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“B-Beloved!” I sat up in bed, a feeling of panic inside me. “Fourth said she was unlikely to come back this decade!”

“That’s true. It’s hard to understand her comings and goings, but it turned out that she came back early.”

“What do we do? What do I do?”

“Hehe… are you worried?” Eighth seemed completely at ease, completely relaxed after hours of anal sex.

“You don’t need to worry too much about her.”


“It’s a big castle. It’s unlikely that you’ll run into her. As long as you stick to places she doesn’t go, then you’ll be fine. For example, she had no reason to go down fourth’s hallway, because she will know that fourth is gone.”

“What about the other girls? What if they tell her?”

“Are you talking about Second and Third? I can’t say we’re close, but they won’t cause fourth those kinds of problems normally. Now, come back to bed. My ass needs your hard dick again.” She turned, showing me her ass, which was still wet with juices from the previous times she came.

“Aren’t you going to go visit her?” I asked.

She shrugged. “I do follow her, but only from afar. I’d much rather play with you.”

“W-wait… you say that she has no reason to come to this wing… but maybe she would if you don’t come?”

She pursed her lips for a second and then sighed. “Fine, I’ll go see what Beloved wants. You wait here… and keep that hard for me.”

She reached out and stroked my cock lovingly before standing up. She only took two steps before a beautiful black robe formed around her and covered her voluptuous naked body. She walked out casually, showing no signs of a woman who had just been pounded in the ass all night. Even I was feeling slightly exhausted. That woman was insatiable. I had thought of myself as a sex god in the bedroom, but she ran me tired.

I had a feeling that if I let her, she’d just keep coming at me, and I’d be banging her ass for the next ten years without ever seeing another woman, or even getting her vagina. The goddesses of the celestial palace just didn’t think like… well… like humans. I knew that already. Mother seemed to be the most human of the bunch, but all of the others seemed to be more or less focused only on themselves.

There was some merit to leaving a woman wanting. Although it’d be fun staying in this room and having frequent conjugal visits from Eighth, that wouldn’t line up with my goals. Instead, I decided to lay low for a while. I wasn’t comfortable being down the hallway from this Beloved anyway. Hopefully, they left soon. In the meantime, I’d accomplish one of the other goals I had set up for myself.

Since I knew where Beloved was at the moment, by the bell, I took this opportunity to flee Artemis’s bedroom, abandoned the ruined sheets behind as I headed in the opposite direction. The location I wanted to visit was one of the places on my list. I had been planning to go there first before I found myself having some unexpected luck with my first goddess. It took about fifteen minutes to find it, but I initially walked into a massive multi-floor room.

“The library…” I breathed out.

This was a repository of knowledge in the celestial palace. This was otherwise known as a library of the gods. To compare it to the mortal world was underestimating it. The library was gigantic, large enough that it’d take me an entire lifetime just to read the title of every book. There were multiple floors, wide hallways, and tall ceilings. There were many places where the only way to reach a book was to fly. I didn’t know how to fly yet, so I hoped I could find what I needed on the ground floor.

As for this Beloved, they were far too busy. I wasn’t too worried about running into them at a library. How would they have the time?

As for what I needed from the library, that was pretty simple. I needed the knowledge of the gods. I wanted to study the immortal realm, but also understand my role better. By the time I confronted Procreation, I was determined to be ready. Thus, I grabbed a book and began reading. Time passed, but I was careful to make sure it wasn’t too much time. It’d be too easy to spend decades in this place. I made sure I had only wasted a month or so.

During that time, I familiarized myself with the locations around the immortal plane. I tried to familiarize myself with some of the more important gods, as well as the laws around what we could and could not do. The one thing that I struggled to learn in a book was how to be a god. I wanted to know how to use my godly powers, such as how to travel between the mortal and immortal world and pass across purgatory. Every single little thing needed to be learned.

It was at that point the door to the library opened quite loudly. I was near the entrance, but behind a bookshelf. By looking through a crack, I could see Eighth there. She was looking for something, and it didn’t take a genius to realize that something was me. I had suddenly disappeared on her after a single night together and had then spent nearly a month reading through books. I wasn’t ready to return to her yet. At the very least, I wanted to learn a few godly powers of my own so that I could keep up and not be bullied. I didn’t need to become a goddess’s permanent buttplug.

Thus, I snuck away, trying to find a place to hide in the rows. There were a lot of places to hide, but as if she could smell me, she started heading in my direction. I moved as quickly as I could, ducking around two corners before I ran into someone. She let out a cry, but I reached out and grabbed her, covering her mouth before she could utter another word.

