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“Hmm?” I stopped as I took a step forward toward the mansion. “Oh?”

“Hakaru?” Kira asked as the rest of the girls gave me expectant looks.

“I was expecting War to be in the mansion, but it turns out she’s nearby.”

War had come in here and managed to somehow distract NTR, allowing Netori to be summoned. Although this had happened a long time ago for me, timewise, this would have just been last night. There were many possibilities regarding what happened to her after. It was undoubtedly that NTR would have been furious with her. At that point, she could have been banished or imprisoned.

After tracing her all the way here, I had assumed that she was in the mansion, but now that I got a clear look at the surrounding area, I could see that the mansion sat on a big hill overlooking a city. War’s signal was actually within that city. As much as I desired to burst into the mansion now, it looked like I’d be taking a detour first.

“It looks like we’re going down there.” I gestured.

“Hmm? A city?” Maria asked.

“No, Maria… a city of the gods!” Mom responded excitedly.

Mom had spent half of her life as a shrine maiden. To finally enter the realm of the gods and goddesses that she had dedicated her life to had excited her. Sasori looked at it more like an intellectual pursuit. As for Kira and Akiko, they seemed extremely shy but determined to follow me wherever I took them. To be honest, I had never explored the heavenly realm. I looked at maps and I knew how to navigate them now, but that didn’t mean that every sight wasn’t just as new to me. For example, this was the first time I knew gods and goddesses even had cities.

I took the group of girls down into the city. It was a small village, somewhat simple compared to the mansion on the hill above. It was clear that the residents here were all subservient to Procreation. As we walked down the street, I caught glimpses of more and more goddesses. I felt them out and was able to tell that most of them were fairly low tier. There were level 9 to level 11 goddesses. The majority of my harem fit right in here.

“A-are all goddesses so beautiful?” Kira asked.

“It comes with the territory, yeah…” Lilith chuckled. “But you don’t need to worry, you’re cute too.”

Kira blushed as Lilith gave her a flirtatious look. Lilith represented all women, so naturally, she was bisexual. As for Kira, she had been through a few threesomes by now, and while she wasn’t into woman per se, there was enough curiosity there that she blushed under Lilith’s predatory gaze. Netorare had taught me about sharing, so I didn’t mind if my women played with each other while I wasn’t around.

“What is this place?” Sasori asked, looking around in wonder.

“People call this place the village of the harem,” Lilith responded.

“Procreation’s harem isn’t allowed in the mansion?” I blinked in surprise.

She shook her head. “That name is just a lie like he is. It’d be better to call this the village of the discarded.”

As we looked around, I began to see more and more girls, but they all had depressed, lonely, or sometimes even hateful and jealous looks. I was catching a little bit of interest, as I was the only male presenting god here, but only a brief interest. My presence here should have caused a bit of an uproar. After all, this was his harem, and another man was walking among them. This gave me a somewhat bad feeling.

“They don’t care that I’m here?”

“It doesn’t happen often, but when Procreation favors a man, he lets them come down and play around with these girls.”

“An influence of NTR?”

“That’s what the gods believed, but over the years since you revealed his true nature, I’ve come to believe it’s simply because he doesn’t care,” Lilith explained. “You see, these goddesses have all been pregnant at one point.”

“A-all of them?” Akiko’s eyes widened.

“So, it’s like that.” I sighed.

“What?” Kira asked as the girls all glanced my way.

“He’s Procreation, the god of making babies. I had always wondered about that. Now I know. He does have girls in the castle, goddesses he has seduced. However, when he gets her pregnant, he kicks her out.”

“K-kicks her out! A pregnant woman?”

“No one said he was the God of fatherly love. Once he procreates with them, he does not need for them anymore, so he tosses them… the village of the discarded. It’s an apt name.”

“What a bastard.” Lilith hissed.

“It probably doesn’t just include his women, but the children of his women. An entire city made of gods that look up to and idolize a man who will never look at them twice. This is a pitiful place.” I sighed as I looked up at the mansion overlooking this city, a constant reminder of what these women would never have.

“These are goddesses, why would they put up with this?” Mom demanded.

“They are low-level goddesses, most of them are barely above 9. In the hierarchy of this world, they are barely present, threatening to cease to exist for all time.” Lilith explained. “Unlike you lot who came from mortality, the worst thing that would happen to you is that you lose your divinity and return to being mortals. For us, it’s ceasing to exist.

“Tying yourself to a powerful god or goddess is one way to survive. You bask in their grace, and your association with them keeps you from ceasing to be. The heavenly realm is a cruel place where the bottom goddesses, those that exist for insignificant purposes, must struggle to be seen by anyone.”

“H-Hakaru…” Most of the girls were white after hearing such words, but Akiko was visibly shaken.

“I will never abandon any of you. Ever.”

The girls still looked a bit uncertain. I didn’t understand why until Lilith spoke up again.

“To you, Hakaru is still just the young boy you fell in love with, but do not underestimate his strength and power. He’s carved an existence into this world and into the hearts of too many goddesses to be surprised by others. In terms of human gods, there is no one more powerful, even Procreation. He could have a mansion like this, and if he opened his harms, thousands of goddesses would flock to his side.”

