Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Mother… how can you act that way?” I said, truly in complete shock.

“Act what way?” Mother responded. “I am a woman too, you know?”

“Y-you’re married!”

“And what has that man done for me? I married him because I thought he’d be the one. In the end, you’re twice the man he is!” she looked down at my erect penis and raised an eyebrow. “Make that three times the man.”

I covered myself from her eyes, turning to hide my shame. However, even as I did that, I knew I was a hypocrite because my eyes couldn’t take themselves away from her. I had never seen mother dressed like this before. I had never realized her body was in such good shape. Then again, in the last three months, she had started making a substantial effort in perfecting her body. Was that why she was pursuing me now?

Mother was wearing black, frilly underwear, but it was slightly transparent and didn’t hide anything underneath. I could see a neatly trimmed bush just above her slit. She had dark brown nipples and large breasts that remained pert for a woman of her age. Her skin was smooth, and I saw no stretch marks or even wrinkles on her body. She had pale, jade skin, long thin legs, and a pleasantly round buttocks. The more I looked, the harder it became to look away.

“It’s okay…” She said, pulling down the front of her underwear, exposing just a bit of pubic hair and the pale leg underneath. “Just enjoy yourself.”

I couldn’t control my desires any longer. I turned and walked over to mom. My cock bounced excitedly with each step. It might have been ridiculous or embarrassing if I could control myself any longer. I had certainly thought about banging my mother numerous times in the past. I had already enjoyed my sister. My father was also a piece of shit. So, why couldn’t I have this woman too?

In some ways, I had always been knowing things would end up this way, but I had also resisted this outcome. A small part of me felt like once I tasted her, she’d no longer be my mother anymore. I didn’t want to lose the woman who raised me, so I resisted the thoughts of pushing her down on the couch and having her. However, the second she revealed herself to me, all of those reasons went out the door and only an animalistic desire was left.

I wrapped my arms around mother and couldn’t help but let out a noise of surprise. When I was younger, mother always seemed larger than life. Now that I held her, I started to notice some things that I had always taken for granted. First of all, she was much shorter than me, only coming up to my neck. At nearly a head taller than her, she seemed so small now.

Her body felt thin and delicate too. Having tasted numerous other women, for some reason, I always felt like Mother was sturdier or more solid. Only by wrapping my arms around her almost naked form did I realize how delicate she really was. In fact, her body felt incredibly feminine. Her familiar smell was like lilacs. Her skin was warm to the touch and incredibly soft. Her frantic breathing as she felt my hands explore her body, working up and down her back and butt, wasn’t all that different from other women I had touched.

I realized right then that Mother was a woman like any other. She had needs, fears, and desires. At the moment, those desires included my touch. I definitely wouldn’t let her down. I kissed mother once gently on the lips. They parted just slightly as if giving me full permission to violate her mouth as I wanted. I resisted the urge, only slightly sucking her bottom lip before pulling away. I reached out and grabbed her hand, and then started leading her to her own bedroom.

My childish twin-sized bed seemed completely inappropriate to sleep with my mother. It was a strange thought, not wanting to seem childish, but I just couldn’t do it. Rather, it was her room that I pulled her to. I then brought her to the bed and gently laid her down. When I moved to lie next to her, she lifted her foot and blocked my entrance. I looked at her questioningly.

“Don’t tell me you just plan to put it in!” Mother pouted, “At the very least, you should pamper me with a little bit of foreplay. Aren’t you a man?”

I chuckled softly, grabbing her bare foot pressed against my chest and lightly kissed it. This caused her to blush instantly and try to pull them away. I knew mom was very sensitive about her feet. She used to wear a lot of heels, and she made a lot of effort to make her feet look good. In that respect, she was uncomfortable with someone touching her feet. I held her foot firmly by the ankle, and then I put the big toe into my mouth.

“Ahhhn!” Mother made a cute voice, still trying to pull away even as her hands tightened on the bed.

My tongue worked its way across her toe, causing shocking and tender spasms to shoot through her body from a feeling she was completely unused to having. Meanwhile, she let out sexy little pants and moans. I could see a wet spot forming on her underwear too where she clearly couldn’t hold back her arousal. Ever so slowly, I pulled away, kissing down her foot.

Each time I kissed her, I sucked slightly with my lips, pushing my tongue out and just touching the skin lightly, marking her with my saliva using every kiss. My kisses went down the arch of her foot, finally reaching the inside of her leg. I continued to kiss, one after another, moving up her leg to her knee. As I passed her knee, her breath began to quicken, and she instinctively spread her legs for me. She definitely was wet below, and I could smell her lady charm coming off in waves.

Each time I kissed and sucked her inner thigh, her entire body would spasm slightly, little thunderbolts of shock erupted from lips and tingling up her spine. Her eyes were closed, her lips moving occasionally with cute moans. Her breasts shook ever so slightly, a subtle consequence of her entire body shivering with excitement.

I passed the halfway point of her thighs, and her shivering and panting grew even more. Her scent was thick in the air, and her pussy was clearly aroused and waiting. I wanted nothing more than to penetrate her immediately, but the sadistic side of me had been fed a bit and now I wanted to make her agonize sexually. The control I exuded over my mother left me exceptionally excited.

