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“Damn, you’re full of so much cum your abdomen is bloated. What a little slut.” The man chuckled, and then glanced at me. “What do you think? Should I fill her womb with another load?”

I nodded, feeling numb. The man lifted my cousin’s legs and then pushed himself deep inside her. The act ended up causing a bunch of the cum inside her to be pushed out. It made a wet gushing noise as it spurted out around his dick. The man himself didn’t mind. Instead, he pushed himself deep inside her, and then came. She barely reacted, twitching just slightly, as his dick swelled, sending hot cum off into her bloated womb.

Just at that moment, I felt a surge of pleasure of my own. Watching him creampie my cousin was enough, and my dick in my hand swelled too. I shot cum out, and it landed right on my cousin’s face. It was the fifth streak of mine that had reached her face. The guy let out a laugh.

“Damn, man, watching while men fuck your cousin, and then cumming on her face. You other world guys are fucked up.”

He stood up, stretched, and left the room. Another person didn’t enter. Was it done? Was it finally done? Did it even matter? It was far too late. There was no going back.

That night, I had tried to resist the aphrodisiac. It had worked, for about an hour. I had removed my cousin’s gag, but the handcuffs were impossible without keys. I tried and I tried, and she cried and she cried. But soon, my dick grew hard, and my cousin grew more and more tempting. The aphrodisiac was too much. She seemed immune to it since she made it, but I couldn’t stop. I did my cousin. A lot of the bruises on her had been done by me as I savagely raped her for hours on end.

She cried at first, begging me to stop and save her, but I couldn’t stop. Eventually, she stopped talking. I eventually tired out and fell asleep. When I woke up the next day, the line of guards was back, and I was strapped to a chair. The captain was there. He called it special training. I was strapped so the only thing I could move was my hand, and the only thing I could reach was my dick.

Over the hours I had raped her, she had made more aphrodisiac. They had taken that crystal, and wrapped it around my head, forcing me to breathe in the fumes directly. Compared to the night before, I had become a monster. I would have torn my cousin apart had I been free from my chair, but instead, all I could do was watch and jack off.

So, while my cousin begged and cried her last bit of resistance, she got to watch her cousin jacking off to watching her get raped by one man after another. I felt in ecstasy, and each time I came on her face, it was joyful. I watched as her own eyes slowly lost their light. By the time it was noon, there was nothing left in her. Her eyes showed no care, and she showed no reaction to being raped. Even then, watching it excited me.

Then the aphrodisiac wore off, and the high was gone, I was filled with infinite regret. The door opened then, and that despicable captain walked in.

“How’s progress going?” He asked in a chipper voice, looking over her cum-filled body. “Wow… the guys did a number on her.”

He walked around, opening up the aphrodisiac gathering device. When he looked in, he exclaimed in excitement.

“Damn… she’s producing it much better now. I think it’s because of her cousin. The smell of the cum on her face makes her produce more. It looks like I’ve learned a lesson. From now on, she’ll need two guys at once. One on each end, that will definitely get her making more of this stuff.”

He reached out and undid her cuffs, and then removed the rest of her restraints. She was now completely free on the bed. For a moment, I felt a surge of hope.

“C-cousin, Faith…” I called out to her.

“What’s your name again? Faith? Hahaha… how funny. I bet you had faith in your cousin, didn’t you?”

She didn’t respond to either of us. She just stared ahead with blank eyes.

“You… won’t get away with this,” I said through gritted teeth. “The nobility…”

“What are you saying?” He laughed. “I did this with the expressed permission of the King and Prince. You see, the King is getting kind of old, and it’s getting harder to get it up…”

“This… isn’t for war?”

“War? An aphrodisiac? Fuck no. The king just wants to be able to bang his concubines all night, haha… oh, you were thinking you were all here to help with the war movement? It’s true, the war has been profitable for our people, but the main reason you were brought here was just to be able to serve the king and consolidate his power. That’s all.”

“P-p-profitable?” I barely managed to get it out.

“Hey, there is money in war… and other worlders and their skills also can earn a lot of money. Ah… damn… I got a whiff of that aphrodisiac. Hey, slut, get on all fours. I’m going to fuck you. Your pussy is all filthy though. Thankfully, no one has popped your ass yet. I bet it’s still tight.”

“Faith! Don’t!” I cried out, but cousin suddenly started moving, getting on all fours without resistance.

She wasn’t restrained now, but she didn’t hesitate to lift her butt in the air. He chuckled, lined up his cock, and then, while grabbing her ass, pushed in. Faith let out a shout, her eyes widening, yet a second later they were just as dead as before.

