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The next morning, I awoke to an empty room. They usually left in the morning before I woke up. Maybe, she sobered up and realized this was all a mistake. Maybe, she had a planned breakfast with her husband, and had to race straight to him only to pretend that she hadn’t spent the entire night cheating on him with a stranger. I’d love to see the look on that man’s face if he saw all the things his wife did that night which she’d never do for him.

Then again, it’d be stranger if they were still in my room by the time I woke up, since I didn’t usually wake up until later in the afternoon. I groggily got out of my bed and opened a nearby window, letting out the thick smell of sex. I had already negotiated with the hotel to clean my room in the evenings when I wasn’t around. After all, when I brought a new girl to the room, the mess the last girl left on the bed would certainly make things awkward.

Of course, my actions had caught the eyes of several of the maids. I had considered playing with a few of them, but I had a policy of not messing with my living conditions. These women had access to my room, so it was better if I left it to light flirting. I opened up the small minifridge and pulled out a water, taking a sip and swishing it around in my mouth to get the day old taste of pussy out of my mouth. I then went to the bathroom sink and spit it out.

I turned on the shower and washed up, bushed my teeth, and finally started to get dressed. I wore some rather fine clothing that was hung up in my closet in pristine shape. This suit was cared for much different than the crumbled-up clothing that I had sitting in the corner of the room. I finished by using some hair gel and styling my hair. No one would guess the nicely dressed and suave man before them had spent the whole night drinking and having sex.

I left my room and headed down to the hotel bar where I ordered a light meal just to fill me up. The bartender was a guy, so I spared my charms and responded instead with money. I had enough to spare. Receiving a nod from the hotel concierge, I gave her my best smile and she giggled as I walked out the door.

The sun was still up, but it was starting to set and the typical night-lifers were just starting to come out into view. The streets were lined with hourly love hotels, sex shops, hentai comic stores, clubs, and bars. As I walked down the sidewalk, my fancy appearance caught the eyes of many women. However, I had places to be and didn’t have time to flirt.

There were several women working the streets too, but they didn’t glance my direction at all. They had long since learned that I didn’t have much interest in whores, and I didn’t pay for sex. They concentrated flashing their bodies and their smiles to men that might put money in their pocket. Still, there was a mutual respect their, and some of the older and more experienced hookers gave me a nod, which I returned.

I finally turned into an alley, entering the backdoor of a fancy looking lounge that was just starting to turn on its neon lights. I entered into a back hallway. Immediately to my left was a kitchen that had some cooks clattering away inside. I ignored that and started walking down the hallway lined with dressing rooms and private chambers. Although this area was technically reserved for business, a few lucky women might find themselves being brought back here for various reasons.

“What do you think you’re doing here?” A voice caused me to turn and see a short man who was poking his head out of one of the rooms, his office.

He was the owner of this club, and a rather unattractive man. Considering the line of business he ran, it was strange that he lacked the charisma or attractiveness of the men he hired. However, he had a good business sense and a love of money.

“I’m working…” I raised an eyebrow.

“The floor is starting to get busy! You certainly took your time getting here!” He snapped.

“I’m on time.”

“Time is money! Being on time just means you’re satisfied with ‘just enough’ money.” He growled.

“Then, it’s best I get on the floor, rather than talk to you. The ladies aren’t going to host themselves.” I suggested.

He blinked, caught off guard as I caught him with his logic. He grumbled and then waved me to go, returning into his room likely to count his money again. He was a rough guy, but he wasn’t bad. We both knew he wouldn’t fire me. I was one of his best employees. As he entered his office mumbling about the younger ones having no respect and if I didn’t have such a pretty face he’d show me a thing or two, I let out a soft laugh and walked on.

Instead of going out to the floor though, I walked into the bathroom to check my appearance one more time. First impressions could only be made once, and if I walked out onto the floor with a stick in my hair or my tie a mess, I’d lose out.

“You know, he wouldn’t nag you so much if you stopped taking women home to sleep with.” A man emerged from one of the stalls as I checked myself in the mirror.

He walked up to the sink next to me and started washing his hands.

“Can’t I do whatever I want in my spare time?” I asked innocently.

He chuckled. “True… but I think boss feels if you’re going to fuck them, they should be on the clock. Taking them home instead of in the back room, you’re giving them a free service. Feels like you’re stealing business from us.”

“Aren’t you just jealous that I get all the pretty women?”

