Yurtdışı Yatırım

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I’m not sure why the idea suddenly struck me. Something about her anus told me that this was the right decision. You could call it my godly intuition as the harem god. Rather than stick it into her pussy, I shoved it in her asshole. It’s not like I’ve never done a girl in the ass before. Some women really liked it after they got used to it for a while. However, this woman had never even had sex, let alone anal. On top of that, she wasn’t lubed up, nor was her asshole stretched.

Then again, it was my goal to make it painful. Her pride as a goddess would prevent her from admitting defeat. It would feel painful, but eventually, it would feel good. I’d make her cum a few times, and slowly dominate her sexually. However, she’d remember the pain of her first time, and remembering that Tenth is much smaller than her, she’d acknowledge that she wouldn’t want another woman to have to suffer what she did. Well, that was my plan at least, so I slammed my dick deep into her black, tight hole.

“So, tight!” I cried, really having to grab her round booty and force it.

“Nnn! Nnn! Wait! Wait! Wait!” She cried out.

I didn’t wait. I kept shoving it in.

“Ah… you’re pretty tight and warm. It’s like your ass was made for my dick.”

“M-my ass… it’s in… my ass…” She panted in disbelief. “But… my pussy…”

“How can I stick it in there? Do you want to get pregnant? Anal sex is much safer.” I disregarded her as I brought my cock the rest of the way, fitting it entirely in her.

My balls were being groped by the cheeks of her hungry ass that gobbled up my Japanese cock. She was biting a pillow, her ears red and tears running down her cheeks.

“That’s so nice and warm…” I complimented her.

“Even if you say that…” She cried out, finally releasing the pillow but was unwilling to tell me to stop.

“I warned you this would hurt. Should I stop?” I asked the dangerous question, already expecting the answer.

“St-stop? That’s isn’t it?” She asked.

“What are you saying? We keep going until you cum like this.”


“Ah, that’s when you feel really intense good feelings, and then your pussy leaks out your juices,” I explained.

“B-but… I already came.” She looked back, confused.

“You… what?”

I looked down between her legs, only to see that her pussy dripping wet, liquid having spurt down her legs. Did this girl already cum just with me sticking it in her butt? Are you kidding me? How much of a masochist was this woman? I suddenly worried that if she found it pleasurable, not painful, then I might end up being forced to fuck a loli later. No! I had to be rough with her black ass if I wanted to keep to my standards!

“I have to cum too! Besides, sex involves a lot more than that. It doesn’t last seconds.”

“I-I see! Then… please continue… I want to see what happens next!”

Although she was sniffling and had tears running down her eyes like she was in pain, the expression on her face was one of satisfaction, not regret or pain.

“Fine… it’s time to kick it up a notch!”

I began to pull my dick out of her ass and into it again. Her ass really did feel amazing. I expected that doing it raw would be uncomfortable. Perhaps it was because we were a god and a goddess, and these bodies of ours weren’t mortal, but my dick penetrated her ass smoothly, and all the pleasurable sensations filled my body. I could get used to this ass. Plus, her butt was really big and comfortable, and it had just a bit of jiggle when I slammed my dick into her ass.

She let out moan after moan. It was difficult to tell if she was in pain or pleasure, but since I was trying to give her pain, I sped up more and more. In only a minute, I was now pounding her ass hard. Waves appeared on her ass with each thrust as I pounded her so hard. I wanted her to call mercy. I wanted to see her face. I had my sadistic streaks from time to time, and since her moaning was indeterminate, I thought I could see more from her face. However, in this position, I couldn’t see anything.

Thus, I could only take her hard and rough, making sure that there was no way she could receive pure delight from it. I reached out grabbed her hair, and then yanked back on it. She let out a loud moan as I pulled back her hair while fucking her in the ass.

“Ah, I’m cumming!” I cried out.

I had been trying to be as rough as I could, giving her asshole no respite as I banged it. However, her ass felt amazing at the same time, and I reached my limit before I could hold back. I reached out and slapped her ass a few more times as my cock began to pump it full of cum.

“I-I feel it!” She cried out. “Hot stuff inside my ass!”

“Ahhhh!” I cried out, slapping her ass two more times as my cock continued to swell and spurt into her.

I felt really exhausted. It was rare that I put so much personal effort into fucking. I usually didn’t do it that fast and vigorous. I was sweaty, and as soon as I finished, I found myself collapsing on her back, my dick still in her ass. I had let go of her hair and just remained pressed against her, my sweaty body pressed against her cool skin. I lay on top of her for a while. Her face was against the bed, and after I had finished, she didn’t say anything.

