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I felt incredibly irritated at Netori right now. I knew that she was flighty and irresponsible, but it would have been nice if she had told me her history with Lilith here. I didn’t know that NTR and Procreation had interactions with the Christian Bible. I’m sure the stories didn’t match up perfectly, but this still felt like too much. Lilith was believed to be the first woman, but since she was Adam’s equal, she was discarded in exchange for Eve. Then, Lucifer tempted Eve with the apple of knowledge, and Adam and Eve were cast from the Garden of Eden. There, they gained mortal bodies, as well as the ability to reproduce.

The way Lilith tells it, her and Adam were a thing in an age before sex was a thing. Eve came along, and NTR’s seeming first act was to cuck Lilith. When Lucifer retaliated by forcing them to be punished for their sins, Procreation was created, and NTR conspired with him to destroy Lucifer. That was the story as she saw it. There was just one little caveat, and that was that NTR was being manipulated too. Although Lilith seemed to know his true identity, NTR did not. It was likely she thought that he was Harem. Perhaps, the original NTR tried to create a harem for Adam, and it backfired. She blamed Lilith, Lilith blamed her, and Procreation managed to gain power. It seemed to be that he had been manipulating everything from the very beginning.

Naturally, I didn’t think I’d ever learn the whole story. It was so long ago that even they probably didn’t remember the details. Just because I sympathized with Lilith didn’t mean I didn’t have my own wants and desires either. I had to remain focused on my goals. I was going to taste Lilith, become a god, and gain the power to finally usurp Procreation, becoming the new harem. It was much easier said than done.

With a breath, I put a smile on my face, putting aside my fear and hesitation and bringing out my best side. “What Procreation and NTR did to you was wrong. Procreation deserves to die a horrible death!”

Her eyes which had drifted off in introspection suddenly snapped back to mine. She had bright green eyes, and while they weren’t like that of a snake, the way she looked at me unblinkingly reminded me of a snake. This didn’t make her appear ugly, but dangerous. Somehow, the dangerousness gave her an even greater beauty.

“You’re a man…” She snorted. “What can a man know about the plights of women?”

“As a man, I can see what you cannot.”


“I can see your beauty and your strength. I can see you entirely. Most of all, I can see you, as a woman.”

Her expression flickered. “Adam used to tell me such words too… then I caught him with his thingy in Eve’s mouth. What good is such a thing anyway? She moaned like it was the tastiest thing ever, but how could anyone enjoy sucking on such a thing!”

“I’m not Adam,” I responded. “And I won’t make promises of undying loyalty. What I want isn’t so simple.”

Her eyes narrowed and a twisted smile formed on her face. “Yes, I know. You want to take my special thing and my power, becoming a god!”

I couldn’t stop myself from making a face at that time. “This is…”

“Hehe… do you think you’re the first man to try such acts? Although my true name is Lilith, I’ve gone by other names too. I’ve also been known as Naga, Hydra, and Medusa.”


“You’d have already been turned to stone if you weren’t being protected by a certain goddess.” She stood up.

“Ah, goddess?” Now, I was alarmed.

I took a step back, but Lilith suddenly disappeared and then appeared right next to me. She leaned forward.

“I smell her on you.” She said in a cold voice, the smile on her face growing more malevolent.

“Smell? What? What smell?” I tried to play it off as nothing.

She let out a laugh. “The smell is different, I admit. It feels… distant, incomplete. However, how could I not smell that skank NTR? Admit it. She sent you here!”

“She didn’t.” I declared, shaking my head. “The one you know as NTR was destroyed many years ago, broken apart into minor gods. Netori is only one of those gods, a fragment.”

“Part or whole… I hate every piece of her being!” Lilith snarled.

“Look, Netori wronged you. I understand that. However, I can set you free. We can leave this tomb.”

“Why do you think I allowed you to live up until now?” she cocked her head. “I won’t make the same mistake twice.”


“There was once another demi-god who wandered in my tomb. His name was Perseus. I had compassion for him, and I wasn’t willing to do whatever it took to escape. He then left and started telling everyone he took my maidenhead! That bastard! I’ll handle things differently this time.”

I fought from making a face. If I remembered my ancient Greek stories, Perseus was known for cutting off Medusa’s head. I guess, over time, the story had changed. Originally, he had gone around claiming her banged her, and took her virginity, and over time, taking her maidenhead turned to just taking her head. Many stories suggested that the source of her power resided in her head, and once it was severed, you could take her power. Wasn’t that exactly what I was trying to do?

“What do you mean that things are different?” I asked as she walked around me, and despite being naked, seemed just as dangerous and dreadful.

“I’m not a cruel woman.” She sighed. “And although you seem to be attached to the woman I hate the most in this world, I won’t destroy you without you understanding what is happening. You wish to use me to ascend to godhood. Instead, I will turn things around and use you. Be lucky, Demi-god. I wasn’t ready or willing to sacrifice my maidenhead to Perseus all those years ago, but I’m prepared now.

