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“The reason you failed when it came to Tiana is simple. You didn’t instill a sense of sharing within her heart. You pushed her to see how far she’d go, but you never chose an appropriate role for her to fulfill. As a result, she ended up a slut.”

“I’m not sure I understand. Tiana is a slut because she likes to share. She wants to have sex with a bunch of different guys. That’s why she’s such a whore.”

Rose shook her head. “You’re still not understanding what it means to be a woman. That’s why you can’t understand sluts. You need to change your understanding of women, or Tiana will always be a disloyal bitch and a slut.”

“Guys… I’m sitting right here.” Tiana said helplessly.

The pair of us turned to her and then look back at each other, effectively ignoring her. Tiana let out an irritated sound and then moved to leave. Rose then grabbed her and pulled her back down.

“Stay there, you cheating whore,” Rose said.

“How dare you! I’m done being called-“

Slap! Even I jumped as Rose’s hand went out and slapped Tiana’s face. It was enough force that the noise echoed across the room and she even fell back and hit the wall, nearly falling in the crack between the bed and wall.

“If you want some cock, be a good bitch and shut up.”

“You…” Tiana’s eyes narrowed, but then she suddenly blushed. “I guess good things come for girls who wait.”

I blinked at her sudden change of behavior. “Is that part of sharing?”

“That’s disciplining your bitch. That lesson is too advanced for the current Hakaru.”

“Is that so…”

Rose rolled her eyes. “Look, we’ll just have to start this from the top. If I knew sister was so lax in properly educating you on women, I would never have let it get this far.”

“I have a feeling that Netori is listening to this right now and cursing your name.”

“Hmph… well, she has always preferred a hands-off approach from the beginning. After all, isn’t that why she ignored you for years- ah! I mean, she’s just not proactive.” Rose said, shaking her head.

“I suppose you’re right,” I responded, not really understanding what she meant by years but knowing it was unlikely I’d get any answers from her.

I was mostly just humoring her anyway. Even though I was asking for Rose’s help, it wasn’t like I trusted her. There was still the bet to consider. She didn’t know what stage I was at with Principal Vienna. She might not be willing to help me if she did. However, if it came to just this, I was hoping she could offer a few nuggets of wisdom. She was a goddess of NTR, and as a sharer, she was the sluttiest of the bunch. Anything I could learn from her would only benefit me in my future pursuits.

“Enough of this! It’s time Hakaru got to training.” Rose clapped her hands, putting aside our previous conversation. “Have sex with Tiana!”

“Eh?” I glanced over at Tiana, who had been sulking until she suddenly perked up with the word sex. “Really?”

“What? Are you going to treat all slutty women as used goods? What’s wrong with being used? I’d just call it being broken in. Wouldn’t you rather have a woman with experience? Virgins are just exhausting.”

I suppose I had a bit of a negative stigmatism against girls who slept with other guys. Something like that they were unclean. However, most of the girls I had been with had been with other guys at some point. The only difference was how recently. A slutty girl like Tiana could just be considered a girl I haven’t tamed yet.

“Then, Tiana, come over here.”

She excitedly moved over to me, pulling off of her clothing as she did. I couldn’t guess how much sex she’s had in the last few weeks, nor with how many people. Perhaps it was only Matt and the other guy. It was probably better if I didn’t know. However, at the moment, she was mine and Rose’s. That was what I should focus on.

Bending her over the bed, I pull out my dick. Seeing the text Cumdumpster written just above her butt crack, and I considered how fitting that title was now. I pushed my dick against her snatch and with a thrust, I was inside her.

“What are you doing?” Rose asked, a bitter expression on her face.

“Huh? Aren’t I having sex with Tiana?” I slapped Tiana’s butt to push this point home.

“You’re behind her! And she got her head in a pillow.” She responded.

“Yeah? It’s called doggie style. I get to fuck her hard and I have all the control.”

“Yeah, but you can’t even see her face!”

