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Kimie was a cute girl, attractive in her own right. Of course, her hair style was a few decades out of date, but she had a nice body. Her breasts were C cup, with nice round flat nipples. They were sharp are pointy, but flat against the skin, almost blending in with the rest of her breast. She had brunette hair and brown eyes. She was Japanese, but she might have had some foreign blood in her as well. There was a slightly familiar feel to her, but I didn’t pay attention to that feeling.

As her clothing fell to the floor, I guided her to the bed. The room I selected was the barest of the rooms available. A lot of the others had purple or pink sheets and had a clear feel of a woman. This one might have just been an extra, as the sheets were white and the decorations were slim.

“C-can we turn off the lights?” She breathed, covering her chest nervously.

“I want to see all of you.” I made up the excuse, although the reality was that she would notice her boyfriend on the other side of the window if I did that.

At the moment, she didn’t notice it. Since it was completely black, it was easy to feel like that area was empty and devoid of people. It’s too bad it wasn’t one of those one-way mirrors, but given her skittish nature, doing it in front of a big mirror might have made her just as nervous. As I looked at the position of the bed, I frowned slightly. Like this, this guy wouldn’t even be able to see his girl. It wasn’t like I knew how out of it he was, so by the time we were done he might have no clue who was under me.

Thus, I grabbed her and spun her around. She let out an innocent cry as I put her in an even more embarrassing position. That was to say, she was on all fours on the foot of the bed, facing the window directly. Before she could cover up or protest, I licked my lips and brought my tongue between her legs.

“Ahhn… Ag…. No… wait!” She cried out as felt herself being stimulated from behind.

Although she protested, she didn’t move out the way. Rather, the feel of my tongue was already viciously stimulating her, and she didn’t dare move as waves of electric desire exploded through her body. I could see the reflection of her face in the dark glass, and her eyes had rolled up as her upper half-collapsed to the bed, sticking her ass up in an extremely lewd manner. My hands grabbed onto the meat of her buns, spreading them open as I continued to violate her with my tongue.

Although she had come here with the anticipation of sex, she hadn’t necessarily been excited yet. This didn’t take very long though. I had gained a substantial amount of skill when it came to cunnilingus. After training under Netorase and Netori, not to mention the dozens upon dozens of women I’d practiced with, I became extremely skilled at identifying and attacking the individual spots that would make a woman go crazy.

Although I no longer had the skill that allowed me to instantly know the best spots to touch a woman, I was already more than familiar with them and could locate them even without the support of a skill. In a way, I still had every skill I had lost with Godless. From using them so much, I had grown able to read women extremely well. Even though I didn’t have Dirt Scribe, I found myself able to ascertain and exploit secrets they didn’t want anyone to know.

I didn’t feel like I would get STDs, and if it came to getting a girl pregnant, I had a distinct feeling that was extremely unlikely to happen. This didn’t come from the skill, but my gradual rise with experience. I hadn’t realized it when I was leveling, but every level I increased made me less of a mortal, and more of a god. By this level, I was already a demi-god. Diseases wouldn’t affect me, and as for conceiving, it was extremely difficult for gods to have babies, and at my state, I couldn’t get a girl pregnant. Plus, I seemed to have grown an instinct where I knew if a girl would get pregnant if I took certain acts. If I felt a baby might transpire, I’d get an overwhelming feeling to pull out, and perhaps finish all over her tits or ass.

I could find Kimie’s erogenous zones with ease, and with just my tongue, I brought her into a quivering wreck within minutes. She spurted out excitedly, tears running from her eyes as she experienced mind-blowing orgasms that her boyfriend had never been able to give her.

“Please… if you keep doing it like this, I’ll go crazy!” She begged me as she moaned.

“But Kimie is so tasty… how can I stop!” I grinned, sliding my tongue back into her and stimulating her slit until she came on the bed once again.

“C-cumming… Ahn… no… it’s too much, my mind is melting.” She cried.

Her face quickly became a wreck, as I steadily gave her more and more aggressive orgasms. The first few had just been a build-up, but each subsequent one was more powerful than the last. Kimie was numb with the shock of how much her mind was exploding with pleasure. However, as much as she came, there was something off about it. Something was missing. With her brain turned to mush, she couldn’t figure out what.

I had given her enough time and orgasms that she should have figured it out, but by the look over her ruined face, with melted makeup, messed up hair, and a sheen of sweat, tears, and drool, it was clear the girl herself wasn’t going to get there without a little encouragement.

“What do you want?” I asked, finally pulling away from her, wiping her stuff from my mouth.

“Hah… Hah… Huh? What… Hah…” She was panting hard, confused as to why I had finally given her a few moments of relief.

“Do you want anything else?” I asked.

Feeling like even then, she was going to be oblivious. I pushed my groin up against her wet sex pot. Her eyes flashed in realization. The thing she was missing with all that pleasure was the feel of something big shoving inside her. I had stimulated the surface, but how could a woman ever feel completely satisfied until she got it deep inside?