“Damn, her ass really is tight.” He muttered. “I wonder if we have all three holes done if she’ll make it even faster.”

“You bastard!” I shouted, struggling against my bonds.

“What?” He raised an eyebrow. “Oh, do you want a go too? Hey, slut, why don’t you do your cousin a favor and suck his cock.”

Faith seemed to ignore everything else, but as soon as she got a sex command, she arose. She reached out and grabbed my dick. I cried out, trying to get out of my chair.

“Faith, stop!” I fought desperately.

“Come on, cousin… I can make you feel good.” She spoke the first words I had heard in hours, but they had no emotion to them and had an almost hollowness to them. “Just like last night.”

“Haha… how can you say no to that?” The captain said, and then his eyes turned serious. “I’ll tell you what? Cum on your cousin one more time, and I’ll free you from that chair. You’ll be free to go.”

“I won’t… she can’t…” I shook my head.

He made a perverted grin. “Oh… do you prefer to watch? You do, right? You don’t want her to suck it, you want to jack off and squirt it on her face again. Well, it’s your perversion. I’ll allow it.”

Everything he said was garbage. I didn’t want her to suck my dick. I didn’t want her to debase herself at all. Yet, even as she was naked, on all fours in front of me, taking this guy thrusting into her from behind, I just couldn’t do it again. However, I had cum on her face countless times already. Most of it was dried, but I could see some of it still dripping down her face like unshed tears. I began to cry too, but I also reached down and started to jack it. I was masturbating while this captain raped my cousin’s ass.

“There you go… ah… fuck, this ass is too much. You better finish soon, because I’m about to cum.”

He grabbed her ass tightly and then deposited his first load deep into her butt. As he came, her vacant expression looked up at me. She opened her mouth, and I thought she was going to say something.

“Ahhhh…” All she did was eagerly wait for me to cum.

I was surprised at how excited I was, and I did cum. It shot out, some hitting her cheek, and some going in her mouth. When I finished, she closed her mouth and swallowed. It somehow seemed both extremely erotic, and extremely crushing. The guy pulled out of her ass, and she fell back on the bed, not moving almost like she was a lifeless sex doll.

The man walked over to a counter, and then he pulled something I had never noticed from behind the potted plant. He held it up in front of me. It was a strange orb, but in the orb was an image, and that image playing out was last night. It was me attacking my cousin. I turned white as I watched myself ravage her while she still cried and struggled.

“You’re lucky your skill is so valuable to the king. Otherwise, we might have just gotten rid of you. If you say anything or do anything, we’ll show this image to your entire party. They won’t trust a thing you say after seeing what you did to your cousin. If you thought it’d be your word against ours, I’m sorry to say, you’re mistaken.”

I sagged in the chair, feeling defeated. I had already completely lost my cousin. I had regained my sanity now, but it was far too late. They had me right where they wanted me.

“My cousin?”

“Her job is to make an aphrodisiac. She can do that now with or without men around, but I think a little cum never hurt. She’ll be the castle guard onahole for the immediate future. Don’t worry, I’ll give her a break to recover. You can also come use her whenever you want, it’s the least a cousin can do for her family, right? Hahahaha…”

He released my bonds just as he said he would. I wanted to strangle him, but remembering last night, he might just come up with a punishment even worse than before. I took one last look at my cousin, still lying naked on the bed, and then I shamefully walked away. The others… they were pursuing power. When they were stronger, maybe we’d be able to overthrow this nobility. Maybe, if we worked hard now, we could overcome the sins of my past. That was the only thought that kept me going.

I went to my bedroom, making sure to clean up from the previous night. I didn’t want there to be any sign of what I had been doing. I wanted to forget it all like a bad dream. That’s when I heard something from the door. I turned around to see the princess standing there. I was shocked, but then a little worried. Did she know about my cousin? How could I even ask that question?

“You’ve been gone the entire morning,” she said. “I’ll expect you to make it up this afternoon. Your work is too important.”

I could only stare at her in disbelief. Her captain had locked me in a room and tied me to a chair, and she was berating me for not working on identifying stuff? I was standing in the middle of the room with my shirt off and a towel over my shoulder, and then she just walks in.

“Hey, Connor… where have you been…” At that moment, the door was pushed open and Kate appeared as well.

“I apologize, Connor has been with me.” The princess responded so quickly it made my head spin before turning back to me. “Thank you for showing me… a good time.”

She smiled slightly, but it looked sadistic. She then turned and walked away without another word. Kate looked at me, an ugly expression on her face.

“Rumor said you snuck out last night to the Princess’s chambers,” Kate said. “I tried to believe you wouldn’t do that, but I guess I was wrong!”

