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“I will take care of this sweetie…”


“Hurry, you must leave for some time. Do not worry.”


“Go… pack, I will write a letter, you must go immediately!”


“That all-girls school!”


“Here… they sent me the paperwork. This school has a full campus with a dormitory. They offered to house the boys during this experiment. I signed the permission slips. Please leave!”

Mother’s voice echoed in my head as my eyes opened sleepily. The Riphorn All-girl’s Academy was a few hours north of my home. I left my mother with my still unconscious father, carrying only what I could toss in my bag in a hurry. I was now on a train heading towards the place. It was a week early, but I had a note and Mother also sent an email just in case. If things didn’t turn out well, I might be sleeping on the street for a while.

Father was still alive, right? I was pretty sure I could see him breathing. Mother didn’t want me in the room anymore after I had hit him. She wasn’t angry at me. In fact, she didn’t seem all that upset. Maria came out of her room too during the commotion. I barely had a second to kiss her goodbye before I was pushed out the door. I thought about calling Akiko or Sasori. I could easily stay with Sasori as long as I stayed low.

No, in the end, I got on the train and I left. It wasn’t like I wouldn’t come back. It was just a two-month experiment. Father would heal by then, and Mother would have spoken to him and possibly defused any problems that might come of it. At least, that was what I hoped. Frankly, my mind was really shaky at the moment.

“Are you okay?” A gentle voice asked next to me.

I glanced over to see Netori floating beside me. “I’m fine.”

“You’re shaking…” She said, glancing at my hands.

“Am I?” I responded bitterly.

Netori put a hand gently on my knee. “You may not believe me, but I never wanted you to have to suffer in this game.”

I shot her a look of disbelief. “Seriously? How can you say that? The very nature of this game is to suffer, Fight for what you want, or you lose it. But even if you fight for what you want, the consequences of fighting can cause you to lose in much the same way.”

“That is the nature of NTR. I am Netori, I take. Netorare loses. You can’t have one without the other. You can’t take something without someone else losing something.”

“Well, I hate it! I hate that I’ve grown so numb. I hate that I’ve grown so callous about taking someone from someone else. I hate that the only alternative is to lose what is important to me. I only agreed to go to this school because I wanted to possess the woman whom Netorare once possessed. I stuck my dick in her once when she wasn’t even aware of it, and now I feel some sense of ownership over her like she should be my woman.

“You know… there is a third aspect to us as well. You need to come to understand her one day.”

“Sharing? Netorase? She has made me feel more regret than anyone! Putting aside Kira, I still even have some regrets when it comes to Gina. She got pregnant with some other guy and then tried to falsely trap me with her child, yet, deep down I feel like I could have done something more for her.”

Netori hugged my arm gently, not a sense of anger or frustration on her face. Usually when I complain about such things, she’d respond sarcastically or grow indignant. This time, however, she only continued to hold me, a gentle and kind smile on her face. It was a side of Netori I was unused to seeing.

“Hakaru… given the relationships you’ve pursued and the experience you’ve gained. It’s easy to forget you’re only seventeen. You have done things that are miraculous and amazing. You are truly becoming a man. What you did with your father, I won’t say you took the wrong action.

“You’ve grown the capacity to make choices. There was a time where you were frozen into inaction, unable to chose for fear of whatever happened next. You’ve grown past that, but now you’re in the next stage. You must live with choices you made. You can’t spend your time wondering what might have been. Accepting the consequences and living with them is also a part of being a man.

“So, choose your battles. Don’t do the right thing. Do the thing that you want to do. Take what you want. Just be prepared and strong enough to face the consequences head-on.”

I looked over at her wryly. “Is that your official advice as a goddess?”

“It’s my advice… as a friend.” She glanced over at me, and then the mischievous smile she always wore returned. “A girlfriend.”

“What?” I turned my head.

Suddenly, she leaned forward to kiss me. Her lips pressed against mine. I was so stunned that my body froze and I couldn’t move. Her hand reached up and touched my cheek in a gesture that I couldn’t have possibly predicted. I closed my eyes and reached up to grab her hand, and I only felt air. When my eyes opened again, she was gone, but the feel, smell, and taste of her lips against mine remained.

The shock of what happened earlier had caused me to slip back into bad habits. However, just when I felt like falling apart, Netori was there to say the right things and pull me back together. I leaned back and sighed. I did need to become stronger. I was still far too immature. I needed to take definitive actions and choose the direction I wanted to go.

A knock on my door caught me a little off guard. “Come in…”

I noticed that the train was starting to slow down. Had we already arrived at our destination? I straightened up, sitting properly in my seat. The door slid open and a pretty ticket collector glanced in. She was a blonde girl with a western appearance. She probably was abroad trying to widen her horizons.

