The following is a list of one shots stories. Some of these were asked of me, others were just something I wanted to do. Also includes Fan Fiction.


Aaron is my Son : A son-obsessed mother must send her precious boy off to college, but when he comes back with a girlfriend, their relationship won’t stay the same.

Battle of the Sexes : A woman is assaulted at night. Fortunately, she is trained in the art of weaponized sex. Thus begins a battle in bed, where the winner takes the prize and the loser collapses from sexual exhaustion.

Harry Potter and The Slytherin Twins : After facing several challenges in the triwizard tournament, Harry runs into his greatest challenge yet, a threesome. The Carrow twins are Harry’s most secret fans, and they want to give him an experience he’ll never forget. This was written on request.

Against the Gods – Chapter 1554 Omitted Scene : Against the Gods Omitted a sex scene between Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er. Darn Chinese censors. Well, I stepped in to fix that. Enjoy!

Three Erotic Stories with Strangers : This is another experimental fiction. It’s pretty self explanatory. It’s three sex stories involving people having sex with a stranger. I was thinking of narrating and making these a youtube thing. They are “erolite”, which is to say they don’t go into extreme sexual detail. Hopefully, it’s the wish fulfillment and the story that excite you, not six mages of incoherent words and “Pan” sounds.

Untitled Zombie Story : A zombie story with no title.

Waw-chan’s Oneshots – Trick and Treat : A Halloween oneshot special featuring Waw-chan.