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“So, what is the situation with level 5?” I asked, and then grimaced bitterly. “Although, I probably won’t be able to buy any skills.”

“Actually, the most expensive skills in the game are only 50,000 points. Level five doesn’t simply have 40,000 point skills. It also includes some at 20,000 and 30,000. You’re currently at 20,450 points right now, so you have just enough to purchase a skill. Of course, you also have your vanity points, but I’m not sure you need them anymore.

“Your dick is 7.5 inches, your thickness is 2.25 inches. Your attractiveness is 13 and your sexual stamina has risen up to 13 as well. You have the skills Dirt Scribe, Locked Promise, True Feelings, and Inner Desires.”

“Ah, is that so…” I said, still feeling a little flustered at having my dimensions read back to me so casually. “Actually, for my vanity points, I think I’ll do another 1-inch length, 0.75-inch thickness, and then the last point in attractiveness.”

I was a little worried if I got too much more attractive. At 13, I already got many looks at the mall. For men, I was extremely attractive. I was afraid if I got much more attractive, I might lose some of my manliness, or it might lead to women that were too aggressive. As for dick size, at 8.5 inches long and 3 inches, I wouldn’t dare make my dick any larger.”

“Are you sure?” Netori asked. “This is the last level that I will award you vanity points. After level 5, you’ll be on your own.”

“Is that so?” I remembered that Netori always spoke on a need-to-know basis, so naturally, she didn’t mention such rules. “In that case, please do it. What about the abilities I can pick up? Can you list them all? I don’t even remember some of the lower ones.”  

“Very well…” Netori clicked on her phone and a moment later I felt a weight around my penis as it grew in size, “As far as abilities you can add, at the 40,000 tier is one ability. It’s called Memorial. You become instantly more memorable. People who meet you will be unable to forget about you, and they’ll recall you at random times.”

“It seems pretty basic, but I imagine it’s quite powerful?”

“Yes, it’s completely passive. It always works, and when a woman can’t get you out of her head, doesn’t attraction naturally follow? Especially when you’re already an ikemen…”

“Okay, what about the stuff I can afford?”

Although being memorable sounded useful, it was something I wouldn’t be able to earn in the immediate future. It wasn’t one of the most expensive skills in the game, but its certainly close. I had to be very thoughtful about what skills I earned from now on.

“Patience, there are two 30,000 point items which may be worth it for you,” Netori explained. “There is the skill Bold Desires and the skill Embarrassing Act. Bold desires increased the boldness of your target. They become more daring and more willing to try new things. Useful if you’re talking a girl into something. Embarrassing Act makes the target feel incredibly Embarrassed. It can be used against your enemies or your girls. ”

“Against my girls? How would embarrassing my girls do me any favors?” I asked.

Netori chuckled. “Sometimes, a girl becoming embarrassed is quite cute, don’t you think? I think if you embarrass the right girl at the wrong time, she may seriously fall in love with you!”

“They both sound tempting, but I don’t have the ability to purchase either one. Before I go to this all-girls school, I’m feeling like I really need to have another ability to help me along. What do you have that I can afford today?” I demanded.

She waved her hands. “Very well, very well. We’ll get to the ones you care about. There is Pleasure Points, which pinpoints the points that make a girl crazy. There is the Gift of Gab, which makes you a smooth talker.  There is Perfect Penis, which makes everything more pleasurable. The two other abilities that opened up this level are Soft Touch, an ability that makes a girl more comfortable with your touch, and Perfect Gift, which allows you to determine the best gift to give a woman to win her heart the easiest way.

“Don’t forget, you also have Second Chance, Rape Forgiveness, Confusion, Cuck Break, and Slut Scale. These were cheaper abilities you could use. You could get multiple of these abilities if you really wanted them. The 10,000 point skills are Cheater’s Trap, Manipulation, Safety First, and First Strike. So, do you have one you’re interested in?”

Usually, I’d wait for the 40,000 point skill. I was never interested in cheap skills anyway. On the other hand, Manipulation allowed a girl to be changed. While yes, this could reduce points if I used it on someone I was chasing, after thinking about it for some time, I realized I could also use it on other people too. For example, I could manipulate the best friend to talk me up to her girlfriend. I could manipulate a principal into overlooking a discretion. I could manipulate a guy into letting me fuck his woman. There were plenty of ways to manipulate people to help me get laid. It’d be especially powerful if I tied it with the gift of gab.

Now that I had so many skills, I was seeing these kind of connections everywhere. Confusion, for example, could make a girl more easily sleep with me, and then Cheater’s Trap could cause her to continue to sleep with me. Of course, many of the best combinations seemed to require a 10,000 point tied with a 20,000 point. I couldn’t afford that right now.”

“I’ll take Manipulation and Safety First.” I decided on picking out two skills instead of one.

