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Now that NTR seemingly had her transformation, it was still possible to split them apart, but while they were together, all four of them seemed to exist simultaneously. I wasn’t sure how that worked, but it seemed like NTR could just decide who was running things. At the moment, she had let Netori run the show. She had her arms crossed, and while she didn’t lazily float around like she did in the mortal realm, her mischievous grin had returned to her face.

“Hakaru, are you truly ready to do this?” Netori asked.

“You have me and NTR now. You have all of these girls. We can still leave.” Marriage added. “If you go in there, there is still a chance you could lose everything.”

I thought about it for a moment. They were honestly right. What did I hope to accomplish by charging in there? We were both gods of roughly the same level. It wasn’t like I was going to kill him. If I just left with all of the girls, there was very little he could do. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I couldn’t do that. I slowly shook my head.

“I can’t walk away from this. I may have you all with me, but I will never truly possess you as long as he is in our past. We need to settle things, once and for all.” I explained, turning to my girls. “It’s time to end this game.”

There was no triumphant thunder. No taunting voice edging me on. No retaliatory attack. I simply turned away from the girls and started trudging back up the hill, heading toward the mansion that overlooked this village. I had a feeling that Procreation was out of solitude now. He not only knew that I was here, but he was waiting on me. If I had chosen to flee instead, I had a feeling I would have encountered him on the way.

NTR wasn’t the only heavenly deity I knew intimately.  I knew who Procreation was as well. He was in the body of my father, and the two men were much alike. They were uncaring bastards who cared more about sowing their wild oats than the women they did it with. There was no way he’d let me walk away. He was too arrogant and too prideful.

As I headed up the hill, the girls came from behind me. It wasn’t just the mortal girls, but Lilith, Harem, Marriage, Freya as well as all of the women in the village. These women had been banished from the mansion. Some of the women had never even been lucky enough to enter it. Now, they walked in a procession behind me, heading toward the place they were once denied. They wanted to see this battle to the end. They had to. They had already thrown the fates in with me. If I didn’t win, then they would all be banished, only to be preyed upon by other gods or eventually cease to exist.

So, we walked up the hill. As we did so, a silence filled the group. The mansion grew larger and larger in our eyes, and it wasn’t too long before I stood before the front doors. I didn’t bother to knock. I just kicked the doors open. Although they were massive, with my power as a level 15 god, they flew open with a resounding bang. Now, everyone in the castle knew I had come. If Procreation had somehow missed the last day or two of orgies happening right outside his castle, he would have had no choice but to hear that.

With a breath, I walked through the somewhat dark castle, and into a large throne room. The throne room was a massive room with giant pillars. It was lit up with giant bowls containing oil and fire. The ceiling was mesmerizing, seemingly enchanted in a way that it showed the sky above. The sky was starting to grow to night, stars flickering However, since this was a heavenly place, that sky, as well as the day/night cycle, were merely an illusion.

 As soon as I entered the room, I could see him. Procreation was sitting there on his throne as if he didn’t have a care in the world. There were several pretty women, the youngest, the prettiest, and the ones who caught his attention. They performed for him, putting on shows. Some of these shows were displays of their powers and their prowess. Acrobatic shows, fire juggling, and other such things. A few shows were far lewder, women debasing themselves in the hopes of catching Procreation’s attention. Believe it or not, these women were even more pathetic than the ones from the village. These women only hoped he’d take them to bed and make them pregnant with his seed.

Then, they’d be allowed to stay in that village, protected by his embrace. If they failed to get pregnant, either because he never took the initiative to bang them or because their own wombs betrayed them, then they would be cast out. Even their virginity would have been lost, and they would have nothing to barter with in the harsh heavenly realm.

I had been extremely fortunate to come to heaven with Lilith and to meet Artemis who put me in touch with Mother. The humanoid gods were in a state where they ate and destroyed each other, desperately clawing for relevance. Netori’s NTR Crush was downright vanilla compared to some of the machinations these gods would do toward each other. Comparatively, the aloof higher gods who didn’t fret about such things were much more manageable.

“Hello, Hakaru. It’s been a while. Or has it?” Procreation, still wearing the face of my father, gave a malicious grin.

My father was a fairly nondescript man. He had black hair and brown eyes. Right now, he was dressed in godly robes that made him look intimidating. He wasn’t a small or skinny man, but it wasn’t right to say he was fat either. He was just a large man, with big shoulders, and a commanding gait. There was a reason he did so well in business, as he commanded a presence. Now that he was a god, that hadn’t changed much at all.

“Procreation.” I could only growl those words, as there was a wave of anger riding up inside me.

