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Standing in front of me was a woman who resembled my own mother. However, instead of being a refined and elegant woman in her thirties, she was a young teenager, no older than Maria. However, Maria looked like a downright good girl compared to the woman before me. She was wearing a leather coat, short jean shorts, and a newsboy flat cap. The way she held herself was domineering and seemed nothing even close to elegant.

“You’re on my turf, boy, do you want to die?” She asked, and then she pulled out a switchblade, causing my eyes to widen.

After a moment, I relaxed though. “You think you can kill me with that?”

My expression was wry. After all, I was an immortal now. Things like knives were no longer a threat to me. However, the woman who looked like my mother only seemed to grow angry at those words.

“Listen here, you Yankee-loving shit, get up and do your drugs somewhere else, or I’ll send you away in pieces.”

Although she was threatening me, I was barely reacting to her threat. Part of it was because I knew she couldn’t cause any long-lasting harm, but the other part was because I was still a little woozy from what happened and was trying to figure out what just happened. I had been perfectly fine talking to Netori a moment ago, and then I was suddenly plunged here.

She had told me that she was going to send me somewhere where I might be able to learn how to be a god, but she didn’t know for certain. She seemed to be hesitant to do it from the beginning. Just what had she done to me? I slowly got to my feet. The girl with the switchblade on me backed up warily. Since I didn’t seem afraid or even cared about her switchblade, it looked like she was starting to worry.

“Hey, Hellcat, I think he’s one of the men who has been poaching our group!” One of the women called out.

The girl’s originally uncomfortable look turned severe at those words. “Are you from a rival gang? We’ve lost half our crew already. You bastards!”

She lunged at me, and I caught the blade in my hand. It cut into the skin, and it did hurt, but I had taught myself to ignore most surface level pain. I’d have to be hurt or surprised before I’d do more than flinch at being cut. Blood quickly started to run from my palm and down the handle of her knife. As soon as she saw the blood, a look of shock and fear spread on her face, and she let go like her hand had been shocked.

“Y-you’re crazy!” She accused.

“Let’s get out of here! This is some crazy masochist!” One of the other girls cried out.

The woman who resembled my mother managed to flip me off as she backed away before turning and running. I could only cock my head as they made accusations of me being some kind of creeper or masochist. They came to me. I was just minding my own business. Opening up my hand, I let the bloody blade fall to the ground. There was a fair amount of blood, but the wound itself had already closed and in a few minutes, it’d be gone. It looked like whatever she had done, I was still immortal.

Stretching casually, I left the alleyway, looking around to see if I recognized where I was. To my surprise, I did, but everything nearby looked a bit wrong. I appeared to be standing around in the downtown area, but the buildings all looked different. There was a certain level of age to everything here. The cars seemed older, as did the clothing people wore. Even a few haircuts seemed like they went out of style a few decades ago. That was when my eyes fell onto a payphone built against one of the walls. There hadn’t been a payphone installed for years.

My eyes widened as things finally started to click. I ran to a nearby stand and snatched one of the free advertising magazines off the stand. My eyes immediately flipped around for the date. When I saw it, my mouth fell open. It was over two decades ago. I was in the same city, but at a completely different time. I didn’t even know how to react to what I was seeing.

“Netori… sent me through time?”

It was the only explanation I could come up with. If that was true, then Kana the Hellcat… that was truly my mother! I had run into my mother! Of course, I had found the entire experience odd from the beginning, but of all the things that Netori could have done, illusions, clones, memories… it wasn’t my first instinct to imagine time travel. I immediately started going through every time-traveling movie I had ever contemplated in my head.

Of course, who hadn’t heard of the butterfly effect? A butterfly flaps its wings, creating a breeze that grows throughout time into a hurricane. Did my brief interaction with my mother right there already cause irreparable harm to the future? Did I have to walk on eggshells for the rest of my life? I tried to remember every last word Netori said before she sent me away. I began to realize that it couldn’t possibly be that. If I could destroy the future, Netori never would have sent me to the past.

So, why was I here? Netori hadn’t been able to give me a clear answer. What she did say was that it would give me time. Well, now, I had time. It would be years before I was born and decades before the game ever started. I’d have tons of time to contemplate how I was going to become a god. Did that mean that there was no means to return to the future? I was decades in the past! Was I supposed to just sit and wait while trying to contemplate the universe? I wasn’t a Buddhist! Was I supposed to cultivate or something?

I then realized that I did have a way to cultivate. I could seduce women. How many points could I accrue in twenty years? How many women could I seduce? Certainly, enough to make the fifty-girl virgin orgy seem like a cakewalk! Then… who would cash in those points? Wouldn’t it have to be Netori from the future, or rather Netori from my past? If I found her before she became NTR, then I could cash in all the points I had been earning, perhaps level up and finally become the god she wanted.

If that was the case, then Netori would have known this, wouldn’t she? She would have met the other me, the one who had been waiting for twenty years for her.

“It’ll be a long time, my ass!” I shouted, causing a few people to shoot me strange looks.

