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“How did things end up this way?” Artemis cried tearfully.

She was in a small tree hut. It didn’t appear to be built but grown as if the trees just happened to grow out and grow together in the form of a hut. In the middle was a fresh leafy bed with a blanket over it. It was a suitable place for a goddess of the hunt to lose it, but what hunt was this? She was more like a captive, having been trapped by Lilith’s logic and her desire for vengeance.

“If you don’t want to, we don’t have to.” I offered.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t ready or that I was having second thoughts. Rather, women were more comfortable if you gave them a way out. I didn’t expect her to refuse me but making the offer simply made her more likely to accept what happened next. These little tidbits of knowledge had filled my brain after innumerable experiences with women. Then again, maybe they were starting to come from my nature as Harem too.

Whether I understood it or not, I was the embodiment of Harem. It would be in my nature to have a group of women to love and support, and in turn to have them support me. This felt as natural to me as breathing. As for the methods toward getting a harem, the art of seduction, that had all been thanks to the influence of NTR.

The only thing odd about Artemis is that she didn’t have another. Most of the girls I had laid with in the past weren’t untouched virgins. That wasn’t to say I hadn’t enjoyed many virgins. My mother had been a virgin before I had her. Well, that was a part of some strange circumstances.

“N-no… it’s fine.” She blushed.

“Then, allow me.” I sat behind her and then wrapped my arms around her.

Although it was true, I had tasted many women before, most of them weren’t virgin goddesses either. Something about the feel of her body, a woman who has existed for thousands of years, to suddenly be spoiled by me, definitely left an excited feeling in my body. Earlier, I had asked Lilith if deflowering her would somehow break reality. After all, if she was the huntress who represented a woman’s desire to protect her virginity from men, then wouldn’t deflowering her completely obliterate that?

“The mortal realm reflects the gods and goddesses and vice versa. If you deflower her, it won’t destroy the concept, but it may evolve it. Perhaps, by deflowering her, women will begin a sexual revolution, being more willing to give themselves. If, after everything, the concept continues to exist and the goddess no longer fits the concept but has evolved into some kind of new concept, then a new god or goddess will simultaneously be created to fill in the gap.”

This was ultimately what I was told by Lilith. I’m not saying I understood all of it, but the basic premise was that it was all meant to be. Any action I took, I didn’t have to think about how it’d impact the world, any more than the world thought about how its actions would impact me. We were linked by fate, but we were still our own entities acting independently of each other. Well, it was something like that.

“Ahnn…” She cried out as I wrapped her in my arms. “Y-you can’t…”

“Why can’t I?” I whispered in her ear, my hands raising up and cupping her breasts.

“Ahh… don’t squeeze!”

“So noisy, although I do like that you’re getting flustered.” I bit her ear.

“H-Hakaru…” She seemed like a helpless bunny in my arms, rather than the huntress who shot arrows at me earlier.

Actually, she was really bad at shooting arrows, so I was certain it was just a gimmick. In some ways, she was like Procreation. However, where Procreation was a wolf dressed as a sheep, Artemis dressed like a wolf hoping none of the others would notice and eat her. Perhaps, she knew I was one such predator, and her desire to eliminate me at first was for that reason. Thankfully, she had a great admiration for Lilith, and seemed to be a follower, revolving around her superiors.

“If you hold your hands over your chest, I won’t be able to continue.” I teased.

Ultimately, she had already agreed to give me her virginity. Her mind might flip if I became too aggressive. Therefore, the best course of action was to give her choices. She had to give it up.

“I-I’m sorry… it’s my fault.” She blushed. “It’s just… I’ve never done this before. Please… big brother…”

She reached down and lifted her shirt, which had no bra underneath. This exposed her large, robust bosom and pert, pink nipples.

“Big brother?” I raised an eyebrow.

I already had a big sister, but I didn’t have a little sister. Actually, my big sister was my daughter. I didn’t want to think about that anymore.