Her eyes widened in shock. She was a short girl, but her breasts were extremely large. Her small size contrasted with her very large breasts. She also had glasses on, and blue hair which was a bit darker than Eighth’s hair. The strangest thing about her was that she was wearing an ornate dress. It had a wide bottom that was flayed out like a circle, causing her to appear quite formidable despite her small size. The dress seemed to take away from her extreme top-heaviness. No, I’d almost say that the dress was necessary to keep her from tipping over!

“Whose back there!” Eighth had heard us bump into each other and was now barreling over here like a bull.

Looking around for a place to hide, I found only one option.

“Please, excuse me for this. You didn’t see me!” I grabbed the flustered girl’s hands and pleaded.

“Ah…” She spoke in a flustered tone.

I reached down and lifted her dress. She let out another cry as I ducked under it, letting it flop right now. There wasn’t as much room as I thought, and I ended up between her legs. I grabbed onto them so I wouldn’t fall out of her skirt. She made several more gasps and noises, but she didn’t move. I could hear the thudding of Eight’s footsteps as she walked up and stopped before the girl in front of me. I gulped. She didn’t see me down here, did she?”

“Oh! It’s you, Ninth. What are you doing?”


My hands instinctively squeezed on her thighs.  I didn’t mean to, but I was nervous. She let out a gasp.

“Never mind that!” Eighth didn’t seem to notice the other girl’s erotic noises. “I’m looking for someone. A man! Have you seen him?”


I let out a hot breath as I clung, my lips pressed against her inner thigh. Her entire body shook.

“Look, you’re always in this library. If he stopped by, you definitely would have seen him. He’s a humanoid.”

“A humanoid god?” This new god seemed to just be repeating everything the other one said, but Eighth was so distracted that she didn’t notice the other girl was barely paying attention to her.

“Don’t blame me! I’m not the one who brought him! It was Fourth! Well, she dropped him off and took off, but that’s not what is important.”

I started to notice a familiar scent. Turning my head, my eyes widened as I looked directly between the girl’s legs, only a few inches from my nose. She wasn’t wearing anything under this dress. Her bare-naked pussy was on full display. It wasn’t just that, it looked really wet. Was this goddess secretly really turned on by this? She seemed pretty shy when I ran into her, but was she secretly a freak. Her expression could lie, but the way her pussy acted couldn’t. I leaned forward and sniffed. I could smell her naughty lust was thickly filling the small area under her dress.

“S-smelling…” She whimpered.

“I’m sorry, Ninth! I know the situation smells suspicious!” Eight continued to misunderstand. “You don’t understand. The way he makes me feel, I’ve never felt that way before! With Beloved having returned, I’m worried that he might get into some major trouble. You’re the only one I know I can trust with this since you’re even more distant from her than me.

I could feel the heat of her loins, and her dripping cunt. It was hot under this dress, and the sweet smell of a goddess was like an aphrodisiac. How could I hold back? Before I could stop myself, my tongue came out and I licked some of her juices.”

“You can’t!” Ninth screamed.

“I-is it so bad?” Eighth sounded slightly hurt. “I just… I just needed to tell someone. Are you sure you haven’t seen him!”

“No!” She gasped as my tongue slid inside her.

“I see…” She sighed. “I guess I’ll go…”

“Don’t!” Ninth moaned.

At this point, I was eating her pussy softly, my tongue lapping her insides in a steady matter as I tasted her wet cunt.

“Ninth, you’re sending me mixed signals here.”

“I can’t take it… it’s too much…”

“I didn’t know you felt so strongly against humanoid gods.”

“No… that’s not… ahhhn… I’m going…”

“No… I’ll go first. You’ve made your feelings clear.” She turned and walked away.

At that moment, Ninth wrapped her legs around me and started to wildly hump my face. “I-I-I’m cumming!”

Her dress did keep her body from falling over. It was almost like a tent, and her naked body hung from it. Her arms and head peeked out the top, and when she did not attempt to stand, she could just hang there, her toes scraping along the ground. As she came, her pussy erupted in a fountain. Cleary, sticky stuff shot out of her pussy like a faucet, and stuck in the tent as I was, I felt like I was being showered with warm liquid. She gushed for nearly a minute, drenching me from head to toe and soaking the carpet between her legs.

When she was done, her legs just hung there aimlessly as she gasped for breath. I finally opened up the edge of her skirt, convinced that Eighth had left. It was so hot and humid in there that it was difficult to breathe. I stood up, my shirt and pants drenched, as I looked down at the little girl who squirted a ton.

“I-I’m sorry.” I bowed. “I got carried away. My name is Hakaru.”

It was bad giving my name after already eating her out, but things just sort of worked that way.

She lifted her hand and straightened her glasses. “I’m Ninth. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She was trying to play it off like nothing happened!

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