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My mind was exploding with wide-eyed wonder as my lips locked onto the lips of my teacher. She felt like her daughter, but there was a more mature feeling. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths boldly, and I pulled Mrs… no… Sasori against me tightly. Her large, soft chest pressed against mine, and her hands didn’t hesitate to hold me tightly as if she couldn’t get enough of my body. Was any of this real?

“Hakaru…” She moaned as her lips broke from mine, “I’ve wanted you so bad.”

Her words were echoing my own thoughts. I realized that since I started dating Kira, I had also had a secret desire for her mother. I had kept it buried down, but now that desire was bursting forth, and I couldn’t contain it anymore. Grabbing her hand, I guided her to the couch and then sat her down. Sasori’s cheeks were flushed, and she was looking at me with a raw and untamable desire. There was definitely nothing nefarious. She truly did want me.

I lowered myself to my knees, and then my hands started to slide up her long skirt. She gasped at first, reaching out to grab and stop my hands, but they came up short, and she could only look down at me while biting her lip while I found her underwear. She raised her buttocks and helped me pull it down and off. She was wearing something black and lacey. It would have been scandalous if she was seen in such underwear at school.

“Naughty Sasori…” I teased, sniffing her underwear.

“D-don’t smell…” She blushed, “I wore stuff like that every day, hoping you’d notice.”

Now that I thought about it, for the last few weeks, the other kids in class had been talking about how sexy our teacher was. She must have been trying extra hard to keep her appearance satisfactory for me. I also seemed to remember her bending over at times where only I could see. She had definitely been trying to get my attention, but for some reason, I had been completely blind. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed how sexy and desirable this woman was. Just because she was a few years older, didn’t mean she didn’t have needs as well.

Although I had Kira, I’d also have to take care of her mother. Tossing her panties down, I lifted up her skirt and revealed her pussy. It was pink and wet, with coarse black hair above it that had been shaved into a perfect triangle. She really had been trying to get me to notice. It took seeing her cry before I had finally seen the real Sasori.

Leaning down, I pressed my lips against her labia. She let out a gasp, shivering as my tongue began to explore. Like once before, I suddenly felt knowledge filling my head. I began to realize the things that Sasori liked, and the things that Sasori didn’t like. It was like there was a roadmap to her body in my mind, and I had to just hit the points and drive her crazy with lust. I experimented a bit, but I quickly realized my roadmap didn’t lie. When I followed my intuition, Sasori moaned and bucked in lust. When I ignored it, well, she was still happy, but it wasn’t as raw and satisfying.

It was almost like the moans were there for my benefit, like she was just trying to make me feel better. How did other guys exist this way? It was much better when her voice was authentic! I’d rather drive her to new sexual heights rather than let her just pretend she’s happy! After all, it made it much easier to steal her!

I didn’t care whether those thoughts made sense or not. I felt a fire inside me that I hadn’t felt in months. It was a desire to take what I wanted and enjoy it. Kira, Maria, Akiko, Mary, Sasori… I could have them all! Who cared about what was proper? As I grew more aggressive, I activated more and more of her sweet spots, my tongue like an assassin that attacked every erogenous zone inside her.

“Am-amazing!” Sasori moaned, rocking her hips as she grabbed the back of my head.

She was already orgasming, her body writhing in intense pleasure, but this was only the beginning. Pulling my head away suddenly, she could only gasp as I pulled her down on the couch and lifted her legs in a humiliating way. To push my teacher down this way, it was truly a bold move. However, even though she blushed, she didn’t resist as I pinned her to the couch and shoved my dick inside her. The feeling of her warm parts being pulled open was incredible. I began to rock my hips, pounding Sasori roughly.

“Ahhh… Ahhh… yes… Hakaru!” She moaned as I took her.

If Kira was anywhere in the house at the moment, she would have heard her mother’s moans. If anyone happened to listen at the door, then the rumors about her having sex with a student would no longer be rumors. Just like that, Sasori had surrendered herself to me. I eagerly started to rip off her clothing, not even pulling my dick out for a moment as I stripped her of her blouse and bra. The only thing on her now was a skirt, and I had a mind to rip it right off of her.

Instead, I scrunched it up tightly in my fists and used it as a belt. It acted as leverage so that I could bang her pussy for all it was worth. Her lewd cries filled the room, and her naughty scent would probably last hours, that was if she cleaned the stain her dirty lust had formed at the edge of the couch. Her legs were up over her head, bouncing wildly each time I slammed my cock deep inside her. Her pussy was so wet now that it gushed our liquid every time, I shoved myself inside her. As for the woman herself, she had an expression on her face that no other student had ever seen.

Part of me feared that Kira would walk in, but another part of me was hoping she was watching. No, for some reason I had a feeling like Kira was definitely watching. I didn’t know why that feeling came, but I knew Kira had probably set this all up. It was too convenient that she was out just as her mother was at her most vulnerable. While I continued to fuck her mom, my eyes scanned the room for where Kira could be watching.