“Heh, what is with that hostility?” He asked, waving his hand so that the entertaining goddesses all scattered from the room. “Aren’t I the man who made you everything that you are today? You should be thanking me. Had I not taken NTR and gifted you with immortality, you would have lived your life being NTR’s little fuck boy for the remainder of your time.”

“I-I wouldn’t!” Netori protested, but her voice dropped slightly.

It was the way of this world, after all. If I had truly become a level 10 god, then I would have been NTR’s subordinate. Even if Procreation had never gotten involved, the dynamic between us would have been completely different. That didn’t mean I felt I owed him anything. In fact, I hated this man to the core, whether it was my father who all but abandoned my family or the god who hurt my women.

“Well, it’s not like I didn’t have my reasons.” Procreation shrugged. “You’ve given me everything I needed. I am so eager to play with my little Lilith now that she is free.”

“You wish!” Lilith snapped.

“Do they know why they call Lucifer the Morning Star? It was because of you. When I imprisoned you in that tomb all those years ago, taking advantage of the time you mourned for your loved one, you became his Mourning Star. It’s funny how the meaning of things become lost with time.” Procreation spoke in an introspective voice as if this was all under his control.

“I’ll make you pay for that!”

“I’m afraid you no longer have that ability.” He chuckled. “However, you can still serve me well. When I imprisoned you all those years ago, I never predicted how big humanity would become, and how necessary it would be to our survival. A species capable of understanding and worshiping the natural laws, it gave birth to the humanoid gods and provided us with more power than ever before. Gods existed before humans, but it was humans that gave us a will.”

“Do you have a point?” I demanded angrily.

“It’s just that you gave me everything I wanted.” He grinned. “Since I didn’t know how big humanity would become, I didn’t understand how important Lilith was to my plans. Unfortunately, for many reasons, I couldn’t reach her, let alone free her. However, you could.”

“Your plans?” I started to get a sinking feeling.

“You don’t understand? Lilith is the goddess of women. She is a direct link to the womb that all women possess. As the god of procreation, I can use her to become more powerful than any humanoid god has ever become! I will impregnate every woman in this world!”

“Y-you can’t!” Netori cried out, taking a step back. “That’s a crime… the other gods.”

“The other gods will never know! That’s why Lilith is so important. She is the embodiment of women. If I contain her, then I can obscure heavens view. By the time they realize what I did, it will already be too late! No one would dare stop me.” He laughed. “And I must say, NTR, you performed perfectly.”


“I made Hakaru immortal, knowing that his only choice would be to one day go to the tomb of Lilith and become a god. Only he could break the chains that bound her. Don’t you remember I was the one who told you where Lilith was entombed?”

Netori’s face turned away. “No… that… you entrusted…”

As soon as she said those words, realization dawned on her face. Procreation didn’t trust anyone. At the time, she had believed they were in love, and she had done everything to help Procreation, but he was always just using her. Why would he tell her Lilith’s location? He had told her that knowing that one day he could use that to his advantage. The reason she had told me about Lilith is that Procreation had put that knowledge in her mind. Laughter filled the echoey chamber.

“You see, I’ve had everything prepared since a long ago. I admit I am surprised by how quickly you’ve come. I was expecting it to take hundreds, maybe even thousands of years both for NTR here to betray me, and for you to find Lilith and grow to a point you were confident showing yourselves. I underestimated you, Hakaru.”

“You did,” I responded. “You underestimate me by far too much! You wish to conquer the world? You wish to impregnate all of the women on Earth! I won’t let you! I’m not some measly low-level god anymore.”

As I spoke, I let out my power, finally showing just how strong I had become. I made sure the power didn’t touch the girls, as it could suppress them entirely. Instead, I directed it all on Procreation. Procreation’s eyes widened as he began to realize just how powerful I had gotten. He had maybe been expecting a level 11 or 12, maybe as high as 13, like Marriage and NTR, but how could he have predicted I reached level 15?

The power erupted pushed down on Procreation, trying to suppress him with everything I had. His legs started to shake, and his brow started to sweat. He wasn’t in control of this situation, not nearly as much as he had thought. A worried expression started to appear on his face, and I straightened my shoulders, the women behind me looking up at me in awe.

Then, a moment later, Procreation burst into laughter. He no longer showed any pressure. Instead, he stood up, a grin on his face.

“I just couldn’t do it.” He wiped a tear in his eye. “Too funny. You think since I was so good a deceiving people that I would be a better actor, but I couldn’t pretend any longer.”

I took a step back. “You… what… we’re both level 15!”

“Are we?” He asked mockingly.

“Oh no…” Lilith’s face went white.


“He’s started to become level 16!”

Procreation grinned. If he had become level 16, then I wouldn’t be able to suppress him a bit. In fact, this battle would go the opposite way! I’d be the one who was suppressed.

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