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“Hakaru…” Mary’s gentle voice hit my back like a brick.

“I just need… time to think.” I responded without looking back.

That was my answer to Mary’s bombshell. I supposed, in some ways, I had already known that this was what Netori had wanted. There were certain hints to it. Mom’s prophecy, for example. In fact, of anyone I wanted to talk to right now, it was probably Mother I wanted to talk to the most. I went to the nearest bus station, and then headed home, since the school buses had already long departed.

When I reached the house, I was immediately greeted to the sounds of moaning. I dropped my backpack and all but ran forward. As I turned a corner, I ran into my dad feeling up my mother. This had been the way of things for months, and I had never minded it. Rather, I found it gross, and hoped they’d keep this stuff behind closed doors. It was only now that my mind was restored that a new feeling came to me. I still hadn’t come to terms with all of my new memories, but the one that was the biggest slap in the face came from mom.

Dad had been fast and loosely playing with mother for the last few months, but she was someone who was mine. I was being cuckolded, and I didn’t even realize it! However, I didn’t connect father’s behavior to whatever degeneracy had done. After all, locking up memories didn’t change who a person was. Dad was a cheater. He had played with Sasori, just like he played with my mother, just like he played with other people. He and mom were all but estranged, yet their relationship had been incredibly close these last few months.

Nothing that degeneracy could have done would have altered that. To me, that meant only one thing. Some other god had interfered. Was dad a champion to some other god? Worse, was he actually some other god in the disguise of my dad? I didn’t have the answer to that question. I just knew one thing. I had to win Mother back from this bastard who thought he could diddle her right in front of me.

Regrettably, there wasn’t much I could do at that moment. He had his hand up my mother’s apron, and he was quite literally diddling her. Of course, mother pushed the apron down and shoved his hand away as soon as I walked in. She was a respectable Japanese woman, and although she had a lewd personality that loved naughty things, she’d never want to appear that way in front of other people. There was a brief time where her lewdness was just for me. Then I ended up hitting dad with a baseball bat and being sent away. That’s when everything back home went crazy.

“Hey, kiddo.” Dad grinned. “You’re home already?”

“You…” Mom gently slapped his shoulder with the back of her hand. “So bad!”

“What game are you playing!”

That’s what I wanted to shout into his face. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have it in me. Instead, I nodded and smiled back.

“Father, mother… you should leave that stuff in the bedroom.”

It was as polite of a response as I could give. I did everything I could to keep myself from snapping. I felt angry, humiliated, and bitter. Dad’s insolent smile, which I always took as just the look of a hornball, had a more menacing feeling to it now. It was like he was mocking me. I couldn’t stand to watch it any longer, so I turned away, hiding that look on my face that might betray my true feelings. My desire to talk to Mother had completely dissipated at that moment.

“You’ll have to excuse us. I’ll be leaving for a meeting in a bit, so I’ve been putting in as much time with your mother as possible.”

“You rotten, horny old man.” Mother teased, grabbing his face lovingly, “I’m going to be so lonely without you tonight.”

“Hehe… I’ll hold you to that. I wonder what you’ll do for me when I return.”

“D-don’t speak like that in front of the kids.” She panted as he sucked on her neck.

“Goodbye!” I walked faster and slammed the door.

On the other side, I was panting, my fists tight and shaking. Only when mom was drunk did she temporarily begin to remember their rocky relationship. Right now, she seemed completely trapped in his spell, becoming his plaything. If I said anything about it at that moment, then I would just be revealing my own mind had been restored. If it was Degeneracy behind all of it, he probably already knew, but if it was some other god, there had to be a window where I could do something.

At this stage, I would be begging for Netori’s advice, or if she wasn’t available, one of the other sisters. Unfortunately, they were all gone, and I was all that was left to carry on the game. I didn’t even have time to think about points. Without Netori, it was impossible to cash them in any way. Pacing back and forth in my room agitatedly, I finally picked up a phone and made some phone calls. I called Sasori and told her I was coming over. She sounded a bit happy at that, but she said Kira was out.

I called Kira, but I wasn’t able to get a hold of her. I also called Akiko and asked her to meet me at Sasori’s. Once I was done, I left my room, trying to block out the giggling I could still hear coming from the living room as dad played around with mom. I knocked on the door next to mine, and Maria opened it up.

“I need you to drive me to Kira’s.” I said.

I would have said Sasori’s, but that would definitely be suspicious. When Maria saw me, she jumped a bit, but when I said Kira, her mood seemed to dampen.

“Your girlfriend… of course…” She said. “I’m not feeling good right now, just walk…”

I shook my head, trying to separate my memories of the past with my current memories. The current Maria had snuck into my room and raped me. We said we loved each other, but that was the last she had heard from me. Afterward, I had started spending more time with Kira. She didn’t remember the past, so we didn’t reach that stage. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to be subtle. Thankfully, Maria was the kind of girl that didn’t mind a heavy hand.