“I-is that okay? You’re Lilith’s man, and Lilith is my sister, so that makes you big brother. I-is that weird?”

If we were human it might be weird, but who was I if not the god of harems. I’d banged my own mom, so why couldn’t this little morsel under me not be my sister? She was cute and innocent enough to be so.

“Then, you’ll be my little sister.” I leaned down and nibbled on her nipple.

“Ahh! H-Hakaru!”

“Do you want me to stop?” I grinned at her.

“N-no… you can have my body however you want.” She reached out and gently put my hands on her breasts, her cheeks flushed and her breathing ragged.

I was usually quite aggressive with women. After all, I had raped my big sister, blackmailed my teacher, and enslaved Aiko. This was the first girl who was completely submitting to me. To have her offer her virgin body in this way caused an intense heat and fire to rise in me like I wasn’t used to experiencing. Her breasts were extremely tender and soft, and her nipples stiffened as I played with them. I felt no rush to claim her, even as she closed her eyes and let out soft moans.

Rather than pulling it out, I started to play with her body. In the past, my touches were always geared toward an end. I wanted to ultimately make her climax. Not simply climax, but to climax so absolutely that her heart and body belonged to me. With it was Lilith or Netori, sex had always been a means to an end. However, with Artemis, I started to admire the experience.

With her eyes closed, her cheeks flushed, and her body submissive, I explored her body intimately. I didn’t try to understand just how to satisfy her, but about her in general. My fingers traced every curve of her body, and I committed those curves to my memory. I studied her at the point she was most open. I learned all of her most erotic spots, but they didn’t come from some cheap god skill or blind intuition, they came from me fundamentally understanding what Artemis was.

She was a proud woman, but loyal. She was broken, but reformed. She was beautiful but shy. She was all of these things, and all of these things made her who she was. As I explored, my touch moving across her body, she grew more and more excited, as did I.

“Hakaru… please… I want you inside me.”

The hesitation in her voice was gone, as was the doubt. She had feared that I was just another man who would push her down and shove it in her. A few hours ago, that might have been the truth. I had planned to just claim her virginity and become stronger. However, something about this unsoiled goddess had sparked a part of me I had never understood, but now that I felt it rising, I could see it was the part that all of the girls in my life had seen.

I had always thought it was my smooth words, my big cock, or my manipulations that brought the girls to my side. It might have been true that it instigated their love for me, but they didn’t stay there because of these things. The loyalty from a woman that lasted wasn’t earned by being clever or manipulative. It came from the heart. Knowing that someone knew you, experienced you, was a part of you, wasn’t something that could be stolen away.

I began to truly understand what Netorase had been all about. She was a goddess of sharing love. That was an essential aspect of any harem. My girls had to love me, and I had to love them. It was something that Procreation ultimately lacked. He pretended to be Harem, keeping women around him, but he did so more for convenience than any kind of attachment. He had a loveless harem, which easily could fall apart at a moment’s notice.

If I wished to defeat him, if I wished to become a god that could claim the women he had stolen, then I needed to know these women better than I know myself.

“Artemis…” I gently touched her cheek. “I will take responsibility for you.”

Her body shivered, and her eyes looked up at me with want and desire. “Please, touch me, Hakaru… I’m Hakaru’s too.”

She grabbed my hand and pressed it against her wet patch. She was slimy and wet, having grown extremely aroused after my hands had explored her naked body for so long. The smell was intoxicating, like a gentle spring in a forest. This was the womanhood of virginity itself, and that virginity was offering itself to me. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Please, I need it inside me. Take me, Hakaru… please take me.”

With her constant words of encouragement, which had morphed from hesitation and reluctance to pure encouragement and desire, I found her own hands opening up my belt and pulling out my cock. I helped her along, and when it popped out, she looked at it with pure desire. There was no shock at the size or hesitation that it might hurt. Her heart was filled with a desire that was turning into a need. I pushed up my cock against her tight entrance. She bit her lips, closing her eyes tightly as she braced herself.

