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Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

For a while, the only sound in the otherwise empty warehouse was the sound of my balls slapping against Kimie’s tight cunnie. Every time I slammed into her, a resounding wet clap would echo throughout the room. This was followed by Kimie’s cries of lust. Her boyfriend had been re-gagged, and he could only scream into his sock as he watched his girlfriend get lost in sexual pleasure.

As I fucked her, I kept one hand on her, stabilizing her hips. Every once in awhile, I’d raise my palm and give her ass a slap, eliciting a yelp from her. My other hand was wrapped up in her hair, holding it all and pulling on it. I used her hair to help me thrust roughly into her pussy. There was an art to pulling a girl’s hair. If you were too forceful, she felt pain and instantly get out of the mood. However, if you kept building her sexual pleasure, then there was a point where no matter how much it hurt, she’d let you use her hair like a rein, riding her for all she was worth. Kimie had long since reached that point.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck… C-c-cumming!” She cried out, showing her boyfriend her lewdest face as she came yet again on another man’s cock.

Her face had long been ruined by her rough treatment. Her makeup was destroyed, long lines of mascara running down her cheeks, her lipstick smeared, and tears, snot, and spit covering every part of her face. Even so, she didn’t care at all and put that wrecked appearance on full display in front of the man who had wanted to marry her. As for Deathgrip, he finally stopped struggling, sagging in his chair as if he had lost all energy. Although he was still watching her, his eyes had lost all their light, and he merely looked long listless and defeated.

“Now, how about you have my baby?” I offered, chuckling.

“What?” Kimie asked, her voice already hoarse after crying out in lust for so long. “Th-that… don’t cum inside, okay? I can’t afford to take care of it.”

“Like that would stop me! If you didn’t want to have a baby, maybe you shouldn’t do that thing that makes babies!”

“S-stop joking. Just cum outside. You can cum anywhere you want but in my womb!” She cried out defensively.

As she struggled a bit, her boyfriend perked up. He struggled slightly once again, as she begged me not to cum in her. Of course, her legs had grown numb from being in that position, and with me beating down on her relentlessly, she was completely helpless to resist. That didn’t mean she wanted to risk having a baby.

“I see, so you can cum countless times with my cock inside you, but I just want to cum once, and you’re going to tell me to pull out?” I asked.

“How are those comparable?” She cried.

Whether it was by Netori’s allowance or by her boyfriend’s will, he had managed to spit out the gag. “You fucker! You better not cum in her! I swear to god, I’ll kill you!”

“And what if I do? What if she gets pregnant? Will you discard her?”

He lowered his head, a complicated expression on his face. Kimie looked up at him, tears in her eyes even as she was still taking it from behind.

“Deathgrip, I’m sorry…” She said.

He slowly raised his eyes. “I… I won’t leave you!”

“Hal…” Her eyes welled up with tears, a shocked expression on her face.

“Deathgrip’s name is Hal?” I asked.

“Fuck you!” He cursed, but then look back to Kimie. “Kimie, I love you! I don’t want to lose you.”

“Hal… I don’t want to lose you either!” She cried.

Although she still had waves of pleasure shooting through her that she didn’t want to stop, her emotions tumbled around inside and exploded out, having her say things she knew she had no right to say.

“You hear that, fucker!” Deathgrip laughed. “She still loves me! You failed!”

“Ah, but will his little cock even satisfy you after this?” I asked, pulling back Kimie’s hair so she looked at me.

Her expression soured, and her real thoughts showed on the surface.

“I don’t care!” Deathgrip cried out. “It’s just an orgasm, right? I fuck lots of women! If you need to fuck some other guy, it doesn’t matter as long as you always come back to me.”


“And, even if you get pregnant, it doesn’t matter if it’s mine! It’s yours, and that means I will love it too! Fuck, I’m not ready for a kid, but I’ll take responsibility no matter what!”

“Ah, isn’t that nice?”

“Do whatever the hell you want!” he cursed me. “Our love is eternal.”

“I-I’m so happy…” Kimie cried out, and then her eyes rolled up. “Ahhh… it’s cumming out, I’m cumming again!”

“Me too!” I announced.

“W-wait… ahhh… I feel it!”

My cock swelled up and I began to cum deep inside Kimie. Since becoming a demi-god, I was brimming with vitality, and I could cum buckets and buckets if I wanted to. I pumped her womb full of semen, exploding with load after load until no more could fit. The feeling of hot slime filling her up was too much for her.

“I’m so full! I’m sorry, this is going to make me pregnant!” She moaned as her body shuddered in a climax.

“It’s fine, baby, I’ll raise it! I love you! I love you so much! Just don’t leave me!”

