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An angry goddess was glaring at me. So much for my theory that the higher their number, the more docile they were. This woman was anything but docile. Although, if anything, her anger felt cold and domineering, rather than explosive and fiery like Second.

“I didn’t do anything to her!” I tried to defend myself.

“You want to deny it!” Eighth growled. “Tenth told me everything!”

“Everything? She told you I wouldn’t have sex with her?”

“Exactly!” Eighth declared. “She said you had sex with some servant girl, but not with her. Is Tenth not good enough for you?”

I was surprised by her response. I was expecting Tenth to have manipulated the story to make things sound like I had done something bad to her, but it turned out she had told her friend exactly what happened.

“Artemis is not some servant girl!” I shot back.


She looked confused for a second. The numbered goddesses didn’t use names. She didn’t know who Artemis was.

“It’s fourth’s… um… ser… ah…associate?” I almost called her a servant too, but she would have been angry if she heard me say that.

“Ah! That girl… she’s as odd as fourth. I swear that girl thinks she’s comparable to Beloved sometimes.” Eighth snorted. “Either way, I demand you give Tenth what she wants!”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This woman was trying to bully me. That’s when I remembered that for all of her encouragement, that Fourth had said that all of these girls had been deprived of human contact, and were all virgins. That meant that while Eighth was telling me to be with Tenth, she was referring to something she had never done before. I hid a grin on my face as I put on the most sympathetic and serious expression I could.

“Eighth, the thing about sex is that it is very, um… painful for a person’s first time. The reason I told Tenth no is that she is such a small girl. If we had sex, it would cause her too much discomfort, and she probably wouldn’t enjoy it.”

“P-painful?” Eighth blinked. “How can that be true? From what I understand, humans have sex all the time! Tenth made it sound extremely fun!”

“Perhaps, Artemis was pulling a prank on her? I’m not lying. Sex can be quite painful. I was only looking out for Tenth.”

“E-even so… if it’s what she wants, you should give it to her!” She fought back.

“Hmmm…” I scratched my chin and started to look at her appraisingly. “Have you ever had sex?”

“I-I could have sex if I wanted to!” She said defensively, covering her chest from my eyes.

“That’s not what I asked. It seems like if you know sex to be so fun, then you would do it yourself.” I suggested.

“I will do it myself, just you wait!” She responded, crossing her arms as if that settled things.

I raised an eyebrow. “Well, I’m waiting.”

“What?” Her arms fell and her eyes widened. “H-here?”

“I thought you were a good friend of Tenth?”

She blushed. “I mean, we’re sisters and we’re close…”

“You don’t want to protect her?”

“O-of course!”

“Then, don’t you owe it to her to experience potentially uncomfortable things before she can experience them? You’d be doing her a favor!”

“B-but you said it might hurt?” She asked, suddenly looking worried.

“For someone small, yes. For a full woman like yourself, how can that be the case?”

“W-woman… you’re calling me a woman.” She muttered.

“A beautiful and sexy woman.” I corrected.

She blushed again. “That’s… not true.”

“It is. I have a good eye for this kind of thing. I’m the god who tamed Lilith, after all.”

“L-Lilith… who is Lilith?” She blinked.

Ah, I guess that name drop wouldn’t help me. Mother had said that these women were detached from the human world. I supposed the goddess of women was too much for her. Mother had mentioned that a lot of the reason these women had female shapes is that Mother had a female shape. In short, they had created female forms just to get along with Mother.

Although I commonly used the terms gods, and goddesses, the truth was that there was no such thing as a sex among gods, especially as you reached higher tiers. Most concepts weren’t born mortal like me or Lilith, and they didn’t have an assigned sex. Whether they were a god or goddess was determined more arbitrarily. War had changed from a male to a female, but that was only changing her avatar. She had always identified herself as a goddess and had only chosen a man as a strategy to keep her true nature from being identified.

Gods and goddesses didn’t need to be of the opposite sex. Two gods could have a relationship just as easily as two goddesses. Although, unless there was some reason that forced them to remain the same sex, usually, one of them would become a god and one a goddess upon union. Then again, a deity who presents as a god in one relationship might present as a goddess in another.

It was all very complicated, but an important part of it came from the eye of the beholder. These goddesses were women because I perceived them as women. Once I have an opinion of them in my mind, it is unlikely to change. In other words, now that I’ve seen this woman before me as a woman, I would always see her as a woman because I already have a mental image of her as such. She’d never suddenly grow a penis and look like a man to me unless I somehow convinced myself she was a man.

So, if I saw a god I knew to be male, let’s say someone like the god of men, Adam, then I would see them as male. However, if another god introduced me to a group of goddesses, and Adam happened to be in that group and I didn’t know he was the god of man, I would see him as a woman. If, after learning her identity, I was unable to see her as a man again, then she would always look like a woman to me. This isn’t the only factor involved. As I said, the person’s own identity as a god or goddess matters. If the world sees their concept personified as a woman, they’ll be more likely to be a woman.

