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“Hakaru…” Michelle frowned thoughtfully. “I don’t know you!”

“Ah!” I smiled wryly. “Aren’t I the guy you’re waiting on? Hakaru.”

“You are? Hakaru? Ah…. Um… yeah…I think…” her face scrunched up cutely. “You must be!”

I smiled and took a step forward. She reeled back.

“Wh-what are you doing?” She cried out.

I cocked my head, frowning slightly. “What do you mean?”

“We’re in a bedroom!”

I looked around and raised an eyebrow. “I know.”

“The only reason we’d be in a bedroom together… i-is to do that!”

“You mean sex?”

“Ah! D-don’t say it!”

I furrowed my brow as I tried to get a grasp of the situation. Her mind had been altered. Supposedly, this was an uninhibited version of her. It felt like the exact opposite. However, Kira had also said that she was a manipulator. That meant that her current behavior was all an act. There was supposedly aphrodisiac in the room too, which meant that she was slowly growing more and more sexually excited. I supposed that was to make sure the deal was sealed within an hour.

Derek’s words rang out in my head. I didn’t think he was being a trickster when he shouted. He wasn’t that smart to be so clever and try to deceive me. War picked him exactly because he was such a straightforward competitor. So, when he said you needed to attack her with a heavy hand, it’s probably exactly what he did. She was a manipulator, but he tore through her manipulations and did whatever he wanted to her. In the end, he had conquered her heart.

What did that say about her? She was someone who desired an alpha? No… but breaking apart her manipulations, he showed her that he had control. With that, he was able to do what he wanted with her. However, that was a girl who was inhibited. Perhaps, deep down, she had felt she needed that control. Or maybe, I was just thinking bullshit.

If I tried to win her in the same way that Derek did, I would fail. I’d be competing with him over who was more alpha, or who was more dominant. He already had time to ingrain his dominance into her heart. Even if she doesn’t see herself as dating him, she’d still pick the more dominant man. That meant I needed to appeal to a side of her that Derek never did. I needed to give her something that Derek couldn’t, something that made her feel fulfilled in a way that he didn’t. I didn’t need to be his direct competition, but his antithesis.

As I sat there staring at her, she cocked her head at me, clearly wondering what I was thinking about. She started to grow a bit shy and even blushed slightly. I finally made my decision, breaking my eye contact with her.

“I’m not going to have sex with you,” I responded.

“You’re not? Ah… I mean, like that was even an option! Ah… wh-what are you doing?” She let out a cry as I sat, I began to unbuckle my pants.

“I’m taking off my clothing,” I responded.

“Why- why are you doing that?”

“Hah? To masturbate?” I yanked my pants down, causing her to look away.

“Y-you… here?”

“It’s my hotel room?” I ripped off my shirt and tossed it aside.

“Ah… it is? Wait… even so! I’m still here.”

“That’s fine, you can leave. You’re not needed.” I flopped on the bed next to her, causing her to leap out of it, spinning and staring at me helplessly.

“N-not needed… I mean… I don’t want to leave?”

“You want to watch? It’s not like I mind if a pervert watches.”

“P-p-pervert?” her eyes turned as wide as teacups.

“Ah, let’s go!” I started to play with it as it started to get larger.

“Even if… you can’t…” She didn’t know how to respond.

Despite the fact her head was turned away, she kept glancing back at it over and over again. Each time she looked at it, it was bigger and harder. Her eyes lingered on it more and more, as she became entranced with what I was doing in front of her.

I didn’t hold back either. I used my hand and started to pump my cock hard. It had been some time since I masturbated, but it wasn’t like it was something you’d forget how to do. I knew that this was being done in full view of my girls, Derek, and innumerable others. I wasn’t an exhibitionist, this was super embarrassing.

As the lewd grunts and noises I made filled the room, Michelle no longer made a show of looking away. Now, she was staring at it with great excitement. She licked her lips, her legs rubbing together as she fought her growing arousal. Of course, now that she was looking at my penis, she’d think all of that arousal was purely from watching me masturbate. Maybe some of it was, but most of it was thanks to the aphrodisiac. Had it just come naturally, she would have just felt like a slut who gave in to temptation. Now, that temptation had a name, Hakaru.

Ten minutes passed by, and I was beginning to think I really would blow my load. I felt relieved when she leaned down on the bed next to me. I turned to her for the first time since I started.

“I can’t get off on my own. Can you help me?”

Her cheeks turned red and she looked away, puffing out her cheeks. “Well… I mean… I guess it can’t be helped.”

She reached out with one hand and grabbed the shaft. I immediately let out a noise, causing her to squeak and let go of it. Then, feeling embarrassed, she reached out and grabbed it with both hands. She began to enthusiastically jerk it up and down. Her hands were small, but they were warm and moved quickly. She seemed to have a bit of experience doing this, and it felt pretty satisfying. While she was doing it, she wore an extremely determined expression on her face.

“Perhaps, if you used your mouth?” I asked.

