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“I’m so glad that you and Steven made up. You’ve seemed so down since the pair of you stopped hanging out.” Mom declared as she served up a pre-bought casserole she heated in the oven.

It was supposed to be my job to have turned the oven on and tossed it in. That way, we would have been able to eat at a decent time. I had been distracted by the love letter and got home late, only to need to take a shower. I had forgotten, and my stepdad didn’t do anything to rectify that situation. As a result, by the time the casserole was done, it was already dark out.

I sat at the table with the invitation in my hands. Mom tried to engage in conversation since my stepdad never showed a single ounce of interest in anything I did. I wasn’t interested in talking, and I didn’t want to explain the situation to any of them. Thankfully, I was saved by the door opening. A girl walked in, my stepsister.

She was wearing a miniskirt and a blouse. The skirt was barely enough to cover her butt and the blouse was open enough to show a fair amount of cleavage. She also wore heavy makeup and had her hair up. It was pretty provocative, and her dad constantly chided her for wearing outfits like it, but she worked at a restaurant that hired provocative waitresses. I had never entered the restaurant, but I had seen her walk out with some of her coworkers. I’d say she dressed rather modestly compared to some of the other girls. The less they wore, often the bigger tips they’d get.

“What are you all doing up?” She asked.

“Jenna,” Dad smiled. “We’re having a late supper. Why don’t you join us?”

She made a face, clearly uninterested in his suggestion. “No thanks, I need to clean up.”

His smile diminished slightly, but he shrugged. “Whatever you need, sweetie. We’ll leave you a plate in the fridge.”

She didn’t respond, already heading upstairs with heavy steps. Even though she was eighteen and had no plans to go to college, her dad was still letting her live here rent-free. He didn’t even ask anything of her. Meanwhile, I had a list of chores a mile long. If I came home past dinner, there would never be a plate waiting for me. There would just be a lecture.

“I’m done,” I responded, not feeling like eating anymore.

I put the plate in the sink and rinsed it before leaving. I was going to go do my night crunches. I may not be as physically fit as I was when I was in sports, but I still maintained my body a little bit. I did crunches in the morning and the evening. It was enough it kept my stomach flat, with maybe the hint of muscle if I flexed hard. Despite everything that had happened, I still wanted to look my best, just in case my luck ever changed. I still combed my hair, ate reasonably, and showered properly.

“Make sure to do the dishes before you go to sleep.” Mom ordered.

I slowed down and sighed. “Yes, mom.”

It wasn’t my job today, but I knew if I argued it’d only get me a speech about being ungrateful. I left the kitchen and began walking upstairs. As I reached the second floor, I heard the faint sound of water running. I realized that Jenna was in the bathroom. At the same time, I remembered that I had forgotten to put on my deodorant. I didn’t want to do my crunches without deodorant on, or I’d smell like a goat tomorrow. I wouldn’t be able to live down smelling bad at school, especially after the prank they pulled earlier.

I began walking to the bathroom, intending to knock, but two things caught my notice. The first was that the door was open just a crack. The second was that there was a noise I could hear just under the sound of water. It was a vibrating sound.

“Haaah…” I heard a feminine voice come from the bathroom.

I leaned closer to the door, and I could hear an even more distinct buzz sound along with heavy breathing. What was she doing in there? Was she using a razor? It sort of sounded like one, but I didn’t get why she was breathing so hard. My curiosity got the better of me, and I gently touched the door, opening it enough that I could see the mirror. After tilting my head, a reflection of my sister appeared in the mirror.

She was standing in front of the toilet facing the mirror. She had a towel wrapped around her body, but she had one leg up on the bathtub and it caused the towel to lift. Her vagina was exposed, but she seemed to be doing something to it. She had some kind of long vibrating plastic thing which she was pushing in and out of herself. As my brain started to put things together, her eyes seemed to raise as if she had sensed something.

If I could see her in the reflection, that meant she could see me as well. Our eyes met for just a moment, and then she let out a scream. I let out a curse, running to my room and closing the door.

“What happened?” I heard her dad bellow, his feet thudding up the stairway quickly.

I turned and locked the door, and then tossed myself on the bed, putting the pillow over my head. I was trying to process what I had just seen. It had only been a second, but the image of my sister standing there naked was glued into my mind. Yet, that picture was a mess. I didn’t even look at her breasts. She had a hand up on her chest and my eyes had been focused on what she was doing down there. It’s not like I never had a health class, I knew that was a female vagina, it had just caught me by surprise.