In short, this meant that Procreation, who had taken on the body of my father, would never, ever look like a woman to me. I was very glad about that. The last thing I needed was for him to suddenly turn into a woman and try to seduce me or something. I may be a god, but I still had the memories of a human, and that was more than I could handle.

In general though, all of these numbers identified as women, even without me seeing them as women I could seduce. This was mostly because of Mother. She expressed herself as a woman and called the others her sisters. She even birthed the goddess of women, so her womanhood infected all of them. Meanwhile, most of the other concept gods here didn’t identify with any gender or a species for that matter.

While the person before me was only a woman because I accepted her as a woman and Mother treated her as a woman, that didn’t make her any less than a woman. She was still vulnerable to compliments and affection. In fact, she might be more vulnerable because she received so little affection normally.

“Never mind about Lilith.” I shook my head as a smile returned to my lips. “Let’s discuss you. So, how about it? Do you want to be a good friend and test out this so-called sex before she experiences it?”

“That…” She pushed her fingers together. “F-fine… then… I will experience sex. You will proceed to sex me!”

“Yes, ma’am!” I saluted.

“Good, that is settled.” She declared. “Now, begin!”

“Ah! Now!” I was caught off guard at her sudden declaration. “Shouldn’t we get in the mood first? Maybe kissing and a little cuddling.”

“No. I have no interest in your pesky human traditions!” She waved it away. “I’ll just take the sex.”

I looked on helplessly for a moment at how clueless this girl was. Even the purest virgin had at least some level of common sense when it came to sexual relations. This girl seemed completely alien. It was like she came from another planet. It wasn’t like she didn’t know what sex was, but it was like it had no meaning toward her. It might as well have been a handshake or jumping jacks. I snapped out it. I knew what I was getting into when I entered this palace.

“Very well, then, I need you to remove your clothing.”

I hadn’t had any hope of getting anywhere when Eighth angrily stormed into my room. I was surprised we had made it this far. Now, I wasn’t completely sure how I wanted to proceed. Naturally, my job was to win this girl’s heart. If I sexually dominated her and turned her into my mewing little pussy, that would be for the best. On the other hand, I had told her that sex was painful. If she enjoyed it, then wasn’t I just giving her ammunition to demand that I sleep with Tenth?

“My clothing?” She asked, frowning. “Hmph, very well.”

She didn’t even move, but her robe melted away, revealing her naked body. She had amber-brown skin, a large round buttock, pert breasts with large dark brown nipples with areola the size of bottle caps. She had thick, natural pubic hair above a pink slit. It wasn’t excessive or hairy. Such a thing didn’t exist on a goddess. Rather, she looked perfect in every way. I had only been with one other black woman before, and even though her appearance was arbitrary in the immortal world, my mortal side grew excited by her exotic appearance. She stood there as if daring me to comment on her body further. Things like being shy of your nude body were concepts of humanity, and a higher god would even be aware such a thing was worth pointing out. At least, that’s what I thought…

“Damn, you’re hot.” I looked at her body appraisingly.

She blushed again, one hand covering her chest and the other covering her lower part. It looked like she could still feel shyness when being looked at so blatantly. This modesty made her even more alluring to me, and I could feel an erection pressing against my pants.

“Now what…” She asked, her confident expression slowly losing to a growing shyness.

She was like a girl who boldly claimed she wasn’t afraid to go bungee jumping up until she was standing on the edge. Now, with a cliff before her, she started to wonder if it wasn’t too bright an idea. However, her pride prevented her from backing out, so she was frozen at the precipice. Well, it was that kind of feeling.

“Turn around and bend over,” I ordered.

My mind was still racing as I tried to figure out what to do. Once she realized it wasn’t painful at all, she’d call me out on it. I should point out the goddesses didn’t typically have hymens, with some noticeable exceptions like the goddess of virginity.  

I watched as the one bent over. She put her hands on the bed but otherwise remained standing. I could see her wide, round booty in all of its glory. It was so tempting I just had to take my dick and shove it in. I was pulling out my dick and stroking it before I could even think about what I was doing.

“Now, spread your cheeks,” I said.

“Humans are strange.” She said I thought sex involved us facing each other. “Well, I don’t mind this. It’s less personal.”

With her hands pulling back those two brown bubbles, I could see her tight slit again. As I got right behind her with my dick in my hand and surveyed her beautiful backside, my eyes fell on a tight little brown hole. An idea struck me, and I decided to just go for it. If I wanted to get my way, I had to be bold. I decided I was going to raw fuck this goddess in the ass!

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