I quickly ducked into an alley near the store I was standing by to keep out of sight.  However, my mind was still trying to wrap around this enigma. I felt angry and frustrated. Was that Netori’s answer? I had to wait and gather points in twenty years, and then become a god while everyone had their eyes on the other Hakaru? Actually, it might work, and I did tell Netori I would do anything. My only worry was the Netori didn’t seem sure even as she did it if it would work. Did that mean that she didn’t remember ever making me a god?

As I was thinking about such things, I suddenly heard a scream. It didn’t come from the noisy street but down the alley. Acting purely on impulse, I moved toward the sound. If I was going with whatever happened already happened and treated this whole event as a personal journey, I had to take to become a god, then it didn’t matter what I did. In that case, if a girl was screaming for help, I would naturally come to her aid.

I ran down the alley and came out into a back lot where three alleys all intersected. This area was remote and well hidden. Had I not heard the scream, I never would have come down here in the first place. What I walked out on was a group of guys who were assaulting three women. It took me a moment to realize that they weren’t just any women, but the three I had just encountered earlier. Worse, the men outnumbered by them five to one.

One woman was stripped on the floor, and three men were holding her down. One guy had his penis out and was thrusting inside her. Another guy had covered her mouth, and I had a feeling by her muffled sounds that she had been the one who had screamed. He had shoved her panties in her mouth now, and his hands kept her from spitting it out. She was powerless as he had her right in the middle of the alley.

A second girl had seemingly fainted. Three other men were actively stripping her. It was abundantly clear that they planned to use her in the same way they were using the first girl, whether she was awake or not.

The final woman was cornered. She had the last five guys around her. This was Kana, the Hellcat, but there was nothing fiery about her or devilish about her. She looked like a scared and defenseless woman. Her hands were up, and she was desperately trying to keep the guys back, but they didn’t seem to mind at all and were even grinning with lewd expressions on their faces as they closed in on her.  I realized that she didn’t even have a weapon. The one weapon she had, the switchblade, I had taken from her only a short while ago. They must have taken this alley to try to get away, only to run into this rapist gang.

One man grabbed Kana, and her skirt ripped. She let out a cry.

“You bastards! You’ll never get away with this!”

“Hehe… fact is, Kana, the Hellcats are gone. You’ve lost your bite.” One man teased.

“Your fate is to just be a cock sleeve for us.” Another added.

“We’ll rise back up!” She cried out helplessly.

“It was great of you to gather up all the dysfunctional women. Should have called your gang the pussy buffet, because that’s what you made for us!” The first guy left.

“N-no!” She cried, but one guy finally got a grab on her.

“Time to give me your virginity!”

“G-give you…” She said, her eyes suddenly looking unhinged. “I won’t give you anything! I’ll take everything back! Everything you’ve taken, I’ll get it back! I swear it! I swear I’ll steal everything!”

As the man started to push her down, I took a step forward. They hadn’t seen me yet, but as soon as they did, I’d have eleven angry guys on top of me. Even if I’d survive and heal, it’d do no good if they restrained me or beat me up. I was no longer the guy who would watch my woman get fucked by another man. I was the guy who would fuck a woman in front of her man! However, wanting to stop them and being able to single-handedly fight eleven people were two different things. I’d need to somehow cause them to feel the fear of God.

Just as I started to come up with a plan, there was an explosion. I felt a strange power emerge, which caused the hairs on my arms to rise. The men who were just starting to crowd around Kana were suddenly blown back.

“Stealing everything?” Kana’s voice and demeanor had suddenly changed, and she touched her lips as if she had thought of something interesting. “I prefer when it comes to people, but these days, I’ll take what I can get!”

“Get her!” One of the guy’s shouted.

The five men advanced on her again, but the new Kana didn’t seem frightened at all. She watched them approach her with an almost amused look. Then she reached out and tapped the closest man on the chest. He suddenly flew back like he had been pulled by a stunt wire. He slammed into the wall on the other side of the alley. The six who were raping froze as they looked to the scene of their friend splattered against the wall.

“I’m all for taking what you want.” Kana looked down at the men. “But only when it leaves both parties happy. You are not giving her what she wants… you’re taking something away from her. I hate people like you the most.”

Her eyes narrowed, and then the men all sprang at her at once. Not a single man managed to reach her. Almost casually, she flicked her fingers, sending them spiraling off into the walls. Before long, she didn’t even bother to make contact with them before she flicked them away. In short order, all eleven men were knocked out cold. Then, as if this was nothing, she walked over to the naked girl on the ground. She made an unhappy face.

“You once gave a married man a hummer so that he’d buy you a pair of shoes you wanted.” She sighed. “You could have made a wonderful disciple. Never say I don’t look after my own.”

She waved her hand, and both girls disappeared from the alley, although only she wouldn’t know where. It was pretty clear at this point that this Kana was not my mother. It was Netori. I moved forward, stepping on a can. Netori’s eyes snapped to mine.

“Hmm? It seems like I missed one.” She raised her hand at me in a flick position and then gave her best flick.

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