One Shots / Concept Chapters

The following is a list of one shots and concept chapters. These are either single one chapter stories and/or first chapters to a concept that may or may not ever be picked up. These were written often to just show how a novel may occur, without necessarily committing to writing said story.


Aaron is my Son : A son-obsessed mother must send her precious boy off to college, but when he comes back with a girlfriend, their relationship won’t stay the same.

Battle of the Sexes : A woman is assaulted at night. Fortunately, she is trained in the art of weaponized sex. Thus begins a battle in bed, where the winner takes the prize and the loser collapses from sexual exhaustion.

Harry Potter and The Slytherin Twins : After facing several challenges in the triwizard tournament, Harry runs into his greatest challenge yet, a threesome. The Carrow twins are Harry’s most secret fans, and they want to give him an experience he’ll never forget. This was written on request.

Against the Gods – Chapter 1554 Omitted Scene : Against the Gods Omitted a sex scene between Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er. Darn Chinese censors. Well, I stepped in to fix that. Enjoy!

Concept Chapters

Automatic Girlfriend : A guy finds an advanced sex doll on the side of the road. The more he uses her, the more functionality she gains. Through trial and error, she will become his perfect girlfriend.

I Reincarnated In The Hero’s Former Body : A former Demon Lord reincarnates in the comatose body of the hero from another world who defeated him. Now he must use his dark powers to but back together the life the hero abandoned.

Modern Warfare : After killing his cheating girlfriend and bestfriend, he gets a chance to start fresh in another world. He chooses the ability to summon and maintain an army with perfect loyalty. But is a mercenary group of Yandere women more than he can handle? (Yes… this was intended to be a different interpretation of Modern Weapons Cheat)

Super H and His Six Vixens : A guy with superpowers starts to lose them. Must find and win the heart of each of six girls to regain all of his powers and save the world.

The Unseen Ghost : A guy whose presence is so thin that no one can see him gets fed up with the world that ignores him. Deciding he’s tired of being no longer seen, he sets out to expose himself in ways that will make it impossible for the world to continue to ignore him.

Mistress Kiki : In a world of beastkin, Kiki is a typical high school neko. When she discovers her big crush is secretly a masochist, can Kiki grow to become the Mistress he wants?

I Don’t Want To Be A Protagonist! : A guy reincarnates in another world, but realizes at a young age that he’s a protagonist. With skills being learned easily and quest markers guiding his every action, this is game that quickly becomes boring to play.

Pirate of the Storm : A man is found overboard with no memory and the mark of a pirate. After being enslaved, he takes the help of a witch and starts a journey to become the King of the Seas.