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I don’t know how we ended up in this situation, but it somehow felt really natural. In the back of my head, there was a voice that said it was weird to fuck my ex-girlfriend while my girlfriend watched, but that voice was quickly silenced by my own horniness. Of course, I also considered that this was some kind of trick. Maybe Kira wanted me to go farther as a means of somehow embarrassing me. Maybe she was filming it or something.

My mind even went so far as to think that she was in cohorts with Derek. I had always known he was a dick, but he had finally revealed his true colors today, deliberately engineering a situation both where he could dump his girlfriend and destroy my relationship. Then again, somewhere in the back of my mind, I felt like I already knew the kind of guy that Derek was. His betrayal almost felt natural to me, like I should have seen it coming from the beginning.

Yet, his betrayal had failed completely, because he didn’t understand the kind of woman that Kira was. Hell, I didn’t understand it. And by the confused look on Kira’s face, she didn’t understand it either, but the excitement in her eyes was something that couldn’t be faked so easily. She had her mouth slightly open, and she was panting excitedly as she watched me touch the girl under me.

This felt kind of exciting too. My dick which had softened after the interruption, but was back to being fully erect again now. I only realized as I looked back down at Akiko that I hadn’t really tried to get her opinion on this whole thing. Before the interruption, I had started sleeping with her without her consent, thinking she was my own girlfriend. Just as we realized the truth, her boyfriend Derek walked in, saw everything and then walked out on her. Worst yet, he had deliberately planned for her to end up like this.

Even now, I still had her pinned to the bed, my erect cock hovering menacingly over her pussy, and was just about to continue while my girlfriend watched, all while barely concerning myself about Akiko’s wants or desire. Her face was flushed, and she was shaking slightly, but she had barely spoken since Derek showed up. I wasn’t the kind of guy who raped women, at least… I was pretty sure of that. I didn’t know why a part of me seemed to approach that thought with doubt.

“Akiko, do you…” I couldn’t even say it.

How exactly did you ask a girl to fuck while your girlfriend watched? This was definitely not something that even most pornos could prepare you for.

“Hakaru,” She said, her voice filled with excitement. “I want you to continue. When I found out it was you on top of me, I was so happy. I love you, and I love Kira too. Please, it makes me really happy to please both of you, so use me however you want.”

There was something really perverse about her words. It wasn’t the kind of thing a sane high school girl should say, yet there was a sincerity and truth to them that made it difficult to refute. She meant every word she said. She was happy to give herself to even Kira and me. She was essentially my plaything. I didn’t even need to ask. I felt like it didn’t matter what I did, what position, or what hole, that she would work her hardest and be happy as long as I was happy. She gave off that kind of feeling.

I raised my hand and lightly stroked her cheek, causing her shaking to increase as she closed her eyes and took in a long-drawn breath.

“Akiko…” I then looked up at Kira. “Kira…”

“Ah!” She made a noise of surprise at me, suddenly addressing her.

“I love you. Both of you. I want to keep both of you and have you be mine. Is that okay with you two?”

“Yes…” Kira said, smiling mysteriously. “That makes me really happy.”

“Mm!” Akiko nodded and then blushed. “Now, will you put it in already, you’re teasing me too much.”

While I had been sitting over her, my cock had been pressed just against her wet cunt, threatening to slip in with a slight thrust, yet I had inadvertently been denying her that pleasure. My dick was actually quite big. It was definitely on the large size, and wouldn’t be awkward in a porno. Strangely, I remember it being much smaller, but it had sprung up in the last few months. Was that so-called puberty? I could have sworn I hit that two years ago, but it was probably fine. I just hit the big dick lottery, and the winner was about to be my two girls.

I pushed my hips down, sliding back into the familiar climate of Akiko’s pussy. I could feel Kira’s eyes on me and hear her gulping as she watched me penetrate her friend. Akiko grabbed my arms and squeezed tightly, panting noisily as I pierced her. She had been intentionally quiet before, but now she had no reason to be quiet. More than that, with Kira watching, she kind of felt a desire to put on a show. I decided to give Kira one.

“Ahhn… ahhhh…” Akiko gasped as I lifted her butt up and angled my dick down, shoving even deeper inside her.

I began to move my hips up and down, providing quick piston thrusts, pounding her wet pussy. Akiko let out cute moaning noises and squirmed under me, so I held her down even more tightly, pumping her with my large cock which honestly looked a bit big for her tiny pussy. It was at a size where a virgin girl would definitely ask if it would really fit. Although Akiko was no virgin, it still was tight enough inside her that she felt her insides being stretched.

“Ahn… Fuck… Hakaru… your dick is so big!” She glanced over my shoulder and instinctively looked back to see that Kira was still there.

