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“Ah… so this is how that is…” I said, flipping the page of the book I was reading. “The meaning of life is truly…”


“Exactly, and the reason we exist is…”


“I find it all so hard to believe.” I looked down under my table were a cute goddess in glasses had my cock in her mouth as she blew it.

She spat out my cock and gasped for breath. She didn’t need to breathe. She was a goddess. However, she had been studying up on blowjobs ever since I had mentioned one, and she was emulating earth women. I had told her that needing to breathe versus the desire to satisfy your partner was just one of the charms of deepthroating, and she had taken to it aggressively.

Unfortunately, her lips had been too good, and I hadn’t realized how close I was until I took my eyes away from my book. As soon as I laid my eyes on her cute face with glasses sucking my cock, I began to cum. Of course, that was the second she pulled away. White seed shot out and struck her in the face. She looked up at me with her mouth open ready to speak as white strikes hit her in waves, covering her glasses and then leaking down her rosy cheeks. It was a pretty good blowjob, so it made quite a mess.

“Everything in this library is true. There is nothing like this so-called fiction you told me about.” She said in her usual dry voice, barely reacting to her face being covered in seed.

Although she acted extremely cold since I had caused her to cum that first time, she had been hooked. Women who had never experienced contact with a man before were very easy to subdue. Ninth was quite the freak, taking to any sexual act I gave her. In fact, she’d look up different sexual things and then try to do them with me. She was a gusher too… exploding with lust whenever she orgasmed.  

“I want you to cum in my ass again.” A bored voice came from across the table.

Eighth was there too. She hadn’t yet left the library when she heard Ninth cumming. She had come back to explore where she found me. I had thought things would go horribly, but the girls were close friends, and everything was sorted quickly. Eighth was excited that Ninth was willing to bang me. In her mind, there was no such thing as monogamy. Marriage didn’t even have the right to approach the celestial palace, so how could her influence affect this place at all?

Since, in these girls’ minds, monogamy didn’t exist, why couldn’t they both have me together? It only gave them another thing to share that brought them closer together. Eventually, I gained the confidence and trust to tell them my story.

I told them about my life as a human. They were a bit surprised that I wasn’t always a god, but they knew that kind of thing could happen. I explained about NTR, Procreation, Marriage, Lilith, Artemis, and all the way up to meeting Fourth. Most of these explanations came while we were naked and snuggling after sex. At first, they were all about sex, but as we did more and more, both girls slowly grew to enjoy snuggling together as well.

As for how they reacted to my story, they were mostly sympathetic. Humanoid problems were completely foreign to them, so they weren’t exactly able to provide help.

“Crush him.” Eighth merely offered.

“Absorb him… Ninth added.”


“Make him a part of you. Steal all of his power and being.”

I wasn’t sure about either of those. I wasn’t powerful enough to crush him, and absorbing sounded like something I wouldn’t be able to manage unless I was many times stronger than him. I had read a little bit about absorbing, and as bad as it sounded, it wasn’t that different from splitting. Fourth and Artemis had once split up. The NTR sisters had also all broke apart and then were absorbed and reformed. This kind of thing happened all the time.

I learned a lot from the library and talking to these two upper goddesses. Eighth said that she was a heavenly goddess, signifying the sky. Ninth declared she was the goddess of springs. I could believe that a bit considering how much she gushed when she came. She did taste like a mountain spring if I did say so myself.

So, I sat in a chair with Eighth’s brown butt sitting down on my cock. She rocked her ass as she rode my dick. I had my arms wrapped around her as she leaned back, and I sucked on one of her nipples from the side. Meanwhile, Ninth was on all fours, eating eighth’s cunt. She had seen it in a video and was eager to try it out. She seemed determined to try every sex thing imaginable. As time passed, I ran out of sex positions and she started teaching me new ones.

Months had gone by, although it was hard to say how many. I spent my days reading and my nights having sex with these two goddesses. I spent most of the days having sex with them too. Whenever Ninth found a new position she wanted to try out, she ran up to me eager to experiment. When Eighth saw and heard us, although she wasn’t possessive of me, she did get jealous over watching Ninth get off while she didn’t.

That’s why Ninth had lately been offering positions where she got to experiment and Eighth was satisfied as well. The library had started to stink of our sex, and even though the goddesses always smelled perfect, after two months of nonstop sex, especially with one girl who gushed over everything and another girl who always wanted it in the ass, I was starting to feel dirty.