“isn’t that the best part? I can hit her all I want, fuck her as hard as I want, and even her noises are muffled as long as I push her head down!” I grabbed her hair and shoved her into the pillow, speeding up my thrust until it was the major noise in the room, her moans being only barely heard through the pillow.

“You…” She rubbed her forehead. “This is going to take longer than I thought.”

“What?” I demanded, finally releasing her head and shooting Rose and irritated glare.

“How do I put this? Sluts don’t like being treated like sluts.” Rose said uncertainly.

“Sure they do!” I snorted, reaching out and slapping Tiana’s behind.

She let out a moan, and I pointed as if proving it.

“Let me rephrase…” Rose sighed. “If all you do is treat her like a slut, that’s all she’ll ever be.”

I froze for a second and then turned away. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t you?” She responded, shaking her head. “Hakaru… you’re keeping people at a distance. Although you’ve changed in many ways, you’re also desperately trying to protect your heart. I can tell.”

“How could I not protect myself?” I responded wryly. “After all, this is a vicious game. I have to be defensive and offensive, and don’t give me crap about the best defense is a good offense!”

“Don’t confuse defending with hiding!” Rose shot back. “You don’t defend your girl from someone who will potentially come in and sweep them away. The only thing you defend is your own heart, so that when they are swept away, it’s less painful for you!”

“If they truly cared for me, then they wouldn’t have left! Why would I want someone so fickle?” I shot back.

“Gods, you’re just like Netori!” She yelled, her face flushed red with anger. “Always so willing to take, always expecting to lose, and never expecting to share!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t get how I’d be willing to share!”

“How can you expect a girl to give herself to you if you refuse to give yourself to her? How can you expect a girl to share you if you won’t even share yourself!” Her frustration was clear on her face, and even tears started to fall down.

“Woah… what are you getting so worked up for?”

“Why can’t you give us what we want?”


“Open up your heart. I want your love!” She shouted.

I made a face. “You’d say that, wouldn’t you? You want to win the game!”

“To hell with Netori’s game!” She cried out. “I’m not playing any games. I never have been. I love you, you stupid idiot. We both love you!”

I blanked for a second, trying to figure out how the conversation ended up in this direction. She was a goddess, how could she love me? Rather, if she already loved me, then why were we fighting so much? Why was she challenging me constantly? I didn’t understand this behavior at all.

“I believe Kira loves me, but…

“Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” She suddenly hit me with her fist against my arm with each word, but it barely stung as she cried harder and harder. “Do you know how hard it is for the man you love to not even look at you? Kira is inside me too, and it hurts her every time you reject me.”

“That’s not fair, you two aren’t the same.”

“We’re not…” She took a stuttering breath. “But that doesn’t mean both of our feelings aren’t true.”

I shook my head, growing more confused by the second. “What are you saying, even if you both loved me, wouldn’t that just make you competitors?”

“You still don’t understand who I am…”

“You’re Rose…” I responded, suddenly feeling awkward.

“I am Netorase, goddess of sharing sexual partners! Why do you think I’ve been doing all of this for you?”

“What have you been doing?”

“Kira was unwilling to share you with other women. After being used by that person, she naturally became jaded, and seeing you with other women made her fear that you couldn’t love her. I showed her another way. Kira, Maria, Sasori, Akiko, you may not wish to share them, but if you want them, they all must share you!”

I took a step back, my eyes widening in shock. “Th-that…”

“NTR… to steal others, to lose your heart, and to share your body… I’m not cuckold. My sharing is always just and right, and what both parties want. Just because you don’t share doesn’t mean every girl you know must.”

So, that’s why they kept saying I didn’t understand. Sharing wasn’t so simple as running out and having sex. In fact, the sort of ‘sharing’ that Tiana did, where she slept with another guy without my permission, was the exact opposite of the sharing that Netorase endorsed. I had been thinking of this all so one-sidedly. As a man, I didn’t want to see my girls have sex with any other men. Yet, every girl I was in a relationship with had to consciously accept I was going to sleep with other women.

