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“You’re a champion. From what I can feel, you’ve already approached the door to becoming a god. How could someone like you be having girl troubles?” Netori asked, taking a sip of a soda.

The both of us left the ally to find some place that had a few less unconscious gangsters. Although we were a goddess and an immortal, it felt like it’d be less trouble if we were caught over a bunch of people. We ended up in a small café across the street, and ended up ordering food. It felt strange. This was the first time that I had ever been out in public with Netori. She usually moved around the world like an unseen ghost, but she had actually returned to her feet and the waitress even acknowledged her.

“Being a god doesn’t make things easier…” I responded helplessly.

“True… but you seem pretty good with the ladies. That woman over there even looks like she wants to mount you on the table.”

“Who…” I looked back to see a middle-aged woman sitting at a table; when she noticed me looking she licked her lips and winked. “Grandma Jill!”

I realized I recognized her! She wasn’t middle-aged in my time, but actually a bit old! She used to babysit for us back when my parents went on dates! She was in her 60s back where I came from and we called her Grandma Jill, but now she was a thirty-year-old woman hungrily eyeing a seventeen-year-old boy!

“Hmm? Grandma?” Netori asked.

I turned away from her giving me welcoming looks as I cleared my throat. “Ah, nothing… just thought I saw a thing.”

Netori shrugged. “Anyway, I’m just saying that you are an attractive man at the prime of your life. I can tell by the way you hold yourself you’re both skilled and capable of seducing women. You’re confident, smooth, and I’m not sure what girl wouldn’t fall head over heals for you.”

“You think?”

I hid my expression behind my hands as I asked an empty question. In reality, I had a complicated feeling toward her words. On the one hand, her complements felt good. However, Netori had been the one to train me to seduce, so naturally I would fit within her expectations. She had made me the man I was today.

“I wouldn’t have agreed to help just anyone. I found you intriguing and compelling. As a goddess, it’s improper to get into other god’s business. Unless you’re at a high enough level, of course. So, I won’t ask about your origins. However, I am curious. What kind of girl turns down a demi-god?”

“A goddess…” I responded.

She blinked, and then burst out laughing. “You’re chasing after a goddess? No… not just a goddess, but a goddess who is already claimed by a god? Do you not value your life?”

“My life is already hers!” I shot back, stopping Netori’s ridicule before I sat back in my chair. “I died, and this life of mine, she took it. She… stole it. So, I lived my life for her, and as soon as she got what she want from me, she tossed my life away like it was trash.”

Netori’s expression turned serious. “What a bitch.”

I snorted. “It wasn’t entirely her fault. The man who took her is a total tool. She just walked away with him, while tearing my heart out of my chest.”

I didn’t know why I was telling Netori this. It just felt like she was the only one I really could talk to about this. After all, she was the goddess of this very thing.

“When you take a life, it’s permanent,” Netori said, her voice sounding shockingly angry. “Someone who does that must always live with the consequences!”

I was surprised by the passion and anger in her voice. I could feel the anger throughout the café. It felt like a sudden rise in electricity. There was a pop as a microwave suddenly broke, and a woman cried out, dropping her plates as she was suddenly affected by her wave of pressure. It didn’t feel as bad on me, but everyone in the café was looking around in confusion. A few even let out cries or hid under their tables. Then, she took a breath and calmed down, the feeling going away as quickly as it came.

“Well, it’s not like she killed me,” I responded helplessly.

“Even still… the woman who betrayed you, I would never forgive her!” Her eyes flashed.

“What?” I had no clue how to respond to this sudden development. “I thought you believed that if you lost someone, you should get them back?”

“Except that she stole you, not the other way around,” Netori spoke like this was obvious. “You don’t commit to stealing someone and then tossing them away. That’s cruel, and it spits in the face of everything I am. You were hers, and when she refused to appreciate what she had! Grrrr…. It makes me so mad!”

She crossed her arms and puffed out her cheeks. She looked extremely cute as angry as she was. I was still speechless. How would she respond if I told her that the person she was badmouthing was herself? Somehow, hearing her talk like this felt relieving. I felt like a burden had been lifted off my heart. I couldn’t help but laugh softly, but then something occurred to me.

“Are you not going to help me, then?” I asked worriedly.

If she was so angry at her actions and thought that I was wasting my time, she might not be willing to help then. At that point, I might have to tell her the truth about the future.

“No, I’ll help you.” She said, her expression looking serious.

“You will?” I was a little surprised, given how she said I should never forgive her.

She nodded, her appearance still serious. “This girl may have done you wrong, but in the end, it will be the ultimate victory to snatch her heart. With my help, you will defeat her!”

“That just leaves the fact she’s a goddess in the heavenly world, and she belongs to a powerful god.”

Netori’s expression sank. “Ah… that’s right. Winning her over while in the mortal world… that’s simply impossible. Unless…”

“Unless?” I asked, leaning forward.  

