Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“How much time has passed?” I asked Fourth.

“Many wonderful years.” She answered nonspecifically as she cuddled against me with her naked body.

“I mean it! I can’t stay in the Celestial Palace forever. I have to return home. I’ve left a lot of women waiting for me. Lilith, Marriage, the mortal women that I also love.”

“Lucky women…” She pouted. “You’ll even leave so many beautiful goddesses for them.”

“I will be coming back,” I promised, kissing her forehead.

“I regret I only have a vague understanding of human time. If you want to know the time, Artemis would be your best bet. She keeps track of such things much better than any of us.”

“Then, I will go ask her then.”

“N-now might not be a good time!”

“Hmm? Why?”

“Ah… it’s just… every once in a while, she gets really busy. Beloved has her do some stuff while she goes on a break.”

“First is taking a break?”

“Yes, every once in a while she becomes extremely weak and must remain in bed. That time has just come up.”

“Great! Then, this is probably the best time for me to leave.” I declared. “Don’t worry. I’ll be right back.”


I slipped out of the room that had been my prison for all of those years. It felt pretty good being able to do that. It was something that even Artemis couldn’t do. When she visited me, she had to be brought by one of the numbered goddesses. This was why I decided to go to her. I had only slipped out of this room a couple of times up until now, and I was eager to stretch my feet. If First was out right now, then I had nothing to fear.

I went straight into Artemis’s room. I was surprised when I entered it because the room was pitch black. Artemis did like the lights low, but she wouldn’t be able to work in this lighting. Calling it light wasn’t exactly right. Light was a relative thing for a god. However, it seemed like Artemis wasn’t here. I was just about to turn to leave when I heard her rustling in her bed.

Oh? Perfect. I caught her taking a nap. She probably had been working hard. I supposed I could give her a little reward. With a grin on my face, I sneaked up into her bed. Lifting the sheets, I slid in next to her. I reached out and wrapped my arms around her. She turned to me, and I immediately kissed her lips.

“Mmm!” She let out a cry.

I pulled away. “It’s okay. It’s just me.”


“You’re so pretty in the dark.” I got on top of her.

Her eyes widened. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“I love you.” I kissed her again, pulling out my dick and lining it up against her.

“W-wait! You ca- ahhhhn!”

I slid it in. “It’s okay. I don’t care about that. I’ll be gentle and leave you feeling good.”

My assumption was this was something akin to having a period. She was the goddess of female virginity, and unlike the other goddesses, she did have a period, as did Lilith. They were very self-conscious about it since most goddesses didn’t. It was entirely because of their close connection to women that they experience the same things women did.  She normally wouldn’t visit me during what she called her moonflow, so now that I caught her, I wasn’t going to let her say no.

“You-you’re saying that now… after touching me like this.”

“How can I not? You’re so beautiful and sexy.” I reassured her.

“H-Hakaru…” She blushed.

I began to rock myself in and out of her. Her body was deliciously warm, and her pussy was surprisingly tight. She was as tight as a virgin. I kissed her gently, and the two of us made gentle love in the dark. My hands gently explored and caressed her body. It wasn’t rough or violent, but loving and gentle. I didn’t know when the next time I’d see any of them were, so I almost felt like this would be our last time together.

I didn’t notice it until a tear suddenly fell. The warm drop hit Artemis’s face, causing her alarm.

“H-Hakaru?” She reached up and stroked the moisture from my cheek. “Why are you crying?’

“It’s time for me to go.”


“You know that I came here for a reason. I came to save the people I love. That time should be coming at any moment. I need to leave the Celestial Palace, and when I do, I don’t know when I’ll be able to see you again.”

“Y-you can visit anytime!”

“Can I? Beloved doesn’t want me here, Artemis.”

“Artemis? B-beloved!” Her eyes widened. “R-right… her…”

She seemed a little confused and foggy. Then again, I had no clue how the time of the month would affect Artemis.

“I don’t want to leave any of you.”

“You’ve… you’ve really brought them all together. My sisters…”

“Don’t you mean aunts?” I chuckled, flicking her forehead.

“Ah! Y-yes… aunts…”

I kissed her again and then started to thrust once again. “I’m going to cum.”

“C-cum!” She squeaked. “W-wait… actually, bad idea! It’s almost over! I’m almost done!”

I wanted her to finish first, but it was too late. I pushed myself as deep into her, and my cock began to swell. I came deep into her womb. As I did so, she wrapped her legs around my hips and her back arched. The feeling of me creaming her was too much, and she started to orgasm as well. Her womb sucked up all of my cum eagerly as the pair of us writhed in pleasure.

The light in the room suddenly turned back on. I mostly ignored it, gasping with my face pressed into her chest, our sweaty bodies wrapped together. Her body temperature felt like it was rising rapidly though. It was a strange enough feeling that I couldn’t help but furrow my brow.

“H-Hakaru! Wh-what did you do!” Artemis cried out.

“Huh?” I turned my head to the voice.

This was because the voice wasn’t coming from the girl under me, but a girl lying next to me. I turned to see Artemis lying there naked, her eyes wide, and a shocked expression on her face. What? I slowly glanced up, and there I saw First! Beloved was staring down at me. I was still inside her, but she had stopped wrapping her legs around me. She was staring down at me with hot fury on her face. I was completely confused.

“You… dare!”

“Wh-what’s going on?” I cried out.

“Once in a while… I… um… it’s complicated! For just a bit, she is eclipsed by my appearance and personality… or something like that.”

A force shoved me away, and I found myself hitting a wall. First stood up, the clothing appearing around her before she had even gotten out of the bed.

