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As Mary had predicted, I was released from hospital the very next day. Her healing had done wonders and as soon as they removed the bandages to change them, their mouths had fallen open over the complete lack of wounds. A quick scan had confirmed that everything healed perfectly without any damage. The doctors were stumped, but whether it was from Mary or NTR, the use of a little goddess magic and the doctors didn’t look too hard at the near miraculous recovery.

Of course, my mother was only thankful that my recovery was swift. If she chose to thank god for that, she’d almost be right. After all, my recovery was the result of two goddesses intervening. So, two days later, my parents brought me home in our car, and I sat in the back with Maria. Where they couldn’t see, we held hands, and occasionally whispered something to each other. I felt a closeness to my sister that I hadn’t in a long time, and it felt really nice having her next to me. I actually had to restrain myself from fondling her. I definitely didn’t want to get caught doing that.  

Our conversation was mostly about how I’d get mom away from dad. It wasn’t enough that I simply threw myself at her. Dad was a very real obstacle. He used to be away all the time. Now, he was home more often than not. There were very few opportunities when I could express my love and take advantage of Mother. If he showed up, he’d definitely intervene, and it might even end up violent like when I had struck him with a bat. In fact, that could be said to be the cause of all of this, since it was after I was sent away that things started to go strange.

This wasn’t to say that I had completely forgotten about Depravity either. Derek and Depravity were definitely two things I had to worry about. However, with NTR and Mary on my side, it was only a matter of time before they were defeated. Their moves had boughten me a bit of time. In that time, I wanted to win back my mother, and then come at them at full strength.

I already was formulating an idea based on what I knew about the pair. War and Depravity really did match their name. War was the kind of person who wanted a direct confrontation. They built an army, prepared a battlefield, and ultimately made an attack. I knew the covert subterfuge Derek had used, but getting the Mafia involved was only a test. The event in the auditorium had been the true attack.

It really had been a perfect plan. He had lured me to his battlefield. He had taunted me before the battle to break me psychologically. His army had been a large group of degenerates who followed Depravity. They might have even been some of the same men that were part of the God of Lust Society, those that had managed to wiggle their way out of it through luck, money, or power. Their attack had been to ruin my women in front of me and destroy my sense of manliness. It was extremely effective.

It was an attack that had almost destroyed me, and I had to do something unbelievably risky just to make it through. However, we somehow managed to pull through with both sides retreating. Derek had been hurt just as much as me, probably more. His army had been scattered, but not destroyed. It wouldn’t stop War from planning another battle. No matter what influence Depravity had over Derek and War, War wasn’t going to change.

As for Depravity, he was someone who hid his deeds. He skulked behind an innocent façade. He didn’t attack directly. Instead, he tried to draw out the Depravity in all people, and use it to bend them to his will. The God of Lust Society was one such endeavor. The reason it had seemed so amateur and childish is because it was. It was just a front? A façade. It was a mask that Depravity hid behind. True Depravity bubbled under the surface. If you pulled off the mask, he’d only sink deeper, and you’d never see it all.

He’d never attack directly unless he was certain of victory. The only reason he had exposed himself was because he didn’t expect Mary to intervene. However, he must be getting desperate to show up personally. As for how I could defeat him? He’d always hide behind others before he’d show up himself. Getting him to come out of his dark hiding space would be the greatest challenge.

It would definitely require the help of the two goddesses if I was going to pull it off. He, by all accounts, wasn’t truly playing the game. He had been here since before the game had started, and he planned to be here after it left. As to what he was trying to do on Earth, playing with and ruining mortals, Kira having been one of them, I didn’t know. However, after seeing the things Mr. Smith had done to my woman, I planned to destroy him, even if I had to give up my godhood to do it. He was definitely not a guy I could ever forgive.

By the time we made it home, mom had already turned back once. “You two seem to be getting very close.”

We had been whispering in each other’s ears a bit too much. I withdrew my hand from hers with a squeeze and then proceeded to act emotionally distant. Thankfully, the pair of us were good at that, we had a lot of practice. Mom stopped eyeing us suspiciously and we went the rest of the way without having developed a plan.

Unfortunately, once we got home, it wasn’t like I could just go in her room or vice versa. It’d definitely be suspicious. Maybe we were thinking about it too much. What parents would immediately assume their children were fucking and discussing bringing one of the parental units in on it? Yet, we were in a relationship, and it made every look my parents gave us a little more stressful. It was to the level that we definitely wanted to be a bit cautious. It was better in the past when both of them were out all the time with friends and we practically had the house to ourselves. I missed the times when mom was so drunk, I could fondle my sister openly and she wouldn’t even notice.

