Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Ahhn!” Freya cried out as I slid myself inside her. “N-no! Please, stop!”

“Are you sure you want me to stop?” I spoke for the first time since sticking it in.

“You… wait… huh?” Freya seemed to recognize my voice, even though she couldn’t see me.

“Hehe… Just take it and enjoy what I have to give you.” I chuckled darkly.

“R-right- I mean, no! Please, no!” Freya was thankfully not foolish.

She was a goddess of war, so naturally, she was adaptable and knew all about strategy and cooperation. She may not know how I had gotten there, but I had already tasted this body once before, and I was the very Hakaru that she had been lamenting about. Her tone shifted a bit, but it was at a level that the other goddesses gathering around didn’t notice. At this point, we began to put on a show.

I thrust deep inside her from behind while the lead woman glared condescendingly down at Freya. Other women were gathering around as well, watching as the traitor who was chained up by NTR the night before now got what was coming to her. That was my dick, which thrust into her roughly from behind. Even chained up, with her face filled with helplessness and cries of resistance, she couldn’t help but rock her hips, taking pleasure in my cock.

Feeling like I was owed a bit more revenge, I lifted my hand and slapped her ass. Instead of a cry of surprise, she gave an orgasmic one. She liked having her ass spanked. I kept doing it, eliciting cries of lust. She started to cum already, perhaps relieving a lot of stress she had been feeling through the pleasure of sex. I continued to bang her roughly, not even giving any mercy.

The audience grew until it likely included all of the ladies in town. My women were among them. Some looked away in embarrassment, while others watched with keen interest as if they wanted to compare and see what they could learn from our interaction. As for the other women watching, many of them had knowing or smug looks. However, as time crept on, and Freya’s cries turned more lustful, their lips started to twitch.

An hour passed by, and Freya came dozens of times. A small pool of godly lust had formed at my feet as I pounded away. All her original cries of resistance and defiance were gone now. She didn’t seem to have the energy to keep up the charade. She was merely lost in lust. The lead woman’s expression had turned awkward the longer we went at it.

“You’re enjoying it! Hmph… and here I am doing all the work!” I declared suddenly, and then reached down and flicked the stock.

The lock immediately clicked open, and the stock released her. I pulled Freya out of the stockade and swung her around. Many of the girls gasped at this sudden development, but they weren’t that surprised. They assumed that I must have been given the key to removing it. After all, one would have to be very powerful to break an enchanted bond created by NTR. It never occurred to any of them that I was such an impressive figure as that. If I was so powerful, why would I be screwing around with some level 11 traitor?

I stood Freya up and spun her around. She let me move her body, powerless to resist. When she looked up at me, there was a growing sense of peace and happiness. She hadn’t seen me before, so she had only allowed herself to hope there wasn’t a mistake. Now that she had finally confirmed that the man who had given her such release was the man, she had already allied herself with, Freya nearly fell against me.

“I…” I put my finger on her lips. “Since you feel like talking, why don’t I make you work your mouth!”

Rather than fear or disgust, there was a flash of excitement in her eyes. I pushed her to her knees, which she fell to without resistance. I then shoved my dick into her mouth. Freya began to eagerly suck on it, tasting hours of her lust as she sucked the juices from my dick. Freya wasn’t like Lilith or Artemis, two virgin goddesses. If I recalled, the stories painted her as a bit of a party girl back in the day. That meant she had ample experience. She took my cock down to the root, giving me an incredible and enthusiastic blowjob.

Seeing her get pushed down and her mouth used like a sex toy initially pleased all of the other women, who gave triumphant looks at seeing Freya defiled. She had been one of the strongest goddesses under Procreation at one point, and perhaps there was even a history of her suppressing some of these women in years past. So, why wouldn’t those women want to see her debased?

However, as I pulled back my head and thrust my dick into her pleasing mouth, she let out happy, excited moans as she gobbled my dick. I stroked her hair affectionately as she serviced my member. A scene that had started as the brutalization of an arrogant goddess had somehow started transforming. The goddesses all felt like something was off, but it was indescribable.

I grabbed a chunk of her hair and pulled her head back. Her mouth only released from my cock after a bit of pulling. That’s how hard she was sucking it. She gasped as she looked up at me, her eyes filled with intense desire. I pulled her up by the hair, making her stand and face me. Then I kissed her roughly. My hands wandered over her body as the pair of us passionately kissed.

“He kissed her… after her mouth was down there… but he never would.” One of the goddesses looked toward the mansion to show who they were talking about.

“That… i-is she being punished?” Another said uncertainly.

A few of the goddesses gulped and tightened their thighs as they watched the scene unfold. They were feeling funny. It was like a feeling of longing and desire in their hearts.

“Now, pleasure me.” I ordered Freya.”

“Y-yes…” She said, her expression filled with lewd desires.

