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“Well, if it isn’t the little Hellcat coming out of her cage.” A voice came to us as we were finishing up in the café.

A group of young men had walked into the café. They each had a dangerous vibe about them. The waitress immediately cowered away, hiding with the cook back in the kitchen. Several other people tossed their money on the table and quickly left the place through the back.

The boys were all wearing leather jackets. A few of them had piercings or tattoos in some pretty apparent places. The guy in the lead pulled a bat from his coat. Another had a switchblade, and the third pulled out and put on what appeared to be brass knuckles.

“Friends of yours?” Netori cocked her head looking at me.

“I think we both know that they’re looking for mo- eh… the woman whose body you’re in.” I quickly corrected myself.

She sighed. “Very well. It looks like I’ll need to take care of these guys first. Hmm… by the looks of it, it’d take about two minutes a guy. I’ll need about ten minutes.”

I nodded. “You’re going to kick the crap out of them?”

“What? No, I’m going to fuck them.” She raised an eyebrow like I had said something weird.

I blinked, her casually spoken words taking me a moment to process. Then I stood up, slamming my hand on the table.

“What did you just fucking say?”

“Huh?” She looked up at me. “What are you so worked up about? I entered this woman’s body to spread my name. I have to fuck at least a hundred guys or so, otherwise, my trip will be a complete waste!”

“O-one hundred…” I couldn’t believe she was saying this.

Even if she wasn’t Netori, the woman I was trying to win back, she was also in the body of my mother. She was going to turn my mother into the town bicycle! How could I stand for it? Even though I had rage on my face, she was looking just as confused. After a moment, she snapped her fingers.

“Ah! I see what it is. You’re concerned about this girl’s body! Did you have a crush on her previously?” Her expression looked mischievous.

“C-c-crush?” How could I even reply to that?

She was my mother! Well, I mean, I fucked her a bunch, but that didn’t mean I was crushing on her like a kid over his babysitter.

“It’s fine. I won’t let her get hurt. As for her body, she’s already quite sensual. I can keep her getting wet just thinking about those five men pushing her down. Although she’d probably deny it, I think she has a bit of a rape fetish.”

“It’s genetic?”

“So, she’s wanted to lose it to someone, so it might as well be these guys. At the very least, her body will be safe. It’s the least I can do for her helping me spread my name.”

“How does this help you spread your name?”

She looked irritated at my line of questioning. “Look, all five of those guys have girlfriends. I guess the girls in this town like the bad boy type. I’ll just give them a taste right now, and then leave them hanging. When their girlfriends can’t give them what I give them, they’ll all become cheaters. In a week or two, these boys will be eating out of my hand. Okay?”


Her irritation turned to anger. As we were fighting, the cocky men had slowed down. Noticing the pair of us incensed in a conversation and seemingly ignoring them, they were at a loss for what to do. They weren’t used to being ignored. Plus, Netori had started to put off a dangerous aura. Although it was directed at me and not them, they slowed their steps even more. At that moment, they were trying to convince themselves they were just imagining it.

“How dare you… I even offered to help you with your problem, and now you’re going to try to get in the way of me and my job? Who do you think you are?”

Feeling the pressure of a goddess on me, I felt myself sweating quite a bit. Even though I was a demigod and could hold my own quite a bit better than most, it was still quite a lot of pressure. Unfortunately, I knew the kind of person that Netori was. If I continued to press her, it would only end up badly. She would not only ignore me, but might make things even worse. Her help, as well as my mother’s virginity, depended on me navigating this properly. My mind ran a mile a minute trying to decide what to do.

“Frankly… I just think that getting these deviants to cheat is… too easy?” I said, trying to act casually.

“E-easy?” She was still angry, but now she was listening.

“Oh… yeah, you got to rank everything. Is stealing one lover the same as stealing another? These boys already came here planning to hurt and even rape you. They’re deviants who frequently break the rules. Do you think they care about such a thing as loyalty to their women? They would stick their dicks in a pig if you let them.”

Although I was saying this, I did lower my voice so that they didn’t overhear me. I wanted to convince her to change her plans, not get myself beaten up by a gang of thugs.

“Pigs… I am a goddess…” Her expression darkened.

“Exactly! You are a goddess, so how could such a prey be exciting? How could it be riveting? What fame would you gain stealing those that never loved their partners anyway? I thought you wanted to increase the glory of Netori. It seems to me like you want to drag it through the mud!”

Her eyes flashed with a complicated emotion. She knew that what I was saying was true. The Netori of my time would have never wasted her time on these delinquents. Her appetite was so much larger. Her expression turned serious.

