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I let out a long sigh, dropping the smile and sitting in the seat across from her. Maria looked me up and down, but rather than worried, she looked slightly angry.

“Is this the kind of treatment you give all of your clients?” She demanded.

“You’re not a client.” I responded, looking at her scathingly.

“I am tonight.” She sniffed. “I paid a lot of money for your company. Mom and I, both of our money. We had to decide on which of us was going to come. In the end, mom thought I might have a bit more luck.”

“Well, you’re wasting your time.” I shrugged. “I’m not coming home.”

“There are a lot of women waiting on you.” She responded, grabbing the glass of coke in front of her. “Are you really just tossing them all away? Over that bitch who tore your heart out?”

“This isn’t about… NTR.” I had to pause a second as I said the name.

“What? Marriage? Godhood? Was it all just about being a god to you?” She demanded, anger flickering across her face. “Did you know when you became a god, you’d just be leaving us all behind? Did you think we didn’t realize that?”

“…” I looked down.

I guessed that while I had time to think about things, they had time to dwell on things too. They must have realized the implications of godhood at some point.

“So… what? Were you always planning on leaving us? Since you failed to abandon us as a god, you abandon us as a mortal?” When she said those words, her voice broke slightly.

“I’m not a mortal anymore.”

“Oh… right, of course. You’re an immortal, right? Are you suddenly too good for us measly mortals?”

“It’s not like that.” I responded, trying to keep my voice from sounding sullen. “If I became a god, I would have figured out a way to bring you all with me.”

“Then why are you here?” Her brief moment of vulnerability snapped back to anger in an instant. “What is it, Hakaru!”

“Maria, enough!”

“Do you just not care?”


“No, you don’t care?”

“I can’t lose anymore!” I slammed my hand on the table, causing her to grow quiet. “I just… can’t lose. Don’t you get it? I’ll live forever. You. Mom. Kira. You’re all going to get old and die. As for me, I’ll just still be there, living.”

“I’m not even out of high school yet, aren’t you worrying a bit too soon about that?”

“Why? Do you think it will hurt less after we’ve grown old together? Should I only break down when all my women are dead? I’m just… preparing myself for my inevitable future. Netori taught me to fight and take what you wanted, but how can I fight time?”

“So, you’re going to just abandon us? How is that fair to us?”

“How would it be fair to you when you grow old? Do I just trade you in for a younger model? Or should I make you pop out a few kids and then have fun with them?” I shot back bitterly.

Maria seemed taken aback for a moment, but she quickly regained her composure, as well as her biting tone. “You may have given up on us, Hakaru, but we haven’t given up on you.”

I lowered my head. “I just need… heh… time.”

“That’s what Akiko said. Sasori and Kira seem content waiting for you too. Mother and I thought we’re already your family, so we can’t leave you alone.”

“Well, you’ve wasted your time and your money.” I snorted, standing up. “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t visit me at my place of work again.”

Maria’s expression darkened, but she didn’t stop me from leaving. She might have been angry, but so was I. However, if it came to explaining why I was angry, it might be a bit more difficult. After everything that had happened, after being used all that time, after being given a gift like this, couldn’t I be a little angry?

Since I was immortal, maybe I wanted to take advantage of that immortality? I could be reckless, have sex, drink, make lots of money. Those were the kinds of things an immortal could do. Love? Have a family? Those were things I didn’t need. At the time Harem had done all of that to me, I didn’t realize how things would be. However, after reading numerous tales about those who were immortal, I came to realize just how much of a lonely life I would have.

If I got close to anyone, I would just end up losing them. That was no life to live. So, I chose to live a life free of pain. It would be free of complications. It would be free of frustrations. As long as it was the life I chose, then my family should just accept it. It was better that Akiko and Kira moved on. Sasori wasn’t getting any younger, and neither was my mom. They should both land themselves attractive and rich men who could take care of them.

That wouldn’t be me, not that I wanted to know when they found someone. Frankly, I’d be happy if I never knew when they finally moved on. Was it cowardly? Maybe. However, the game that taught me to fight for everything never taught me how to give everything up. I could deal with winning, and I could deal with losing, but what did I do when I didn’t want to play at all?

I was so worked up that I hadn’t realized I was just glaring around the host room, not even looking for another mark. Furthermore, the dark expression on my face made sure no girls came to me as well. If the boss had seen me at that point, he would have hollered and made a fuss.

“Man, you gave up on a rich one earlier.” My friend from earlier stopped next to me and said. “Don’t tell me that you’re trying to give some of the new guys a chance to earn some money. You’ve never cared that much before.”

“What are you on about?” I shot him a side-look, trying to school the expression on my face.

