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I lifted up the axe, and then chopped it down. The wood split into pieces on the ground. I grabbed a new log, lifted onto the stump, and then repeated. Once I had a good amount of firewood chopped, I started wrapping up a pile. They’d keep the fire going for a while. The girls liked it when it was warm inside our little hut.

I was still in the forest of beginnings, and the place I had taken Artemis’s virginity had become my home. I didn’t know why, but I decided to take up woodworking, and by using my hands I had slowly created and filled the place with furniture. I had a fireplace as well, which burned to keep the place warm. At night, I’d spend my time with either Artemis or Lilith, sometimes both.

As for what I was waiting on, it seemed like this so-called mother of Lilith and Artemis was difficult to get a hold of. The girls assured me that she would come, but it would take some time before she’d get the message and visit. They said that she was worth the wait and that once she arrived, I’d be able to achieve the goals I had set out. I wasn’t so sure.

I had considered leaving on my own various times but I honestly didn’t know where to go. I couldn’t navigate the heavenly plane at all. If I left, I’d be wandering aimlessly, and I wasn’t even confident I’d be able to get out of the forest, let alone reach anywhere else in the godly world.

Besides, I trusted in these girls. They had given themselves to me, and there was no way that they would betray me like that. This wasn’t the same kind of blind faith that had burned me with NTR. This was something that came from us sharing our hearts with each other and understanding each other. Through the combination of Lilith, the goddess of women, and Artemis, the goddess of virginity, I came to understand women in an extremely intimate way.

Therefore, I decided to live a simple life and wait for this mysterious woman to come. I had plenty of time to kill, so even a year or two wouldn’t be a big deal. It was also important to consolidate my power. I had only just become a god. That was something that took time. Most newly born gods might take years just to get to the point where they could talk with others. Since I was born with the knowledge of a human, I skipped a lot of that trial and error, but that meant it was just that much harder to figure out my godly powers.

In the end, I just spent time dwelling on what it meant to be the god of harems. During the day, I hunted, cut firewood, and crafted furniture. At night, I made love to my women, communing with them, and exploring their bodies. Even though we had slept together countless times, I always found new things every time I touched their bodies. It was just the way of things. It was a peaceful life.

Just as I was about to head inside, I heard a sound. Was that a sob? Standing up, I looked around the quiet forest. Ever so slowly, I came to pick out one sound lost behind the chatter of the birds, the insects, and the wind. There was a woman some distance away who appeared to be crying. With interest, I put the firewood down and began to walk away.

I didn’t have to walk far until I came upon a clearing. In the center of that clearing was a woman who had thrown herself on the floor. She was sobbing miserably.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

The crying stopped, and then a woman slowly stood up. She had blonde hair, and she was wearing a white dress. Despite being in the forest and having been on the ground in a heap, her dress looked immaculate. Just from her backside, I realized that I recognized this woman.


The woman stiffened and then turned around. “It would be in your best interest, young god if you forget what you saw this day.”

Marriage stood with a haughty grace. Her eyes were red and puffy, but she otherwise looked just as beautiful as the last time I saw her. I had met her once on Earth before I grew into a god, but she had been in the body of a human woman, which was the only form I saw. This was the first time I had seen her in her true glory for some time. However, she didn’t seem to recognize me from that time.

“Did he cheat on you?”

“How did you-“ her eyes flashed. “N-none of your business!”

“Suit yourself. However, he’s not going to stop cheating on you. I think you know that.”

“H-he’s Harem… he can’t help it.”

“That’s a lie.”

“Excuse me?”

“He doesn’t consider your feelings. A true harem god wouldn’t leave you crying.”

“He’s still cheating on me though?” She raised an eyebrow.

“It’s not cheating if you’re okay with it and happy.”

“Well, that will never happen.”

“If a man has a big enough heart, and he can love you with all of it, and love her with all of it, and love all the women who love him with all he has, and everyone is happy, then what does it matter how many there are?”

“That…” She blinked and then shook her head. “Are you against Harem?”

She was talking about Procreation.

“No. I’m very much for harems. I just don’t believe in that man’s idea of a harem.”

“So, you’re anti-Harem, but your pro-harems?” She raised an eyebrow. “Hmm… well, it’s not like you can change things. You’re just a little god with new ideas. He’s been around for as long as I’ve existed.”

“Things always change. Everything changes. The world keeps moving. One day, my new ideas might be the old ideas, and as for Harem’s antiquated views… they’ll be nothing but dust.

“Just who are you?” She asked, her eyebrows creasing.

I grinned. “You can just call me… the harem protagonist.”

“Yeah… Okay…” She snorted, then shook her head. “I feel… like we’ve met before.”

“That depends on you.” I turned to walk away.

“W-wait…” She took a step forward anxiously. “W-will we meet again?”

“That depends on you too.” I continued to walk away.

She bit her lip as she watched me leave. “Ah! I just remembered! You’re that demi-human buzzing around Netori. You really did it? You became a god? To think, it only took you, how long ago… six years?”

I froze in my step and then looked back at her, my eyes going wide. “What did you say?”

“Ah… so it is you. Hmph… trying to act all mysterious. Weren’t you saying you were going to take me away from Harem? Well, I guess you did manage to become a god. Is that a minor harem god? It’s no wonder you’re hiding in the forest of beginnings. If he knew you were around, he’d wipe you out.”

“You’re saying the last time we met was… how long?” I asked.

“Hmm? That was six years ago? Is that a problem?”