“You defiled me!” She screeched.

“B-Beloved, wait…” Artemis tried to get in front of her.

“Silence!” She shoved Artemis away and walked up to me where I was pinned against the wall.

“I-I didn’t know!” I said in a strangled voice, feeling the full pressure.

I was a higher-level god now, so I wasn’t nearly as disadvantaged as I was the previous time, but she was still much stronger than I could ever hope to be.

“You would have been destroyed touching me at any other time, but you exploited my only weakness to have me! I hope the power you gained was worth it!”

“I didn’t… I’m not.”

I had only just reached level fifteen god before. Now, I was extremely stable as a level 15 god. There weren’t typically tiers between the god levels, but if there had been one before I would have been a fledgling level 15 god, and now I’d truly be on the same level as Procreation. She seemed to think that I had deliberately slept with her to achieve that goal.

“Shut up!” We suddenly disappeared and then reappeared again.

I was now standing on some kind of outdoor balcony, and despite not being bigger than me, Beloved had me held up by the neck. She lifted me over the edge and hung me off a fall leading to a seemingly infinite abyss.


“First, no!’


All of the girls seemed to appear on the Balcony. They had somehow been notified and had appeared here, dropping everything to stop beloved from killing me.

“Sisters! This man never loved you!” She declared.

“That’s not true.”

“He’s ours.”

“He was planning on leaving!” First interrupted them.

All of the girls looked away. They knew this already. I had been open with them that I would need to leave at some point.

“He just wanted power, and now that he has it, he’ll abandon every one of you!” She snarled.

“That’s not true!” Fourth declared, stepping forward. “Hakaru loves us! Don’t do this.”

“You dare argue with me? My word is the law!”

“You’re wrong!” Second cried out.

Second, who was considered closest to first besides Artemis, shot her a defiant stare.

Beloved looked truly shocked, a bitter expression on her face. “I see now. So, you’ve all betrayed me. You’ve all turned on me because of this… this… man.”

“I-I’m sorry…” I gasped, pleading to the girls. “I… love you.”

“You dare speak of such emotions! You’re just a mortal human who thinks he’s a god.” First snapped back. “It’s time for you to face your final sentence. You will be exiled from the Celestial Palace!”



All of the girls begged, but when I saw the anger and hate in First’s eyes, I knew that there was no way I was getting out of this.

“I could have loved you as well.”

“Everyone loves me.” She sneered.

“As… a woman.”

Her expression falters for a second, but then it grows cold again.

“You forget, Hakaru. I’m not a woman. I’m a goddess.” She let go of her grip.

I could hear the screams and cries of the girls as I fell off the ledge of the celestial palace. I plummeted past the floating structure and then fell into the abyss. The world began to warp and twist around me. Everything started to grow strange and abstract. Time and space bent, and it was at a level that even a level 15 god like me didn’t grasp. I had no clue what happened to a god who was tossed away like this, but it didn’t leave me with confidence. My consciousness started to drain from me, and I passed out long before I reached the end.


Darkness, I was floating through the darkness.

“Haka-ru…” A distant voice shouted.

I recognized the voice. It was a voice I hadn’t heard in what felt like forever. It was familiar and comforting.

“Come back to us.”



“Sweetheart, mommy loves you.”

“Wake up.”

My eyes snapped open and I let out a gasp. I felt like I had been drowning. Looking around, everything seemed off and wrong. The world was strangely small and crowded. My eyes tried to focus, and finally, I saw a group of women around me.


“You woke up! Thank the gods!” Mother’s chest pressed against me.

“Hakaru… don’t’ scare us like that!” Maria said, wiping her tears.

“In the middle of the goddess summoning ceremony, you just suddenly passed out,” Kira explained.

“P-passed out?” I looked around dizzily. “Wait… the goddess summoning ceremony!”

I sat up, my mind snapping back to reality. We were in the living room of my house. Not the Celestial Palace, but that little place in Japan. My mother, my sister, my girlfriend, my sidewoman, and my bitch were all there!”

“Why do I have a feeling Hakaru thought something rude about me?” Akiko whined.

“Did it work?” Sasori asked. “Did you find a way to become a god?”

No time had passed at all. They didn’t even see my conversation with the Netori. To me, nearly twenty years had passed. To them, I had only just passed out as soon as they finished the ceremony. First… she had sent me home? Maybe, the last twenty years weren’t real. Maybe, they had all been a dream.”

“Does… Hakaru seems a bit different to you guys? He seems… powerful… and really, sexy.”

“My Hakaru is always sexy!” Mom declared.

“No, there is something different. Ah! Where did he go?”

“I’m over here.” The girls all spun to see me standing in the kitchen.

“T-t-teleportation!” Sasori cried out.

“I’m a god.”

“Y-you’re what? Ah… do we need to take your temperature!”

“I’ll get the rectal thermometer!” Akiko said excitedly.

“I’m not sick or confused.” I chuckled. “I’m a god.”

I lifted my fingers and snapped.



“N-no, it’s coming out!”

All of the girls in the room fell to the floor, grabbing their crotches as they simultaneously orgasmed. They weren’t goddesses, so making a mortal girl cream herself didn’t require anything.

“You see? I’m a god now.”

“Boo… you could have shown us without ruining my underwear!”

“Y-you have to finish what you started!”

“Hakaru is getting too cocky! As his mother, I’ll need to spank him!”

My first moments back on earth as a god after twenty years and I immediately get admonished by five angry mortal women. Even as they berated me, I felt extremely happy and relieved.

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