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“Hey, buddy, you can join in if you want.” He chuckled, giving her butt another slap. “Although take the mouth, I’m not really cool if our junk touches.”

“You fucking bastard!” I screamed.

I ran up to the tattoo table in the middle of the room and slugged the tattoo artist as hard as I could in the face. He went sprawling to the side, his filthy dick finally leaving Tiana. His dick wasn’t even that big. It was probably an inch smaller and much thinner than mine. Plus, he was an ugly westerner dude. Why? Why the fuck did she fuck this piece of shit?

“Ah!” She cried out as I picked her up off the table. “Hakaru… it’s not… I mean…”

“What’s the big idea?” The westerner got back up, rubbing his face. “Didn’t we have a deal? I get to enjoy the girl a bit and I don’t tell her you tried to have “Cumdumpster” written on her back?”

Tiana blinked. “Huh? C-cumdumpster? Is that what it says?”

She turned and grabbed the area behind her back. It was red, and low and behold, the words cumdumpster were written there. The bastard had made sure to do his job before he banged her.

“Aren’t you just a cumdumpster!” I snapped, glaring at her. “You slut!”

She looked down. “Th-that’s right… I’m Hakaru’s slut.”

“Then why? Why did you let this bastard fuck you?” I snarled.

She recoiled a bit but then spoke back with a confused expression. “I don’t understand. Isn’t this what you want? H-he was making me feel good! You can even join. I-I don’t mind both, even in the same hole.”

“How could this be what I want?” I demanded, a disgusted look on my face.

She shook her head. “No, you said it. You wanted to show me to my boyfriend. You were opening me sexually so I could have more fun. Isn’t that why you made sure to stretch every hole? When Jack comes back, I’ll definitely blow him too. He’ll be so happy. I don’t think he’ll leave.”

“What?” I shook my head, taking a step back. “What did you think would happen? Did you think he’d just be okay with your fucking me?”

“It’d take some time, but he’d get used to the idea… but you supported me! You said you’d never reject me! You said you’d accept me. Anyone who can’t should fuck off! Those were your words!”

Blood began to drain from my face.  I really had no clue what to say. Her words had left me completely floored. This hadn’t been what I meant at all. I was just… just… turning her into a slut. Netori’s words just a brief moment ago came crashing home. She had no emotional attachment to me. Our relationship was 100% physical. I had thought that she would confuse physical love with emotional and become mine, but in the end, it was I who was confused.

“Hakaru…” I looked up to see Tiana with tears running down her face. “I’m yours, right? I’m your little slut?”

“T-to share?” I asked, feeling like a hand was grabbing my heart.

“N-no… I won’t!” She said, shaking her head. “I just… I misunderstood Hakaru! I love you. I don’t want to lose you! I definitely will just be with you. I promise!”

Her words felt comforting. The thought of abandoning her felt painful. It was just a mistake though. All I had to do was correct it. That felt less painful. That guy, he didn’t even cum in her, so it didn’t count. His dick was so small, she probably barely even felt it. Her pussy wouldn’t have even stretched much with something that small. It might as well not have even been there. My mind instantly started to create a dozen different excuses to forgive her.

 I forced a smile on my face, even though it felt like it tugged on my cheeks awkwardly. “G-great. I’m so glad. Sorry, bro, she loves me.”

I said the last words very aggressively and sneered at him. The guy held up his hands and shrugged. He didn’t seem threatened at all, or even disappointed. This really irritated me.

“Excuse me if we don’t pay,” I added. “It seems you’ve been paid enough!”

I grabbed her and almost pulled her out the door when she wrestled out of my grip. “Ah… my skirt!”

I blushed, realizing that she was wearing nothing but a skimpy thong. I was just about to walk her down the street in that. I looked down and blushed, but just as I looked up, I saw her bending over. It took me a few moments to notice what was wrong. She had moved to pick up her skirt in a way that put her butt facing the tattoo artist. She also bent down slowly. From my angle, it was hard to tell, but she was she wagging her butt at him?

He had his head lowered, and was lewdly glancing at her. I couldn’t see, but with the thong, she might very well be showing him everything. Just as a frown reached my lips, she stood up quickly. She gave me a sweet and innocent smile. As for the guy, he was looking away now. Although he had looked, it had to have been an accident. Tiana is just so innocent that she didn’t realize what she was doing when she did it.

She put her skirt back on and then grabbed my arms, her eyes not looking back at the other guy a single bit. Yeah, it had been my imagination. After seeing what I saw, I was just seeing more than what was there. She just wasn’t mindful, and what guy wouldn’t look when a girl looked. It wasn’t like there would be something continuing between the two of them. Despite my thoughts trying to protect me, I still felt nauseous.

It was only when I dragged her back home, tossed her out of her clothing, and fucked her brains out that I started to feel better. As I watched my own cum drip down her legs, the words cumdumpster written across her back, I started to nod to myself. That’s right. She’s my cumdumpster. No one else. Our relationship was just too young. I chanced it too much. The answer was obvious. I needed to make her dependent on me. I used the True Feelings ability.