“That hot girl you’re with. One of the recruits got to her, and he’s taken her back to one of the private chambers to play.” He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes. “The professional? He can have her. Women like that tend to be pretty guarded with their money, and they always expect more than you promise.”

“No, the girl you were in the backroom with.” He frowned. “After you left, she was fuming. Grabbed the first guy she saw and said she wanted to suck his dick since it’s paid for. Not sure what you did, but I haven’t met a girl that thirsty in-“

“Fuck!” I cursed, spinning away and running toward the back room, showing no sense of decorum.

Even though I earned a lot of looks both from hosts and clients alike, I immediately came upon the only closed door and kicked it open with a thud. One of the newer guys, someone who had been on for only a few weeks and whose name I didn’t know, was standing there with his pants down to his ankles. Maria was on her knees and had her hands on his dick. As soon as I kicked open the door, the guy looked back, but Maria held his dick tightly so he couldn’t pull away.

“Ah! Hakaru… what is it?” He cried helplessly.

Maria gave me a scornful look and then turned to the dick in her hands. “Itadakimasu… ahhh!”  

Her mouth was wide open, and she was bringing his dick into it. With a flash of rage, I closed the distance, shoving him away and grabbing her roughly.

“You bitch!” I cursed, tossing her onto the couch.

She shot me a scornful and unforgiving look. “What do you care? You’re tossing us away. I can fuck whoever I want.”

“You want to get fucked!” I snapped. “The only dick you’ll ever taste is mine!”

I grabbed her and ripped her shirt right off her body. Her eyes widened, and the watching guy’s mouth fell open.

“You pig!” She shot back with a shake of her head. “I’m not yours anymore!”

“Like I’d give you a choice!” I was seething with anger, feeling both humiliated and inadequate.

“Go fuck yourself!” She tried to fight my hands.

However, I easily overpowered her, holding both her hands over her head with one my mine while the second ripped off her skirt.

“Why fuck me when I have a perfectly good pussy to fuck here!”

As soon as I bared her pussy, I pulled out my dick and shoved it inside her. Her eyes widened as I pinned her to the couch and began to fuck her roughly. Her tits began to bounce each time my dick slammed into her pussy. She was already very wet, and even though her face was angry, her cheeks were glowing pink with lust.

“Okay… is this some kind of weird sex thing she paid for? Damn it, fill me in the next time you’re doing one of these!” The guy watching said, pulling his pants back up awkwardly.

“This doesn’t mean anything!” Maria said through gritted teeth, fighting back the moans caused by my dick.

I didn’t relax at all, instead, lifting her butt and then really pounding my dick deep inside her.

“What do you want me to say!” I snapped, lifting her leg on my shoulder and bending her nearly in half while I roughly fucked her.

“I don’t want you to say anything! Ahhhnnn… fuck…” She let out a moan, her mouth opening for the first time as she gasped.

“I love you! I want you to be mine! You’re my woman! My slut! Only my dick can satisfy you!”

“Those….  Hah… hah… those are the words of a loser!”

I let go of her arms, and then roughly grabbed her hair, pulling her lips to mine. “You are mine… I’ve already stolen you, and I won’t let any other man touch you!”  

When I finished, I kissed her roughly, my tongue exploring her mouth. The taste and smell of Maria… it was intoxicating. I had banged dozens of hot bimbos the last two months, but nothing compared to this woman. I came to a realization. The reason it felt so much different from her is because of love. I care and loved her. The mindless sex without any emotion… that was Harem’s way. That was how he treated women. I couldn’t do it. It put a bad taste in my mouth.

“Ah… that’s kind of sweet.” The guy watching said, scratching his chin.

As soon as our kiss broke off, Maria’s back bucked and she cried out. “Ahhh… fuck… I’m cumming! Brother, you’re making me cum! I’m gonna cum!”

“Shit, I’m gonna cum in you, sister!”

“Yes! Cum! Cum in your sister!”

The guy watching’s eyes grew as big as saucers. “Uh… this weird fantasy just went up to eleven.”

My body started to shake, and my dick swelled. I started to cum. Maria held me tightly as I came inside her, her own body shaking as she climaxed as well. Meanwhile, the man who had been watching slowly backed out of the room and closed the door. A brother-sister creampie was a little too much for him.

Later that night, the boss slipped me the pink slip. It turned out noisily banging your sister in one of the backrooms while you’re supposed to be working was frowned upon. It wasn’t abundantly clear if he was firing me because of the scene I made in the host room, the scene I made in the backroom, or just the general disgust over incest, but I didn’t care to fight his decision.

I realized that night that I was done with this place. It was time to move on. I just needed to know-how. Fortunately, I already had a lead.

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