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I was caught off guard when the Principal suddenly picked on me at the very start of class. She gave me eyes that seemed like they might cry if I refused her. The men in class couldn’t help but shoot jealous looks in my direction. If I refused her, I’d definitely earn the ire of the jealous men and the hatred of the women who seemed to worship her. However, I could also feel how calculated her expression was. It was as if she was aiming to put me in this situation.

Of course, I wasn’t planning to back down. This was just an introductory skirmish. I wouldn’t allow myself to lose to her. Although that was the thought placed strongly in my mind, if one asked whether I meant I didn’t want to lose to the Principal or lose to Rose, I probably wouldn’t have an answer

I put on my best smile. “Yes, Vienna-sensei, what would you like me to do?”

A lot of the class was surprised at how clear my voice was and how straight I held my back. I matched Principal Vienna’s look directly. If someone knew the truth, they might even say it was a challenging look. Vienna smiled, not showing any indication of whether she was disappointed I didn’t grow flustered at her sudden provocation.

“Come up to the front of the class.”

I pushed back my chair and stood up, walking to the front of the class without saying a word. I turned to face all the men and women of this class. In total, there were 24 people, 12 women, 12 men. Other than Rose and Tiana, there were ten other beauties. As for the men, other than Matt and me, there were ten rather normal men. Comparatively, they didn’t stand out at all.

Some of the girls were looking at me with some interest. The one that caught my eyes the most was a redhead with long curly hair on her head. She was wearing makeup and it looked like she had stuffed her bra. It was clear that she wasn’t good at it to make it look natural. This meant that she had decided to do it today for a particular reason. That reason would be the boys in the class. She wanted to impress the boys with her body, which meant she was already a girl that had the mindset of a slut. She had a pen in her mouth and was sucking on the cap, which told me she had a bit of an oral fixation.

She also had her eyes on me while seemingly trying to catch my attention. It would be a small push to enjoy her body. Well, she was probably not in a relationship, so having her was not going to be a lot of points, but I didn’t want to rush things. Before I chased another girl like Tiana, it was clear I needed more practice. I didn’t want her to end up like, well, another Tiana. An easy slut that wasn’t in a relationship was probably the best prey.

While I shared a few discrete glances with the redhead girl, prepping her for some future seductive techniques, the Principal started to talk again.

“This is one of the boys who is transferring to the class from a different school. Can you give them your name?”

“Hakaru,” I responded simply, not bothering with my last name.

It was increasingly normal in Japan to just give everyone your first name anyway, and I didn’t want any of the girls in class to get used to using my last name. It’d force an intimacy between me and every girl in this class by forcing them to use my first name. At least, that was my thought on the matter.

“I picked male students from many different demographics to give you girls a variety of encounters. Some come from rich schools, some come from poor homes. Some are distinguished students at the top of their classes, and some are scoundrels.”

I didn’t like how she gave me a look when she finished. It was like she was saying I was one of the poor scoundrels. My grades were always average and so was my parent’s wealth!

“Hakaru, the game we’re going to play is one that is necessary for you all to become familiar with each other. Through my experimental program, I hope my girls learn everything about men, and you men can learn a thing or two about my girls as well. That is the point. So, I feel that an introduction is in order, don’t you agree.”

“Oh… of course,” I was surprised that all she wanted was a simple introduction. “My name is Hakaru, I came from Douglas Public. My father works in marketing, I-”

Just as I was starting to think things were simple, Vienna-sensei interrupted me.

“Ah… I’ll stop you right there.” She chuckled. “These kinds of introductions are boring, and they definitely won’t tell us anything about you. I truly want to learn the kind of person you are. I want to see what you’re made of. Don’t you, class?”

She asked the whole class, and a few people responded with a weak yes. The strongest reply was from the redhead, who then blushed as she realized she spoke a lot more excitedly than everyone else. Although she also gave me a look as she bit her lip. She was really quite pretty. If I had to guess. These twelve women were the twelve top beauties of this school. In that case, sensei had only saved me the time of finding them myself.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked, not letting Vienna completely control the conversation.

“The game! It’s really simple. I’ll ask you questions, and you answer them honestly. If you lie, then you must remove an article of clothing.”

My eyes widened, and several people in the class made noises of shock.

“Principal…” I responded defensively, “Is that really appropriate?”

She smirked. “If you’re an honest person, then you’d naturally have nothing to hide. You can choose. Bare your soul naked, or bare your body.”

“What if I tell a lie though, how will you know?”

She let out a laugh, “I always know when a student is lying to me. I will be the test. If I feel you lied, you strip. As long as you answer honestly, then you can keep your dignity. Unless… you have something to hide?”

Her grin that at one point seemed charming was starting to grate on my nerves. I couldn’t wait until the day I pushed her under me and made her submit! Well, today was just the first battle, and if I backed out now, I would lose a lot of respect in the eyes of the girls present, and my future pursuits with them would be more difficult.

“Fine!” I said, keeping myself from grinding my teeth. “Ask!”

She laughed gently, her chest shaking in a hypnotic way that made the guys blush and the girls look with envy. “Very well. The first question, have you ever had sex?”

“What?” She immediately asked such an inappropriate question as to her first one. I really couldn’t believe it. “Sensei?”

The class was also buzzing with people whispering to each other until the teacher held up her hand.

