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My name is Hakaru, and earlier this year, I nearly became a god. Those plans fell through, but it didn’t really affect me much. After all, I had already benefitted immensely from playing the game, NTR Crush. It was a game devised by a goddess named Netori. It was her way to get her sisters, Netorase and Netorare, to merge with her and become the powerful goddess NTR. In exchange, I was her champion, who stole women and cucked men and gods alike until I was the only one left standing.

In exchange for playing, not only did I get all of the women I stole and the experiences I gained along the way, but a myriad of other strange and unique powers that put me on the level of being a demigod. After nearly a half a year of grueling challenges and close-calls with the police and even death, I finally won the game for her.

NTR was remade once again. The last player admitted defeat, and I was about to begin an orgy with fifty high school girls to become a god myself too. Then, NTR, true to her name, went and left me for her old flame. I got the runner-up prize, immortality, and was expected to forget all about her, as well as Marriage, another goddess who had taken a fancy to me.

As for my abilities? Other than the immortality, I gave them all up. It was part of the exchange. No gods would be able to interfere with me or my women, and in exchange, all of those unique demigod abilities were gone. I wasn’t sure how immortality played into that. Wasn’t that considered god interference? Well, I supposed it was stupid to complain about living forever, even if it did come with the caveat of making it impossible to reach godhood.

Being a level 8 human did have other benefits too. I didn’t get acne anymore. In fact, I found it really difficult to get dirty at all. I had a feeling I was immune to human diseases. At least, I hadn’t had so much as a sniffle since. I had once had an ability that made me immune to STDs. I had a feeling that this was still the truth. I also had a lot of energy. My stamina was out of this world, especially when it came to sex.

“So, you see, things are going just fine for Hakaru. Wouldn’t you agree?” I asked, raising a glass of something bitter and drinking it down.

“You sure can take a lot of alcohol. I’ll give you that. Is that also the god abilities.”

“I should think so.” I chuckled and then held out my hands. “So, what do you think?”

“You did say you’d tell me a story I never heard before if I came to your hotel room. It’s definitely a unique story.”

“Come on, you can say you’ve fucked a god.” I smirked.

“Almost god…” She corrected, grabbing the bottle from my free hand and taking a swig. “Ahh…. You’re so weird, but I kind of want to see if that makes it better. You’re just a little young for my tastes.”

“And you’re a little old for mine.” I snorted. “But, you happen to be the most fuckable girl in the lounge tonight, so you’re the lucky one.”

“Old! I’m only twenty-five. Not everyone can age like you Japanese people. Hmph… I bet you have a small penis like Asian men too.”

“Well, why don’t you look and find out.” I walked up to the foot of the bed where she was sitting and pushed out my groin.

She bit her lip, thinking about it a bit, but eventually, reached out and started to undo my belt. The girl in front of me was a blond-haired Australian girl I had picked up at one of my grazing spots. She had a ring on her hand, so she was probably in a relationship, but I didn’t ask and she didn’t offer up the information. Even if she revealed she had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t have cared anyway.

She reached into my underwear and fished out my cock, currently half erect. As it bounced out of my pants, she let out an audible gasp. I liked banging foreign chicks for this exact reason. A lot of them fantasized about banging Japanese men, but they also had it in their mind that we were small. When I had first started the game last year, I would have been the type who only confirmed that stereotype, but after upgrades that expanded my length and girth inch by inch, I now had a cock that was large enough to be intimidating, but just small enough that most girls who weren’t complete sluts were willing to give it a try.

“The rumors about Japanese men are bullshit!” she cried out.

“Why are you in Japan again?” I asked.

“I’m an English teacher,” She responded, blushing slightly.

“High school level?” I asked.

“No, middle school.”

I chuckled. “Ah… well…”

“Wait… you’re not still in high school, are you?” Her face flushed with panic.

“I’ll just say you’re not the first teacher I’ve fucked.” I responded instead.

She still looked uncertain, but being as she was drunk, and currently holding a large dick in her hands, she didn’t think about it too much before grabbing my dick and licking it. Her tongue left her mouth and she licked the shaft from top to bottom like she was enjoying a popsicle. As she did so, her eyes closed and she made a gentle moaning sound like she enjoyed the taste. If only her students saw her now, I wondered what they’d think of their teacher. Heck, what would her husband think if he saw her?

“Put the whole thing in your mouth,” I ordered with my hand resting on top of her head.

“I-I’ll gag… it’s too big.” She responded, blushing cutely again.

Although she said that, the look in her eyes showed she was thinking about doing it anyway. With me pushing her head toward it, she finally gave up and opened her mouth, taking the head of my cock in. Her soft lips gently caressed the head while her small hands stroked up and down the cock. It was clear to me that she was knowledgeable about these things, but she wasn’t used to one as large as mine.

“Mmn… mmm… so big.” She moaned again as she spat it out and looked up at me seductively.

“Is that as much as you can do? Is that all you know how to say?” I asked.

Her eyebrow twitched, but rather than condemn me, she grabbed it with both hands and started to focus, bringing more of it into her mouth. Her hands gripped the shaft. I had a feeling she didn’t trust me not to shove it down her throat, so she was using her hands as a stop-gap on my cock.

“Mm… it’s getting even bigger,” she cried out as drool connected her lips to my cock.