She was putting something inside and outside. Wasn’t that some kind of sex toy? My sister was using a sex toy? What did they call those things that vibrated? Oh, duh… vibrators. She was using a vibrator. Holy crap, the first vagina I ever saw was my sister’s. That’s fucked up.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The door was struck so hard that it nearly broke open. I came out of my mental break and looked up at the door, feeling an ounce of fear.

“Open the damn door!” I heard my stepdad roar.

I had never heard him so angry before. What did she tell him? She was the one who decided to get naked with the door open! How was it my fault?

Bang! Bang!

“What’s going on?” I heard my mom coming up the stairs thanks to the commotion.

“It’s your son!” I heard him speak.

He didn’t yell at Mom, but he still spoke loud enough that I could hear him through the door, even with his back turned speaking to Mom.

“What did Lucas do now?” She asked with a sigh.

“He was peeping on his sister naked. She says he even had his dick out and was touching himself.”

What the hell?

I opened my mouth to shout that it was a lie, but then I realized it didn’t matter. It’d be her word against mine, and there was no chance that they would take my word.

“Honey… he’s a young boy…” Mom stated.

I wanted to feel good that she was defending me, but didn’t she believe everything he said? She did not doubt that I did something that was perverted, even though it wasn’t the truth. I shook visibly, my hands in tight balls. I wanted to punch something, but there was nothing in my room I could afford to damage.

“That little freak better stay the hell away from my daughter!” He snapped. “He’s a deviant.”

“Sweetie…” Mom sounded hurt. “Why are you saying this?”

I stood up and walked over to the door. I reached out, but I wasn’t able to grab the doorknob. My body just couldn’t put myself out there.

“It’s about time someone told you. Your kid is a sexual deviant. He’s looked at Jenna before, and he came home smelling like… like he just had a golden shower.”

What’s a golden shower?

“Ah… that. I had no clue…”

“Our only chance is to restrict his freedoms. Tomorrow, I’m going to remove that lock from his door. He must come home straight after school, and work until his bedtime.”

“That’s a bit extreme.”

“Do you want him to turn out strange?” Dad asked.

“O-of course not.”

“Then, just trust me. This is the last chance… otherwise, I won’t allow him in the same house as my daughter.”

“What do you mean?”

“If he fucks up again, I’m going to send him to military school. Starting tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? But what about his friend’s party.”

“Naturally, he can’t go!”

“You don’t understand, he stopped hanging out with his friends. They were a good influence on him. It’ll be good for him.”

A moment of silence. “Fine, he can go to that friend’s party. Maybe, if he meets some girl his age, he’ll ruin her with that thing instead of my daughter.”


“N-nothing! Ahem… I’ll do the dishes tonight.”


“Yeah, I remembered it was my night to do it anyway.”

I heard their voices trailing away, and then I turned and leaned against my door. It was hard to say where my mind was at. Military school? I suddenly wished my stepdad could go back to ignoring me. Meanwhile, by lying whore of a sister ruined my life, all because she was too dumb to close a damn door. I felt anger, frustration, and helplessness.

In the end, I went to bed without doing my crunches, falling into a fitful sleep. I woke up to the sounds of a screwdriver buzzing. It took me a few moments to realize that it was my door. My stepdad wasn’t wasting any time. He was taking off my doorknob and replacing it with a lockless variety. He had managed to get the door open. It wasn’t hard. If he had wanted to last night, all he would have needed was a paperclip. I sat up in bed, watching him.

He continued to work silently for a bit, but he finally paused, letting out a deep breath. “You heard everything last night?”

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“I meant every word of it. You’re not going to perve on my daughter anymore. I know boys like you masturbate constantly and look up pervy magazines, but when it’s gotten to the point where you hurt family, you went too far. She was so upset about it that I had to give her a hundred dollars just so she could get some mall therapy. You’re lucky she is so easy to please. As for you, you better stop having such wicked thoughts, or it really will be military school.”

He finished his talk with that. It was the closest I had ever gotten to a talk about the birds and the bees with either parent. It was too bad it was made up of a bunch of assumptions. First off, I didn’t own any pervy magazines. I didn’t even know how to go about obtaining them. My friends all had the internet, and when it came to porn, they got it from there. I had managed to avoid porn my whole life, and I certainly didn’t touch myself.

