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“Hakaru, sit down. We need to talk.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Shouldn’t you be putting on clothing first?”

She crossed her arm and snorted. “Why? Don’t you like what you see?”


She sighed and grabbed a robe, wrapping it quickly around herself before she sat at the foot of the bed. I joined her, sitting on a chair at the empty desk that belonged to me. As I looked around, I could see boxes of frilly stuff spread out. It was Kira’s belongings, and she was in the middle of unpacking. The second bed next to it was completely empty, and showed no signs of another roommate. Suddenly, I had a sinking feeling.

“You should know that I am actually your roommate for your duration here!”

“What?” I stood up. “How is that possible?”

She sniffed. “A failure of communication. When I heard we had a transfer student coming in, I arranged to have her move in with me. I didn’t have a roommate and was interested in another playmate. There was a bit of pushback, but I have my ways and I made it happen anyway. Now, I knew why! They were sneaking you into the girl’s dorm a week early. I naturally tried to undo what I had done, but it was too late. We’re stuck as roommates.”

“What kind of things did you do? Are you talking about the abilities Netorase gave you?”

She shook for a second but then sighed and nodded. “Yes, you could call it goddess magic.”

I rolled my eyes. “I don’t mind that you’re here. But I’m going to be pursuing other girls while I’m here. I need more points and I need practice. So, if you’re going to get jealous, then we’ll have a problem.”

She sniffed. “Yeah? Well… I’ll be bringing girls here too! So, you definitely must give me privacy when that happens!”

“As if I would!”

“Why, you…” She stood up too, glaring at me. “Just because there was a time she… I… offered my body to you, don’t think that we’ll give in so easily now!”

I took a step closer to her, putting our faces only a few inches away from each other. “What makes you think I’m interested in you anymore? After all, aren’t you already used goods?”

“I’m experienced.” She responded, pressing her chest against me, not backing down a step. “Rather more than you. At least I can handle anything anyone throws at me.”

“Is that what you called it? And what about your Master then? The bastard you gave it up to? Does he know you gave up meat for a while?”

A dark smile formed on her lips, now only an inch from mine. “Whoever said I gave up the meat? Don’t be shocked if you barged in on me with another-“

I grabbed her arms roughly. “I won’t let another man have you!”

“Oh, hoh… but you don’t mind women?”

 I laughed wryly. “Only if I get to enjoy them as well.”

“Doesn’t that depend on whether you have the ability?” She asked innocently.

“I think you’ll find me more than adequate.”

With her body pressed against mine, my blood was surging uncontrollably. I leaned forward the last centimeter and took her lips, kissing Kira. Instead of pulling away, her hands grabbed onto my hips, and she started fumbling with my pants. The suddenness of all of this left my mind reeling, but all I knew is that I wanted to enjoy Kira now. She was the one who got away, and the her now exuded a sexuality far beyond the girl she once was.

She was no longer the innocent girl next store, but a woman who knew how to please a man. Thoughts of our past, of her mother, of all of the bad things that had happened, both those beyond my control and those I allowed through inaction, all of that went flying out the window as my passion began to take over. As for Kira, she was no less uncertain as she hastily unbuttoned and pulled my pants down. Our tongues battled fiercely and no sooner had my penis become free of my pants then her small hands began to work their way up and down.

Her eyes widened and as she parted her lips to breath, she moaned the words. “It’s bigger.”

“What is the female alternative to vanity points?” I asked, sucking her neck in between words. “Do you become tighter or what?”

She laughed as I sucked on her neck, running a hand through my hair while the other continued to stroke my cock like she never wanted to let go. “Why don’t you stick it in and find out?”

I tossed her back onto the bed, my animalistic desires spread on my face. As she fell, her robe had spread open, revealing her naked body to me. She didn’t hesitate to spread open her legs, showing her pink, pussy to me. She had dark hair well-kempt above it, outlining a swollen mound at the top and slick pink lines leading down. It truly did look like a rosebud full of flowery pedals, closed and hiding its beauty, but begging to be opened up.

Although life hadn’t been kind to Kira, her vanity points seemed to have smoothed out all the rough edges. Her skin was smooth and unblemished. Her pussy was slick and arousing. Her face was filled with longing and erotic overtones with no traces of disproval or rejection. It was like all the trauma was a complete lie, and she was just a horny high school girl giving it up to the man she loved.

I ripped off the last piece of my clothing and then I got on top of Kira. Rather than working on sticking it in, I hugged her once again, feeling the pleasure of her naked body pressed against my own. I started kissing her again, making sure to savor her taste. She kissed back just as aggressively, although she seemed impatient to have me penetrate her. Her hands kept searching below trying to grab my dick so she could penetrate herself with it.