As Maria said, it was probably better that those days were behind us. Neither of us wanted Mom to return to her depressed, lonely state. We just didn’t want dad to be the one who brought it to her. He was selfish and arrogant, and he had been barely a father to us for years. He supposedly had other bastard children that he had basically abandoned and refused to acknowledge.

I couldn’t even guess why he had decided to stick around with my mom. I mean, she was a Japanese beauty with a healthy sexual appetite, so I could imagine any man desiring her, but I couldn’t understand why dad, who stuck it into anything, stuck around for so many years and supported us kids. Whatever happened, I would definitely cut him out. Admittedly, I didn’t know how that would affect us monetarily, but I didn’t care. I only had to look at dad’s eyes once to know he had no love or care for his children, or for his wife for that matter. It was about time he was kicked out.

It would ultimately be up to mom whether father was kicked out of the house though, and to accomplish that, I needed to reignite her passion for me. A few months ago, she had been giving me some pretty strong signals. Only in hindsight did I realize just how much my mother had fallen for me. I had been shocked the first time we had sex, but I now realized she had been desiring to have me conquer her body for a long time. Perhaps she saw me as the harem protagonist she always wanted. Perhaps she just liked younger men. I couldn’t say what was on mother’s mind. However, she justified it though, I knew she was my mother and would accept me no matter what.

Before I could kick dad out, I needed the time to work on mom, and that proved to be the most difficult thing. That’s where we were honestly stumped. That’s what I thought, but the very night I had gotten home from the hospital, mom decided to cook me my favorite meal and eat as a family. It was there where the solution Maria and I had been spending the last day breaking our minds over ended up falling right into our laps.

“A business trip?” Mom asked with a frown.

“Yeah, sorry, sweetie. You know how these things go.” He gave a laugh. “It’s just a week. Can’t you go that long without me?”

The way he said it, it made it feel like he was calling her a slut that couldn’t even last a week without his magical cock. The slight blush on her cheeks suggested she had taken it that way as well.

“I’ll miss you, but if it’s for your work, then I suppose it is fine.”

Is it for his work? That was a question I was very curious about. In the past, these business meetings had been so he could go to sex retreats and meet up with women. Sasori had been one such woman who would go on retreats and be his sex toy. Since he had remembered his relationship with Sasori, I had to believe he remembered everything.

At that, a thought occurred to me. Did he remember when I hit him with a baseball bat? I really hope that this was one memory that he had forgotten. Depravity started messing with our minds shortly after, so I never had a clear answer whether he had actually remembered it or not. I just had to hope that he didn’t.

Either way, it would be too much to believe that he wasn’t returning to his old behavior. If things kept going this direction, he’d have more and more business trips. Slowly, mother would sink into depression, start drinking sake, and return to the bitter woman she had been. Fortunately, she had me now. I wasn’t going to let her face any of that hurt. Over this upcoming week, I was going to steal her body and heart. When father returned next Saturday, he’d be shocked to find all the doors locked and all of his stuff moved into a storage unit, maybe with a lawyer waiting to give him some divorce papers.

“Wow… sweetie, I’m glad you enjoy it so much.” Mom said as I shoveled food into my mouth.

“It’s so good!” I beamed.

Maria gave a small snicker. I had been eating my food extremely enthusiastically, and mom took it that I really liked the food. Instead, I was just excited and making plans for the next week. That night, dad packed his bags to leave.

“Hakaru.” He said. “You’re going to be the man of the house when I’m gone. Take care of your mother and sister.”

“I will.” I smiled.

Strangely, he put out a hand and shook mine. I squeezed his hand hard. Perhaps I was being a bit too competitive and I was acting suspicious, but I couldn’t help myself. His smile tightened slightly, but he didn’t say anything. He gave mom one last deliberate kiss, his tongue attacking her mouth and his hands grabbing at her body. Then he grabbed his bags and turned to leave. As the door closed behind him, the smile on my face hadn’t left, but it had turned somewhat malicious. Thankfully, my flustered mother hadn’t noticed. My sister had, and she hit my shoulder.

I covered my face, but the thought that was going through my mind did not change at all. This would be the last time that he ever touched my mother again. That wasn’t just a threat, that was a promise!

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