“You-your cock… Hah…” She panted.

“What was that?” I pretended I didn’t hear her.

“Y-your cock… I want your cock…” She said, looking back at me tearfully.

I pulled out my cock. Her mouth fell open and her eyes widened as she glanced at it. As far as men go, my cock was quite the beast. For an average girl like her, it would seem like a monster.

“Do you think it will fit?” I asked teasingly.

Her body shuddered as she thought about that big thing stretching her, but she had already been teased to the limit. Her mind had already melted to mush, and she no longer cared a bit about her appearances. All her shyness was gone, and she just wanted to feel good, and that cock teasing her from behind would be able to meet her needs for pleasure.

“Please… stick it in.” She begged. “I need it. I need your cock!”

“Since you insist,” I chuckled, and then started sliding it in.

As I did so, I naturally winked at the window. I could only guess the guy was out there watching all this, but I decided to give it the best show possible.

“Ahhh! Sh-shit!” She moaned out, her hands tightening on the bed as I forced it into her.

She wasn’t a virgin. She had probably slept with a couple of guys in her life, but nothing had ever been as big as this. It might have even been painful, but she had already cum so hard that it had approached pain several times. Now, her pussy was slightly numb and extremely wet and swollen. At this point, although it took a bit to get it in, she took it with vigor.

“I’m so full, fuck…” She whimpered.

“You did take it all in one go. You are quite the dirty girl.” I chuckled.

“You made me so dirty. Please, fuck me. Make me feel good. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Ah, that’s right, didn’t you have a boyfriend?” I snapped my finger.

“You’re bringing that up now?” She responded helplessly.

“I just was curious about how I compared.” I laughed.


“Tell me, or I won’t do anymore.”

“C-cruel… what do you want? You’re way bigger than him, and I’ve never cum like that with him.”

“Is that so?”

“Weren’t you saying that you were expecting him to ask you to marry him soon? You know, if you marry him, you won’t be able to have a cock like mine anymore.”

Her body shuddered. “What are you saying?”

“I’m just wondering, do you want him, or do you want my cock?”


Before she could answer, I grabbed her ass and then started thrusting into her as roughly as possible. My balls slapped against her ass, making loud noises as I fucked her. Her slowly recovering mind was once again shattered with pleasure. I fucked her hard and deep, and for a bit, only her pleased cries filled the room.

“Your answer?” I asked cruelly in the middle of fucking her.

“Your cock! To hell with him! I love your cock. Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” She cried out into the blankets her face had been shoved into.

“I’ll hold you to that!”

I laughed as there was a click. The lights in the factory room had clicked on, and now the view outside the window was as clear as day. There was the gangster guy, Deathgrip I think, and he was tied to the chair. His eyes were wide open, and he was struggling against his restraints. There was anger, rage, and embarrassment in his eyes, but he couldn’t do anything but close his eyes to the scene. Even then, his girlfriend was moaning so loud that his ears still could hear the entire scene.

Since she was lost in the throes of pleasure, it took a few minutes to realize that the window was now see-through. When her eyes finally focused on it, and she saw her boyfriend there, she let out a cry. For the first time, she tried to pull away, but I grabbed her tighter and banged her even harder.

“Wh-what is this?’ She cried out in confusion.

“What, don’t you like my cock? Isn’t it better he knows how you feel now?” I asked.


Netori was sitting on a crate, a bored expression on her face. She showed no particular care about the graphic scene in front of her. When Kimie acknowledged her man, Netori waved her hand, and the gag that was keeping him quiet suddenly came undone. He spat it out and then let out a scream.

“You bastard! I’ll kill you! What are you doing to my woman?”

“Your woman? Haven’t you heard her? Is she yours any longer? What do you think, Kimie?”

“Wh-why?” she cried out, “Deathgrip… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

“I’ll free you! I’ll get out of here and then I’ll free you!”

I suddenly stopped moving. “Oh? Well, if she wants to be free, she can go.”

Kimie looked back, a shocked expression on her face. Deathgrip’s mouth fell open.

“The door is unlocked. You want to go?” I asked. “Of course, then, we’re done here.”

“Y-you…” Kimie’s body shivered.

I had stopped just as she was about to cum. Now, the orgasm she was denied was causing her to clench up.

“Kimie, get out of there! I forgive you!”

Kimie looked back at her boyfriend, and then she bit her lip. “Death… I love you…”

“I love you too.” He said, a disarming smile forming on his face.

“Hmph… he’s furious. If she goes with him, he’ll beat her half to death.” Netori’s words were spoken in my ear in a way no one else could hear.

How could a guy with a name like Deathgrip possibly forgive a girl? Even if it had been rape, he’d likely dump her and blame her for it. That was the kind of guy he was. However, I could only shrug. Ultimately, her fate was her own to choose. It was a battle between Marriage and Netori playing out right before us.

“I love you…” She repeated, but then she dropped back down, raising her butt again. “But I need it too much. Please, Hakaru, don’t stop!”

I chuckled. “You heard the lady.”

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