I pulled back, lowering my head and attacking her chest with my lips. I bit the nipples and pulled them with my teeth, causing her to writhe and moan under me. Her dark nipples instantly grew erect under my machinations, and soon she could no longer worry about fishing for my dick, as the feeling I gave her with my tongue was enough to cause her to lose her breath.

“Ahn… so cruel…” She said. “Just stick it in, I’m going crazy!”

“For a lesbian bitch like you, you sure want that hard cock. You can’t get that from your women!” I teased.

She shook her head in agreement. “No… that’s why I need it so bad from you. Please… give it to me. I want you to split me open.”

 She grabbed my head and pulled me up to kiss me again. As she kissed me aggressively, her hand reached down to find my dick again. I didn’t pull away this time. As soon as she grabbed it, she moaned excitedly into my mouth, pull it up and lining it with her own crotch. Using her heels on my back, she pushed my hips forward, impaling herself with my dick willingly. As it slid inside her, she let out a noise of pure delight.

With her in control, my dick slid in easily without any resistance. That didn’t mean her pussy didn’t feel wonderful. It was warm and tight, giving just enough resistance to feel pleasurable without needing to force it. In a word, her pussy was welcoming, like my dick belonged there. I let out a moan of my own as I plunged deeply into her womb, the tip of my cock invading the deepest recesses of her body.

“It’s so good…” She panted. “We’ve been wanting this forever! You’re right, it is the best… didn’t I say?”

“Hmm?” I asked as she seemed to be staring off distantly.

She shook her head and smiled. “N-nothing… please continue… I need it so bad.”

I started to move my hips, pushing in and out of Kira. Her lips parted slightly, and she looked up at me lovingly. However, I felt a sense of unease at this point. Had this been Akiko or Sasori, her expressions made sense. However, the Kira now was acting extremely peculiar. She had put such a tough act earlier, that I expected sex to be nothing but physical. However, the way she was looking at me with dew-covered eyes, I was getting a feeling like I was with a woman who loved me deeply.

Although I cared for Kira, her feelings for me had turned cold, and in the end, she even rejected me outright. Knowing this to be the case, how could I accept the woman under me. Even though I was thrusting my cock in her, my pace started to slow, and I started to pull, looking down at the woman under me.

“Kira?” I asked.

“I said… my name is Rose!” She put on an angry expression at those words.

“Rose…” I shook my head. “Like… Netorase?”

She raised an eyebrow. “Yeah… I mean, you’re inside me, right?”

My mind started to reel, “Wh-where’s Kira? What is going on? I don’t understand. Kira is your champion, right?”

Kira… not, Netorase shrugged her shoulders. “She’s here… deep down. She’s sleeping right now.”

The realization started to finally come crashing home. This is why Kira had been acting so different from before. This was why when I tried to use my abilities on her, they didn’t work. Kira wasn’t Netorase’s champion, she was Netorase’s avatar! Champions could still use their abilities against each other. Only someone with a god’s blessing, someone who had at one point been possessed by a god, could be immune.

Netorase didn’t interfere that night in our bedroom. She was always there! She simply… stepped out of Kira for a moment. Maybe she manifested herself. I don’t know. What level of cheating was this? She wasn’t using a champion at all. She was directly playing the game!

“Bring Kira back…” I said, “Leave her like you did before.”

Netorase lowered her eyes. “I can’t do that right now. There are conditions involved.”

“Is she even aware of what you’re doing to her body? What I’m doing now?”

She bit her lips. “Dimly. More like a dream, or a feeling.”

“You…” I pulled out of her, standing back up as I grabbed my pants. “What is your game?”

I felt like an idiot. I had been so excited to finally connect back with Kira. However, in the end, it wasn’t Kira at all. It was just Netorase in a Kira meat suit. All of her actions had been dictated by Netorase. That meant, just like Tiana, she was another girl I fucked without her having any awareness of it.

“It’s okay…” Netorase said. “Kira has given me permission. It is necessary… for all of our happiness.”

“That’s easy, coming from the one using her body.”

“I’m not using her body, we’re sharing. All of these experiences, I will share them with her.” Netorase’s eyes started to tear up. “When I leave, I won’t wipe her mind. She will remember everything.”

“I don’t want Kira’s first time… our first time… to be remembered on the outside!” I snapped back.

The look of confusion on her face, as if she didn’t understand what she had done wrong, pissed me off. Netorase had first gotten between me and Kira, literally pulling us apart just when we could have come together. Now, again, just as we were together, she literally became the one in-between the pair of us. Her views on sharing, I wanted nothing to do with them! I wouldn’t share my girls with any guy! I wouldn’t share them with girls either! Her philosophy just didn’t mesh with mine in the slightest.

Feeling frustration and anger, I kept putting my clothes back on. It wasn’t until I reached the door that Netorase made a noise.

“Where are you going?” She asked, a strangely lost expression on her face.

“I don’t know. Out.” With that, I shut the door.

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