“No!” I cried out. “That’s not what happened?”

“Oh? Then where were you last night? Where have you been? Why did you just take a bath? I can see your wet hair from here! Don’t deny it!”

“I was with… I was out… I was just out!”

“With the princess.”

“I wasn’t!”

“Hmph… maybe the prince is right about you.”

“What? What did he say about me?”

“It’s nothing.” She held up her hands. “I just… hope you’re happy.”

“No… Kate please…” I took two steps forward but she spun and ran from the room before I could reach her.

I ran to the door and looked out, but she was nowhere to be seen. I felt a strange electricity in the air. Did she use magic? There was no other way she would have gotten away so quickly. I felt extremely angry. Did the princess set me up? Is she working with the prince?  She flat out lied and said she was with me, but that wasn’t true.

As far as where I was, what was I supposed to say? I was busy raping my cousin? I was jacking off on her face while a line of men fucked her? I felt angry… and I felt completely lost. This was all so fucked up. I didn’t know how to react to this situation. I was already trapped in another world. Was there anyone I could depend on for help?

I slapped my face and then strengthened my resolve. What I needed to do now was talk to the others. If my friends knew what these guys were like, then we could work together. Even if Kate wasn’t willing to listen to me, she’d listen to the other girls. With enough support, I could blow the lid on this entire questionable war. Then, I would save my cousin and we’d turn our strength against this rotten kingdom, taking revenge for everything they’ve done.

With a renewed sense of purpose, I finished cleaning myself up and then left the bedroom, heading directly for the courtyard where Willow should be training. Willow was my childhood friend. There was no way she’d doubt my words, and she’d be more likely to sympathize. Upon walking out into the courtyard, I could see her battling with the sword. She moved elegantly, even beautifully, as she spared against a handsome young man.

I was stunned because I had never seen her move like that. She did look like a warrior. The sight of her fighting didn’t just catch me, but many of the other men as well. They all watched with wide-eyed wonder. Sweat dripped down her face, and her tied up ponytail fluttered in the wind as she swung her sword, blocking attack after attack. However, this fighting came to a sudden end. The one she was sparring against was just too fast. He struck her in the stomach, and she went flying away.

“Willow!” I cried out in concern, running over to where she landed. “Are you okay?”

“Connor?” She asked dizzily as I helped her up.

“Are you okay?”

“Ah, di-did you see?” She asked shyly.

Willow hadn’t changed at all as she looked up at me shyly, a little embarrassed that I had seen her fight.

“You were beautiful.” I smiled at her encouragingly.

“You are dead.” The man said, wiping the sweat from his face with a towel. “That strike was a killing blow had we been using real weapons. You failed.”

I frowned. “Why are you being so hard on her? It’s her first day! Couldn’t you have held back a bit and gone easy on her? The fact she’s come this far this quickly shows how good she’s getting!”

My words resonated with several of the people there, especially other students, who all nodded in agreement.

“Do you think the demons care about fair?” The man demanded. “Do you think they’d hold back?”

“She’s not versus demons yet!”

“No… he’s right.” Willow broke in.

I turned to her in surprise to see her face was downcast with a look of defeat. “I told him to treat me just like one of his soldiers. I can’t expect special treatment now.”


“Good…” He smiled suddenly, and his smile was radiant. “Are you ready for another round?”

I instantly didn’t like the guy. Willow smiled back though and then nodded enthusiastically. She started running back onto the field.

“H-hey! Wait! We need to talk about something!”

“Oh… Connor…” She turned back, causing the young man to frown. “I’m really busy right now. Can we talk about this later tonight? We’ll do this later tonight, okay?”

She didn’t give me a chance to say anything edgewise. She turned and ran the rest of the way onto the field, and then brought her sword up.

“Your mistake last time was that your wrist wasn’t loose enough. You were too inflexible. I will loosen you up if it takes me all week! Go!”

He attacked her again, and the two fell back into their dual. It was clear her attention was elsewhere, I wouldn’t be able to have the conversation with her that I wanted. Feeling partially annoyed, I frowned as I continued to watch her fight. That’s when I heard a conversation from some other classmates who were also training here.

“What was that? What did you say?”

“Huh?” The boy I called out jerked and then gave a half-wave. “Oh, hey Connor. I said that I saw Riley earlier with some priests. She was carrying books that were nearly as tall as the top of her head. I’m glad my ability lets me be here. I didn’t get sent to another world just so I could still have to study my ass off.”

