Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“It smells weird.” She made a face after getting close to it. “Is this really necessary?”

“You’re welcome to just shove it in dry, but don’t blame me.”

“Alright! I get it. Hmph!” She put her face down and grabbed my cock, then opened her mouth and sucked on the tip like it was a lollipop.

I closed my mouth and let out a moan, causing her to jump.

“Wh-what? Did it hurt?”

“How could that be? And aren’t you planning on sucking me dry, so why do you care if I’m hurt?”

“You… since this will be the last experience you ever have, I should at least allow it to be pleasurable.” She muttered.

I watched her as her head started to bob up and down, thinking back to everything she had said. She was the goddess of women, and true to her name, she truly felt like a perfect woman in shape, form, and demeanor. She even seemed to have an innate desire to take care of her man! The delectable little virgin giving her best contrasted badly with the snake-like goddess who wanted to consume my soul to get revenge. I didn’t know how to reconcile the two women.

“It’s salty…” She mumbled, seemingly speaking to herself. “I don’t hate it though.”

Well, at least she liked the taste. I hid the incredulous expression on my face. I supposed when you’re trapped in a tomb for most of human history, you talk to yourself a lot. Maybe it was something like that.

Even though her blowjob wasn’t at the skill of a professional, her mouth felt good. She was a beautiful goddess, after all, and she had the visage of a perfect woman. Her naked body bent over and sucking my cock, it was beyond incredible. Thankfully, she had gotten rid of the snake, although my eyes still scanned the grass afraid another one would crawl up and bite me.

The paralysis she gave me kept me from moving, but my cock was now fully erect and ready to go. With my blood pumping hard, I felt like I might regain my ability to move in due time, but at the moment I was completely at her whim. I just needed to hold on long enough until I regained my strength, then I would flip the tables on her.

“Mmm… Mmmggmmm… mmmm…” her throat moaned as her head moved up and down my shaft.

The wet feel of her mouth was very erotic, and her tongue moved in various pleasing patterns that left me feeling particularly good. I found myself enjoying her mouth immensely. Plus, she looked extremely cute as she did, her face filled with determination like this was the most important thing. Considering, all of her goals started by finishing me off, perhaps it was the most important thing in her mind.

“Okay…” She gasped, swallowed hard, and panting as she looked at the cock.

It looked like it had excited her a bit and she got carried away. If she had just needed to get it wet, it probably hadn’t required five minutes of hard sucking. However, after the taste and smell, something came over her and she felt slightly giddy. Even now that she finally pulled away, she felt a strong desire to suck on it some more.

“Now, it’s time.” She clenched her fists firmly and swing her leg over me and squatted down.

Her little pink flower, the very essence of feminine purity, hovers vicariously over my cock, which was sticking at full staff ready to penetrate her insides deeply. I wondered what would happen if I deflowered the goddess of women. Would women stop being born with hymens? Would they find virginity as some special part of themselves? If women defined their identity as women based on this one, then it made sense that by losing their virginity, they’d think they’d lost a fragment of what made them a woman. In that case, if she is deflowered, wouldn’t it become the inverse? Women would be eager to lose their virginity so that they could feel like a woman? I couldn’t say if any of that was true… but it did leave me excited for the moment.

She slowly lowered herself down, and the head of my cock started to push into her. Her hands grabbed my chest and she started scratching it as her entire body shuddered.

“It’s… it’s so big…” She gasped. “I’m splitting open.”

“It’s not even in yet,” I responded helplessly.

“Ahh… Ahhh… it’s too much…” She was still lowering herself, but it was infinitely slow. Her wet juices smeared on the head of my cock, but still, there was no penetration. Her eyes were closed and she was practically going crazy, but the moment still lingered on the cusp. With this beautiful woman on top of me, her pussy lips wrapped wetly around my cock, the head pressing against her entrance and threatening to enter with the slightest breeze, it was agony. However, Lilith was too scared, or perhaps she was unable to sacrifice something that had been a part of her for her entire creation.

I didn’t want my soul to be sucked out, but I also couldn’t stand this feeling either. As I felt her there teasing me, my body began to boil, and I felt like the paralysis that had been holding me started to evaporate. I could feel a rising power of divinity, and I realized that this was the power Netori had given me. It was dissolving the poison and giving me strength. Ultimately, I had been pushed to this point because I didn’t know how to activate such a power.

My hands reach up. I’m unable to control myself any longer. Grabbing her hips, I plunge her down on my cock. It finally tears into her.

“Ngghhhh!” She cried out, her eyes popping open.

Her insides were tight. I managed to force her to take it all in a single thrust. Her lewd womanly body was just more that I could stand. I couldn’t stop exploring her entire pussy with my cock. As for defining the feeling. It was out of this world. She fit like a glove as if her body was made just for mine. As the perfect woman, it would likely feel this way for any man, but I was the one who had her first. If I made Lilith fit me, did that mean all woman would become fit for me?

“Your cock is too big!” She whined.

“Isn’t it just that your pussy is too small?” I teased.