“Ah… Ahh… I want it…” She begged.

I began to push it forward, splitting her open. She kept her legs spread and her body relaxed. It had almost been like she was waiting for this moment, the final moment she was conquered, for her entire life.

“Hakaru is going inside me!” She moaned. “Uwaaah! Ahhh”

I thought it’d be really difficult, but my cock slid into her with ease. I could feel the hymen break apart, and it was like my cock had opened the door and reached paradise. I slid all the way in, and she took it all without a problem. Her expression didn’t look pained, but completely blissful.

“It all went in,” I said in disbelief.

I had expected a virgin goddess to be difficult to penetrate. Perhaps, her virginity might be resistant. Now, I realized that this wasn’t the case at all. Her pussy was perfection, the perfect virginity. Why would it not perfectly accept a cock? It wanted to be conquered. It wanted to be shaped. It wanted penetration!

“Hakaru…” She breathed. “I’ve been shaped to you now. Only you can have me. No other man will fit right.”

She spoke those words as if they were absolute truth, not just a boast, and I believed her. She was the perfect goddess who had lost her first time. Now, her pussy was shaped to that man’s cock. Would any other man be able to satisfy her? Well, I’d never let that question be answered because I planned to win her over completely.

“I’m going to move slowly.”

“Yes… please…” She reached out and grabbed my sides, holding me while she panted.

I started to rock my hips, and each thrust felt like bliss. This was the heavenly realm, and we were a god and a goddess. So, although we had these mortal bodies, that was only an interpretation of what was going on. We were both energies, merging ourselves seamlessly, and a man and a woman doing the same. Her body fit my cock perfectly, and it slid in and out with just the right pressure. Being inside her felt like bliss, and every time I pulled out, I couldn’t wait to push it back in gain, to feel full and a part of her.

“Ahhh, Haah, Haah… Haah… Uhn…” She made more and more moans, her mouth wide open as she gasped for breath.

She had wrapped her hands around my neck and she wrapped her legs around my hips. She clung to me tightly while I rode her slim, erotic body. Wet splashing noises sounded whenever I thrust into her. Her legs, the blanket underneath, and my groin were wet with her sweet-smelling lust. Other than the slight crinkling of leaves, the wet sound of our parts merging, and her light gasping, nothing else could be heard.

“Artemis…” I gasped, moving faster and faster.

“I-if you don’t slow… I’m going to… I’m going too…”

“Me too…” I smiled, causing her eyes to widen.

The pair of us kissed, and then her pussy started to squeeze my cock. My cock expanded and then blew hot cum deep into her womb. I shoved myself deep inside her, and the pair of us remained holding each other tightly as we shook. Her pussy perfectly grasped and sucked my cock, and my cock swelled and shot cum in her. In the end, her pussy milked my cock for every last drop of cum, filling her womb until it nearly burst.

“It’s so full. Hakaru’s cum…” She giggled, still holding me.

There was a noise, and the pair of us turned to see the flap of the entrance and Lilith was standing there, her arms crossed.

“S-sister!” Artemis cried, still panting as her body slowly recovered.

“L-Lilith?” I smiled weakly, afraid as to why she was glaring at us.

“Why wasn’t our first time like that?” she demanded.

“Ah… that… wasn’t I paralyzed?” I quickly came up with such an excuse.

“That!” The excuse was effective and Lilith dropped her arms, blushing. “Well… I mean… you’re not paralyzed now, right?”


She was wearing a gentle summer dress since she had reached the heavenly realm, that now fell to the floor. Since no one had mortal bodies, things like bras and underwear weren’t necessary, and she similarly hadn’t been wearing anything underneath.

“Then… do me like that!”

“Eh? S-sister!”

“Move over, my turn! Mother can wait!”

I wasn’t too worried. I still had two decades to become the god I needed to be. Now, I knew how to get there.

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