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Whether it was my mother or Netori, these were the two women who made me who I was today. My mother who had given birth to me and raised me. She had given everything to me, and in the end, I had thrown it all away. When I thought back to the reasons I had tried to commit suicide, I truly felt like a coward and an idiot.

Yet, Netori had seen something in me, and she had given me a second life that I didn’t deserve. She then filled me up with her knowledge and her power, teaching a foolish cucked boy how to be a man worthy of the love of multiple women. I owed both my lives to the woman in front of me, so when she asked me to have her for the first time, how could I say no. I reached out and grabbed Netori, pulling her toward me. She didn’t pull away or dissipate this time. She was truly giving her body to me.

This wasn’t the first time that she had done this, but something about it felt more real this time. This wasn’t a trick or an illusion like she had played our first time. This was the true Netori, opening her heart and soul for me. I had let her down once, I would never let her down again. My lips found hers, and I gently kissed her. Although my movements were as dominant and aggressive as they were with any woman, there was a care to them that I usually didn’t show.

Every touch and movement was filled with my emotions, emotions that I hadn’t truly expressed since NTR had left me. As she opened up her heart to me, I realized that I was opening my heart up to her as well. I fell against her body, my hands enjoying the feel of this goddess. Although it was my mother’s young virgin body I was touching, I could feel the goddess underneath as well. Her skin buzzed with power, and as my hands ran across her body, I begin to make out the form of my goddess too.

This wasn’t the form she had taken in the future or the form that NTR appeared as. It was her true body. It was something impossible for a mortal to grasp. When gods and goddesses interacted with the mortal plane, they used an Avatar because humans were unable to perceive their true form. If a mortal person was to truly see a goddess, they would likely go blind.

When it was said a goddess was beautiful, the appearance was far more attractive and far grander than a mortal mind could comprehend. When they were in an avatar, that person only saw the feel of the beauty, like looking at the silhouette of a sexy naked woman. You could guess that she was beautiful, but much was lost when compared to seeing her in all her glorious detail. As I felt my goddess, I closed my mind, and I started to see the true Netori.

I could feel the torn part of her, the part where she had broken away from NTR. I could feel the pain, the uncertainty, and the hesitation. I could feel the fear, the determination, and the desire. I could feel every aspect of Netori, and her shape began to form in my mind.

“You’re beautiful,” I whispered into her ear.

Her body shook. The words I spoke weren’t so simple as the appreciation toward a pretty woman. She knew she had been seen. Her everything was exposed, and in the end, there wasn’t a single piece of hesitation in my voice. I slid myself inside her. Although my dick entered her pussy, it was more accurate to say that my soul slid her divine essence.

“Ahhhn!” Netori’s eyes tightened, and her hands squeezed tightly on my arms as she melted against me.

Her divine body grew hot as she felt my soul inside her. This hadn’t been what she expected at all when she offered me her virginity. While such an act would have happened, it was supposed to happen on a superficial level. Our bodies would have bumped uglies, and my soul would have superficially touched her own divinity. She never expected with just a light touch, I would be able to recognize and grasp her true body, let alone that I’d be able to combine my soul against hers.

I didn’t know this, but this was the ultimate form of intimacy. Calling what they were doing sex was a mass understatement. It was a true unity of souls. It was something she hadn’t even done with Harem! After all, she was Netori, a fickle woman who blew through the world like the wind. To have a man grab hold of her and take her so thoroughly, Netori’s brain had already lost all reason.

“Hakaru… Hakaru…” She panted as Hakaru thrust into her.

To an outside observer, Hakaru had pushed Kana down onto a step and was now wildly thrusting into her as she moaned with delight. Both had their eyes closed, completely lost in concentration, their brow furrowed. However, passed that, the pair had entered their own little world. Hakaru’s true soul made love to Netori’s divine body. The intense pleasure of it exploded to every part of her pristine and godly body.

The feel of it all was extremely pleasing, more satisfying than any amount of normal sex. It wasn’t just a matter of pleasure, but a matter of feeling, and feelings flooded into her mind that left her shocked. With Hakaru inside her, she was vividly aware of what he was experiencing, and she could feel the intense love and adoration he had for her.

Netori had experienced the love of fans and worshipers, and the hatred of detractors. However, the intense feelings from Hakaru were far more intense than love. He wasn’t just her biggest follower, he was her everything. It caused Netori’s mind to shift. She wanted this. She wanted all of this. Hakaru was her everything, and she wanted to become his everything.

Until that moment, Netori had still had a lingering attachment to Harem. Deep down, she still loved and craved him. Even when she spoke of replacing him earlier, there was a part of her who only wanted to do that like a pouty ex wanting to make him notice her. As Hakaru blasted away all thought and reason within her, she found herself letting go of those other desires too. She didn’t need him anymore. Why would she? She found something much more wonderful.