“I need to go…” I turned to leave.

“H-hey! Wait! What happened to all of that talk about making me happy last time we met?” She demanded, reaching out and grabbing my wrist.

My thoughts were a bit turbulent though. Six years? I had been in the forest of beginnings for six years? How could that be? I had only been… it had only been… actually, I couldn’t remember how long I had been here. Time seemed to pass differently here. Netori had said as much to me in the past. In the realm of the gods, what was a hundred years or so?

I turned around and grabbed Marriage, causing her to cry out. “Look, Marriage. I’m not the man who will make you happy. However, there is someone who will. Right now, he is just a boy, but he’ll grow up, and you’ll give your heart to him.”

“Wh-what are you saying? Give my heart to a mortal?” Her face looked strange.

“Even mortals can become gods,” I said.

She stared at me, her mouth falling slightly open. “I guess I can’t deny that.”

“You’ll just have to wait. He’s coming to take you, but it’s going to take a while, okay? However, he will come, when you need him most. You must always believe that.”

She stared at me silently, and I realized I was probably sounding like a crazy person right about now. With a sigh, I let her go and walked away. As she watched me leave, I heard her whisper under her breath.

“Farewell, true harem protagonist.”

There was little I could say to help Marriage right now. That was the Marriage from another time. If I did too much with her, I might even screw with time. On top of that, I was extremely concerned about what she had revealed to me. I barged into the small hut, causing Lilith who was lounging on the bed to jump up at attention.

“It’s been six years!” I cried out. “We’ve been here for six years!”

“And?” Lilith cocked her head like she didn’t understand the problem.

“I only have twelve years left. I’ve used a third of my time.”

“Do you regret it?” She asked, her eyes turning wet.

I blinked, not expecting such a question. How could I say I regretted it? My time with Lilith and Artemis had been wonderful. My only regret is that the other women I cared about weren’t there. However, even if I wanted to go fetch them, I couldn’t. As much as I hated admitting it, I was trapped by time and circumstance.

“No… not even a minute.” I sighed.

A smile returned to Lilith’s face. “Good.”

She took a step forward and I wrapped my arms around her. “I’m just… I need to grow stronger. You’re the only two goddesses I’ve had in six years. At this rate…”

The door burst open and Artemis ran in. “The wait is over! Mother is here!”

The two of us turned toward her. Just as I opened my mouth to say something, she disappeared. In fact, everything disappeared. Even Lilith who I was holding just suddenly disappeared from my arms. The hut was gone too, and I found myself standing in a dark abyss that stretched as far as I could see.

“So, you are the Hakaru, huh?” A strangely warm and alluring voice broke out.

“Ah! Are you… um… I actually didn’t get your name. Lilith and Artemis just called you Mother.”

“Mother is an apt name for me. Those two goddesses are my daughters. It seems that you have been treating them well.”

“I love them! Um… ma’am.”

“Lilith was a goddess I made, born of my womb. Artemis, on the other hand, was once a part of me, broken off and reformed.”

“Artemis was once you? You mean, she’s like NTR sisters?”

“Not quite. The NTR sisters broke apart because of the turbulence within NTR’s soul. Each sister maintained an aspect of the original goddess. As for Artemis, she was only a small piece of me who reformed to become a goddess of her own. She is me, and not me. Do you understand?”

“Maybe… um… Mother. It’s just… I’m the god of Harem. I need to grow stronger so that I can defeat Procreation. Your daughters thought you might be able to help?”

“Yes, I know of your situation, Hakaru. I was the one who oversaw the NTR Crush game and made sure it was conducted fairly.”

“You know about that? Wait, it hasn’t happened yet!”

“For a goddess at my level, time is merely an illusion. I know all about your rise to godhood.”

“I see… then, will you help me?”

“For me to get involved in this would be a violation of the game rules.”

“What? What do you mean, the game rules?”

“NTR Crush.”

“What are you saying? Are you saying the game is still going?”

“Mm… originally, the game was meant for lower gods. He shouldn’t have been involved. However, the second he chose an avatar, he decided to join the game. Now, you shall defeat him, or… he shall defeat you.”

“But… you admit… it was for lower gods, right?”

“It was… the game was never intended to enter the heavenly realm, but as the goddess overseeing it, I’ve allowed you to continue up until now.”

“Except, I’m not being allowed to play fairly! You see, he’s taken those women by force. He’d destroy me if I even tried to talk to them, let alone steal them.”

“His power has granted him an advantage in the game.”

“Then… please allow me an advantage too.”

She was quiet for a second. “What is it that you want?”

“I want a chance! A chance at power. Giving me a goddess’s heart, and I will conquer it. I will love her, and I will make her mine.”

“Will you impregnate her?” The woman suddenly asked.

“Yes! I will give her my life, and we’ll make a life too!”

There was another brief period of silence.

“Very well, Hakaru. If you want a chance, I will give you a chance.”

Suddenly, a woman appeared before me. Her hair was mostly blue, with green highlights. She had massive breasts and an extremely shapely body. She was the absolute picturesque version of a MILF. Wide hips, a voluptuous body, and a bountiful chest, all showing off a perfect face and body. It was to the point her beauty stunned me for a moment.

“Ara ara… a god hasn’t looked at me like that in billions of years.” The girl suddenly flushed. “Perhaps… you might just be able to pull it off.”

“P-pull of what?”

“Mmm…” She put her soft, red lips together. “Becoming my new baby’s daddy.”

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