I ran my tongue along her thigh, and she let out a gasp, finally letting going of the bed and reaching out to grab the top of my head. She seemed to get a tuft of hair in each hand, and even while she was letting me steer, her hands kept subtly pulling my head to her womanhood. I continued to avoid it, kissing around the areas around her womanhood. Each side was savored, slowly getting closer and closer into the middle, as far as I could get without removing her lacy underwear.

“S-stop teasing…” She moaned, even though her eyes were still tightly squeezed closed.

I finally allowed my lips to make contact with her pussy, but I left the clothing still covering it. I kissed and sucked on the outside of her underwear, tasting the lust that she had allowed to soak through. Her hands tightened on my head.

“Ahhhn… ahhh… oh…” She let out several lewd moans.

I started wondering what Maria would think if she heard these sounds coming from her parent’s bed. My parents hadn’t had sex in as long as I could remember. Therefore, these sounds were completely unheard of in this room. Would she know it was me? Would that make her jealous, or curious?

“Please… suck it!” She grabbed the underwear and pulled it to the side, revealing her small, swollen slit.

I stuck my tongue out, continuing to tease her by gently flicking it just across the outer lip which stuck out slightly. She let out moans and writhed while I continued to tease her. I could see her losing more and more of her control. Her hips were shaking and the tension in her hands told me she wanted nothing more than to shove my face into her crotch and make me eat her properly.

Finally, I pushed the tip of my tongue against her clit, and then steadily increased the pressure. Soon, my entire tongue pressed down inside her, and she panted like she had just run 10 kilometers. Once my tongue was completely inside her, I began to suck on her clit. My tongue penetrated her, pushing up and down as I sought to explore her insides. Meanwhile, I stimulated her clitoris, first with my mouth, and then with my thumb. Her panting turned into regular moaning, and her hands stroked my hair like she was trying to tell me I was doing a good job.

“Ahn… Hakaru… Hakaru… I love you…” She moaned.

When it came to mother, there was no fallacy or false promises there. She genuinely did love and absolutely wanted me. I felt a sudden rush of liquid as she came under the pressure of my tongue and fingers. She didn’t go wild or insane. Rather, her hands tightened on my hair, her body shook gently and she stopped moaning for a moment before letting out a longer more anguished cry. When she was done, her body seemed to collapse like he had lost all energy.

Her hands, still holding me, started to pull up. I was forced to crawl up over Mother’s naked body and as soon as I reached her face, she grabbed my cheeks and then started kissing me. Although my face was covered in her love juice, she didn’t hesitate to kiss me thoroughly. Her tongue was very aggressive, and she made sure to taste me thoroughly before she finally allowed me to breathe.

“Hakaru, baby… please… stick it in me. I want that big thing inside me!” She commanded.

Of course, my raging erection had not dissipated a bit from earlier. I was extremely horny and full of desire. She barely got the words out before I was kneeling between her legs and lining my cock up with her crotch. This was really the final moment. After this, we would definitely have a relationship like that. There was no going back if there could be said to be a period we could stop this. I didn’t hesitate to push myself in.

“Gods!” She cried out, “So big!”

For a second, I worried I had hurt mother, but she slapped my hand away and began pulling me on top of her, encouraging me to push myself all of the way inside her. Of course, I didn’t need any motivation at this point. My dick pushed inside my mother, reaching back inside a place I hadn’t been in for seventeen years. She was warm and comfortable, and the feeling was absolutely incredible.

“Fuck me… fuck me…” Mom suddenly spoke vulgar words in English.

Mom was truly lost in depravity now. Only when she was extremely angry or her mind was completely distracted would she accidentally use those kinds of words. It was clear she was completely aroused and had succumbed completely to her sexual desired now. Her dirty talk aroused me further, and I started to pump my cock inside her, thrusting with great vigor and excitement.

As I satisfied myself with Mother’s body, she writhed and squirmed under me, only causing me to want to fuck her more aggressively. I stopped holding back at all, and my cock started to jackhammer her pussy without restraint. I ripped off her bra and started to play with her breasts, occasionally sucking them like I did when I was a baby. There was no milk, but Mother responded by moaning and encouraging me, stroking my head and body.

“Ahhhn… Hakaru! Yes… Yes…!”

Mother’s body was soft and perfect, and she was an extremely sensual woman. There was something completely different with her than it was with Sasori, the other older woman I have tasted before. With Mother, I wanted to please her. I wanted her desire and her approval. I wanted to see her cum and enjoy herself. I wanted mom to be happy, and the thing I had to do it was my penis. This changed the game completely, and so fucked her as hard as I could.

Without pacing myself, I ended up losing control. My sexual stamina might have improved, but it was still only 13. I never asked her what the average would be, but I still felt I was a bit above average. That wasn’t the case today, because my balls had already reached their limit, the excitement of having my own Mother brought me to climax.

“I’m going to cum!” I moaned.

“Inside!” She cried with glee. “I want all of Hakaru inside me!”

She didn’t need to encourage me twice, and so I forced myself as deep into her as I could, and then my cock started to release. Hot, steamy white spurted out deep inside of her, where I couldn’t see it. Mother acted like she could see it through, moaning satisfyingly while rubbing her stomach.

“I feel it… deep inside.” She purred.

Just as I went to kiss her again, the sound of the front door slamming shut caused me to nearly leap off of Mother.

“Hey! I’m home earlier? Where’s dinner?” Dad’s shout echoed through the house.

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