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“It’s time to go!” Lilith declared, standing over me.

I was on the floor in the middle of the square. Hundreds of naked women were around me. Most of them had been sexed into a happy sleep. I was naked and somewhat exhausted. Gods and goddesses didn’t need to sleep, but it still felt good to rest after exerting yourself. Even a level fifteen like me could overexert himself, especially when it involved putting two hundred goddesses into a happy sex coma.

“Snort-huh?” The half-asleep Akiko who had been resting on her elbows fell off them.

“Can we go now?” Maria yawned, stretching.

“How long has it been?” Sasori asked.

The ladies that had refrained from my service, specifically my main girls, rose after Lilith’s declaration. They walked over to where I was laying, standing next to Lilith all around me. They each looked down at me with mildly amused expressions on their faces. Freya joined them, having had time to recover, clean herself up, and get dressed while I played with the other goddesses.

“Too long!” Freya answered Sasori’s question, an impish expression on her face.

“You’re the one who started this!” Lilith smacked her on the back of the head.

“H-hey!” Freya complained. “I didn’t know he’d bang every goddess in town!”

“We should punish him for being too greedy!” Kira sniffed. “I know we’re all sharing him, but there are only so many times I can watch him torture a woman’s pussy before it stops turning me on and I just start to feel sorry for his penis.”

“His penis looks all shriveled up now that he’s abused it so much, it’s kind of cute.” Akiko giggled, pointing down at my groin.

“It does look dead.” Kira gasped. “The snake can truly be slain!”

“Hehe… maybe if he focused on the women and didn’t make sure he came in everyone, he’d have had more energy.” Maria chuckled. “That two-hundredth cumshot was barely anything.”

“Mom… the harem is bullying me.” I cried, grabbing onto the only woman who wasn’t being mean.

“You were a good boy.” Mom patted my head. “Did you all have fun?”

“Mm! Mm!” I nodded.

“Then my baby has nothing to be ashamed of.” She gently kissed my forehead and stroked me soothingly.

 I buried my head in mom’s chests, which were still large even after her teenification. Her breasts had gotten bigger after two kids, but while returning to her youthful age had made her breasts youthful, they had also remained the same size as they were as a mother. All of the other girls gave flat expressions as I happily rubbed my face in her cleavage.

“Momma’s boy,” Akiko growled.

“Definitely mother whipped.” Kira snorted.

“Even though she’s no longer older, she still wins as the MILF.” Sasori sighed.

“Don’t worry, mom. You’re Hakaru’s sensei. I don’t think he’s ever going back to school now, so you’ll always be his teacher.”

“Th-that’s right!” Sasori’s mood improved as she finally realized she did have an archetype none of the other girls could touch.

As for me, feeling rejuvenated by my mother’s breasts, I straightened up as new clothing appeared on me.

“I got to learn that trick,” Maria muttered to herself.

“Hakaru, I know you want to gather as much power as possible, but if Procreation didn’t know you were coming before, he would know now,” Lilith explained.

What I had done at this moment was directly steal his power. These were two hundred goddesses dedicated to Procreation that I had stolen. Although none of them were that powerful to begin with, and it probably wasn’t all that much in the longer term, it would have certainly gotten his attention. Yet, Procreation still hadn’t appeared even after I banged his women directly on his doorstep. It was something that left me a bit worried.

“I’m counting on it.” I declared. “I had hoped he’d come out here with such a provocation, but it seems he’s too cowardly.”

“We don’t know what we’ll be facing once we enter his castle though,” Mother warned. “He may have a trap.”

“Well, we do have one way of finding out,” I responded thoughtfully, causing the girls to glance over at me in surprise. “Isn’t that right, Marriage?”

“Marriage!” The girls all cried out in surprise.

Stepping out from behind the corner of the building was a beautiful blonde girl with large breasts. She wore a long white dress, not unlike a wedding dress. She wore a slightly worried expression as if she was afraid to be seen. I once would have called her a stunning beauty to which none could compare, but after being with so many goddesses, while her beauty was exceptional, it was not unique. What was unique was the feelings I felt for her, which after twenty years began to swell inside me upon seeing her.

“Hakaru…” She spoke up quietly. “What are you doing here?”

“I’ve come here for you and NTR. Did you think that I wouldn’t?”

“You shouldn’t be here.” She looked down. “Procreation may have let you remain alive forever as a mortal, but he won’t accept you in this world. He will kill you.”

I disappeared and appeared right in front of her. With a bent finger, I put it under her chin and lifted her head. “I don’t care about Procreation. I won’t allow him to take what is mine.”

There were tears welling in her eyes, and her body was shaking. “He’s too powerful. You may have become a god, Hakaru, but even I cannot resist him. The only thing that allows me to go on is knowing that you are safe and alive. Please don’t take that away from me.”