This was why Netorase was so important to NTR. She was the glue that held the other two women together. One side gained, one side lost, but neither side was unhappy with the arrangement. I had been so insecure and so worried that this part of NTR had slipped my understanding. Even though Netorare lost to me, she had been filled with happiness at the end. Even though I had taken Sasori away from her husband, she was happier now than she had ever been. The girls in my life, I had improved it, making them happy.

“Tiana… if I broke up with you… what would you do?” I glanced at Tiana, who had been sitting on the bed watching us with a confused expression on her face up until now.

“Y-you’re breaking up with me?” Suddenly, her happy face fell and her body started to shake.

In fact, her sudden change in the atmosphere was so great that I was shocked.

“W-wait… you just left Matt, right? So, it’s fine?”

“H-h-how can you say that? Matt is nothing! Only Hakaru…” She suddenly burst into tears, “Please say it’s a joke? It’s a joke, right?”

There wasn’t a single ounce of trickery or acting in that behavior. It left me completely caught off guard.

“It… it was a joke… I was joking! I’d never break it off with Tiana…” I desperately tried to calm her down.

When she finally got the message, she puffed out her cheeks angrily, “Muu… Hakaru, don’t kid about such things! I really might have killed myself.”


I really didn’t know what to say. I had been treating our relationship so casually. The moment she started cheating on me, I naturally didn’t have any interest in her. The only reason I didn’t break up with her was that I feared making a scene, but after hearing her break up with Matt, I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal. That was until I was thinking about the girl’s happiness.

“Do you get it now?” Rose asked quietly, “Her happiness was never dependent on banging men. It was always dependent on you.”

I shook my head, “Even so… you both… sleep with… I mean…”

I had caught the two girls having sex together. How could I possibly accept that they had feelings for me?

“You… don’t even appreciate all the things I’ve done for you.” She crossed her arms angrily. “If you’d given me a few more days, even Tiana would have become your perfect slut.”


“All the women I’ve been with, I’ve been training them for you, dummy. Did you think you suddenly grew into a savant overnight?”


“Naturally, I have been working all of the girls on campus, making them more willing to share, more willing to spread their legs, and more in love with Hakaru!”


“Eh? I thought you at least suspected? I mean, a lot of the same girls I was with, you were with after? Why do you think despite the fact you slept with over half the girls in the class, none of them have gotten angry at you or fought? Did you think they really didn’t know?”

More than that they knew, Netorase knew too! I had thought all of my affairs were hidden and no one knew about a single one! She’s saying that she has been working the girls over, making them more willing to have sex with me and tolerate me sleeping around with another woman every night?

The only one who seemed just as surprised was Netorase. I thought I had grown to the point where I was a stud, able to seduce every girl within a few hours. It turned out that every girl had already been prepped by Netorase.

“I mean, I’m not saying I had sex with every girl, just the more uptight ones. Once you’ve had sex with a woman, naturally, you’ll be more susceptible to having sex with a man. After doing such an act despite not seeing themselves as gay, they’d practically leap onto your dick just to convince themselves they were normal. After that, it’s really just a rumor here, a whisper there. I had to council a few girls. Amplify their problems with their current boyfriends while giving them good feelings about Hakaru. Well, I am a goddess, so this kind of thing was easy…. But… ah, Hakaru!”

I collapsed my knees. Of everything I had learned, this blow was far too great.

“You brat!” Netori suddenly appeared and put Netorase in a headlock. “You got so stuck up on showing off your value that you totally didn’t realize how much of a psychological blow you were delivering to our man!”

“Ah! Sister… s-s-sorry!” Netorase cried as Netori knuckled her head.

“I don’t really get what’s going on, but can we have sex yet?” Tiana asked hopefully.

None of them realized it at the time, but although Netorare’s avatar and spirit were technically separated, this was actually the first time all three sisters had been in the same room together in many millennia. Somewhere deep in the realms of the heavens, on a certain tablet, a crack formed.

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