After exploding in Eighth’s ass and watching Ninth eat the cum from her ass, something that was only hot when it was a couple of goddesses, I finally decided I needed a bath. While the girls were still distracted with each other, I left the library for the first time in two months. I reckoned it was best if I didn’t move around too much. After all, Beloved was still around. According to Eighth, they had felt the presence of a humanoid, and although the girls all denied it, they had stormed around for a while.

The other girls believed I had already fled though. Only Eighth and Ninth knew the truth that I was still in the castle. However, as they previously pointed out to me, this place was humungous, and the chances of running into any of them were unlikely. Therefore, I decided to risk it and head over to the indoor hot spring. It was a massive bath, broken up and divided by dozens of pools connected by multiple branching streams. Although it was within the celestial palace, the spring had a feeling of being natural, with rocks, plants, and even animals.

The animals were heavenly beasts, just like the gods and goddesses. Some of them were gods and goddesses who just happened to have a beastly form. However, they would interact with me in much the same way an animal would interact with me. The point being, the place was large and divided enough that two people could bathe in it without ever seeing each other, which was why I didn’t worry about Beloved too much. The waters were purifying mineral baths of the highest quality. The rich and earthy scent assaulted my nose as soon as I entered the room.

As I disrobed, I took deep breaths, enjoying the feel of the place. Then, I eased myself into the water. I had bathed a few times since entering the heavenly realm. In the forest of beginnings, I’d create a few baths where Lilith, Artemis, and I would frolic and play with each other. This was far superior to the makeshift hot tub I had made in the forest of beginnings. The water was extremely warm and pleasing. I couldn’t help but let out a groan.

As a god, I would have thought I was beyond pain and discomfort, but the waters of this world were rejuvenating. I felt like my body was truly becoming pure and renewed just by being in this water. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, allowing the warmth to penetrate deep into my bones and wash away all of my stress and discomfort. It was because I was being so quiet and could only hear that I noticed a light splashing sound.

I opened my eyes with curiosity. I could still hear the sound of water moving like someone else was in the pool. I realized that they weren’t in my particular pool. I had picked one that was particularly hidden in a crevice so that I wouldn’t be disturbed. However, they were in the pool adjacent to mine. I knew I should hide or leave, but I was curious. I had isolated myself so many times in these last few years, first in the forest and then in this palace, that I found my heart growing slightly excited every time I felt the prospect of interacting with someone new.

I gently started to move, trying my best not to disturb the water or be heard as I followed the source. It did sound like someone splashing in the water. I went down a short canal, and as I peaked around the corner into a side-pool, my eyes landed on a familiar person. This was the woman otherwise known as Sixth. I had met her once before, but only briefly. She was a big girl, nearly seven feet tall. Her breasts were large, but everything about her was large. From a distance, she’d look like a normal woman of incredible beauty, but as you got closer, you started to realize she was quite big.

I tried to remember what I had seen about her. My impression was that she was pretty quiet and shy and that she did whatever her sisters told her to do. Overall, she probably wasn’t the best one to push me on if I didn’t want to get caught. I had a feeling like she would fold to pressure too easily.

I was just about to turn away, but she had a shell in her hand, and she was using it to scoop up water and then gently pour it over her body. Her beauty was extremely clear, and as the gentle streams of water ran down her succulent body, it was truly beautiful. That’s when my eyes fell on her butt, and for the first time on the goddess, I found something that didn’t look perfect. There was a large port-wine stain birthmark. It took the shape of a large red circle which covered nearly half of one of her buttcheeks.

I had leaned too far checking her out, and my hand suddenly gave way. With a yelp, I fell into the water, causing a splash. I was going to spin around and flee, but by the time I regained my footing, I heard a voice.

“Who’s there!” Her voice burst forth like thunder, not belying the shy girl I had been expecting.

That wasn’t the only alarming part. The voice didn’t come from where she had been standing, but where she was standing now, which was hovering over me. I didn’t even see her move, but she had somehow appeared right where I had splashed, and instead of running, I could only look up at the large woman staring down at me. Her chest was right in my face, her eyes filled with anger.

“I-I-I’m sorry! I was just bathing and I ran into you!”

“Did you see?” She demanded.


“Did you see it…” She narrowed her eyes.

“What? The-the birthmark?”

Her expression fell, and then when she looked at me again, it was filled with regret. “I see, so you did. Then, I apologize, but you can no longer live.”

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