“Except, it won’t be you gaining power. It will be me. I will absorb your essence and power, and use it to break free of this tomb once and for all. Then, I’ll be able to return to heaven, and exact my vengeance on those two bastards!”

“The heavenly world has changed a lot since you were last there,” I warned.

“You forget, I have the tree of knowledge. It has allowed me to spy on the mortal world all this time, and while I cannot see things related to gods, the gods of heaven are merely a reflection of the mortals below. I feel I am confident in what I can expect. As for you, kindly become my sacrifice.”

As she said that, I suddenly felt a piercing pain in my ankle. I looked down to see a snake biting me. I let out a noise and tried to back up, but that was when I realized that I couldn’t move. I was completely frozen.

“There are many ways to get around a goddess’s tricks. The venom paralyzes.” Lilith explained. “However, the part of you that I need should still work.”

“Wait… we can talk about this.” I was able to speak, but I could barely move my lips so it sounded a bit strained.

“I’m done talking.” She waved her hand, and the clothing on me exploded off, revealing my naked body.

She looked me up and down, her hand coming out and gently resting on my chest. Although her expression was serious and she looked determined, there was a layer of innocence and childishness to her actions. It was clear she hadn’t seen many naked men before. Her hand slowly moved on my chest, and there was a strangely alluring flash of delight. She continued to survey my entire body, savoring my appearance. When her eyes landed on my dick, they widened.

“Y-you’re… quite a bit bigger than Adam.” She gasped. “I-it’s fine. Without any sacrifice, how can I experience any reward?”

“Lilith… please. We can work together. I’m actually looking to defeat Procreation and NTR too.”

“You think you can deceive me, Hakaru?” Her eyes flashed angrily.

“It’s true! Procreation… he calls himself Harem now. He tricked NTR, just like everyone else. I want to reach heaven so that I can take his power away! I want to become the true Harem god.”

“Harems…” her face turned ugly. “Just like a man to want to collect women! Stop resisting and just accept the fate that you deserve!”

With that, her hand that had been on my chest pushed. I fell back like a log. However, I didn’t feel a thud when I hit the ground. Rather, the extremely soft mossy grass was shockingly springy, and I landed softly, like falling into a bed of feathers. She looked down at my thing, a small frown on her face.

“Why is your thing not hard? It should be hard!”

I could only give a helpless look. It was true, she was beautiful and naked, but without a little bit of foreplay, I couldn’t get it up even if I wanted to. As far as telling her, I wasn’t nearly so self-destructive. If she was going to absorb my essence, I assumed that would probably kill me. In that case, why would I help her at all? The only thing I could do was try to convince her I wasn’t her enemy? Was that true? Even I didn’t know. Wasn’t I just there to use her?

“I see… it seems like I misunderstood the reason she put the thing in her mouth. It must be the means of activating it!”

“Don’t you have the tree of knowledge?’ I asked incredulously.

“Hmph! That is that, and this is this! The fruit only reveals what you want to know, it doesn’t fill your head with all knowledge or something. That slut Eve filled her head with such crude knowledge, and suddenly they were wearing those weird skins, and doing strange things with each other’s bodies! I would never profane my body with such knowledge!”

“I see… in other words, you’re completely inexperienced when it comes to sex!”

“Geh! I-I know plenty! I know your thing goes in my thingy! I know about my maidenhead! I know babies grow in your stomach and then are delivered by storks! Why are you making that face? Are you making fun of me?”

“No, rather, it seems like you’ll need to learn some things.”

“Don’t you mind that, Hakaru the demi-god!” She huffed, crossing her arms over her chest while puffing out her cheeks. “I’m an extremely fast learner! I will figure out this sex thing and I’ll sex you so hard! Ah! It’s getting erect!”

“You’re just acting so adorable. I can’t help it.” I sighed.

My dick was truly betraying me. I had thought Lilith was a major threat, but it turned out she was as naïve as… well… Adam and Eve before the apple. At least, when it came to sexuality, she knew nothing. She was probably quite knowledgeable when it came to other things. I wondered why, despite her personality, she had no qualms about me seeing her naked? She had even ripped off my clothing as soon as possible, and looked at my naked body with child-like curiosity, without the least bit of shame. It turned out that she had no reference for any of that, so to her, it wasn’t shameful.  

Just thinking about the possibilities of soiling such a blank slate, my sadistic side caused me to grow aroused. However, for the current me who was about to be absorbed by her, that was a complete betrayal.

“Then, since it is already aroused, I’ll just have to slide it in.” She said, sounding like she was trying to work out the logistics in her head.

“Without lube?”

“L-lube?” She blinked.

“Ah, that’s right, you don’t know…” I bit my lip.

“Tell me! I order you!” She demanded, pointing down at me.

“For it to slid in, your pussy must be wet.”

“W-wet? Like water?”

“No… water won’t work… it needs to be your own fluids.”

“G-gross!” She made a face and then bit her lip. “Then, if I wet your cock instead, will that work?”

“I suppose it will?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Then, it looks like it is fated! I will put that thing in my mouth!”

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