As she spoke, the tears released like waterworks gently falling down her cheeks. Her feelings of love were as clear as day. She only remained with Procreation for fear that I would be hurt. She was a level 13 goddess, and even she wasn’t powerful enough to break away from Procreation. As for me, I still had my level obscured. Seeing as only months had passed, it stood to reason that it would be impossible for me to reach a level to oppose Procreation. She likely thought that I had just managed to reach godhood and get here and that I had foolheartedly attacked Procreation.

“She’s right, you know.” Freya sighed. “Hakaru, I appreciate that you came to save me, but it would have been better if you stayed low and consolidated your power. Even seducing all the women in this village, these are only the scraps that Procreation threw away. You’re not powerful enough to face him.”

Freya also didn’t seem to know my true level. Well, we had just seen each other two days ago. There was no way she would have thought I had gotten more than a few levels.

“We need to get you out of here before Procreation comes.” Marriage insisted, grabbing my arm. “If… if I give myself to Procreation completely, I might be able to convince him to leave you alone.”

“Have you?” I demanded, suddenly feeling my heart skip a beat.

Marriage shook her head. “No, he hasn’t touched me or NTR. He’s been in seclusion almost since we came back. As soon as he took us back, he went on to ignore us. It’s put NTR in a bad mood, and she’s been taking it out on the girls in town. That’s why I came down here. I was looking to free Freya before NTR did anything else. So, I hope you understand that you absolutely must leave now. I know I promised to be with you, but it just wasn’t meant to be. You’re not strong enough.”

“You shouldn’t look down on my Hakaru!” Lilith responded unhappily.

“Yeah!” nodded Kira. “Hakaru is much cooler than you expect. Even Artemis thinks so!”

Marriage blinked as she examined the women she didn’t recognize and pondered Kira’s words. The new girl was with me, but she wasn’t any of the mortals Marriage had recalled me being with. It took a moment, but she let out a gasp as she finally recognized the goddesses.

“L-Lilith? You’ve escaped your prison? Wait, Artemis as well? What are you doing here?”

“Huh? Th-the goddess of women and Selene?” Freya spun and looked at the new goddess for the first time too.

She had grouped them in with the other girls and assumed they were just a couple more mortal women. However, these goddesses were no less than Marriage in power. They were so high profile that many of the women didn’t even dare to think they’d ever have the right to gaze upon them. Many of those women who were only just starting to recover from their sexgasms gasped as Marriage called out their names.

“Who’s Selene?” I asked.

“Selene is another name for Artemis.” Lilith responded dismissively.

“Oh, it’s just… I’ve never heard her called that. Mother always called her daughter.”

“What? H-H-H-Hakaru!” Marriage jumped. “Y-y-you know Artemis’s mother?”

“More than that… hmph… they’re intimate lovers.” Lilith stuck out her tongue.

Marriage shook. “Hakaru… what… what happened in the last few months?”

I laughed awkwardly as she seemed to be having a mini panic attack. “Ah… well many things. I spent some time in the Celestial Palace. Became friends with a lot of numbered goddesses, and then 1st god went and kicked me out.”

“F-F-F-F-F-F-First!” her voice was so high pitched that she sounded funny.

“Hakaru, I know it’s not polite for a goddess to ask, but just what level are you?” Freya demanded.

“Oh, well, I already am getting Procreation’s attention. It’s probably time that I stop hiding myself.” I shrug and then release my true strength.

As my power surges out, my mortal women turned goddesses all tremble, falling to their knees. All of the naked women just getting up and redressing let out cries as they unintentionally surrendered to my power. Some, having already been sexually stimulated to their limits, came again just by the feeling of submission inside themselves. Ah, my power was a bit too strong. I made sure it didn’t affect the girls, but it was still clear how strong I was.

“That’s my man.” Lilith purred, very pleased at the feeling of strength pressing down on her.

“H-h-how?” Freya cried out in disbelief.

“Hakaru…” Marriage was still crying, but they seemed to be happy tears. “You… you really did come prepared.”

“As you can see, I’m not any weaker than Procreation. I am the true harem god. I’ve come here to claim my harem and my place in the heavenly realm. I won’t let him bully me around, nor will I let him bully around anyone I love!”

“Hakaru… Hakaru!” She threw her arms around me, hugging me as she cried into my shoulder. “I’m so sorry… I’ve been a bad wife. I love you! I love you so much! Please… I want Hakaru. I want to be by your side forever!”

As she cried, I gently stroked her hair. “I stole your heart, but I was still too weak and let another man steal your body. That will never happen again. I will steal every woman, I swear it.”

“Even me?” A mocking voice came from the air.

“Ah!” Marriage let out a cry. “I-it’s here?”

I didn’t move or react. After all, I had known she had been there for some time. In fact, she had been there longer than Marriage. This was the woman that had started it all. Rather, it was a piece of her that had put me on the path to becoming a god. This had been her game from the start, and after many ups and downs, we had finally reached the end. She had stolen my life twice. Once at the moment of my death, and a second time at the moment of my immortality. She had invigorated my heart, broken my heart, stomped on my heart, and consumed my heart. She was the reason I was there. She was the reason for everything.


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