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It was a beautiful fairytail forest. The lush leaves were always green, and the sounds of birds and insects serenaded the landscape. Deep within this forest, in a place that would be nearly impossible to encounter unless you already knew where it was, there was a cottage. There was a knocking on that cottage door, which opened up after a few moments of quiet.

“Hakaru!” Lilith jumped out and wrapped her arms around me.

“Lilith…” I smiled and tried to talk, but Lilith began to aggressively kiss me.

It had been twenty years since I had last seen her. Unlike Artemis who could move between the Celestial Palace and here, Lilith was firmly trapped in the Mortal world. I had been in the Celestial Palace all this time. I hadn’t even been certain she would still be here. Then again, Lilith was a woman who had remained trapped attending Lucifer’s grave for many thousands of years. A twenty year span for her was barely anything when it came to remaining in one spot.

However, I hadn’t anticipated her exuberance over meeting once again. She had thrown all of her weight on me, and as she rained kisses down on me, I fell back onto the ground.

“Th-this is a goddess?” Kira asked curiously.

“Yeah… ahh… Lilith, we need too… ahhh…” She had started to strip off my clothing. “We’re not alone!”

I pointed up to reveal all of my girls. I had brought them up to the heavenly plane successfully. They were all level 9 goddesses. Although they still looked the same, it was like all the imperfections had been scrubbed away. They all looked radiant and beautiful. The only one who didn’t resemble a young woman in her late teens was Sasori. Incidentally, she was rather happy when his mother de-aged, solidifying her place as the group MILF.

I didn’t know what to say to that. It wasn’t like I fetishized them on their age. I loved all of them, and physical appearance was mostly meaningless in the heavenly plane. She didn’t know about all that though, and it seemed important to her that she had something none of the other girls possessed, even if that thing was a slightly more mature body.

When she came to age though, or even motherliness, she couldn’t compare to various other goddesses. Mother was a queen MILF that even my mother couldn’t compare to. Her welcoming bosom was something I still thought about. It made me miss her embrace, no, all of their embraces, so much more. Ah… thinking that way along with Lilith rubbing against me and it was getting erect!

She looked up at the girls who were watching her mounted on top of me. “Hi! You can hold this.”

She ripped off her dress. Naturally, she wore nothing underneath. She tossed the dress to Akiko who caught it, then she went back to stripping me as I helplessly tried to resist. I was a more powerful god than her now, but she was the very essence of a woman. How could I truly resist her when she wanted it so badly. The girls, including my daughter and my mother, could only watch helplessly as she mounted me and started to ride me aggressively to her satisfaction.

I had thought I had gotten used to the goddess’s complete lack of shame. After experiencing the Celestial goddesses who would perform sexual acts without a care who saw, I figured I could handle anything. However, Lilith proved me wrong. Doing this kind of thing in front of my family and lovers whom I recently reconnected with was still enough to make me blush.

“This is another woman Hakaru picked up?” Maria asked unhappily.

“She is quite pretty,” Mom added.

“Tsht… I could do that with my hips if I wanted to.” Akiko complained.

“I think that would throw out my back.” Sasori blushed.

The commentary wasn’t helping at all. When we were finished reacquainting at the hip and Lilith allowed me to get back up, I gathered all the girls.

“You’ve become quite powerful.” Lilith purred holding me affectionately, still naked even though everyone else was clothed.  

“Are you doing okay? I’m sorry I had to leave you for so long.”

“No, it’s fine.” She shook her head. “Artemis visited me and let me know how you were doing once or twice. Besides, it was a mere few decades. That went by like nothing.”

“A-a few decades, she says,” Kira murmured.

Lilith’s eyes suddenly brightened. “Oh, speak of the goddess…”

“Hakaru! You’re safe!” A voice cried out, causing everyone to turn as a beautiful woman emerged from the forest.


“Hakaru, when she… I was so worried!” She ran up to me and embraced me.

“Th-they’re all so pretty!” Akiko cried out.

“Don’t worry…” Kira comforted her. “They may be pretty, but only you would let Hakaru do all those dirty things to you.”

Her expression brightened. “Th-that’s true! If Hakaru wants to be nasty, he’ll still need me!”

“Oh?” Lilith had approached the other girls as she gave Artemis room to hug me. “Is that so?”

A thin covering came over her body, acting as her clothing. However, it was still almost completely see-through, making its function as clothing to be highly questionable. She was looking at the former mortals I had brought up as if appraising them. Some of the girls grew sheepish under the look of her beautiful, predatory eyes. Akiko glared back defiantly.

“It is! He can have any hole! A-and even if I beg him to stop, he can do whatever he wants to me!”

“You beg him to stop?” She cocked her head. “You are one of my man’s women, and I am the goddess of women, Lilith, so do not think I wish you any ill-will. Quite the contrary. Now that you are a goddess, I wish for you to act feminine and honor womanhood well. That’s why I’ll warn you that most goddesses aren’t nearly as repressed as mortals. Hakaru may also do anything he wants with me.”