She immersed herself in Hakaru’s emotions, her body tingling, growing hotter and hotter. She melted into him, wanting to become a part of him, wanting to become all of him. What she didn’t realize, is that somewhere else across the planet, her emotions were being transmitted.

Netorase nearly collapsed as her soul started to feel like it was on fire. Her loins burned, and she felt a mark being left on her soul. The same thing happened somewhere else. A goddess named Netorare also collapsed. Just what was this feeling? What was going on? Why did she feel so good?

The wound where the three of them glowed, and they felt a pull, the three of them having their feelings in sync. It lasted for a total of fifteen minutes. Hakaru had Netori, putting three women through sexual agony as their divine body was tasted by Hakaru, marked by Hakaru, shaped by Hakaru.

“C-c-cumming!” Netori moaned.

“Ahhh! I’m cumming!” Netorase shouted.

“It’s coming out!” Netorare cried.

“I love you,” Hakaru whispered, and he started to cum inside her.

Hot life shot into Netori, and her mind and body melted. She collapsed into a heap on the floor. Kana and Hakaru were both covered in a sheen of sweat. Her body wasn’t just exhausted, but so was her soul. As Hakaru’s soul steadily pulled away from her, she felt a sense of extreme loss. She wanted that feeling to last forever.

As the feeling dissipated, and Netori returned to normal, the link between the three of them disappeared. To Netori at ground zero, she had never even realized what happened. She had felt the pull, and through that, she had been inspired. Perhaps, there was a way that she could be put back together, and recover NTR.

As for the other girls, they knew exactly what happened, but both girls reacted differently. Netorase stood up, a puddle of her own lust left on the floor. The nearby gods and goddesses who were in that particular atrium all gave her strange looks. However, she ignored them. Rather, she licked her lips, her eyes flashing with desire and excitement.

“Hakaru… huh?”

Somewhere else, Netorare also peeled herself off the ground, flopping over as she regained her breath. She wanted to deny what just happened. It was absolutely impossible! She gritted her teeth.

“I won’t lose! I won’t!”

As for Netori, she went to sleep, her body pressed against Hakaru, unwilling to leave. She was a bit confused as to what happened or why, but she was even more afraid of losing this moment. Unfortunately, time waits for no one, and eventually, Hakaru’s eyes snapped open and he sat up. He looked around in confusion, only to see they were still at the foot of the hill. He recalled going to push her down, but then it all sort of became a blur.

“I won’t be able to stay on earth much longer.”

These words caused Hakaru to look back, where he saw Netori sitting on the bottom step of the stairway. She looked different. If anything, she looked even more radiant and beautiful. The sadness in her eyes had disappeared completely. Her entire body seemed relaxed, and she seemed almost exactly like the Netori he had come to know and remember.

“Hakaru…” She said. “So, you will be the next Harem, huh?”

“…” I didn’t know what to say, I opened my mouth to speak.

“Don’t say. I already know enough. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.” She stood up and then dropped something in front of me.

I looked down to see my wallet sitting there. My identification cards were all in there. If she had looked, then she would know I didn’t come from this time!

“Th-thief!” I cursed.

She giggled. “I’m the thief you love… but aren’t you the one who stole my heart?”

I looked up at her, tears forming in my eyes. “Netori… I tried, but…”

“Shhh…” She held up her finger. “I’ll take care of everything else, as long as Hakaru takes care of me.”

I clenched my teeth, thinking about it fiercely until my body shook. Then I stood up and nodded.

“I will! I will take you completely.”

“Dummy…” She whispered. “You already have…”


“Nothing!” Her face turned red. “We will part from here. I have a few things I must prepare for this woman. Once you reach heaven, I don’t expect us to meet for some time.”

My eyes lowered. “But we will meet again!”

She smirked. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Good!” I nodded.

“Oh! And… look after our baby for me!”


She touched her stomach, blushing. “After such a wonderful time, how could I not want a souvenir?”


“Don’t worry, although goddesses aren’t allowed to have babies with mortals, you’re a demi-god about to reach godhood, so no one should mind. As for our baby, I’ll make sure this woman sleeps with another man and he’ll raise it! Ahhh! I sound like Cuckold, but something about tricking these two into raising our baby makes me happy!” She put her hands on her cheeks as she blushed.

“Th-th-that’s my mother!”

She blinked and then laughed. “Oops! Wait… I didn’t make you your own father, did I?”

My eyes opened so wide that they burned, but then I shook my head. “No, wait… I’m the second child. Maria is… oh… my… god!”

“Maria? Hehe… I like the name of that! In that case, I’ll make sure you’re born. I might need to lock my own memories too, just so this all works out right. So much to do, and no time to do it! Farewell, my love. Oh, and here are the instructions on that fallen god!”

A folded letter appeared in my hand, but I ignored it. “W-wait! We need to talk about our daughter! You’re joking, right! Please say you’re joking!”

Netori had already disappeared. As for me, I was left with the realization that I didn’t rape my sister, I raped my daughter!

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