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“I can’t believe she sent me this far away.” I grumbled.

Two weeks had passed since I had ended up in the past. Honestly, it wasn’t that big of a deal. I didn’t have anything but time. It still left me extremely annoyed. I may be closing the gap between god and demi-god, but one thing I couldn’t do was teleport. Netori could have teleported exactly where she wanted me to go. Instead, she gave me instructions to head to a place in Europe, and then left me in the same little town.

Last week, I had to do a lot of things to establish an identity and fly overseas. Now, I was backpacking out seemingly in the middle of nowhere on the shores of Italy. This entire thing felt ridiculous, but if I backed out now, then I would likely be giving up my chance at becoming a god. The location I was looking for was merely called the tomb of the fallen god. Supposedly, a fallen goddess was there, and if I managed to taste her, I’d be able to become a god. At that point, I’d at least be able to enter heaven and have a chance at saving Marriage and NTR.   

I finally found the spot indicated in Netori’s sloppily drawn map. It really would have been nice if she put a little more effort into it. I was on the beach, and an X marked a spot directly under me. It only took me a moment to realize the supposed entrance was likely buried in the sand. I had already anticipated this much, though, so I reached into my pack and pulled out a shovel. With that, I began digging up sand.

I had hoped that it wouldn’t be a big deal, and after five minutes of digging, I’d run into it. However, if a fallen god was easy to reach, then wouldn’t they be common. I dug and dug, stopping only to reach and rest. A week went by, and I had long since shoveled away mountains of sand and was now working on dirt. I was at least thirty feet underground now.

“Is it really here? Maybe I read the map wrong?” I muttered as I worked.

That wasn’t the first time I had thought such words. I had reviewed her map over and over again, and I was certain this was the place. Just when I was thinking it was about time to take another break and check again, my shovel hit something I couldn’t pierce. I fought from getting my hopes up. If I just hit a big stone, then it’d be embarrassing getting too excited. Slowly and methodically, I excavated whatever I had struck. It turned out to be a giant stone. Although there had once been ornate details carved into it, the time had wiped it all away except for some very faint lines.

If an archeologist saw this, they would probably lose their shit. This was a discovery that would sweep the world by storm. Then again, anyone who tried to empty the building would likely die a horrible fate. As for how I could enter, it involved twisting off a stone lid. Using crowbars and leverage, it was another two days before It finally burst open. Ancient air from a time I couldn’t even imagine rushed out and struck my face.

With the cover open, there was a dark hole in the ground. I could see narrow stone steps leading into the darkness. Taking a breath, I left my hole and tool a small break. I wiped off my sweat, cleaned up, and got fresh clothing. If this woman ended up being some old-decrepit corpse, I was going to kill Netori. I hadn’t considered such a joke in this world, but perhaps my only choice to obtain godhood was to lay with some monster. Shivering, I took an even longer break. Finally, once I realized I was just delaying the inevitable, I grabbed a flashlight and entered the tomb.

Turning on the flashlight, I started walking down. The tomb was extremely cold, and the smell was stale and unpleasant. I immediately walked through a doorway and got a face full of cobwebs. Spitting it out, I continued on a long hallway. As I went, I could hear a wet, slithering sound in the distance. It was strangely pleasant to the ears, almost alluring. Immediately, I shook my head and put my game face on.

Netori claimed that the woman I was seeking out wasn’t easy prey. She was a seductress who could easily eat men up. She might be my last option to obtain godhood, but even my ability, godless, which kept me from being targeted by abilities didn’t leave Netori with the confidence that I could face this woman and live. I needed to be completely alert. As for those sounds, the more soothing they sounded, the more on edge I became.

As I walked deeper into the tomb, the cobwebs and decay gave way, and the hallway started to look nicer and nicer. It began to look like a tomb that was sealed recently rather than one that was sealed untold eons ago. That’s when I realized that the sconces were lit. I came into clear light, with either side of the hallway lit with flames. I didn’t know if those flames suddenly lit, or if they had always been lit. As I grew closer, the slithering sounds got louder, and the tomb began to look ornate, the walls seemingly made of gold with diamonds and gems inlaid within them.

Finally, I reached the final door. It resembled the door outside, but it had absolutely no wear and tear. As for the images on it, they were images of snakes and demons. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling. Why couldn’t this have been the goddess of candy and unicorns? That would be much more agreeable. I stopped at this spot, hesitating what I was going to do next. I bet the entrance was a bit easier to open than the last one since it contained no rust or decay. However, there was no telling what was beyond there, and my foreboding feeling had reached a point where I wanted to turn back.

“Come in.” A female whisper sounded like it was right next to my ear.