“R-right…” I smiled and nodded, then turned away. “Riley…”

I excused myself and left the courtyard. Since I couldn’t talk to Willow about things, I could talk to Riley. She was a friend too. If I could find comfort in anyone, it was her. Who knew, maybe Riley would give me her virginity. Things like that happened when you were in another world. I felt frustrated with how things were going with Kate. Since she was already accusing me of cheating on her, what did it matter if I slept with Riley anyway. She already all but permitted me anyway.

The next place I ran to was the temple. This building was within the castle. The castle wasn’t one single massive building but an assortment of various buildings, each one having a purpose. The courtyard connected with a barrack as well as a weapons warehouse. The palace was on the opposite side of the castle grounds, but it wasn’t hard to find because of the tall towers. I didn’t have to ask around too much either before a man told me where she was. I felt relieved that the priesthood wasn’t like the soldiers. I supposed it made sense that men like this would live pious lives.

I knocked on the door I had been told about. There were a few sounds of things being shoved, and then the door opened.

“C-Connor?” Riley’s eyes widened as she answered the door.

She was wearing a robe like she was in the priesthood herself, but otherwise, she looked normal.

“Riley, I’m glad to see you!” I rushed in and hugged her.

“Ah!” She cried out, her face turning red. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry,” I pulled away from her, feeling a bit out of breath. “Do you have some time to talk?”


With Riley in the chair, and me sitting on her bed, I started to explain what happened. I told her about last night, well, at least as much of last night as I was willing to talk about. I told them that they had locked my cousin up, and that they were torturing her to get pheromones out of her and that they threatened me and everyone else around me to silence. I also mentioned how the prince and princess seemed to be liars. Riley listened to everything I said, and I felt like I had released an anvil weighing on my chest.

“So, what do you think?” I asked.

“I believe you… about everything.” She said, her brows furrowed. “If this is true… it’s really bad.”

“You believe me…” I let out a breath.

“Connor, you reached out to me when I thought I was alone.” She smiled. “How could I ever doubt you?”

“Well, that leads to my question. What do I do about it?”

“That… is hard to answer.” She bit her lip. “I can say that there are three powers in the castle. The first is the royal family, the second is the military, and the third is the priesthood. The military takes its orders from the royal family…”

“That prince and princess are in on it!” I finished the thought, my hand tightening. “The guard had said he was working with the king and prince’s approval, but it was nice to hear someone else reason out that they were indeed rotten to the core.

“We don’t know who we can trust.” Riley sighed. “We need two things. The first thing we need is evidence. The second thing we need is the right people to tell.”

“Can we trust the priesthood?” I asked hopefully.

“Maybe… I’ve heard stories that there are times the church has granted people protection from the royal family. Imagine that, a wanted man living next store to the king, and they can’t touch him without causing a fight with the church.”

“Then, can you find out if they are trustworthy or not?” I asked. “You need to be careful! Just… keep an ear open. Don’t say anything.”

She giggled. “I’ll be careful, Connor. I promise. We’ll figure this out together, okay?”

As she said that, she reached out and grabbed my hand. After this morning and the previous exhausting night, her hand felt extremely good. Maybe I still had a bit of aphrodisiac in me, or maybe I had just been driven to a point where I couldn’t think too well, but I moved forward and kissed her.

“Mm!” Her surprised noise was caught against my mouth.

She put her hands on my shoulders like she wanted to push me away, but after a moment, they relaxed. I was kissing her, but when I tried to put my tongue in her mouth, she refused. This caused me to feel even more desperate. I pushed her back down onto the bed. My hands reached out and touched her waist. They started to move up her shirt.

This time, her hands did come up and push me away. “Connor, no!”

I was stunned at the sudden rejection, but my senses quickly returned to me and I sat back on the bed. “S-sorry…”

She sat up, breathing hard and slightly flushed. “It’s not that I don’t want to… it’s just that I don’t think it’s the right time. With everything that is going on… you and Kate being on thin ice, just not now.”

“I understand.” I nodded, looking away and feeling ashamed.

She reached out and touched my shoulder. “I really like you, Connor. I know about your… relationship with Willow. It’s just… I need time. I’ve never done it before, and I want it to be special.”

I breathed in and turned to her with a smile on my face. “I understand, Riley. I’m willing to wait for you.”

She relaxed, smiling too. “You know, the priests here take a vow of celibacy.”

“Is that so?” I asked, a flash of panic quickly hidden.

She giggled. “Don’t worry, I won’t go that far… but when the time is right, I’ll tell you, okay?”

“Yeah… okay.”

I parted with Riley, feeling a little bit better. At the very least, I felt like I could get through the day. There was no telling what tomorrow would bring though.

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