“Hah… what are you saying? The pretty girls are also the most shallow. It’s the ugly girls that will spend a lot of money on a host. While all the pretty girls fawn all over you, it makes the other girls start spending more out of a feeling of inadequacy. That doesn’t even mention the crowd you’re able to bring in. So many girls have come on recommendations from your clientele.”

This was a guy who understood me. He was another host, and probably the closest I had to a friend in this place. At least, we both were men who worked seducing women. It was a comfortable environment. It was somewhere I felt I belonged. You didn’t have to worry about love, theft, or loss, it was an even exchange. The girl gave me money, and I gave my time. It was easy. It was safe. Love had nothing to do with it.

“If we’re doing so well, what about that new guy? Didn’t he get fired?” I asked.

“Ah… he… ended up stalking a girl. That’s why boss is so wound up. He’s scared of a lawsuit.”

Other people had come to the host club who simply couldn’t cut it. They had trouble separating their work from their life. It looks like the new kid let love get involved. As for his other dumb decisions regarding stalking, I would comment. The pair of us finished and walked out onto the floor together. We shared a knowing look and then split our separate ways to look for a mark.

The host club looked extremely nice in the main room. It looked like a fine restaurant with a bar, a chandelier, and someone playing the piano. Even without wearing a suit, you felt fancy just walking across the room. I scanned the room, looking for any women that seemed like they might be a good target. My eyes quickly landed on a pretty middle-aged woman. She had the look of a professional, perhaps a doctor or a lawyer. In other words, someone rich and rigid, desperately needing a man to loosen her up.

I put a smile on my face and walked straight to her table. My eyes immediately dropped to the glass at her side.

“Dassai 23, a good sake.” I gestured to a passing waitress who nodded.

She came back with a bottle of sake of the same brand she was drinking and two glasses. I sat down across from the professional woman without asking. She looked up at me with a small frown on her face.

“I’m not interested in a host. I’m just waiting for someone.”

“Aren’t we all?” I responded, opening the sake and pouring two glasses.

“I don’t need any more drink.” She shook her head.

“Who said it was for you?” I grabbed both glasses and slammed them, one after the other.

Her eyes widened, and then narrowed, and she formed the smallest curve of her lips at the corner of her mouth. “Aren’t you being a little rude?”

“I find that-“

“Excuse me…” A waitress tapped on my shoulder.

I glanced back angrily, finding my seduction attempt having a wet towel tossed on it. In fifteen minutes, I would have had her eating out of my hand, but now I could see that the hook of interest I had tossed out was interrupted. The waitress had an apologetic look on her face. Under normal circumstances, they’d never do something like that. It didn’t just mess up my progress, but also the entire host club.

I calmed myself down and quickly returned my smile. “May I help you?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, but there is a woman who asked for you.”

I frowned, but if I said something like, “She can wait, I’m with this girl now”, at this stage, it would only give me trouble.

“Excuse me.” I gave a nod to the woman and stood up, watching as whatever last vestige of interest she had faded.

I then grabbed the waitress, and we headed to the bar where we could get some privacy. It was a bit early for the heavy drinkers to arrive yet, so it was just the bartender and us.

“What is it?” I hissed.

The girl’s cheeks turned red, but she still spoke. “There is a girl in the back who has requested you personally for a special service.”

“I’m a host, not a prostitute.” I made an ugly face. “If she wants me, she should come into the club like any normal person.”

“Yes… but… she offered a lot of money, and boss overheard.”

I hissed at first, but then I had to wonder just how much money she offered that he was willing to pimp me out like a hooker.

“I want 100%.”

“Ah! He said you’d say that, and he said 50% is the best offer he’ll give, and you should take it, because its that much money.”

I bit my lip. “Fine… I’ll go back there. But I won’t perform unless I want to.”

I turned and walked away. My eyes saw the professional lady, but her friend had arrived at that point, and she didn’t even spare me a glance as they left. It had better be worth it.

I went to the backrooms, finding the one indicated and walking in. The room was dark. The backrooms didn’t have beds. There was just a couch, reminiscent of the media rooms that I used to rent out when I worked with Kira’s brother. Except, this was an adult location, where hosts brought their clients to get comfortable.

“I heard you wanted me?” I said, looking down at the woman hidden in the shadows with a frown.

Usually, if they were hiding to this extent, they were probably pretty ugly. I had already prepared myself to walk out. At the very least, I’d need to know how much money we’re talking about before I’d sell my dignity.


My hostname wasn’t Hakaru, so this instantly put my hackles up.

“Who are you?” I demanded, taking a step forward.

Standing up and out of the shadows was a familiar face. “It’s been a while, brother.”

The woman was Maria, my sister!

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