“Um… sir… I’m just letting everyone know that there is some issues with the line. As you can feel, they’ve decided to stop momentarily. There will be a thirty-minute delay before we’re able to start moving again. I apologize for the inconvenience. Is there anything I can do for you?”

I frowned slightly as I heard about the delay. There was supposed to be someone waiting for me to guide me to the school. A thirty-minute delay for me would mean a thirty-minute delay for her as well. It wasn’t that I was that concerned about someone having to wait for me. However, my mood was already slightly sour, and the nervous woman at the door seemed to pick up on it.

“Hmm…” I said, scratching my cheek.

Something that Netori had just said echoed in my mind. Take what you want, be strong enough to handle the consequences. In the past, I had always been deathly afraid of the consequences. However, maybe I needed to stop being so afraid. Rather, how could I become stronger if I never challenged myself? How could I win this game if I was always going to play things safe?

Hitting my father was something I did impulsively. However, I realized now that I didn’t regret it. I was willing the bare the consequences of it, and I’d do it again if I had to. He was out of line with my woman! I felt a burning desire inside of me, an awakening of sorts. I smiled at the girl, removing the frown from my face. Of course, my looks were already at 15. I resembled a photoshopped model from a magazine more than a normal person. So how could I not cause a girl to blush when I smiled.

“You’re from America?” I asked, speaking English.

The girl gave a shy smile, letting the door behind her slide shut. “Ah… yes… I was always really fascinated with Japan, so when my boyfriend was deployed at the local military base, I came with him. He’s stuck on base all the time though, and I wanted to see all of Japan, so I got this job.”

I smiled. “Of course, but why did you really come?”

As I asked this, I activated my inner desires.

“That’s because I’m really into Japanese guys, and I fantasize about giving one a try. Ah!” She covered her mouth, a shocked expression on her face. “I don’t know why I said that! I’m really, I’m…”

“Well, you probably wouldn’t have said anything if you weren’t really interested.” I waved it away. “Why haven’t you acted out this fantasy then. Tell me. It’s healthy for you to admit your desires, otherwise, you’ll be miserable.” I throw out an excuse to further coerce her to talk.

“R-really?” She said sheepishly. “I mean… I’d never cheat on my boyfriend. I really love him.”

“Of course. No one could doubt that.” I said, smiling.

She grew more confident. “It’s just that… rumors say Asian men are… you know… small.”

“Small!” I put on an indignant look, but I also winked at her.

She giggled, glancing briefly down at my crouch. “Is it… I mean… oh, God… I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with a stranger.”

I shrugged. “I don’t judge. If you want to know, you can find out. Do you want to see?”

I pulled open my pants, but I didn’t pull out my cock. Instead, I left it down there stuffed away. The girl was now openly staring where I held my pants open, licking her lips nervously. Finally, she turned away, her face red.

“I can’t… it’d be cheating!”

“Is that so?” I asked, scratching my chin. “Does your boyfriend ever look at porn?”

The girl blinked and then a slightly sour expression appeared on her face. “Of course! He’s always… I mean… it’s not the same thing…”

“Isn’t it?” I shrugged. “It’s just looking. He looks at images of other women all he wants. So, what does it matter if you look at this?”

She pressed her lips together tightly and then nodded. “O-okay… show me!”

“I only have two hands?” I responded helplessly, shaking the hem of my pants at her. “Won’t you fetch it out for me. I promise you won’t regret it.”

“Ah! You mean… with my hand…” She looked uncertain for a moment, but then she decided to put her hand out.

Her pale hand slid down my pants and underwear, both I had open. When her hands touched the patch of hair above my crotch, she pulled back for a second and gulped. However, the temptation was clearly too great. Her fingers touched down on my hard rod. At first, she had an expression like she couldn’t understand what she was touching. However, as her fingers widened out over the massive meet more and more, her mouth started to fall open and she started breathing hard.

Finally, she grabbed onto my dick, her fingers unable to meet as they wrapped around it. She glanced up at me, her entire body shaking with shock and anticipation. Even as she held it, her gentle touch started to stimulate my blood flow and the thing started rise in her hand, growing even bigger than she had thought.

“So, tell me… is it small?” I asked.

“Th-they are rumors…” She gasped.

I finally pulled down my pants, letting the big thing flop out. It was nearly half-erect now and consumed most of the 8 inches with a thick 3-inch girth. Of course, it wasn’t the size of a horse, but when you were expecting an Asian peanut and ended up with a monstrous coconut, you would be shocked as well. She was completely entranced by my dick now. Her hand was stroking up and down it, bringing it to its full erectness, although she had a dazed look as if she didn’t even realize what she was doing.

I had Safety First now, so I didn’t need to worry about anything except what I wanted. There may be consequences. There were always consequences. However, I was ready to take them now. This girl was my first taste. Then, there was an all-girls school I had to conquer.

“Lock the door,” I commanded. “I heard we have a 30-minute break.”

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