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“This would be faster if you just got her drunk.” Netori pouted.

“Do you mind, I’m taking a piss.” I sighed.

She looked down at my stuff, grinning. “I don’t mind at all.”

The pair of us were in the bathroom. The sound of thrumming could be heard through the walls as a deep base played out in the room beyond. We were at a certain club. This wasn’t like the place I worked, which was a quiet affair where women could chat and drink to the sound of a piano. This was a dancing club with loud music and copious amounts of alcohol.

It was night now, and I had come here for a singular purpose. This was where the girl Kimie had come to hang out with her girlfriends. Naturally, my goal was to play with her, and NTR her boyfriend who had decided to make a move on Netori. Netori wanted to use my mother’s body in order to spread the name of NTR. Somehow, I had become enlisted into it instead. My ultimate goal was to reach heaven and win NTR back, but that could take some time. Fortunately, time was all I had. I wasn’t even born yet. Right now, the most important thing was what Netori decided to do with my mother.

“I don’t like to depend on alcohol to seduce women. A little is fine, but how can you win a woman’s heart if she’s too drunk to care?”

“Win a woman’s heart? What’s the point in that? Just give her some good sex, and make her into a deviant!” Netori snorted.

“Are you really Netori?” I asked, furrowing my brow.

“What is that supposed to mean? Of course, I am Netori.” She glared at me. “You’re more of a mystery!”

The reason I had asked her that is just how different she was. It wasn’t like with NTR, where she was clearly a different woman. Rather, this felt like a younger Netori. She had lived for thousands of years already, so it seemed strange that she would have changed so much in the last few decades, so I just had to ask if I was really dealing with the same woman.

“It doesn’t matter if I sleep with her if she’s not happy with it. Netori is about giving someone a better path. It’s about stealing a lover’s heart, not her body!”

“You…” She blinked, her face turning ugly. “I am the literal goddess of Netori, and you think you can tell me what it means to be me?”

I zipped my pants up and turned to her. “Maybe someone should. You gave your heart to Harem, and then you became afraid to have your heart stolen again.”

Her eyes flashed. “How did you know about that?”

“Because I know you, Netori!” I said, my face close to hers. “I know what your heart wants.”

“Hakaru…” Her eyes grew wet, and for a second her face started to move toward mine.

The door suddenly burst open.

“Ah… I got to go!” A guy stumbled into one of the stalls and locked it.

As for Netori, she had disappeared as quickly as she had arrived. I bit my lip and then chuckled silently to myself. Turning around, I left the bathroom before it started to smell. As I reached the door, I heard a whisper in my ear.

“I don’t know how much longer I can keep this guy unconscious. Just hurry.” Netori spoke from an unknown source.

I walked out onto the main floor. There was a dance floor where people were jumping around excitedly to songs, I would have considered old. What exactly was a Macarena anyway? Sitting at a table across from the bar were two women. One woman was the girl, Kimie, who he had been buying drinks for all night. The other one was her female friend who had gone out clubbing with her. Both girls were dressed in sparkly dresses that showed a lot of leg and chest, clearly looking to play. At least for Kimie, she was still in a relationship. Considering the kind of people I had seduced in the past, this was considered extremely easy. The biggest issue I had was that despite all the signs, her friend hadn’t left.

“Hey, you’re back! Just in time for another round!” The friend held up her drink, grinning from ear to ear.

Of course, the reason I had initially gotten their interest was by paying for the drinks. As for where the money came from, her boyfriend had been generous enough to lend me his wallet. He must have just recently made some sales, as he had a few hundred in his pocket. It was enough. Even so, I avoided pushing drinks on Kimie. Despite Netori’s previous words in the bathroom, the original Netori had always pushed on me a feeling of pride in making a girl fall head over heels in love. If I couldn’t get her willingly, then there was no point.

I couldn’t help but shoot the girl grinning a look, but a moment later I put on a smile. You could never win a girl if her friends turned on you. It was just common sense.

“Another round then.” I smiled, gesturing to the bartender who nodded. “So, where were we?”

“Oh? I was just talking to Kimie about how she should tie the knot with her boyfriend.” Her friend said, grabbing Kimie as she spoke.

Kimie made a face at that. It was clear by the look on her face that she had come out tonight not to think about that guy who was currently unconscious and in Netori’s possession. She had been giving me signs all night that she was interested in starting this affair, but her friend didn’t seem to get the message. The main reason I left to use the bathroom was to give Kimie a chance to tell her friend to bugger off. Either she did and it didn’t work, or she chickened out.

“Marriage?” I rose an eyebrow. “It doesn’t fit with my image of you.”

“Oh?” Kimie smirked. “What image do you have of me?”

“I saw you as a bit of a ‘bad bitch’ type.”

“A-a bitch?” She frowned.