That was when I saw a closet behind the couch. There was a crack in the closet just large enough for someone to watch through. I smiled and winked at the closet, and the door suddenly shifted ever so slightly as the person watching accidentally jumped back. They made a thumping noise, but Sasori who was busy orgasming couldn’t hear it. I decided to give my girlfriend a lovely view.

I finally pulled out of Sasori, who let out a noise of surprise at the feeling of her womb being abandoned. I then spun her around on the couch. Her knees were now on the seat, and she was leaning over the couch, her tits hanging above the ground. Grabbing her ass, I shoved myself inside from behind and grabbed her hair. I started to ride her roughly from the back. Sasori had already been close to cumming, so it was barely a moment later when she exploded in lust. She screamed out as her body spasmed. Liquid lust sprayed over her couch like a dog, but the usually succinct and neat woman barely noticed as her body shook in orgasm.

I leaned over and sucked on her neck from behind, making sure to make eye contact with the closet whenever I could. I fondled Sasori’s chest, squeezing and playing with it while I humped her from behind. With my chest lying against her back, I fucked her a bit more intimately. Sasori, in the throes of lust, reached back and grabbed me, turning her head and desperately trying to kiss me. I allowed her a few kisses, but I always pulled away again, teasing her and denying her the close intimacy that she wanted.

“Swallow it like a good girl.” I purred into her ear, nibbling the edge.

I positioned myself at the edge of the couch, giving the crack a clear view. My cock pulled out as I held it up like a treat. Sasori crawled across the couch like an animal, latching onto it with her mouth. Despite the fact it was covered in her dirty fluids, she didn’t hesitate to suck on it like it was a perfect dessert. I moaned, stroking her hair as I enjoyed her blowjob. As a woman with experience, she didn’t hesitate to swallow the whole thing down, and I could feel it bumping against the back of her throat.

She made some gagging noises, but she didn’t stop. She pulled it out and then dived back in, sending my cock in and out of her mouth. Her skills kept me from feeling any teeth or discomfort, and all I felt was pure joy. With Sasori’s mouth busy, the room had quieted a bit, and between my own moans, I listened carefully. I could hear moans and whimpering coming from the closet ever so lightly. I reached up and gestured with my finger. The noise stopped. I didn’t stop though until a small form poked her head out.

It was Kira, with her head lowered, and a blush on her face. She looked like a kid who had been caught pocketing candy at the candy store. I gestured with a sterner expression, and she quietly came out and walked over to me. Her body held a bit of reluctance. I reached out and grabbed her hand, pulling her the rest of the way. I had positioned it, so Sasori was on the front side of the couch, sucking my cock, while Kira was on the backside of the couch, unseen by her mother. She looked over to see her mother’s head bobbing up and down on my crotch.

I took her hand, which was wet with her own lust, she was undoubtedly fingering herself, and I licked it. Kira’s mouth opened, and she let out a shuddering breath. As for Sasori, my free hand was on her head, and I was now using her mouth freely as I thrust forward. She couldn’t lift it to look even if she had noticed something.

With one hand on Sasori’s head, the other let go of Kira’s hand and then slid into her pants, taking on the motions that she had started. She started to let out a gasp, but my fingers hooked her insides, and I pulled her to me. Her mouth touched mine, and her moan was lost inside my own. I started to finger Kira while her mother gave me head. My hand ended up reaching up and grabbing her. Meanwhile, her hand went onto her mom’s head. She grabbed a handful of her mom’s hair and started forcing her to deepthroat me even more aggressively.

The devilish Kira was rougher with her mom’s mouth than I was and didn’t seem to mind the gags and coughs as she forced Sasori to roughly service me. As the pleasure deep inside grew, my fingers began to frantically encircle Kira’s clit. Her moans filled my mouth, and her legs buckled. If I wasn’t holding her up, she would have collapsed onto the back of the couch.

I pulled away and whispered into Kira’s ear, “I’m going to cum in your mom’s mouth now.”

As if the words were too much to bear. I felt liquid spew out, soiling her panties as she buckled under pleasure. While I tried to hold her up, my own cock started to spew out hot juice deep into the back of Sasori’s throat. She had made an alarmed noise, possibly finally noticing her moaning daughter, but Kira had her hands on the back of Sasori’s head, and as she orgasmed, she was pulling Sasori’s hair roughly. Two of us ended up collapsing in puddles of lust at the same time at the edge of the bed.

“K-Kira! Hakaru!” Sasori gasped as she finally managed to pull her lips away from my cock.

“M-mother…” Kira grabbed her mom’s face. “I love you!”

Without hesitation, she stuck her tongue down her mom’s throat, tasting my leftovers in her mom’s mouth. She finished by licking Sasori’s chin, where some cum had fallen when she pulled away early.

Sasori looked up at her panting daughter uncertainly. “Is… this really okay?”

I pulled both women to me, kissing each of them on the lips. “You’re both mine from now on, so it’s fine.”

Both women glanced at me with surprised looks, and then threw their arms around me, making noises of agreement. This is how things are supposed to be.

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