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“Very well…” Depravity broke in. “In the name of fairness, the nature of your battle, and the ultimate fate of this battle between love and war will be decided by me. The battle is rather simple. You will each present a woman you have seduced. You must give the woman who loves you the most unconditionally and completely.

“That woman will be placed in a room that is pumped full of aphrodisiac. The other party will enter and have one hour to break her. We will all get to watch their best efforts. I expect it to be very entertaining.” A few people in the crowds chuckled as he gave a pause. “When they’re done, the woman must choose between their new lover or their old love. Whoever their heart chooses will win. If both sides break, or both sides remain loyal, then you will each pick another girl, and we will repeat the process.”

“Absolutely not!” I snarled.

“You think I’d let him touch my women!” Derek snapped at the same time.

Depravity let out an unaffected laugh. “You two… you worry too much. There are two other caveats. First off, your woman will be put to sleep, and it will be a proxy in the room. You’ve likely seen them before, they are illusions the gods and goddesses create to make people think they are real. It will be… a copy… of your woman’s mind, and it will only appear as your woman’s body. Although, watching your woman be seduced and raped by a man, even though it’s only an illusion, may be too much for you, but if that’s the case, you’re welcome to walk away, and accept your loss!”

“Loss!” I took a step forward.

“You bastard! You told me this competition would favor me!” Derek added, just as angry.

“Does it not? Aren’t you the one who held an affair behind Hakaru’s back for all of those years? Aren’t you a man that prefers to attack head-on? Do you think yourself too weak to seduce a woman at your mercy?”

“Even if you say that his women have all been brainwashed by him. How could I break a woman who is already broken?”

Depravity nodded thoughtfully. “That’s why I’ve decided on a second condition. The woman will have her mind altered. She will lose all inhibition, and will not see herself being in a relationship with anyone. Her choices will ring to her true desires, and not be influenced by expectations, status, or principles.”

“If you’re going to alter their minds, how do I know you’re not going to truly put things in his favor?” I demanded.

“Your goddesses have already made me make a pact with them.” Depravity sighed. “You may see us as enemies, but the truth is, I admire you a bit. I am Depravity, the god of perversion. You are a man who raped your sister, lusted after your mother, broke the vessel of your former goddess, sexually tortured your former girlfriend, and seduced countless women to love you when you had no plans to love them back. You are a model of Depravity!

“My biggest regret is not drawing you to me. I would have made you my champion if Netori hadn’t done it first. I only tried to bully you because I was afraid that you would cause me troubles. Imagine, a mortal like you causing a god like me to worry. Hmph!” He crossed his arms. “My point being, I have no animosity toward you. I actually might have even liked you if situations were different. However, even if I did have nefarious intentions, your goddesses have made me swear, and my vows are unbreakable. That means that I will carry through with every promise, and I will only be fair to you. On my oath as a god, I swear it.”

I didn’t know how to respond. I had never really seen things this way. He never came to the mortal world intending to be my enemy anyway. He had just been here already and got caught up in their stuff. Even Mary and NTR had mentioned that there was room for Depravity in their lives. I had just built him up so much as an enemy that I was never able to see him any other way. I still hated him, if for no other reason, then for what he did to Kira. Even then, he had done that stuff before I even knew of his existence and he even knew my name.

“Fine, I agree to the terms!” Derek said first, shooting me a defiant glare.

Even if I wanted to back out, it was too late now. The conditions were out, and if I walked away, it’d be the same as admitting defeat. I would lose NTR Crush, and possibly even more. I nodded in confirmation, preparing myself for what came next.

“Very well then, who will seduce first? Hakaru! Call it! Blow Jobs or Anal?”

He flipped a coin in the air before I had more than a second to think about what he said.

“Ah! Anal!” I answered instinctively.

The coin landed on the ground, but even bouncing, it seemed to stay in one spot and not roll or bounce away, as if Depravity had complete control of its trajectory. The coin bounced two more times up and down before finally landing. It was tails, or as he put it, anal.

“Hakaru wins the right to go first.” Depravity spoke in a low voice. “Derek! Choose a woman you have seduced, the one you think will choose you no matter what!”

“Tsk!” Derek made an irritated noise.

He gestured, and a group of eight women made a circle around him. They were all in robes, and they had their hoods up, hiding anything about them. Comparatively, I had not attempted to hide the identity of my women. Maybe that was a mistake I had been making from the beginning. I had no clue who Derek had seduced and who he was playing with. It was clear who all of my women were, which also made them extremely vulnerable.