“A-anything?” Akiko’s original defiance quickly melted away.

“Why… I’d even let him…” She leaned close so no one could hear as she whispered in Akiko’s ear.

Akiko’s expression slowly changed to shock, horror, and then bright red. Lilith finally pulled away, a satisfied grin on her face. Akiko shook for a second like she couldn’t handle what she heard, and then turned to me.

“Master! We must go to a bedroom now! There are things I must experience!”

“No time!” I discarded her, as I was currently talking with Artemis.

“Beloved has locked down the Celestial Palace since she sent you away. I was barely able to get out. They sent me to find out what happened to you. They were all deeply worried.” Artemis explained. “Although Beloved said she didn’t destroy you, we still feared the worst. It wasn’t until just now that I was certain of your safety.”

“Well, you came just in time. I am about to begin my confrontation with Procreation. Once I had won back Marriage and NTR, I will see what I can do about the Celestial Palace.”

“Hakaru, I’m not sure if there is anything you can do. Beloved is one of the greatest and most well-known goddesses in existence. What she wants, happens.”

“And there was once a time where Procreation seemed like an insurmountable foe, but today I will defeat him.”

Artemis bit her lip and then nodded. “As you say Hakaru. I will be by your side.”

“No…” I shook my head.

“Y-you don’t want me?”

“It’s not that? You are all my strength. I would want all of my girls with me. It pains me that I can’t be with the goddesses from the Celestial Palace. It’s the same for you. I don’t want to part from you for an instant.”

Her face blushed. “I… then what is it?”

 “I have a task for you.”

“A-a task?”

“I was seeing if I could do it myself, but since you are here, it is best if you do it.”

“What is it?”

“I need you to return to the Celestial Palace.”

“Th-the Celestial Palace?” Her face turned white.

“Wasn’t that your plan from the beginning? Once you found out I was okay, you’d need to return to the palace to tell the other goddesses, right?”

“Th-that’s true… but, I was hoping to spend time with you. J-just a few years, then I would go back. Once I return, Beloved will be furious. She may actually take me away from Mother.”

“I know.” I gently cupped her face. “And I wouldn’t send you at all if I felt it wasn’t necessary. However, I need you to access the Hall of Records. This is something I had been planning since I had been in isolation. If my calculations are correct, then by doing this, I will ensure my victory against Procreation. Will you go for me?”

“I will!” She declared, looking up at me with loving eyes.

I gently kissed her, but as our kiss grew more passionate, Lilith pulled us apart. “No time for that!”

“R-right…” Artemis blushed.

“She seemed to think she had time for it,” Maria muttered.

After Artemis left to return to the Celestial Palace, I gathered the rest of the girls and took them from the forest. I had spent a lot of time training in the Celestial Palace, but everything was done merely in theory. I may have the power of a level 15 god, but that didn’t mean that I was able to do anything and everything. However, it was going well so far.

The group of us appeared in a large landscaped yard. There was a massive mansion at the end of the yard, and a clear blue sky as far as the eye could see. The only thing strange about the sky was that there was absolutely no sun or clouds.

“That place is so big!” Kira cried.

“Where are we?” Sasori asked.

“This is the Harem Palace… Procreation’s palace. It’s supposed to belong to the god of Harems, but he stole it. Well, that’s my story, at least.”

Since there never was a true Harem, then there never was a Harem Palace. However, Procreation had tricked the universe into thinking he was the true Harem by creating and living in the Harem Palace.

“Th-this is where you live?”

“It’s a bit small.” I shrugged. “But it will do.”

It was larger than the largest mansion they could imagine, but to me, it was only so-so. After seeing the majesty and scope of the Celestial Palace, this place just seemed like a small house. It felt cozy, and a good place to house my harem of women. The girls all gave me looks after I said that. Even Lilith couldn’t imagine how much my mind had expanded in pure scope. This place was only a start, it was simple as that. However, I’d need to defeat and kick Procreation out to reach my goals.

“If this is his place, aren’t there any guards?”

“Why would there be?” I asked. “He’s a level 15 god. No one in the heavenly plan of humans would do such a thing, and no one stronger could be stopped.”

“So, you’re saying he’s aware we’re here?”

I shook my head. “No. Not yet. He’s likely trying to break through to level 16, so he’s secluding himself. Unless we make too much noise, he’s unlikely to realize we’re here.”

“Then, what is your plan?”

“My first plan…” I declared, holding up a token I had received once a long time ago. “Is to find War.”

I was going to begin a battle with the god of Procreation, trying to steal my loves back and conquer my rightful title. How could I begin such an act without having the goddess of fighting a war for love? On the other hand, if I had the goddess of war on my side, how could I lose?”

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