“Th-that’s what I’m worried about!” Akiko complained.

“Akiko…” I turned to her suddenly, causing her to jump a bit.


“I will have many lovers from now on. However, you’re not my woman. You’re a dog.”


“A dog is a man’s best friend. They remain blindly loyal to them, and in exchange, that man dotes on his dog. You can take a man’s family, his children, and even his woman… but a man’s dog is special and he will burn the world to the ground for his dog, and forever dote on her. You, Akiko… are just such a bitch.”

“Y-you mean it?” her eyes brightened.

“Forever.” We embraced while all the other girls stared dumbfounded.

“Such shitty lines worked!” Kira cried out.

“Wh-why does she look so perversely happy?” Sasori clung to her daughter.

“This woman is definitely broken.” Maria sighed.

We continued into a square, and that’s when I finally came upon War. The other mortal women recognized her since she still appeared as the mortal host she had taken, Michelle. She was in a stock, a wooden contraption that held her head and arms. She was completely naked and bent over. The stocks pointed away from the square, effectively showing her ass and cunt to the world while all she could look at was the wall.

I recognized her by her body, which I had once intimately enjoyed. Maybe, as a mortal, I’d never had that kind of retention, but since becoming a god, I knew every girl I had ever touched in depth. It had only been a day since War had returned to the heavenly realm to help me, but she was in extremely bad shape.

She was filthy, looking like various people had tossed fruit at her. She had various writing on her back, ass, and legs. They were words such as cum dumpster, slut, and whore. There was a dildo stuck in her crotch that was vibrating wildly. I could hear her panting slightly, but it was an exhausted sound of someone who had already been put through the wringer. Of course, these weren’t a normal stock, and she wouldn’t be able to escape them just because she was a goddess.

“This is awful…” Sasori gasped.

“Did Procreation do this to her?” Maria asked.

“No… this was NTR’s doing,” I said. “No, it’s more to say this is the entire villages doing.”

“These goddesses did this?”

“Do you think women aren’t capable of such brutality to each other?” Lilith raised an eyebrow.

“No… it’s just…”

“War used to be one of the women Procreation used. She ran away and tried to find a new life for herself. The reason she approached Derek and agreed to have him champion her was that she wanted to change her fate. To these discarded women, that would naturally erupt their hate and ire. How dare she get out when they were all trapped. It’s that kind of feeling.”

I stopped talking and walked the rest of the way up to her. This drew a few more glances. Some women sneered or looked on happily as they saw me approach. I was a man, and if I was here, that meant that I was here with the approval of Procreation. No male god would have the guts to just walk into the village of the discarded without Procreation’s knowledge. That was asking for death!

 One woman, a level eleven who likely was the top bitch in here, walked up to War from the other side, a nasty grin on her face. “It looks like your time has come.”

“P-please… take it out…” She spoke weakly.

“Hehe… no worries, it’ll come out!” The woman laughed. “Then, you can be filled with a real cock.”


“Hey, Freya, we have a visitor, and it looks like he’s going to play with you!” She teased before glancing at me. “Give her a good fuck. This traitor deserves to be wrecked!”

“A-ah!” War let out a cry. “N-no… please… not that. L-leave the dildo in. Just… not another man… I have… someone.”

This was the wrong thing to say, as the woman slapped her cheek and glared. “The only one in your heart should be Harem! Just like a traitor! Make sure to impregnate her!”

“N-No! I… I don’t want this. Please… Hakaru… I’m Hakaru’s.”

“What’s that name? Never heard of it. Some loser demigod?” The woman chuckled before glancing back up at me. “Come on, stick it in her! I want to see the look on her face as she loses all hope.”

I was hiding my level, so this girl had no clue what I was. As for the name Hakaru, it wouldn’t have spread across the human parts of the heavenly realm, since I had spent my time avoiding such things. Level 15 gods didn’t just appear from nowhere, so she was forgiven for not realizing the truth. She only saw someone NTR or Procreation had invited to start phase 2 of the punishments that had only just started.

I nodded my head silently toward the waiting woman, however, inside, I was conflicted. I didn’t owe War anything. She had helped Derek, my rival, and by all accounts was my enemy. However, she had gotten herself into this situation helping me. I never expected my name to be called out in this heavenly realm, but when I heard it, I knew that War was my woman.  No, I probably should call her by her true name, Freya.

I guess her history wasn’t so simple. She was a level 11 goddess herself, and I had always wondered how she was so strong despite being a goddess of wars for love, something that no one fought anymore. Her name explained enough.

I pulled out the dildo from her, and then with a wave of my hand, made it, and all the filth and writing on her behind disappear. I had started to pull in a show, women eager to watch Freya be humiliated and raped. These women were all extremely vicious to each other, but could I blame them. They had gotten that from Procreation.

I pulled out my dick. Well, I wasn’t above a little showmanship. I’d get to tease Freya a bit as vengeance for what she did to me, and I’d show all of these women a show. It was time to show them how a real Harem god loves a woman.

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