“Unless… you become a god!”

My head dropped, and then I shot her a rueful look. This had been my problem since the beginning. It felt like we were just going around in a circle. At least Netori was finally up to speed here.

“You say that like it is easy,” I said.

“No…” She shook her head, “It won’t be easy.”

I perked up. She said it wouldn’t be easy, but she no longer was saying it was impossible.

“Do you know how I can become a god?”

“There are only two ways that you can step into godhood. First, you receive the virgin essence of a high-tier avatar.”

“Pretend like I don’t speak god.” I frowned.

“You need to fuck a powerful goddess while she is visiting earth. At least someone from the 13th level.”

“Will you do?” I asked.

“B-bold!” Her face flushed. “Even if I slept with you, I’m not strong enough.”

I had known that the second I said it, but I had felt a bit mischievous suddenly and I wanted to see her blush. I had already known that Netori, as far as goddesses went, was the lowest spectrum. She couldn’t even move between heaven and earth easily without some preparation. It was marriage who was level 13 and would have been powerful enough to make me a god, but she had been taken right alongside Netori. Although I couldn’t say I loved Marriage, I did care and worry about her too.

“What about my immortality trait? Can I even become a god with that?” I asked.

“Immortality? Why would you ever select that? Once you become a god, you’d have immortality anyway.” She asked incredulously.

“It’d not like I had a choice. I had selected Godless, but the guy who took my girl gave me immortality as a punishment.”

“Woah…” her eyes widened.


“I fucking hate that guy.”

I snorted again if she only knew.

“With immortality, you’d never be able to slowly progress to godhood, but you might be able to rapidly progress to godhood.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, as a mortal, your body fundamentally can’t hold divine power. You can build up divine power, but it leaks. It’s like an intertube with a small leak in it. At first, when you add air, it doesn’t matter, the intertube grows and expands. However, soon it begins to leak, and the more you fill it, the faster the air floods out. Normally, with a strong enough breath, you can still fill it until it’s complete. At that point, the holes fix themselves. However, an ability like immortality is like having dozens of holes. No matter how much you huff and puff, you’ll only ever remain half-filled, unable to reach the next level.”

“Yeah, I get that, so?”

“So… we need a bigger breath.”

“What? A more powerful god?”

“No… but an actual virgin god, yes.”

“I don’t get what you’re saying.”

She let out a sigh. “As is, most gods are hardly virgins. We can possess an avatar, and often have good affinity with virgins. It’s ultimately our avatar’s virginity that you’re taking. I mean, we can restore it when we leave if we feel like it, but there is something about sleeping with a virgin that causes a flood of divinity to enter the one taking it.”

“This doesn’t have anything to do with NTR Crush?”

“Huh? What did I crush?”

“Um… nevermind.”

I had spoken too quickly. I had always thought that the idea of sleeping with Marriage or NTR to propel me to godhood had to do with the game. In the game, I received points for sleeping with women. These points were actual divine essence, and while I could spend that divinity for divine skills, it ultimately all built up toward me becoming a god. In the end, I was supposed to sleep with NTR, and ultimately obtain divinity.

Since points were higher based on how tough an opponent was, I always thought it was just the fact goddesses were harder to bang than MILFs. It turned out there was something specific about gods that could help me reach godhood. When I slept with Netori’s avatar, I used up that burst of power. If I had instead managed to reach a higher level and then sleep with NTR, I would have become a god like we planned, but since NTR used the same avatar as Netori, I had exhausted that option.

As for why they didn’t just find a new avatar and perhaps let me pop them in rapid succession, there had to be some kind of circumstances that made identifying an avatar difficult. I decided to ask about that anyway and received a response I expected.

“It’s true, the conditions that allow us to find an avatar to interact with the human world is rare. It might only happen once a generation. Part of the reason I haven’t been to the mortal world for so long was exactly because of this. This woman, Kana, is my first step toward regaining the power lost to me. However, we’re not focusing on me, but you here.

“What I am saying is that taking the virginity of a goddess’s avatar is one thing, but taking the virginity of an actual goddess is another. Even a level 9 goddess who lost her virginity would be enough to bring you to level 9. No, it might even bring you to 10. The difference between an avatar and a true body cannot be compared!”

“Are you telling me there is a goddess in this world that is here in the flesh without an avatar and also a virgin?” I asked in disbelief. “I thought goddesses couldn’t interact with humanity unless they had an avatar!”

“They can’t… any mortal who saw her true visage would die! However, you’re not exactly a mortal. I suspect that you’ll be able to survive in her presence.”

“S-survive!” I cried out, feeling her wording was a bit careless.

“After that, it’s up to you.” She shrugged. “I can make sure you don’t die the second you see her. That doesn’t mean she won’t try to kill you. You will have to seduce her on your own!”

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