Honestly, until very recently, whenever I got hard, my head would get a little woozy, and I didn’t like the feeling. I had tried to touch myself a few times, but it usually resulted in me passing out. It had only been since my last growth spurt that an erection didn’t put me to sleep! As a result, I had avoided them most of my life. Plus, after being caught my first time by my stepdad and having that change our relationship forever, I had a bit of trauma when it came to that stuff.

My stepdad finished the installation, and without another word, got up and left me alone. Even though I couldn’t lock my door anymore, I still didn’t want to do anything. I remained there until around noon time when my mother called me down. I walked down, afraid that she was going to lecture me as well. I was surprised when she pushed a big wrapped present in my hand. It took me a moment to notice the label had my name as “from”, not “to”.

“It’s a gift for Steve.” Mom declared. “The party is an hour. You should go get ready. You’ll need your swimsuit too.”

I nodded and returned upstairs. My eyes fell on the bathroom, and the flash of my sister’s body appeared in my mind. I looked away. We’d be in a pool, so I didn’t need to shower to get ready. Instead, I went into my room and got dressed. I did my morning crunches, even though I had slept through the morning and it was the afternoon now. When I was done with that, I checked myself in the mirror. I wasn’t a narcissist or anything. I was just making sure nothing looked weird… well, anything except for my penis.

I pulled out my swim shorts and awkwardly put them on. It was harder to find a pair than one would think. I had tried a few others, and the tip of my dick seemed to always appear out the bottom. In the end, I had to get long basketball-shorts-style swim trunks before I felt like it was properly contained and I wouldn’t accidentally flash someone. I also had to get a dark black pair out of very baggy material, because anything else would show an outline of it. I wondered what other guys did. There had to be some kind of trick to it, but I couldn’t ask my stepdad, especially now, and I had no guy friends I could ask such a personal question.

When I was finished fixing up my hair with gel, Mom was already calling me to go. Since I had been grounded for everything, this was probably the last time I’d be allowed out of the house in a long while. It was a shame that it was to go to a person I hated’s party only to hang out with more people I hated. Then again, after I remembered the promise I made Steve keep, this might be a more entertaining party than I thought. A small smile formed on my lips.

With that, we left for the car and began the drive over to his place. On the way, Mom gave me a glance from the side.

“Honey, are you doing okay?” She asked while continuing to watch the road and drive.

“Yeah Mom, why?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I know, I haven’t been there much for you these last few years. It’s just, things have been difficult with work. I just want you to know that things will get better, eventually. You’ll get through this puberty thing, someday.”

“Mom…” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

She laughed as she slowed down and stopped the car. We were in front of his house. I hadn’t been over here in years. I felt a bit of excitement and anticipation. Mom told me to have her mom call her when I was ready to be picked up, and I gave her a wave and left with Steve’s present in hand. Part of me wanted to open his present and keep whatever Mom had gotten for me. I didn’t care about Steve at all, and I was only there to try to have fun at his expense. In the end, as I looked down at the present I shook my head. I wasn’t a thief.

I must have been waiting at the front door too long because it unexpectedly opened up. My eyes immediately fell on two large boobs. I looked down, instantly, feeling embarrassed that I had even accidently seen her.

“Hello, Mrs. Parker.”

Her red curly hair was tied back, and she was wearing a bikini that exposed a lot of her skin. She was a beautiful and mature woman with pale skin and freckles. She had a curvy mom’s body and a pretty face. Her chest was probably size D, definitely big when compared to most of the high school girls I’d seen.

“You’re a bit early.” Steve’s mom smiled. “Is that a present for my Stevey?”

“Ah, yeah…” I held it out, and she gestured to the table. “You can put it over there. Stevey is in his room playing video games right now. I’m getting the party ready now. Why don’t you go play with Stevey while I get things set up.”

Video games… that was right. I had almost forgotten about video games. Mom would never buy a system for me, so the only times I had ever gotten to touch a video game was when I went to Steve’s house. That was one of the many things I had lost when our friendship was destroyed.

I left Steve’s mom in the kitchen and started walking through the house. I was very familiar with this place. I had practically lived here for a few summers. Playing video games, and swimming in the pool, our friendship had been a lot of fun. Then again, those were things I got from him. As for what I could provide him, I had nothing but my friendship. In the end, that hadn’t been enough. I realized that no one gave something for nothing. It was a philosophy that I lived by.

I finally reached Steve’s room, and there I saw him sitting in the middle of his floor on a square carpet looking up at his thirty-two-inch television in his room as he played games. In some ways, it almost felt like things hadn’t changed. Yet, I knew deep down that everything was different.

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