Just as she tried to close the door, I grabbed her and pulled her to me. One hand reached down and grabbed her ass shamelessly. The other wrapped around her back and pulled her until her chest pressed against mine.

“You’re my woman. You’re coming too, and I’m not asking.” I whispered in her ear, and then bit it.

Her body shook, her eyes growing as wide as teacups. However, rather than slap me or call me an idiot, she nodded, grabbed her keys, and let me pull her out the door.

“We’re going out for a bit.” I yelled to my parents in passing, not giving either time to argue.

Maria had a car of sorts, although it was a small two-seater she had bought used. Dad and Mom had helped her get it, but the idea was that she could drive places and help take the pressure off my dad. We only had the two cars, and so mom couldn’t do anything unless dad came home. This allowed mom to go grocery shopping when dad was out late and various other activities. Those were supposed to include taking me places, but my sister always refused when it came to it, and my mother was usually too drunk to drive. I had ended up getting used to the bus system or depended on Derek instead. Well, that was before the start of the game.

The pair of us drove over to Kira’s. Maria didn’t say anything, but she kept glancing over at me and then blushing. The pair of us reached Kira’s house quickly by car. It wasn’t even a long bike ride, but I needed a reason to drag Maria with me. Grabbing her again, I pulled her out of the car. She was confused about why I was taking her into my girlfriend’s house. Perhaps she was a bit scared and excited too. Was I going to reveal the two of us were in a relationship to Kira? Was I going to try to start a threesome? Was I going to tell Maria off for raping me? Any of those things might happen, so Maria was definitely worried.

Akiko was waiting on the doorstep. She hadn’t knocked yet. Rather, she had an expression of confusion just as clear as Maria’s while she was waiting for me. Kira and I hadn’t talked to her about the strangeness of our memories yet. So, to her, the last time we had been together was at prom a few days ago. Her relationship with me had caused her to lose her boyfriend of the last six months, and since then I had left her hanging a bit.

I let out a low sigh. It was time to get everything out into the open. I knocked on the door while Akiko stood up, looking at Maria questioningly. Maria returned a similar look. Neither girl really understood what was happening. After a moment, the door opened and Sasori appeared. She was wearing a somewhat revealing nightie, long silk socks, and she opened the door with her leg wrapped around it.

“Come in… ahhh!” Her eyes fell on the other two women, and the seductive look she had given melted in an instant.

Maria and Akiko diverted their eyes, blushing, while Sasori shot me a look. However, understanding quickly came. I had already told her about my interest in the other two women, so she had at least had the capacity to put two and two together.

“Ah… come in.”

Sasori threw a blanket around herself as she escorted us to the living room. She made sure to shoot me a scathing look for not warning her. I chuckled, causing her to blush, and the other two girls to grow more confused. Sasori was my teacher, so it was a bit difficult for either of them to wrap their heads around things right now, given their current state of memories.

“First things first.” I moved over and kissed Maria, making sure to use plenty of tongue.

Akiko gasped while Sasori gave a coy look, pursing her lips with consideration. The person who was most caught off guard was Maria, who probably never expected me to take such advantage of her while other people were looking. We were brother and sister, and this kind of thing was definitely something people would look down on. When I pulled away, she was breathing heavy, but she couldn’t come up with the words.

I took a step to my right and then kissed Sasori. She was expecting it though, so she didn’t pull back as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. This time, it was Maria who gasped. When I raised one of my hands and grabbed her breasts, she slapped the back of my hand away. That was too much for her, I guess. I pulled away, grinning, while she was shooting me a pouty stare.

“Isn’t that your teacher!” Maria asked in a squeaky voice.

“Aren’t you my sister?” I responded, stepping over and looking down at Akiko.

She knew she was next, but even after kissing two other women, she didn’t hesitate as I leaned down and kissed her too. In fact, she was eagerly looking up at me with anticipation, and when our lips touched, she excitedly threw her arms around me. When I finally pulled away from her, all three women were watching me closely. It was Maria, the most nervous of the bunch, who spoke first.

“Wh-what about Kira?” She asked.

“Kira is mine, and so are all of you.” I responded.

“It’s not that I don’t like your sudden newfound confidence,” Sasori chuckled. “But what has changed?”

“My memories came back.” I said. “Kira was right. Someone has been keeping us from remembering things properly.”

“You mean… there really is something wrong?” Akiko asked.

I nodded. “The feelings we all have… they were forged last fall. I had relations with each of you, and then someone locked those memories away.”

“How did you get your memories back?” Maria asked, “Can we remember?”

“That’s not important right now.” I shook my head. “The important thing is that we work on a plan. We’re surrounded by people who want to tear us apart. In the past, I would have tried to figure it all out on my own. However, if these last few months have taught me anything, it’s that I need all of you. We’re in this together. Do you know when Kira will come home?”

“Hm? Oh, the last I heard, she had to stay after school.”

“What? Why?”

“I don’t know… the Superintendent gave her some duties to complete as the class president. She couldn’t say no.”

My heart began to sink. “Sasori… we need to go there now!”

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