“Answer the question. This is a gender studies class, and you’re all mature adults. If you can’t even discuss such simple biological things, then how can you succeed in this program? So… have you had sex?”

“No, I haven’t!” I said angrily, blatantly lying in her face.

Naturally, Tiana jerked in surprise, but then she grinned, finding my declaration to be funny.

“That’s a lie. Take off an article of clothing.”

“Tsk… I’m not lying, and you can’t prove it.”

Suddenly, she slapped a ruler on the desk, causing a resounding noise to pierce the air. Her gentle smile turned to a frown. Her gaze turned icy, and it felt like the temperature had dropped several degrees. I wanted to continue to fight back, just because I thought the whole situation was ridiculous, but under her piercing gaze, I suddenly felt like I couldn’t. It felt like when she was seducing me in the office all over again. Was this some kind of godly power?

“Pick an article and strip it, or I’ll pick one for you!” She said, her eyes suddenly looking at my pants.”

I growled and reached down, pulling off my shoe and then tossing a sock away. I really felt like I had to test her lying abilities, but now I felt somewhat terrified if I pushed things any farther.

“So, you’ve had sex?” She asked. “You did take off the sock…”

This was a trick. If I denied it again, she’d make me take off another article. She didn’t want me to simply strip if I lied, she wanted to force me to speak the truth.

“Yes…” I said as I ground my teeth a bit.

“With someone in this class?”

“I object!” I suddenly shouted.

“Overruled!” She let out a merry laugh. “Continue.”


Talking suddenly exploded throughout the room. The redheaded girl that had previously been eyeing me suddenly looked a bit less certain.

“Have you ever lied to a girl to get her to have sex with you.”



“Tsk…” I lost my other sock.

“Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend?”



My button-up shirt came off.

“Have you ever slept with a girl who was dating someone else and you knew it?”

“No…” I said through bared teeth.

“Strip!” She fired back.

My chest was now bare. If I kept going, my pants were next.

“Is any question you ask going to be about something other than sex?”

“Do you respect women?” She suddenly asked.

“Yes!” I shot her a defiant glare.

Her eyes widened for a second in surprise and then lowered again as she smiled. “Well, if you believe it, then it’s technically not a lie.”


She asked a few more questions, but I didn’t dare lie, and thankfully I kept my pants on. I was made to sit back down without being allowed to recover my shirt. A few moments later, she called up Tiana. My expression went pale. If she asked Tiana some wrong questions, it could definitely cause me a lot of problems. I suddenly found myself quite fearful.

“What is your name?”

“Tiana?” She gave a victory sign over her eyes and even posed shamelessly to the class.

Some of the guys seemed turned on by her attitude, while others preferred a more reserved woman.

“Have you ever had sex?”

Tiana lowered her head, a blush on her cheeks. “No, sensei, I’m a virgin.”

The Principal nodded and smiled encouragingly. My mouth fell completely open. Even though Tiana lied her ass off, the Principal didn’t call her on a single thing. By the way, Tiana spun it, she was the most innocent virgin girl who ever existed! When she was finally done, she stuck out her tongue and then skipped back to her desk.

She whispered to me. “Hakaru is so hot without his shirt, Let’s fuck later, okay?”

Her words were heard by several of the people nearby, who had strange looks on their faces, especially after her previous bold lies in front of the class. The Principal pretended not to hear anything as she brought up a guy.

“Did you have sex?”

“Of course!”


He was torn apart, but unlike me, most of his questions were centered around how pathetic he was. She called out his lies constantly. It turned out he was a lying otaku who masturbated frequently to pictures of loli girls. Most of the women were looking at him with disgust by the end. It wasn’t just because of what they learned about him, but also because he had been stripped down to just his underwear, which had various noticeable stains on it, making him look even more pathetic.

The class continued like this for the rest of the period. Guy, girl, guy girl… whether the girls spoke the truth of not, the Principal never called them out. Meanwhile, the guys were all stripped down. Most of them got it worse than me. In the end, I told the truth for most of my questions. Some guys ended up without a single article of clothing left and sat bare ass with a hand in front of their junk while the girls around them moved their chairs away.

As for Kira, she was the only girl who admitted to not being a virgin. Naturally, those that hadn’t picked up on my relationship with Tiana instantly thought of me as the likely guy who slept with her. The redheaded girl gave me a complicated look that was a lot less willing now. Even the slutty girl would now be a difficult one for me.

When the last person was finished, the Principal went in front of the class and smiled. “Well, these are your classmates. Between men and women, I see that the men are far less dressed. I hope you girls all take this to heart. Men are liars, especially when it comes to sex. They’ll do anything to get into your pants.”

All of the guys in the class had an ugly expression as she said this. At least half of the girls were so enamored by the Principal though, that they swallowed every word she said, never even thinking about how all of their lies were ignored.

“Also, remember…” She continued. “What happens in this classroom stays in this classroom. These conversations between us are important, and there are some who are too stuck up to accept that. Now that you have all bared your souls to me, I feel like a trust has formed between us. Don’t ever betray my trust.”

For just a fraction of a second, that cold, icy expression that seizes the soul appeared on her face before she went back to smiling. The threat was clearly there. If we tried to tell anyone about the kinds of things she was having us do in this class, she’d make us regret it. Just what had I gotten myself into?

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