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My mother had stepped forward, agreeing to become Derek’s plaything. Naturally, I was horrified by this. Both Kira and Akiko had their reasons. After Kira’s sex life had been aired out during their last encounter, perhaps she wanted to put egg on Derek’s face as she rejected him. Akiko had even more investment. Perhaps, she wanted to prove to me and herself that the only man in her life was me.

As for my mother, she had been my lover for the shortest amount of time. When her mind had been wiped before, father had enjoyed her greatly, and mother had descended into her brand of debauchery while I could only watch. Of any woman there, she was the one who was most likely to have her heart easily taken. It was painful to accept, but my mother was a wildflower, and taming her was a privilege I couldn’t flaunt.

“Mother… I…” She reached up and put a finger on my lips.

“Hakaru, do you trust your mother?” She asked.

“I do…” There was no other way I’d ever answer.

“Then, please have faith that I know what I’m saying. I will pick you.” She responded, cupping my cheek lovingly.

I sighed helplessly and then nodded. “Yes, mother.”

There was nothing else I could say. Even in this situation, I would never tell her that I didn’t trust her. No, I did trust her. If I didn’t, what was I even doing here? I had to trust every woman here.

“It’ll be her,” I said weakly toward Depravity.

There was a flash, and she was no longer in my arms, but lying right next to Michelle on the floor. Her other form appeared in the room. My mother was sitting on the bed.

“Haha… I’ll be fucking your mom!” Derek chuckled. “Ah, I know I wanted to hurt you, but you make it too easy.”

I had a bitter expression on my face, but I didn’t grant him the pleasure of a response. Instead, my eyes were focused on my innocent mother, sitting in a hotel room, slowly being driven mad with lust, all while having no clue she was about to be assaulted by this deviant. I wanted to strangle Derek right there.

“Watch how it’s done.” He smirked in a way that only caused my rage to build.

I didn’t realize I had stepped forward until there was a hand holding me back. It was Sasori, who then stroked my arm to calm my emotions. Derek didn’t give me another look as he walked right into the bedroom. I didn’t see when he entered, but he did stop momentarily before taking another step forward. Mother noticed him as he reached the bed.

“Ah! Oh… Derek? You’re Hakaru’s friend, right?”

Where I had never met Michelle before, my mother had met Derek. I felt like it was even more of a mistake that I had picked mom. A guy going after the needy mother of their close friend was a story as old as time. I had given him complete access to the ultimate fantasy. I felt completely stupid.

“Yeah… I’m your son’s friend.” Derek laughed. “And I’m going to fuck you.”

Mother’s expression turned icy, and just a bit angry, and I started to feel an ounce of hope. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me!” Derek chuckled. “I’m gonna make you my little plaything. Hakaru can watch as I turn you into my sex toy!”

Her icy expression slipped into one of confusion and surprise. “Hakaru? What about him?”

“Hehe… let’s just say, he’s going to see everything I do to you, so be a good little slut and put on a show.”

“Y-you vulgar boy…” Mother blushed, looking away.

My expression started to sink once again. She couldn’t be falling for this, right? He showed absolutely no tact whatsoever. He just walked in and said it without any mercy, and my mother was already showing signs of succumbing.

“Hehe, I like that look on you.” He turned and yelled. “You see that look, Hakaru? I’m going to make your mother have all kinds of fun looks as she rides my cock. I hope you watch closely!”

“Shameless!” Maria snapped hatefully.

“That bastard!” Akiko added.

Without warning, he reached out and ripped open my mother’s blouse. She let out a cry, but he wouldn’t let her cover her chest as he fondled it roughly. Rather than fight him, she looked on helplessly. These were the same horny, excited eyes mom showed dad when he was pawing her. She never looked or acted that way with me. It was a level of perverseness that exceeded her normal behavior like she was putting on a show to please her sexual partner.

I wanted to believe something like I was so good, that she didn’t need to put on a show, but it was clear in my mind that she wanted to please Derek and express her pleasure from him. These weren’t the eyes of a reluctant woman, but one that was excited to push forward.

“Please, don’t… haah… please…” However, Mother couldn’t hide the excitement in her eyes.

He was sucking on her nipples, pushing her back down on the bed as he tore off the rest of her clothing. He didn’t even remove it gently. He just ripped it off her body without any care whatsoever. She let out cries as he did, but it only seemed to cause her to grow more perverse and wilder. I felt a building pain in my heart watching my mother act this way. She had told me to trust her, and it turned out that this trust was completely unfounded.

“Haha… I’m about to stick my big dick in that loose pussy that pushed our Hakaru, how do you feel about that?” Derek asked with a sadistic grin on his face.

“Y-you’re one of Hakaru’s friends, i-it can’t be that big.”

“Hehe… how about I let you be the judge!’ He opened up his pants and a large thing came out.