Safety First protected me from venereal diseases as well as making a girl pregnant. After the accusation from Gina and my means of claiming vengeance on the basketball team, I was worried that such weapons might be used against me. I felt it was time to stop being controlled by others, and it was about time that I started influencing my own fate. I wouldn’t be at other people’s mercy any longer.

“Okay…” Netori responded.

“Okay?” I blinked, a little surprised and thinking she might push back a bit. “I thought you might be unhappy that I was picking an ability you previously rejected.”

Netori shook her head. “Not at all. It was always my desire that Hakaru-kun comes into his own and eventually decides on how he wanted to progress. I can see in your eyes that you are ready for the next step. If I attempted to hinder that, I would only be hindering myself.”

“Since that business is out of the way, then perhaps Netori would be open to trying out some of my modifications?” I offered, a dark feeling swirling inside me.

“Hmm? I’m a goddess, Hakaru, I’ve already said, your abilities are useless on me.” Netori replied arrogantly.

“Is that so? Somehow, I think any woman, even a goddess, would enjoy an 8-inch cock with a three-inch thickness!”

As I said this, I stood up and spun around. Of course, my cock was fully erect, displaying the full larger size. Her eyes fell on it, and for a moment, the scene caused her to hesitate with a gasp. I exploited that moment and so I grabbed her and pulled her to me. Our lips touched for just a moment before her body disappeared and she was floating somewhere over Akiko. She shook her fist my way, a blush on her cheeks and an angry expression on her face. Although even with that, I could tell that her eyes were secretly a little happy.

“You… you’re the one who has become too bold! I’m going to leave while you cool off. Use that on one of your women.”

“You are one of my women.” I declared.

“Hm… you may have Netorare’s heart, but don’t think I’m so easy to steal! I am the one who steals!” With those words, she disappeared, but the melancholy atmosphere since we had fought a few weeks ago seemed to have completely diminished.

I considered that I’d need to be bold with her more often. Netori was a thief, but she was also a coward in some ways. Despite her inner desires, she was inclined to run away when things got too difficult. From now on, I decided that when she ran, I’d definitely have to chase her. Things between the pair of us would need to start to change. Netori would become mine.

Looking down at the softly snoring Akiko, I sniffed. She smelled like sex and had dried cum on her legs. I didn’t feel like banging that hoe some more. Instead, I opened the door and slipped out into my hallway while grabbing some rope I had on my counter. My eyes aligned on my sister’s door. I hadn’t played with her tonight. I took a few steps toward her room when suddenly I heard someone clearing their voice.

I looked over to see Mom standing there with her arms crossed. I was halfway between my room and my sister’s room. I was completely naked, and while my cock wasn’t at full erection, it was certainly enlarged and the 8-inch behemoth was on full display. To add insult to injury, I had a rope in my hands, which made whatever I was doing quite devious.

“My… My… Ookii!” Mom said breathily, eyeing me up and down.

“M-Mom?” I let out a noise with a breath. “Um… I… um… had to go to the bathroom.”

“With a rope in your hands?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I… uh… like to… choke myself with this rope… which I masturbate… to obtain an orgasm?”

Actually, I could probably run with that. It was slightly less damnable than the truth.

“You were going to go rape your sister.”

‘Ah… m-mom… that…”

“Don’t deny it!” She growled angrily.

I was at a loss of what to say. I thought that Maria and I had done a good job of being discrete. Maybe she’d think we were unhealthily close, but why would she jump to me raping her? Wouldn’t you leap to anything but that when your family was involved?

Be bold. That was just what I decided with Netori. Would the same boldness help me deal with my mother? I had never really stood up to her before. There were a few times I told her off, but it was always right before I ran away, either off to bed or to school or something else. Today, I felt like I was genuinely trapped with nowhere else to escape.

I took a deep breath. Be bold. If it is good enough to handle a goddess of an indeterminate age, then it also should work on my Mother.

“You’re right, Mother,” I said, straightening my back and staring at her defiantly. “I’ve been banging your daughter for a while. She’s just one of my women who I enjoy for fun.”

I expected mom to be shocked, or possibly angry. Instead, she let out a soft and sultry laugh. “Is that so? Is my son finally taking what he wants?”

Those words caught me by surprise for a moment. They were so close to the kind of things Netori might have said. Taking what I want, that was the name of the game.

“Then, if you understand, I’ll be going…” I turned to head towards my sister’s door.

“I forbid you from going into her room.” Mother’s laughter suddenly ended, and a serious expression formed on her face.

“I-if you won’t let me have my sister, then I’ll just have you instead!” My threat felt slightly hallow in my ears, but I had already committed to being bold.

“Oh?” Mother’s expression turned dangerous, but to my complete surprise she suddenly reached behind herself, unbuttoned the back of her dress, which fell down, revealing her in nothing but black lacy underwear, “If that is my son’s desire, I wonder if you’re bold enough!”

My cock was fully erect now.

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