“No… a bad bitch.” I said, realizing I had used a term a bit too new for this decade. “Ahem, it’s a woman who doesn’t live an ordinary life. Exciting. Fun. Not a wife who works in the kitchen with a baby in her belly.”

“B-baby! I’m not ready for children!” She cried out. “I’m a bad bitch! Deathgrip calls me a bitch all the time!”

“Deathgrip? Is that his name? I’m not sure if he calls you that, he’s being nice…” I scratched my nose awkwardly.

What kind of name was Deathgrip anyway?

“Really?” She seemed disappointed. “Either way, he was supposed to take me out somewhere nice tonight, but then he stood me up! I heard someone saw him with another woman! A real beauty!”

Of course, I had been the one to set that up. He had been seen with Netori. He was unconscious, but we didn’t let anyone see that. It was enough that the rumors spread to Kimie. What? Just because I wasn’t going to use alcohol didn’t mean I didn’t fight dirty. Besides, this was the kind of guy who already did that kind of cheating. He had never been caught, so I was just speeding things up.

“W-we can’t confirm that!” Her friend defended.

What the heck was with this friend? It almost felt like she was trying to directly get in my way. Was she a secret lesbian lover? I had considered seducing and having them both, but something about her had made her come off as unapproachable. At that moment, the drinks arrived. A drink was put in front of each of us. The friend was glowering with her arms crossed, while I used the opportunity to slide closer to Kimie. Just as I was about to put my arm around her, she jumped like she had been goosed.

“Ah! I need to go… um… freshen up!” She stood up and fled the table, not even offering to bring her friend along.

Suddenly, I was sitting across from her alone. I ignored her, watching as Kimie left for the bathroom. When she went in, I sighed, thinking that this would be way easier if she was alone. I turned to glance over at her friend, thinking about whether I should seduce her or not. I jumped when I realized the girl had moved over. She was now on all fours on the round seat, staring at me with a pout on her face.

“Wh-what?” I cried out, backing as far away from her as I could, but finding that to only be a few centimeters before I fell off the table bench.

“I know what you’re trying to do.” She said, her voice suddenly sounding thick and serious.

“Huh? What do you mean?” I asked, feeling a bit awkward as I leaned away while she continued to lean closer and closer to me.

“You’re trying to have her!” She hissed.

“What?” I decided to play dumb. “I like her. We’re just talking!”

“Don’t give me that! She’ll be married soon, and you want to break them up!”

“To Deathgrip? That guy? Come on! You think he’d propose to her?”

“He already bought the ring!” She shot back.

“Really? I mean, still, the guy’s name is Deathgrip! How could she be happy marrying him?”

“What does happiness have to do with marriage? Once they are together, forever, that would be for the best!”

“Together…” I shook my head, feeling something odd about this friend. “Why does it have anything to do with you?”

“Ah… that… it just does! They should get married and they’ll be happy!”

“I don’t believe marriage is a key to happiness!”

“You dare!”

She looked genuinely upset, but with her puffed out cheeks, she also looked pretty cute. It was then that the facial features started to overlap with someone I knew. As the realization set in, my jaw began to drop. Kimie had even introduced her friend, but I had ignored her name before.


“That’s my name, don’t wear it out!” She huffed.

How many people in the world were named Mary? I had no reason to believe that this was my Mary. She was also in a completely different body. Instead of a punk girl with blonde hair, she had a more tomboy look in this body. She did still have big breasts, which hung down and shook with every movement. At this point, I had become completely certain. I could even feel the divinity inside her. It wasn’t something you noticed unless you were looking for it, and my focus had been on Kimie the entire night.

“Not Mary…” I sighed. “You’re Marriage.”

She jerked up like I had suddenly squeezed her bottom. “H-How do you know that name?”

Comparatively, I was considerably more familiar with Netori than Mary. I had slept with her and all of her sisters and even had their essence inside me. Mary, on the other hand, was a woman who had given her everything for me, but in return, I had done very little for her.

Part of the reason I didn’t concern myself with her as much as NTR was that I never felt I deserved her affection. As for Harem taking her, if I defeated him, I’d get her back. She didn’t even want to be with him anyway.

I reached out and touched her cheek. “It really is you.”

She closed her eyes and then rubbed her hand against my cheek affectionately. Then, her eyes popped open and grew wide. She jumped back.

“Wh-what was that? Why is my heart suddenly beating fast?”

Could Marriage somehow remember me? No, that wasn’t right. She was the Marriage of the past. Then, what was it?

“Let me get your drinks.” A waitress approached and grabbed Marriage’s drink.

“No, I’m not done.” She went to grab it.

“I think you are!” The other woman tried to snatch it from her, clearly intending to splash it on her. “Eh? It’s you!”

“Marriage, you old bitch! Go back to hell!”

“Hoh… hoh… Netori… a waitress outfit, it’s fitting that you’ve become a servant.” Marriage chuckled.

I sighed. With the pair back together, this was going to be an unproductive night.

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