard.

“Why do I have a feeling you just compared her to me?” Akiko pouted.

“You’re imagining things.” I coughed. “Besides, you’re my one and only slave. I could never replace you.”

“Mm…” She looked pleased by those words.

“After all, someone needs to be at the bottom. Why would I want more than one trashy girl? I’ll only take one hoe and aim for all my other girls to be of much higher quality.”

“M-master… when you say that… you should at least be choking me.” Akiko panted under her breath.

“Get that lewd expression off your face. I’m here looking for some fresh pussy, remember? If I wanted your stretched out, over-used thing, I’d just need a paper bag to put over your head.”

“Hah… hah… Master is getting too good at this…” Akiko responded in tears. “You’re going to make me wreck my panties.”

I refrained from informing her how repulsive that sounded to me less I pushed her over the edge and watched as the girl regretfully walked away with her boyfriend, giving me a look as if begging me to NTR her. No… she was too easy. Akiko was right.

There was a time where getting a flirtatious look from a girl like her would have left me floored. However, that was before I started playing the game. NTR Crush was the game where I stole women from other men and made them fall for me. Doing so netted me points and levels. Some points got me special abilities which allowed me to learn things women didn’t want me to know. Others included vanity points which increased my attractiveness, charm, and penis size.

It was the attractiveness which drew gazes like that. I tried to not let it swell my head. Even if my looks were now at the ikemen level, it didn’t mean I could relax. I was still playing the game, and every player could enhance their attractiveness and sweep a girl right out from under my feet. Instead, I had to always be vigilant. I shot a glance over at Tori.

“What are your thoughts? Any women that can earn me points?”

I spoke openly of points and the game in front of Akiko. She knew parts of it, but it was never clear how much she knew. Did she understand that NTR Crush was a game set up by the gods? Did she know that Netori was actually a goddess of cheating, one of three goddess sisters that used to be a single person? They each picked a champion who was tasked with winning all of their hearts and stealing all the women of the other champions, and when the time came, the winner would end up reforging them into one goddess.

At least, that was the story as far as I understood it. Things grew more complicated when other gods and goddesses got involved in the game after Netorare promised Netori’s hand if they won. In that way, the game I was playing had very real stakes. Although, to Akiko, she might only believe it to be some kind of cruel high school game being played between boys.

“There is little point in chasing a girl just because she’s there,” Netori spoke softly, drinking a hot beverage which steamed in her hands while casually flipping through her smartphone. “For you to steal a girl and hold on to her, she must be worth it in your eyes. As I said before we left, the relationships you foster between the women you want is what ultimately earns you your points. It’s not about who is easiest, or even who, if successful, has the potential to net you the maximum points. It’s about you stealing what you desire the most.”

I grimaced. “And what if what I want is out of my reach? Do I just allow myself to stagnate and for my points to go nowhere, just so that I can wait for the right woman?”

Netori’s finger stopped moving on her smartphone, but she did not glance up at me as she spoke. “Are you speaking of Kira?”

Actually, I had been speaking of Netori herself. Every attempt I made to try to get closer to her seemed to fail. I had invited her to the mall alone. It was Netori who had ended up bringing Akiko along. She was keeping her distance from me ever since her sister had disappeared during our second sexual encounter. It was like Netori was growing cold feet or something. Even now, she remained aloof, looking away as if she was disinterested in being involved in this game she herself had started.

“Yeah, Kira…” I lied. “I haven’t seen her since the school closed down.”

Sasori had told me that her daughter was living with an aunt. The official story was that she wanted to stay out of the spotlight cast by her father as he went to trial. However, I suspected there was more to it than that. I suspected that Netorase was involved as well.

“My sister targeted Kira on purpose. Every god and goddess requires a vessel to interact with the mortal world. Don’t confuse that with the champion they select to play NTR Crush. Netorase selected Kira as her vessel, I suspect she did it to specifically spurn your advances. Not only will your godly abilities no longer work on the girl, but if you pursue her, Netorase is bound to interfere.”

“Then, how am I supposed to win Netorase’s heart?” I muttered irritably. “Isn’t that the ultimate goal? Aren’t I suppose to gather all three of you and um… together…”

I noticed Akiko watching us curiously, so I changed what I was going to say, awkwardly putting my hands together instead. It made it seem like I was trying to have a threesome with three women, but compared to the deplorable things I had done with Akiko, this wouldn’t be that strange or alarming. My true end goal was to combine the three goddesses together into one. I had already seemed to start with Netorare, but that left these two sisters to go.