His penis that had been bitten off had been restored. His god or Depravity had likely healed him, just like they healed my knife wounds. It looked even bigger than before. It was like a coke bottle, and the fact he wanted to shove that thing in my mother caused my teeth to clench. I had to look at the sleeping woman on my right and convince myself he wasn’t going to rip apart my mom’s delicate womanhood for real. This was just an illusion.

“Th-that’s too big!” She cried out. “You’ll rip me apart!”

“If Hakaru’s dumb head can squeeze out of that thing then this dick will fit!”

“Y-you can’t…” She responded shyly.

“Hehe… just be a good little slut and put on a show for your son!”

She didn’t fight him as he forced open her legs, revealing her pussy. She was well shaved and clean. She had made it nice, but that was because she had been longing for my dick. Had she known that all of her efforts would just go so that this bastard could stick it in her, I wondered if things would be different.

Derek thrust himself into my mother in a single motion. She dug her nails into his back as her body arched, letting out a wailing cry of lust.

“Ah… your loose pussy took it all in one thrust. You’re such a slut.” Derek laughed.

“It’s cause I’m so wet… this feels so amazing!” She cried out, biting her knuckle as she fought back moans.

He grabbed her wrists, pulling her finger from her mouth and holding them over her head. “Ahh! Ahhh!”

She was unable to hold back her moans as he started to thrust into her, conquering her pussy with long, rough strokes.

“It’s… it’s so deep. It’s too big. You’re tearing me open!” Mom shuddered orgasmically.

“I-it’s not that big…” Maria tried to comfort me, but then looked away.

“Ahhn… it’s crushing my womb!” Mom screamed.

“Hehe… I’m invading that space Hakaru used to take up. Maybe I should put a baby of my own in there!”

“Don’t, you can’t, I can’t be pregnant!” Mom cried.

He continued to pound into her, leaning down and licking her nipples wetly. As soon as he used one of his hands to attack her other breast, she used her hand to try to cover her face, ashamed of the erotic expression that she was showing.

“Don’t hide from Hakaru! Show him who you truly are!”


It wasn’t like Derek would give her a choice. He picked my mother up and put her on her knees facing the foot of the bed, in other words, toward us. He went in from behind, pounding her with rough, violent thrusts. She had to grab onto the bedpost just to keep from being knocked down with each thrust. With her arms holding on to the bed, her face was on full display clearly for the rest of us.

“Ahn! Ahnn… So good!” She screamed, a bit of drool dripping from her lips as her eyes seemed unable to focus.

He thrust into her with enough force to create a slapping sound as his ball slammed into her with each thrust. Her tits were bouncing back and forth wildly, and her red-faced expression only grew more euphoric.

“I want more!” Derek cried. “I want you to show your son how much you love it. Come on… cum like the whore mother you are.”

He had leaned over her now, reaching around her to grab one tit as he rocked her hard and wetly from behind. The wet sounds of each thrust put on display just how aroused Mother was.

“Your boobs are so perfect… hehe… tell Hakaru whose boobs they are!”

“N-no… no…” She cried out.

“Say it… say it!” He taunted, looking every bit a devil.

“Derek! Ahhhn… Derek’s cock is amazing! I love it so much!” She cried out, her moans amplifying like a damn had just broken.

Any lucidity in her left, and she began to moan and cry and writhe, completely at Derek’s whim. My stomach had already clenched to the point of vomiting, and then I felt like I was gutted out. By this point, I just felt hollow inside. Yet, Derek’s cruelty knew no end.

He changed positions and had her get on top in reverse cowgirl. She rode his dick, showing the full display of her pussy as it was penetrated by his too large cock. She used her fingers and even spread her pussy, showing the full display.

“Hakaru! Your mother loves dick! Watch! Watch Hakaru!” Mom called out.

Her calls were as deadly as a siren, and they beat me to the point I felt like dying. Derek didn’t even goad her anymore. She was moving her legs on her own, bouncing up and down on him as her tits flopped around. The elegant Japanese woman I had known was completely gone. Even Maria had her mouth covered with her hand, and could only watch in shock as mother sunk as low as she could.

“Watch! Watch your best friend fuck Mother’s pussy!” She cried out. “I’m, I’m cumming!”

She exploded liquid shooting out like a fountain over the bed. To her, she was shooting at a wall, but to us, it was like her lust was shooting right at me, all caused by Derek’s dick.

“Ah… damn… it’s twitching so good! I’m gonna creampie your mom!”

“Yes! Yes! Inside!” Mom moaned happily. “I want Derek’s cum in me!”

He delivered his load, holding Mom’s wild hips down as he pumped her full of his cum. When she pulled off his dick, she shot a smile out, and it felt like she was looking right at me. She opened her lips, and white stuff oozed out.

“Look, Hakaru… Your mother’s pussy is filled with your friend’s cum. So… good…”

I had never realized my mother could be so cruel. As I sunk to my knees, feeling like a complete failure, even the girls around me couldn’t bring themselves to try to comfort me after witnessing that.

“Times up.” Depravity’s voice rang out.

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