She wasn’t just waiting. She had found a seat and was sitting down. Her dress was pushed up, and she had her underwear pushed to the side, revealing her tight cunt. She was fingering it with two fingers while watching us, her face flushed and aroused. When Akiko made her declaration, Kira nodded as if agreeing with her.

“Hakaru looks like he’s breaking Akiko’s womb.” She said.

Akiko bit her lower lip. “Mmm… fuck… he’s breaking me apart. This feels so amazing, Kira. I can’t believe you’ve never tasted this dick before.”

Akiko seemed to be taking on the role of teasing Kira. It seemed like it was rubbing salt on the wound for Kira who walked in on her boyfriend cheating on her, but Akiko’s words only seemed to excite her further. She was rubbing her pussy even harder and was even moving her hips, moaning like a slut as she watched her boyfriend bang another woman.

Seeing that euphoric face on Kira, I felt myself grow even more motivated to perform. I had never thought that being watched would be so engaging, but it really brought out more in me. I sped up the pace, putting all of my focus into wrecking Akiko, using all of my stamina. I slammed my dick into her loud enough that it filled the room with the wet noises of flesh slapping against flesh. Female moans filled the room, but it didn’t come from just one girl, but two. Kira had pulled down her underwear and scooted forward, putting one leg up on the bed. If I looked back, I’d see her rubbing herself as fast as her fingers would move.

If I looked the other way, Akiko was under me, her eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth open as she let out loud moans of pleasure. I teased her breasts and kissed her neck, and the more I did so, the more I realized I knew exactly how to touch her. It went beyond simply having experience, even though I didn’t recall such a time when I had any. This was at the level of being a psychic. I seemed to just know how to touch a woman.

The more I focused on these instincts, the crazier Akiko got. I could feel her pussy gushing and twitching as she reached a climax, yet I still didn’t give her any relief from the agony. Instead, I picked up the pace and moved even faster. I moved as fast as my hips could carry me, hitting her in the exact spot my instincts told me to attack. It was barely a minute before she was cumming again.

“C-c-cumming! I’m cumming again!” She sang in a sexy voice, her hips even rising as her back arched in a powerful orgasm.

“H-Hakaru… is this what you would have done to me!” Kira cried out, her voice filled with erotic emotions as well.

“What do you mean, would?” I gasped. “You’re getting this next!”

“Oh, my…” She let out a cry and then closed her eyes tightly. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

The words I had just said had pushed her past the limit, and she ended up squirting onto the bed. I could feel some of the hot liquid tickling our feet, but my focus was still on the woman under me, who was I continuing to relentlessly target in every single one of her erogenous zones like I had a textbook that pointed every part of it out.

Of course, even if I was driving her crazy, I had limits too. My hips were growing tired, and my cock had reached its limit.

“I’m going to cum!” I said, biting her ear in just the way I like it.

“Cum in me!” She cried out. “Cum in your slave! Master, cum in your bitch!”

I didn’t know why she called me Master or referred to herself as a slave suddenly, but the words were definitely doing it for me.

“Ah… n-no condom!” Kira cried out. “A baby!”

“Fill my womb with your seed!” Akiko cried. “I want Hakaru’s baby! Just fill me up with everything!”

“Ahn… Ahn…” Kira who was still masturbating somehow was turned on by those words too and started cumming again.

As for me, I shoved my cock one last time as deeply into her womb as I could go. Akiko was a small Japanese girl, and my cock was quite big, so I reached deep inside her to the point where you could even see it. It was at that point that my balls finally erupted, and with a spasm, large gobs of white, hot baby batter exploded deep inside Akiko.

The feeling of cuming inside was too much for Akiko, and she ended up having yet another orgasm. Her pussy hungrily twitched, sucking in my dick and eating my cum. My dick was happy to oblige. I felt like I hadn’t had sex in months. No, it should be that I haven’t had sex ever, but the effect was the same. Gobs and gobs of cum shot out into Akiko, whose vagina continued to suck it all up like a vacuum.

Yet, somewhere, in the back of my mind, I had a feeling like there was no way I’d ever get her pregnant. I felt like whoever I fucked, there wouldn’t be a baby or even worry about disease. It felt a bit like realizing you had a superpower. I didn’t know where the certainty came from, but it felt like no matter who it was, I could seduce any number of women to bed, pleasure them in unimaginable ways, and not even have to worry about common problems with disease, whether I went raw or not.

Any number of women? How had I suddenly grown so perverted? I had only had one woman, and now I had two girlfriends, and yet somehow, my thirst hadn’t diminished at all. In fact, it felt like I wanted even more.

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