She pushed me down excitedly, and then grabbed my cock, squatting on top of it and taking it back into herself. She started to bounce up and down on my member, riding me with her body for all it was worth. I reached up and touched her face, stroking my fingers over her cheeks as she looked down at me. She started to suck on my fingers lustfully, as she rocked her cunt against my cock.

As our actions grew more and more affectionate, the girls watching grew more and more entranced. Many of them had only been with one god. That would be Procreation, who had used them like cum dumpsters until they got pregnant and then tossed them away. The rest were procreation’s children, many of which were still virgins having only gazed up longingly at the mansion of their father who they never met. A few lucky ones might be able to work their way into the castle and become his sex toy, only to be discarded just like their mother’s when he unceremoniously cast them out.

Thus, these women, even though they were goddesses, had no concept of affection. They didn’t understand love. Many of them had never even had an orgasm. You were an object to please a powerful god, nothing more. Yet, the façade of me treating Freya like an object didn’t hold up. At first, I had roughly fucked her from behind, but now, she was on top, and in charge, and we had our naked bodies pressed together, kissing lovingly with our tongues.

Our hands roamed over every nook and cranny of our bodies as we touched and fucked. How many times she had orgasmed were lost, and she had become nothing but a sex machine, lost in satisfaction. The other goddesses didn’t even feel jealousy. It was something far more than that. It went beyond envy and approached a state of feral desire.

The lead girl was the one who had taken the greatest emotional blow. She could barely stand. It was like a woman in a desert being handed a glass of water. She had finally seen meaning, and that meaning was being displayed by Freya and me. It was a display of everything that they wanted and had been denied. It was the affection, the love, the care, and the mutual sharing that Procreation ignored when it took from women. All he did was bang a woman and get her pregnant, but whether you were a mortal or a goddess, this level of satisfaction didn’t go very far.

As our bodies merged in the middle of the square, sweaty, orgasmic, and toward both of our satisfaction, the girls watching grew increasingly entranced. They wanted such things as well. They wanted to be touched. They wanted to be loved. They wanted everything that we were sharing and more.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Inside me…” She gasped. “I want you inside me. Make me pregnant with your seed.”

“You and your baby will be mine.” I bit her ear playful.

“Ahhhn… C-cumming!” She began to climax just with that little bit of teasing, but I had already made her do so enough times that the familiar feel of pussy tightening around my cock felt comforting.

I released inside her, shooting my hot load into her womb. This was at a level where it was very likely she’d get pregnant, but I didn’t mind such a thing. Kira was already pregnant, and technically I already had a daughter in Maria. Twenty years had passed, and I was no longer that uncertain teenager I had once been. I was content having many children. I looked forward to raising them. Such a thing was only natural when a man reached my age.

 Of course, I was no longer a mortal, but a god, so it wouldn’t be the same thing. All of my kids, including Kira’s unborn baby, would ultimately be gods. One of the reasons I had made all my girls into goddesses was because I didn’t want to break the rule. If I started impregnating mortal women and making demi-gods, I could seriously get in trouble. This was why while Procreation went to earth, he didn’t just impregnant all of the girls. Given his nature, he could impregnate every woman on earth if he wanted to, but he resisted.

Even the girls that he had used from the stock Depravity had put together as my reward ended up not getting pregnant. That was the level that we had to concern ourselves when it came to these edicts. They came from the higher goddesses, such as Beloved and Mother. Even Procreation was so bold as to defy them.

 Thankfully, I had discovered a loophole in this. As long as my girls became goddesses, then I was free to impregnate them as much as I wanted. In that way, all of my girls had become fair game.

I finished cumming inside Freya, and she finally collapsed on top of me, gasping for breath. I gently stroked her hair as our naked bodies recovered. I noticed that the world around us had become somewhat quiet. I finally pulled Freya to the side and sat up, looking around. All of the girls were watching us with fervent eyes. That’s when my eyes landed on the lead woman.

“You… why did you come here?” She asked

“The man you called Harem was a lie,” I explained careful. “He stole that name. I am the true Harem god.”

None of the girls looked surprised or even reacted all that much to this news. A name was generally meaningless. Procreation wasn’t defined by the name Harem. He was still the same concept he had always been. What did change though was their definition of Harem. Harems didn’t look like what Procreation offered.

“My name is Kukurihime no Kami, god of the land,” she said uncertainly, reaching up and unclipping her robe. “Please, receive me.”

Her robe fell, revealing her beautiful naked body.


“Please… I may be an insignificant goddess, but if you accept me, I’m yours.”

I slowly moved to my feet, and then nodded. “I will have your heart, but I will never give it back!”

I heard rustling behind me. Turning around, my eyebrows raised to see hundreds of other goddesses having similarly stripped to nothing.

“Please, receive us!”

It looked like I was going to be busy for a while.

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