I was only half-erect before. After a few minutes of playful sucking, I had finally reached full thickness. That appeared to be too much for this girl though. I’m sorry you only had tiny westerners before me.

“You’re noisy.” I complained, “If you have such a problem satisfying me with your mouth, then your cunt will have to do.”


I didn’t give her much of a choice. Pulling her up, I spun her around and then shoved her over the bed.

“W-wait… I didn’t mention it before… I’m married!” She cried out defensively.

“As if I care!’ I laughed, “Don’t act like you didn’t come to my room expecting this.”

“…” She remained silent as I took my cock and pressed it up against the entrance to her pussy.

She had the look of a woman who had sex plenty of times. She wasn’t a virgin flower like many of the women I had tasted. It was pretty easy to tell now, after all of the experience I had gained.

“A-at least can we use a condom?” She responded defensively.

“I put one on.” I lied. “So, I go.”

“W-wait! Ahhhhh!”

I grabbed her hips and then thrust myself inside her. She was already pretty wet from earlier, so I had no doubt she was horny. My cock even made a wet squelching noise as it slid into her pussy.

“So big… so good… fuck…” She cried out as I filled up her pussy.

Her pussy had been used, but never by a guy like me, so I was giving it a nice stretch, and it was fairly tight for me. I remembered back in middle school, guys would always make jokes about women with loose or stretched-out pussies. I came to realize that this was the calling card of small-dicked babies. After all, if your vaginas are loose, it just means your dick is too small! When you have a big dick, all women are tight, even pornstars.

I was pumping into her now from behind. With her bent over the bed, her legs not quite long enough that her knees touch the ground, I was thrusting into her as hard as my arms could allow. Each thrust was rough and loud, and I was sure people in the other hotel rooms could hear us. They were used to that though, and I didn’t bother to do anything to be quieter.

“Oh… Oh… hah… I’m losing my grip…” She moaned into the sheets of the bed in a muffled voice, the expression on her face hidden to me. “I want you deep! Deep!”

“Hah… well, if you insist.”

I liked seeing the orgasmic expressions of the women I was fucking, and she didn’t seem like she’d last much longer. Thus, I spun her around onto her back, spread her legs, and began to take her from the front.

Even then, I didn’t touch her breasts and I didn’t kiss her mouth. My entire focus was on fucking her lower region for all it was worth. There was no particular romance in this, just pure, raw fucking.  With her legs spread wide, and my knees up on the bed, I was able to pile drive myself as deep into her as I could, feeling the end of her cervix with each thrust.

“Hng… Gbn…. Uhhh!” She moaned, a bit of drool running down her cheek as she cried out with her mouth open.

I found western girls were more shameless about their actions too. Oh, you could make a Japanese girl turn into a slut, but she would always try to give an illusion of modesty. She would blush and hide her mouth, and cover her chest. You had to break her apart piece by piece until you revealed the slut underneath. For western girls, they wore their sluttiness on their sleeves and would act obscene after barely touching them. This girl under me was playing with her nipples since I wouldn’t, grabbing and kneading them as she looked up at me with dirty, lustful eyes.

“You’re too much! If you keep this up, I’m going to cum!” She cried.

It wasn’t much of a warning, because she reached over her head, abandoning her nipples and grabbing onto the bed above her. Her teeth clenched and her eyes closed as her body began to shake in orgasm. Her pussy tightened considerably, convulsing on my cock as if it wanted to suck it dry. Well, since her womb was so thirsty, how could I deny it.

I shoved myself into her one more time as deeply as I could go, and I began to cum deep into her womb. When she felt the spurt of hot, warm stuff inside her, her eyes popped open and she lifted her head, letting out a cry. However, my cock continued to pump her full of gobs, and after a second of struggle, she realized it was already too late. Her head fell back, and her body twitched as I continued to unload my seed inside her.

When I finished, I pulled out of her and put my pants back together. Now, she decided to act modest, closing her legs and crossing her chest. I had already taken everything from her and seen everything, so acting like that now was silly.

“Y-you’re a jerk.” She responded, her expression discontent.

I grabbed the bottle by her side, which she had dropped while we were having sex, but hadn’t spilled the last few dregs of alcohol.

“I know,” I responded, lifting it and taking a swig. “I’m going to go get some air. You’re welcome to leave.”

“You’re kicking me out?” She demanded angrily.

I shrugged as I walked away. “If you’re still here when I get back, we’ll go another round. Next time, I won’t be so gentle.”

With those words, I opened the patio and walked out, looking out onto a neon-lit street. The bottle in my hand was empty, but I still held it just because I could. What did normal people do at times like this? I felt like I should have a cigarette. Maybe I should take up smoking? Well, it wasn’t like I was going to die from it.

Sitting in the chair, I watched the people down below. It was still a bit busy this late at night. Large buildings filled the street, filled with various love hotels, host clubs, lounges, and shops. I was in the red-light district of Tokyo. It had been two months since I had last seen my family.

After five minutes, I started to feel chilly. With a sigh, I stood up and walked back into the hotel room. The foreign woman was still lying there. It looked like she had run to the shower while I was outside, as her hair was still slightly wet.

“D-don’t get me wrong…” She crossed her arms. “You’re an asshole. I just haven’t cum in months, and your dick is amazing.”

“That’s what they all say.”

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