“It’s not…” She panted. “Ahhh… Hahhh… AAhn…”

Even though I had savagely pierced her, her body started moving on its own. She was the ultimate woman, and the ultimate woman now had a dick in her. Her body instinctively knew what to do, just how her amateur blowjob had contained no mistakes, nor did her own sex. She began to rock her hips, bobbing up and down on my cock excitedly, her hand on my chest. She occasionally scratched my chest as her body writhed with pleasure.

“Your thing is rubbing all of my sweet spots…. Nghhh…” She panted. “My hips have a mind of their own. I can’t stop! Ahh… Ahhhh!”

She truly did look like her body was functioning outside of her control. Her lower half moved aggressively rocking on my cock, while her topside looked slightly awkward.

“This raw feeling, it’s incredible!” She moaned.

“Like you’d even know any other way?” I snorted.

Feeling like the paralysis was finally completely gone, this time I grabbed her and flipped her, pushing her down on the grass instead. While on my knees, I pushed into her roughly.

“You! The paralysis is gone!”

The first time I had grabbed her, she had been so surprised, she hadn’t even realized the paralysis had worn off. She then completely forgot about it while enjoying her own lust. However, after moving my entire body and shoving her under me, she couldn’t deny it anymore. However, she was still trapped, her womanly body being compelled to work with my body. After all, the only point of being a woman came when reacting to a man. I was finally completing an ingrained part of herself that she had ignored.

In this case, there might have been some kind of disconnect between her and the mortal plane. Usually, the mortal plane reflected the gods, and the gods reflected the mortal plane. However, she had been trapped here, an eternal widow, and a major aspect of her womanhood had been denied to her. Now that she was getting that, she was feeling completeness that she had never felt in her life.

“You’re… too intense!” She moaned. “I… it’s sensitive… Ahhhn… I’m cumming!”

She couldn’t fight her body’s willing submission. Even if her mind tried to protest, it was quickly overridden.

“You’re pressing into me. My womb! I can feel you so close to my womb!” She cried out. “You’re reaching the deepest parts of my pussy! Amazing! Ahhh… Amazing!”

She began to cum, her pussy erupting like a fountain with no escape. After all, I had her hole plugged, and I didn’t plan to go anywhere as I continued to take her pussy. Wet noises filled the tomb. If Lucifer were alive, how would he feel about the girl he had given his life for banging on the top of his tomb. Maybe I shouldn’t think such thoughts while cucking the devil. That seemed like something that would give me bad luck.

If I thought that cumming would cause her body to calm down, I was completely mistaken. After she experienced an orgasm, she became even more frantic. Although I was thrusting down into her, she wasn’t any less animated as she thrust up to me. Her hips moved with great vigor, slamming our parts together aggressively.

“Yes! Yes… Hakaru! Yes! Make me yours! Make it shaped only to you! I’m Hakaru’s! I’m Hakaru’s!”

The thing about a virgin girl who has only spoken to a handful of men her entire life is that her heart was far too easy to win. A single sexual encounter, no, a single orgasm, and she was convinced she was in love. It was truly unavoidable. Women fell in love with men, and a woman with no defenses up around men would fall the hardest. Her thoughts of consuming me evaporated like smoke.

In many ways, what was supposed to be the hardest conquest I should have ever faced turned into the easiest. From the second she agreed to stick it in, I had already won. Neither of us realized that until this moment.

“Ah… I’m going to cum!” I cried out.

Her perfect female form giving everything toward uniting with me in body was more than I could stand. Rather than grow shocked or afraid, Lilith’s eyes flashed excitedly.

“Ahhhn! Yes… deep! Cum deep in my womb! I want Hakaru’s baby! Give me babies!” The goddess of women had never had a baby, the most defining thing that made a woman a woman.

The thought of my semen shooting inside her was enough to make her orgasm again and again endlessly. She wanted to become pregnant. She wanted to have a baby. She wanted to be a woman. I was happy to oblige, carried by her growing momentum that could no longer be controlled. My cock erupted, and I exploded hot cum deep inside her.

“Ahhhhnn! I feel it! I feel myself getting pregnant!”

I had no clue if that was true, but I was too excited at the moment to focus on that. I felt a growing sense of pleasure. It started in my groin, but then it carried out through my entire body. It was only at that moment that I realized that the entire tomb was shaking. No, it wasn’t shaking, it was collapsing. Giant pieces of rock were falling, burying the surreal underground environment. The sky looked like it was cracking and shattering.

Lilith clung to me in delight, seemingly oblivious as the world fell around her. I held on, and the power in me grew and grew, filling my body from my head to my toes. I was starting to grow frightened. I felt like I might explode.

“Relax, let it happen,” Lilith whispered in my ear.

I calmed down, holding onto her. Rocks began to fall on top of us, burying us. However, I didn’t feel it. I could only feel Lilith. The two of us clung to each other, floating naked through an abyss. Then, the power reached a critical point, and I felt my body burn away. It didn’t feel painful. Rather, it felt strangely relaxing, like a snake must feel when it released its previous layer of skin. I wasn’t dying, I was freeing my soul from Earthly confines.

One moment, I was clinging to Lilith, buried in mountains of dirt. A moment later, I was standing in a world of white. I had done it. I had become a god.

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