Although I asked how to win Netorase’s heart, deep down I was still wondering about Netori. She had been somewhat distant lately. It was like the closer she came to reaching her target, the more afraid she became of getting there. It was perhaps something I wouldn’t have recognized before I had my relationship with Sasori, another woman prone to hiding from her problems, but I could see now that Netori was remaining aloof. Any insight into how to pursue Netorase might help with Netori as well.

That lead to the question, did I really want to pursue the goddesses? I used to never have that kind of confidence. Perhaps, I really was changing if I thought I had a shot with Netori. I jokingly stated I’d pursue Netori in the past flirtatiously, but bold declarations and actually making the attempt were two very different things. I never would have considered what it was like to date the goddess until very recently.

“Netorase… she is the goddess of NTR. Naturally, she will be attracted to your NTRs. If you steal women, if you defeat the other gods and goddesses and take their women, then you will attract her attention. In time, she will come to you.” Netori explained.

I sighed in frustration. We were right back to where we started. I needed to pursue women. Which women belonged to other players? I had no clue. I just had to pursue women and hope that they mattered. Except, as she just said, I shouldn’t flippantly chase women I had no interest in. Thus, I had no clue how to proceed forward. Just as I was starting to lose my patience, a woman walked by whose sight caused me to shake.

“Actually, I just saw someone I recognize. Don’t wait up for me.” I stood up and walked away without another word.

Netori finally looked up from the smartphone and blinked like she was surprised I was suddenly leaving, despite having been flippant with me since I had been there. As for Akiko, she waved goodbye and made herself scarce. No, Akiko didn’t know the strange relationship I had with Netori, but she could read the room and knew when to stay out of things. I’d have to make it up to her later. Possibly with a paddle.

It wasn’t like I was ditching the girls on purpose. I had actually seen someone I wanted to talk to. Fortunately, the person I had seen had already turned a corner before I made my announcement. Akiko and Netori didn’t get a chance to see who it was. As for Netori, if she was genuinely curious, she would probably follow me while invisible and spy on me anyway. I had a feeling she had other things on her mind though and wouldn’t pursue this.

The girl I was tracking had gone up a flight of stairs and turned two hallways. Even though I was practically running, I was shocked at how difficult it was to catch up to her. Then, I made another turn only to run face to face into her. I skidded to a stop.

“R-rory?” I let out the name in surprise.

“Why are you following me?” The girl demanded suspiciously. “Who’s Rory?”

Of course, there wasn’t an ounce of recognition in this girl’s expression. She had light brown hair which was cut short. She had short legs with knobby knees. However, she had a really nice, round butt and a generally attractive body. She looked a bit like a tomboy. She might have been sporty, but her body never quite grew tall enough for sports.

She was the previous avatar of Netorare and the last vestiges of her that I could see. Supposedly, Netorare’s heavenly body rested inside me or something, but I could neither see her nor feel her. As soon as I felt something between me and Netorare, she had left and disappeared. It had been a greater blow to me than I cared to admit. The body she had possessed all that time was this girl. That meant that while I was sleeping with Netorare, it was technically this girl’s body under me. We had sex twice, and she didn’t even remember it.

Until I suddenly saw her in the mall, the only thing I knew about her was that she had gone to an all-girls religious academy. She had agreed to be Netorare’s body on earth, yet she and her family had no memory of this. Netori had taken care of all of that.

Of course, this girls sacrifice wasn’t completely one way. She’d have Netorare’s blessing for the remainder of her life. She’d have good fortune, good health, and protection against the influence of other gods and curses. Netorare used an illusion to make her look different. As Netori had once explained, it was the physical personification of their heavenly form. I took that to mean that she looked like what she saw herself looking life. Thus, this woman neither looked, acted like, not held the memories of Netorare. Even so, I had to continually remind myself that this was not Netorare.

Yet, for some reason, I still felt compelled to chase her this far. I couldn’t even guess what I wanted from her. If it was direction, there was no way that she had a direction for me to follow. Advice about the goddess sisters? She wouldn’t have it. However, I found words coming out of my mouth that I never thought I’d say in a million years.

“I saw you across the mall and I thought you were really cute. I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me.”

It was the smoothest I had ever asked anyone out in my life. I didn’t have a single feeling of nervousness or doubt. My armpits were dry, and my eyes looked at hers without shyness.

“Ah…” She looked down, blushing as she combed back her hair. “I’m really sorry… it’s not that I wouldn’t be interested, but I already have a boyfriend.”


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