“What do you propose?” She asked, looking a bit uncertain.

“If you convince these men to cheat, you know, these delinquents who have probably pushed down tons of women, just like the ones in the ally, no one will learn your name. Their women will never learn of their deed, and even they will completely forget about you once you disappear. They will likely lie, and even if they tell the truth, who would believe them that they got to bang a goddess? In the end, your fame won’t increase a single bit.”

“However, you’re a goddess. Why should you be increasing your fame? It’s the women that should be seducing. The women of these guys.”

I was just saying things as I thought of them. I was just trying to come up with any reason for her to not put out for other men. Ultimately, I realized that if the targets were women, then mom’s virginity could stay intact.

“What?” Her eyes widened.

“That’s right! These guys who rape other women should see their women leave them for another man. Those women are infatuated with their men. After all, they like bad boys, as you said. However, what if some other guy came in and took their women?”

“It… it would start a war!”

“Right… oh… wait… what?” My mind was not going in the direction her mind was.

“They’ll be furious, and everyone will know their women left them. They’ll want to find out who did it, and they’ll toss the blame on each other. The streets will explode in war, and my name will spread like wildfire. These women will go on, and then steal other men, and it will spread! It’s genius!”

“Is it? Ahem… I mean… it is!”

“Hah… it’s been some time since I seduced a woman.” She tapped her lips. “I’ll need to pull out the old’ double dildo. Need to find a strap-on too… uck… my lips are going to get chapped.”

Crap! I had forgotten that she was just as into girls as she was guys! Seeing my plans going south, I quickly stood up.

“I’ll do it!”


“A-a… um… a goddess shouldn’t be responsible for increasing her prestige. That job should fall on the shoulders of her champion!”

“A-a champion?” Her eyes widened.

“Since you must increase your prestige before you help me, then I will go forth and seduce all of the women in your name!” I declared, lowering my head.

“You… you’ll do that? For me?” Her voice sounded choked up.

I looked up in surprise to see her eyes were wet with tears. She looked genuinely touched. As a goddess who was typically rivaled and had been on the decline for millennia, to suddenly have a person offer to help her, it had truly caused her to feel happy. That caused my own heart to speed up. I was just about to say something else when we were suddenly interrupted.

“Hey! Who’s this guy? You letting boys into your gang now? Or is he your new boyfriend?” The leader with the bat had finally worked up the courage and interrupted our conversation.

“She must be afraid so she looked to get help. Too bad she went for some scrawny pretty boy.” One of the guys behind him remarked.

“Pretty boy?” I blinked, never having expected to be called that ever in my life.

It was true that I dressed better and kept up appearances, something I had learned at the gentlemen’s club, but that didn’t mean I was necessarily a hottie.

Facing the dangerous-looking men, Netori didn’t seem perturbed in the slightest. Considering she could flick them away with a finger, I supposed she had no reason to. However, a few moments ago, she was going to let them ravish her, so seeing them form a half-arc around her left me feeling a bit anxious anyway.

“You know… I was going to fuck your brains out, but Hakaru here convinced me not to.” Netori declared with a smile.

All the eyes suddenly turned to me. They were not looking even remotely happy to see me. I lifted my hand.

“H-Hi… Hakaru here…” I said weakly.

The leader rolled back his head and burst into laughter. The other guys joined him. After a minute, he lowered his head again and sneered at me.

“Look, little kid, get lost before you get hurt! We’re going to play with Kana here for a bit.” He chuckled darkly.

“Are you the leader of your gang?” I asked.

He blinked. “This fucking guy… yeah… we’re the Street head Sharks! We’re the toughest gang on this street.”

“And what is your girlfriend’s name?”

“My sweety? Her name is Kimie.” He shook his head. “The fuck is it to you?”

“Oh… I just like to know the name of the women I fuck.” I shrugged. “She has trouble telling me her name when she’s gagging on my dick.”

I spoke so casually, that it took the man several seconds of silence before he caught what I said. When he finally did, a furious expression exploded on his face.

“You mother fucker… I’m gonna kill you!”

“Well, you’re half right… Netori?”

Netori rolled her eyes and then made a shooing gesture. As the man stepped toward me, he was suddenly thrown away with the other five. They all slammed into the ground halfway down the hallway. Several plates were knocked off their tables and a mess was made as they collapsed to the ground in a heap.

“So… shall we go find this Kimie?” She asked excitedly, turning to me with bright eyes.

“Actually…” I looked over at the leader of the Street head Sharks as he tried to stand back up, but was too dizzy and fell again. “How about we bring him along? If we want to spread your name, don’t we need an audience?”

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