She had become eerily quiet. Before, she had been moaning at least, but now she just lay down like she had suddenly gone dormant. Was she angry? I had gone a bit too far, even finishing inside her without permission. A lot of girls didn’t mind where you came so much as they minded how you came. A girl was happy to take it on her tits or in her ass, as long as it was on her terms. When you just came without permission, her satisfaction started to decrease. I had nutted in her butt with barely a warning, let alone asking where she wanted it.

Slowly, I rolled off of her behind and onto the bed next to her. Her hair had fallen in a way that covered her face, so I couldn’t see her expression at all. I was just thinking of slipping off the bed and escaping the room when she finally lifted her head, turning it to me. Her face was covered in tears and snot. Even though her face looked messed up, she was still beautiful.

“Why didn’t you tell me it’d be like that?” She asked.

I felt a chill. “Ah… I did… sort of. I mean, didn’t I say it’d hurt?”

“Hurt… it did…” She clenched her teeth and shook before looking up at me with a lewd expression. “It hurt so wonderfully!”


“Sex was amazing! It’s the best feeling ever! Why did no one tell me sex felt so exhilarating? I haven’t felt this much excitement in billions of years. The way you tore into my ass… I orgasmed over and over. I thought I could only do it once, but you made me do it over and over again.”


“I want to do it again.” She grabbed my hands.

“Again! Ah… well, I guess so. Let me clean up and then I’ll stick it in your pussy.”

“Pussy? No! I want it in my ass!”


“Ass! Put your dick in my ass! I like it in my ass!” She said ass three times.

“If you like it in the ass, you might like it more…”

She shook her head stubbornly. “That won’t feel the same. That will feel all wrong! I’m a girl who knows what I like, and I like it in the ass!”

“Okay… then, I need to get a little turned on first…”

“Shall I bend over?” She asked again while seeming to ignore me. “I want it deeper this time!”

“A-actually, your butt is a bit round, I might have more luck from the front…” I suggested helplessly.

“I-I see! In that case…” She spread her legs wide open while lifting her ass.

A girl her size I would have expected to be a bit clumsy. However, I was using the logic of a mortal. She was a goddess, so why couldn’t she be extremely nimble? She was able to spread her legs wide until she nearly did the split, lifting them until I could see her brown slit and her dark asshole underneath. She was leaking white cum from her butt, and her legs were wet down to her knees, having cum dozens of times to having her ass fucked.

The erotic sight she put herself in was all I needed for my cock to grow erect again. She looked at my cock hungrily, but it was her ass she wanted me to shove it in. I had never met a girl who demanded I take her in the ass. Maybe, I could work hard and get her to accept some of the other play beyond her ass. I grabbed my dick, got between her legs, and then shoved my cock in her ass.

“Yes… that’s the stuff…” She purred happily.

I started to thrust into her ass, while she held her ankles and remained in a W position. Between the MILFs and young girls I had fucked, I had never enjoyed a woman quite as flexible as Eighth. I pushed my dick into her ass until the balls strained against her tight hole. There was nothing ‘dirty’ about a goddesses butthole either. It’s not like she had to use a restroom. When I said I had to clean up first, that had been to give myself a break. Now, I didn’t need a break at all.

As I banged her ass, I used my new position to start playing with her tits. At first, I licked and sucked them softly, but she didn’t seem that impressed. It wasn’t until I started being rough that ecstasy filled her face. I twisted her nipples and pulled on them, using them much like I used her hair when I went from behind. She let out moans and cries of pure pleasure as I pulled them hard enough that they started to turn red.

Every time she orgasmed, the liquid would squirt out of her pussy. Of course, a goddess didn’t pee, so it was pure lust juice if such a thing existed. Her squirting pussy would be hitting me in the groin until I was as wet as her, liquid soaking our regions. My dick wetly thrust into her ass. I had considered switching to pussy, but I got another intuition that it would be ruining the mood between us. Thus, I kept myself thoroughly in the ass.

Over time, I got her to do some kissing as well. She was a very aggressive kisser, and I thought she’d swallow my mouth once she got the hang of it.

“I like this too.” She moaned. “Kissing makes my ass feel even better.”

I never thought that kissing had any association with the way your ass felt, but I guess even a harem god like me could learn something new. We fucked long and hard into the night. I slowly incorporated some clitoris rubbing into it, and she orgasmed even harder than before, but I never stuck it into her pussy. By making her first experience anal, I seemed to have ruined her for good. She had become my anal queen, not that I minded.

A night went by, and we were still fucking. I had cum buckets in her ass, and she had lost enough liquid to drench the bed. We were both covered in sweat, and all distance between us had disappeared. It was at this point, with my cock still deep in her ass pumping away, that a familiar bell rang out. This was the bell that Mother had rung to gather all of the girls.

“Is Mother back already?” I asked, finally collapsing next to Eighth and wrapping my arm around her.

“No, silly. That’s my sister’s Beloved. They’re home.”

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