There was a woosh, and the door opened of its own accord. I covered my eyes as air rushed out, but it contained no dust, and in fact, smelled crisp and full of life. It was fresh air. There was also a bright light assaulting my eyes from beyond the door. Slowly, I allowed my eyes to adjust as I cautiously moved forward. I found myself stepping out into a beautiful meadow. The sun was beating down overhead, the sky was blue, with only a hand full of fluffy clouds in the sky. I could even hear the sounds of birds and insects. The slithering sound had disappeared.

“An… illusion?”

I could feel the heat on my face. I could smell the fresh scent of life. However, I was underground by at least fifty feet. There was no way I could be seeing the sun. Therefore, this had to be some kind of illusions.

“It’s not.” A sweet, feminine voice said.

My eyes traveled to the source. There was a large hill covered in moist green grass. At the very top of that hill was a single large tree. Hanging from that tree was some kind of red fruit that resembled an apple. Sitting at the base was a woman, who sat there completely naked, lounging against the tree. She might be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, standing even a bit beyond NTR and Marriage. She had long, brunette hair, pert, luscious breasts, and a devilishly tantalizing body. She was truly perfect.

I closed my eyes, once again trying to will the illusions away. However, when I opened them, she was still sitting there. She gave me a tempting smirk, and my heart felt like it’d burst out of my chest.

“H-hello…” I greeted her, keeping my feet locked in place.


She had said only those words, but without though my feet betrayed me. I found myself walking up the hill to her. My breath quickened and my heartbeat thumped in my chest. As I approached, I began to notice a few unnerving things. First off, there was a snake wrapped around her shoulders. Secondly, the tree above was filled with various snakes slithering through the branches. Occasionally, one would open its mouth and eat a fruit.

The woman lifted a hand, and a fruit from the tree suddenly fell and landed in her grasp. She then held it out to me.

“Hungry? Would you like a taste?”

Although it seemed like she was asking about the fruit, her eyes seemed to be offering so much more. I gulped, feeling like maybe I was not prepared at all for this.

I shook my head. “That’s not why I’m here.”

“I see…” She shrugged. “Then… why are you here, Hakaru?”

I blinked, taking a step back. “You know my name?”

She let out a laugh, which was as sweet as it was alluring. “Of course, I know everything. You come into my love’s tomb, and you don’t even know that much?”

“You’re not the fallen god?”

This was the tomb of the fallen god, but she just referred to someone else as the person of this tomb.

She giggled. “You know so little, and yet you dared to walk in here. You’re like a little lamb coming right up for the slaughter.”

My eyes darkened. “Just because I don’t know, doesn’t mean I’m not confident in my abilities.”

She smiled, ignoring my threat. “I know you’re confident. I know everything about you.”

“Then why don’t you know why I’m here?” I asked.

Her smile flickered for a moment, and then she let out a sigh. “I know everything about your mortal life. Alas, I can not see into the realm of the gods. That is something denied to the likes of us on the mortal plane.”

“So, you don’t know anything…” I let out a breath of relief.

“Che… cocky!” She glared for a moment, the snake on her shoulder flipping its tongue.

“I’m sorry, I am also ignorant of many things. Perhaps, you can help.” I lowered my head, remembering I was supposed to be getting in this woman’s good graces.

“Then, let me tell you what you don’t know.” The woman responded, flipping her hair as her smile recovered. “Above me is a tree that breeds the fruit known as Ambrosia. You may have heard of it by another name, the tree of knowledge. By biting a fruit, I was able to obtain what I know about you. However, this truth only contains the knowledge of the mortal world. It appears your life has been touched by the gods. For that, I cannot see.”

“I see…”

I had already guessed that a bit. A naked woman, snakes, and a tree in a beautiful paradise, it was either the tree of knowledge or a joke.

“As for this tomb, this tomb is made for my love, Lucifer.”

I nearly spit at that point. “The devil!”

“Hmph! Don’t believe everything you hear. He was the god of temptation, born at the beginning of man.”


“He was killed. Murdered by a treacherous bastard and his slut of a girlfriend.”

“Lucifer was killed!”

“Hmph… do you think the current god of temptation holds a candle to my prince? To think, the man known as the father of lies would fall… to Procreation and that bitch NTR!”


“That woman! I hate her! I hate her so much! Her, and that bastard Procreation! Everything was just fine between me and Adam! Then, that slutty little bitch Eve came along, and NTR tempted Adam while Procreation taught him about the joys of fucking like dogs! It was my lovely man Lucifer who used temptation to get them kicked from the garden… and what happens? NTR seduces him, poisons him, and that bastard Procreation finished him off! The next thing I know, I’ve been cast down to the mortal plane only to spend an eternity trapped within this tomb, forcing women into a submissive role toward men through all of history!”

Her voice rose as she spoke, and all the snakes became angry. Her face didn’t stop being beautiful, but it gave off a dangerous vibe, and even that looked sexy.

“Huh?” I could barely even speak, there were so many confusing things she just said. “Who are you?”

“I am Lilith, the goddess of women!”

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