“Too much! Ahhhhhn!” Her pussy erupted like a fountain.

Stuffed full of cum, as soon as she climaxed, there was no room for any of it, and thus it exploded out of her hole in a violent mess. At that point, I skillfully pulled away, letting the climaxing girl erupt in a fountain of sex. The smell was thick, and even outside this room, Deathgrip could practically taste it. Suddenly, watching her climax became enjoyable, and with all of the sights and smells, Deathgrip ended up cumming in his pants without even touching it.

I carefully slinked away, and Netori raised her hand, hiding him. Despite the fact he was gone, the couple continued to look at each other and seemed to not even be aware I left, or that I was ever there. After a bit she got up and then spread her legs wide, giving Deathgrip a full few of her cum dripping pussy. She pulled open her hole, showing him the depths of her ruined flower.

“Look, Hal, look at where your baby is going to come from.”

Crying, Deathgrip nodded firmly. “Yeah… my kid. My kid… Baby… please, fucking marry me.”

“Yes! Yes!” She got up and left the room, jumping onto Deathgrip’s lap.

Even though she was covered in my sex, she happily mounted him and the pair kissed like they were in the throes of love. The relationship that had been shallow at first had somehow become extremely firm after this tribulation. Their love for each other inexplicitly became deep and meaningful. It wasn’t clear to me if the two had just completely lost their minds and their grip on reality, or if there was something deep down that made them want this, but they were both extremely happy.

The pair would go on to get married, and Deathgrip would share his wife around with other men. He’d watch her bang various guys while playing with himself. She loved banging other guys, and the bigger the dick, the better. This became one of their favorite past times, and they maintain a great deal of relationship satisfaction because of it. Of course, it’d be a long time before this happened. For the moment, they were just two broken people clinging to whatever happiness they could create.

Netori looked over at me with a complicated expression on her face. “You didn’t steal her. You were supposed to make her yours.”

“I won’t be around forever. How can I make her mine, and then leave her? This won’t bring her happiness.”

“Happiness…” She said distantly. “Is it that important?”

“It’s the only thing that is important. Do you see them? Marriage and NTR leading side by side. They commit to each other but are also open to being with others. That way, they never grow bored in their relationship, and can thus have a stronger unity than most people that just do one of the others.”

“What are you saying?”

“Perhaps, you should consider putting things with Marriage and Harem behind you.”

This time, her expression darkened slightly.

“You sound like Netorare.” She said bitterly.

“Perhaps… you need a little Netorare in your life, and a little Netorase too. You need them, and they need you.”

“You think?”

“When two people want the same thing, they must make a sacrifice. One side wins, one side loses. However, there is another way. You can share everything. There is still a loss, and there is still gain, but I believe there is a balance where every side is happy.”

“I’m not sure I can accept that.”

“When the time comes, you will.”

She turned to look at me. “Just who are you? Really?”

I’m just someone trying to take back what I lost.” I sighed. “Shall we go?”

“Mm… we should.”

Over a week passed by quickly. During that time, I ended up banging the women of various crime bosses and gang members. Not all of them were as tolerant as Deathgrip. Soon, battles broke out on all sides. Netori and I navigated as the street fighting grew to a crescendo. Surprisingly, it wasn’t me who became known and notorious. It was Kana. That’s because she was the one who captured every guy, tied them up, and then made them watch as their girlfriends were turned into onaholes.

I found and put on a mask at that time, just becoming a dick under Kana’s command. After being kidnapped, man after man returned to their gangs. However, how could any man admit what had happened? They rather say they were ruthlessly beaten than that their girlfriends openly cheated on them with a strange man in a mask. Thus, they only complained and griped about Kana, further growing her fame.

A few gangs went out of their way to attack her, but who was she if not a goddess. She sent them flying with the flick of her fingers, and the gangs grew from anger to fear. As time progressed, the actions the pair were taking started affecting the entire community. The women became looser, more willing to put out with any guy, and the men became more tolerant, allowing their girlfriend to cheat a little. Netori’s image began to spread, and far greater than any other time in the past when Netori tried to do such things.

Finally, one day, I was getting ready for another night seeking out more meat when Netori appeared at my door.

“Are you ready to go?” I asked.

“Hakaru, we aren’t going tonight.”

“What? Why?”

“You’ve already fulfilled your part of the bargain. You have fulfilled it since the first day. You helped me spread my name. I’m now in the hearts of dozens of people, and their actions will spread out to another dozen, and then another dozen beyond that. I can’t express my appreciation for what you’ve done enough.”

“What are you saying?”

“It’s time, Hakaru. It’s time you became the god you were meant to be.”

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