Her eyes turned wet with dew, and she looked at me with absolute adoration. “I love you… so much… you’re my man.”

I smiled, sliding back into her and tasting her some more. Our lovemaking continued for the rest of the night. With that, I was certain that she was truly mine. I wouldn’t let anything happen again.

“Ah… Ahn… Matt… hah…” She gasped as I fucked her while she had a phone up to her ear the next morning. “N-no… I just… came back from running. Out of… ah… out of breath.”

She was so cute trying to keep it in while talking on the phone. It was such a rotten thing to do, but it was also fun. I began to understand why bastards like Derek used to do it to me.

“S-sorry… can’t pick you up. Have to walk. S-surprise? Can’t wait! J-just come to my room!” She said, then hung up before letting out a loud moan, “Ahn… cu-cumming!”

Her sweet voice practically sang as she came around my dick. I reached out and grabbed her breasts. She grabbed my wrists and pulled them back.

“No… you heard the saleswoman, no touching, they’re tender,” Tiana said.

“What the hell? Still? You let that bastard…” I dropped the words since the pain in my heart threatened to come back.

“Th-that… I… I was just flustered.” She explained, “It really did hurt when he did it. That’s why they’re even more swollen today.”

You seemed to love it though? That’s what I wanted to say, but I felt a shortness of my breath, and in the end, I couldn’t bring myself to argue with her. Her nipples didn’t feel swollen to me, and I enjoyed them a lot before her piercing. They weren’t red or anything. However, a strange fear swelled up and so I hammered the thoughts down.

“How long until Matt arrives?” I asked.

She giggled. “About ten minutes.”

“Ah? Then don’t you want to get the show going?”

“Mm! I definitely want Matt to see the new me!”

“But…” I added. “You’re mine. Not Matt’s. You’re breaking it off this way. A guy arrogant like him won’t get the message unless you give him such a show. Otherwise, he’ll keep skulking around. Only if you drag his pride through the mud will he get the idea you’re taken.”

“Yes… yes…” she said dismissively like a child being lectured by their parent, “Now, give me your fat cock! My pussy aches whenever I don’t have a penis in it!”

I chuckled and then got back on the bed with my legs out over the edge. Tiana got on top, making sure to face the doorway. Once getting it inside, she leaned back, putting her hands on either side of me. Soon, she started bouncing up and down on my cock. Of course, we had prepared this position ahead of time. When Matt walked in, all he’d see is his blonde girlfriend, her nipple ringed breasts bouncing up and down as a big meaty cock went in and out of her vagina.

I only had two regrets. First, my position didn’t give me a good look at his face when he saw it, and two, that this position didn’t showcase her cumdumpster tattoo. A guy like Matt surely spoke English and would know what it means. I almost wished I had her tattoo it across the front, but remembering that bastard I didn’t want to think about tattoos at all.

So, we remained like that as I tried to last without cumming. I didn’t want to cum until after he showed up, and I had no clue how long it’d take him.

“Ahn… Hakaru… I’m cumming!” She cried out.

“Ah… try to slow down a bit…” I said, sweating a bit.

She was showing my dick no mercy, bouncing up and down on it with vigor. My stamina was definitely better, but it in no way could keep up permanently with a girl like her. My little slut could go for hours now. After unlocking her sexual appetite, it was actually a bit exhausting trying to meet it. Compared to Akiko or Maria, I just couldn’t keep up, let alone Sasori. The feeling of her pussy clamping down as she orgasmed was becoming too much. I really couldn’t last any longer. Just as I felt like I was going to burst, the door finally had a knock.

“Come in!” Tiana called out in a half-moan.

The door opened and the familiar form of Matt glanced in. “Oh… shit! I’m sorry, you must be her roommate. I’m here for Tiana.”

“Silly…” Tiana giggled. “I am Tiana! What do you think?”

His eyes started to open real big and he stumbled a few steps to the side like he had just been punched in the gut. All of my anger over her cheating on me seemed to be vindicated in that second. I felt on top of the world. His mouth moved, but he couldn’t get a word out.

“Ti-ti— w-wait…” His eyes spun to the door.

“Ah… cumming!” My dick started to cum.

The door was pushed open again and an older man and woman stepped in.

“Hello, sweetie! We came up with Matt to see you, Surpri…. Ahhhhhh!” The woman broke into a scream as she looked up from a piece of paper in her hand.

The man had seen her right away, and he had just frozen on the spot.

“Mom! Dad!” She let out a cry and started crawling back on top of me, her cum-filled crotch landing on my face when she could back up against the wall anymore.

My cock had still been inside her, and I hadn’t even released my second load. As cum exploded forth, my hardened cock was pulled back and then released from her pussy, flopping forward with a great deal of force. The extra momentum on top of a strong ejaculation sent my cum flying, landing across her mother’s face.

“Tiana!” Her dad bellowed as his face grew furious.

Where was a bat when I needed one?

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