“Ah… o-okay!”

With the skill of a pro, she began to suck my cock excitedly. Her head bobbed up and down rhythmically and she showed no signs of slowing down. I did feel like I was just about to lose it in her mouth.

“How about I try you!” I said to push back the inevitable.

If I came at that moment, it’d require at least a little bit of recovery time. This was time that I couldn’t afford to lose. I had underestimated her skill, or perhaps the aphrodisiac was affecting me too and I hadn’t noticed it.

Either way, I grabbed her and flipped her over. She let out a noise of surprise as my cock left her mouth, and she was laid down on the bed on her back. She was a small, light girl, and it was very easy to do such a thing with her. In a swift motion, I pulled down and tossed aside her pants as well.

“Ah… wh-what are you doing?”

“Heh, aren’t I just going to eat you up.” I kneeled and sucked on her inner thigh.

The suddenness of my motions caused her back to buckle for a second as she let out a cry.

“D-down there? N-no…”

I dived in instead, sucking her clit immediately. She let out a cry, pushing down on the bed with her feet and pushing up her hips, inadvertently shoving it in my face even more.

“Ahhh… stop… if you do it like that, I’ll go crazy.”

“Well, now that is something I’m interested in seeing!” I chuckled, speeding up a bit.

“Ahn… Ah… it’s sensitive. Hah… hah…”

“You smell so naughty, you must really like this.”

“D-don’t smell it.”

“Mmmm…” I moaned sucking on her pussy roughly as I rubbed my face in it and penetrated it with my tongue.

“Ahn! Ahh… Ahhh!” She was already cumming, which excited me further and caused me to attack her again and again.

When I needed a breath, I switched to my fingers and then returned. She came numerous times, and my face and hands were covered with her lust. Her eyes were filled with pure delight and she was panting in ecstasy.

“Please… I need it, I need your dick!” She cried out, almost drooling.

At this point, it wasn’t the first time she had said that. I had been teasing her relentlessly for over a half-hour, building her up until she was at a point where she was truly ready to break. With that, I finally moved up and kissed her. Even though my mouth was covered in her naughty fluids, she kissed me roughly, her eyes filled with lust.

“Please, fuck me…” She whimpered.

I pulled out my dick, pressing it against her wet womanhood. She was so wet that even the slightest pressure would have caused it to penetrate. I avoided applying that pressure.


“I want it so bad. Please… give it, give it to me.”

“Since you want it so much, I’ll-“

“Times up!” The illusion disappeared and she disappeared like smoke under me.

I fell an inch to the hard ground. It was my dick, posed to slam into a soft wet pussy, that took the brunt of the fall. I let out a groan, curling up for a bit. My girls all ran out to greet me. One of them tossed a blanket over me, although I had no clue where she had got it from. They helped me to my feet and walked me back to where we started. As I went, Derek pointed and laughed. Standing next to him was the girl, fully dressed, who was looking at me with an awkward smile.

“Ah man, this was hilarious. You took too long, you didn’t even get it in her! That was the best!” he laughed.

Many of the robed men in the bleachers, the so-called witnesses, were also laughing at the sight. I had an ugly expression on my face.

“This round is over. It is now time for Hakaru to choose his woman.” Depravity called out.

“Why even bother?’ Derek asked. “It’s clear I won. Right babe?”

“Y-yes! I will stick with Derek!” She cried out, shooting me a defiant stare.

The real Michelle was still asleep. This was technically the illusion that had been in the room with me. I felt my heart fall. I had been so determined to give her satisfaction; I had let time slip by. In the end, I hadn’t left even a single print on this girl’s heart.

“That decision will come after the both of you go.” Depravity snorted. “Besides, you still need to go. If you do no better in swaying a woman to your side as Hakaru, then another round will begin. Either way, I’ve found this all quite entertaining!”

“Hah… whatever, I’ll break whatever girl you throw at me.” Derek responded confidently.

I was depressed, but as I started to calm down and glanced at the women around me, I felt a pain in my heart. I had to let Derek fuck one of them? It might have been an approximation, but it felt real. Even if I won this round, we’d just have to do it over again. I felt extremely disheartened. I wouldn’t just have to watch one girl of mine, but possibly several? Who would want to play this cruel, depraved game?

“Hakaru, I’ve already slept with Derek, so it won’t be another notch on my belt,” Akiko explained. “Plus, I’ve already rejected him for you, so I’m the best choice.”

“Except, you won’t remember your relationship with Hakaru, and you won’t be inhibited. You’ve already slept with Derek before, so there is no telling how your feelings may fall.” Kira spoke up. “On the other hand, Depravity spent months trying to break me. I’ve been used and abused by countless men. Derek wouldn’t have the power to even touch me!”


All the girls started to say they would, even the ones on the bleachers. Just as it was starting to get noisy, one voice shot out from the crowd.

“I’ll do it.”


She smiled. “I’ll be the one who goes in there. It’s impossible for him to win.”

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