Yurtdışı Yatırım

Dear readers, 

Thank you once again for all of your support. I’m sorry this month has been a bit limp (particularly on WoW chapters). I’m planning to graduate in December and I’m preparing things the best I can while till trying to deliver you as much content as possible. I’m only one person though, so I’m doing my best. 

Every week, I’m asked a lot of the same questions. I try to put the answers in my Q+A, but I’m aware most people probably haven’t even glanced at it, especially those who tend to ask these questions. However, I wanted to address them all the same. I’ll try to keep them real short. 

Why is your chapter “late”?

I don’t work on the hour. I ask people to allow me a 24 hour “late” time to put up a chapter in case I’m just not able to finish it in one night. Honestly, if I just changed my schedule so everything was a day later, then rather than complaining about me being “late”, you’d be confused I was early and asking whether the fact it came out 2 hours before the official date means you’re getting 2 chapters. (you’re not). I did a survey asking if people wanted me to change the date so you. They said no. 95% of my chapters are on time by the schedule I set. Once again, I acknowledge WoW was an issue this month. Some of you want to know when releases will come by the hour. No, not happening. 

Why is your grammar bad?

The vast majority of my fanbase do NOT think my grammar is bad. In fact, compared to most of the translated works out there, my grammar is actually quite good. If you don’t agree… then maybe you should wait and read my eBooks, which go through additional editing. That’s… kind of the point of those existing. If you want chapters NOW but also want perfect grammar, something has to give. I could release less… but once again, the VAST majority would rather I release faster than release grammatically better. That said… despite popular belief, I don’t mind if you complain about a particular bad chapter. I ignore microedits… but if you genuinely feel like a chapter was exceptionally bad grammatically, let me know and I will reedit it. That said, 9/10 times this has happened to me… I can only find 3-4 errors and my chapter is usually no worse than normal. If you think a chapter was really bad compared to everything else… there is a good chance it’s you. I have 10,000 reads on this site a day, the chances of one of my chapters setting off someone’s personal pet peeve is extremely likely. Although, if you do want to demand I grammatically recheck every single chapter on my site, then I’d be happy to stall releases and do that. 

Why are you taking content and making things more expensive?

I don’t. If you’re a $1 or a $5 donator, you get exactly what you’ve always gotten. This month, I released already existing eBook chapters that were found in the ebooks, and some people lost their freaking minds. Now it costs $15 so I can access all the content? It used to cost $5! Actually, at $5, you get a free voucher every month. That allows you to buy the eBook with the chapter in it that you can get unlocked at the $15 tier. In other words, I took nothing away from you. As I explained before, some bonus chapters in the past I released online for various reasons. I did not change the cost of any of them. Instead, I took all of the chapters in my eBooks that you probably weren’t even aware existed, and offered them to the $15 tier. This costs you nothing… and if you’re a long-term supporter with a $5 voucher, you can buy these chapters just as easily as you always could and experience all the content at the $5 tier.

Offering more content to higher paid tiers is the point of having tiers. I feel like posting them on my website just makes people aware that these chapters exist now, where they previously could ignore the existence of eBook chapters. They were always there, and you never had them. Getting whiny because $5 doesn’t “get you everything” is basically just asking me to release less stuff so other people can’t have it, and I don’t know what to say about people getting angry and jealous at others for getting something you don’t get. Come on, guys, can we put this way of thinking to rest? 

Anyway… that was just a few questions I wanted to address once and for all. I still get a couple of exit surveys every month saying something to these effects, so I felt compelled to explain my side yet again. 


· EPASH: Volume 1 eBook will be out this month. 

· MDL: Volume 2 and PoC: Volume 5 are both still in pre-production. 

· EPASH: Volume 2 will start this month, starting this Thursday.

· WoW V3 is finishing. There are about 2-3 chapters left. 

· I’m changing my logo art soon. I hired one of the illustators to do as such. 

· iBoobee was hired to do my cover art. Currently, he is working on the cover for PoC: V5. 

· I’m looking into getting a new illustrator and putting out the 4th issue of the WoW comic. 

· Tales of an Enchantress has started releasing again. 

October Goals

WoW: Volume 3 finished. 

EPASH: Monday and Thursday

NTR Crush: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Hawtness: Tuesday

Timefall Saga: Sunday

My Dungeon Life: Monday-Friday (3 a day)

Tales of an Enchantress: Saturday 

So, in short, I am starting EPASH this Thursday, even though WOW isn’t finished yet. I won’t allow WoW to hold back EPASH releases anymore. As far as Getting Lucky, don’t expect another chapter until the end of another volume. Hero Vengeance is also still being written, albeit slowly. I think I have 4000 words so far, so about 1/3rd done with the next part. 

September Recap

Yes… yes… I know a bunch of people went on about how “word count doesn’t matter”, only being good matters. Well, if you’re supporting me and reading my work, hopefully it’s because you think it is good. Unfortunately, goodness isn’t quantifiable, and the amount of time I put into a chapter doesn’t necessarily make it a better chapter. I just want to give a representation of what donators can expect. I still have a ton of exit survey people who mark “Whatsawhizzer wasn’t as active as I expected.” These always leave me flummoxed. I tell you exactly what I’m going to do… and I always do more than that… so I’m not really sure why I see so many of these… Are you really that torn up because you only got 5 chapters of WoW this month instead of the expected 8? Anyway, here’s what got done this month. 

Images: 6

Podcasts: 2

Other Chapters: 4 (7,000)

WoW: 5 (15,000)

Getting Lucky: 7 (14,000)

MDL: 59 (38, 350)

NTR Crush: 9 (18,000)

Hawtness: 4 (8,000)

Timefall Saga: 5 (15,000)

Total Words Released this Month: 115,000 words 

What!? That’s 16k words less than last month! Whatsawhizzer slacking off confirmed. Clearly that $1 is being wasted. I mean, that’s McDonald Hashbrown money right there…

Seriously though, thank you all so much for your support. I have a great ending for this volume of WoW… and I really think you’re going to like where I go next volume. It’s going to be a return to form, while also expanding the story spectacularly. I’m actually really excited about it, so I hope you enjoy it. Naturally, V4 will start after EPASH V2. 

If you feel that I’m not meeting promises or are otherwise dissatisfied, please let me know (before I read about it in an exit survey). I can’t help everything, but even when I complain a lot, I do listen to feedback and I’m constantly trying to improve. Thank you for one more spectacular month.