I watched as he spoke to the eight women. He eventually pointed to one woman. She seemed to argue with him for a bit, but he waved it off. Then, he pulled her aside and whispered some words in her ear. She slowly started to nod, and then, with a small smile forming on his lips, he pulled her to the front.

“This will be the one!” He declared confidently, pulling back her hood.

The girl he revealed wasn’t someone that I knew at all, but Kira gasped and then grabbed my arm, whispering quickly in my ear.

“Her name is Michelle. She’s gotten in a lot of trouble at school. She likes to use guys, and will sometimes date several at a time. She’s a manipulator, and trickster. She has a shallow personality and I don’t think she loves anything. It will be very difficult to seduce her. She’s a woman who can have sex casually without any emotional investment!”

“Kira…” I put a hand on hers, softening her grip. “It’ll be okay. I’m a manipulator too, right?”

“Ah… Hakaru…” She still looked worried.

It wasn’t that I was confident. Rather, it was that I had nothing else I could do. These were the conditions that were laid out. He said it himself. If I walked away, I was admitting defeat. I had no choice but to push forward and win this thing. I had two goddesses who had the confidence that I could win. I had to trust myself and my instincts.

“Hmph!” Michelle crossed her arms, “You don’t look like anything impressive. I’ll definitely pick my precious Derek!”

“Well, you won’t remember your relationship with Derek so much.” Depravity shrugged, snapping his finger.

There was a flash of light, and suddenly she was lying on the ground to the side. Furthermore, there was a room sitting in the middle of the auditorium. There was a bed, some dressers, and even a lamp. Sitting on that bed was Michelle. She didn’t meet anyone’s eyes, and it seemed like she had no awareness that she was being looked at by crowds of people. She hummed patiently while her feet hung from the end of the bed.

“When you are ready, Hakaru, you can approach her. Once you enter the illusion, it will appear like a normal bedroom. Michelle is waiting for someone, but she doesn’t remember who. As for what happens after that, this is up to you.”

Sasori raised her hand, and when he glanced at her she blushed. “Can we discuss his strategy before he enters?”

“You have one hour. The time has already started. You can use it however you want.” Depravity waved his hand dismissively.

“Ah… Hakaru… you need to approach her with a strong hand. Turn her into your little slut!” Akiko said.

“You should rape her!” Maria nodded. “Just push her down and imprint yourself on her heart.”

“You should woo her. Appeal to her emotional side. Make her feel safe and protected in your arms.” Kira declared.

“Make her feel wanted. Apply to her need and lust. That’s the best way to seduce her!” Sasori added.

The girls were all nearly speaking on top of each other. They didn’t seem to notice that a lot of the things that they were saying came almost at conflict with each other. As they spoke, I began to realize that I had seduced each woman differently. It caused me to realize that every girl was different, and there was no specific way to seduce them. I had to find a way to reach Michelle’s heart, and I only had an hour!

“Hakaru…” Mom spoke last, and all of the other women quieted as she stepped forward. “You are my son. Just be yourself, and she will decide whether the man you are is the man she wants.”

A loud snort filled the room, and the group turned to look at Derek, who was standing there with an unhappy expression on his face, and his arms crossed.

“You don’t have a chance. You don’t understand the kind of woman she is. Deep? Emotional? Hmph… not every woman is like that. Most women are shallow and weak. You show them your big cock and they quiver and lose their shit. That’s the true path to having women. They need a strong hand. My women know I’m the boss, and they won’t hesitate to do anything for me. If you’re going to try to win my women with your weak-ass shit, well, be my guest. I’ll look forward to taking your women from you!”

His words received ugly looks not just from my five women, but the additional ones sitting in the stands. He ignored the icy looks. His women were looking at him too, but their hoods were still up, and it was anyone’s guess what was running through their minds. There was no way they could be satisfied with a man like him. That’s what I thought, but they were following him for one reason or another.

“The time is ticking…” Depravity muttered.

I snapped out of my thoughts. I had already wasted a few minutes. My prey was in there waiting for me. Taking a breath, I looked at all my women one last time, and then I stepped forward. I walked for a few steps. It wasn’t until I was only a meter away from the bed that the room suddenly changed. The sound of the auditorium fans disappeared, and even the air felt like it changed. I had to remind myself that this was all an illusion. Even the girl sitting on the bed was technically just a puppet made by a god.

The walls closed us in on all four sides, and I was standing right where a door should have been. It looked like a typical hotel room, maybe a bit cozier than a hotel. Curiously, I reached out again, and my hand hit a solid wall. I couldn’t walk back out. I was all in now.

“Who are you?” Michelle noticed I was standing in the room.

I turned back to her and smiled. “Hakaru. The name is Hakaru.”

It was time to give it my all.

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