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“Are you going to stand there all day, or are you going to grab a controller?” Steve suddenly asked, not looking back.

I glanced over at his closet. The closet door was a mirror. I had almost forgotten how he’d always keep a watch on it in case his father showed up at his door. His father had been an abusive drunk, and he hated that Steve spent all day playing video games. His mom had finally divorced him around the time of our falling out.

“Can I play?” I asked, stepping into his room.

“It’s a free world.” He responded.

I rolled my eyes and then sat down on the bed. It was the same spot I used to sit while we played. I picked up the spare controller and then turned it on. I few minutes later, I jumped in on the match. It was a zombie first-person shooter, and our goal was to survive the hoards of zombies and escape. We played silently for the rest of the match, and for a brief moment in time, it almost felt like two years prior. When it ended, the silence seemed to stretch.

“Do you want to play another match?” I asked.

“Danielle is coming over.” He responded.

I made a face. “You’re still dating her?”

Danielle had been the girl that I had a crush on back then. When he asked her out despite my interest in her, it had destroyed our friendship. Most middle school romances I heard of fell apart in months. I was a bit surprised that they were still dating. That was because I had heard she was dating at least two other guys in the last two years. They could have been rumors, but at least one of them was pretty reliable.

“It’s getting serious between us. You don’t need to talk to her. Don’t even look at her.” He snapped.

I frowned. “Don’t worry. I have no interest in your slut of a girlfriend.”

“Who are you calling a slut?” He threw down his remote, turning to me angrily.

“Half the school?” I responded snarkily.

“Well, they don’t know what you’re fucking talking about!” He snarled. “Danielle has only been with me. Tonight…”

He stopped at that point, visibly shaking. I raised an eyebrow.

“Did she promise to pop your cherry on your seventeenth birthday? Congrats.”

“Fuck you! Not everyone can be drowning in pussy like you.”

“Um… thanks?” I blinked and then coughed. “I’m a virgin.”

I didn’t know why I told the truth. He seemed to think I was successful with women. It wasn’t a lie I minded propagating, but for some reason, I felt a bit bad lying. My parents already thought I was a liar. I guessed that was why I was determined to tell the truth as possible.

“You…” He made a face, but then his eyes widened. “Really?”

I held out my hands helplessly. “I’m the least popular guy in school. I have no friends right now. Who did you think I’d even have a chance with? Earlier today, Daren tricked me into thinking I had a note from a girl, and then he dumped shit all over me.”

“You fell for the love note?” He asked, looking at me incredulously.

I glared at him. “I thought a strange girl I never met liked me and wanted to meet me under the bleach… ah… yeah, I see it now.”

“Pfft…” He snorted out a laugh, covering his mouth.

“Hey! Fuck off! You have a girlfriend, so you don’t have the right to talk.”

“Sort of…” He looked downcast. “She won’t do anything. Says she’s saving herself. But… she told me she’d fuck me if I had a cool car!”

“A car?” I stared at him.

“Mom’s present?” He declared. “She’s getting me a car?”

“Is that why you had to invite me?” I asked incredulously. “So that you could get a car to bang your girlfriend? … Pfft!”

It was my time to laugh. He glowered at me.

“Hey, fuck you too! Not all of us have… ahem… a nice car is something the chicks will dig.”

“Right… right…” I responded, still chuckling slightly.

“Whatever, dude…” He rolled his eyes, but he seemed to be in good humor too.

It felt good talking to him. This felt exactly like back when we were friends. However, that thought reminded me that we weren’t friends anymore, and my feelings of nostalgia deflated like a balloon.

“Did you get what we agreed on?” I asked.

His good humor went away and he scowled. “Are you that fucking desperate?”

“It’s called insurance,” I responded as my expression went dark. “All I want is for you to get off my damn back. Stop talking shit about me and stop spreading rumors. I’d ask you to just promise, but we both know that you’re a backstabbing asshole, so let’s not play stupid games. I heard you bragging that you took naughty pictures of your girlfriend. Give them to me, and as long as you don’t piss me off and stay out of my way, they’ll never see the light of day.”

“Tcht.” He clenched his teeth. “I haven’t said anything about you in over a year. If people are harassing you, maybe it’s because you’re a pri- an asshole.”

“Oh, wow, you come up with that insult on your own?” I scoffed. “You want your damn car, don’t you?”


He grunted before pausing the game and standing up. He walked over to his nightstand. Looking at the door like he thought Danielle would suddenly jump out, he carefully opened his nightstand and then handed me a folder. I chuckled and opened the folder, looking at the images inside.

“The fuck is this?” I looked through the pictures.

“You said you wanted the naughty pictures of Danielle I took.”

“She’s wearing underwear or a swimsuit in all of them,” I growled. “Where is the tits? The ass?”

“You can see her tits and ass!” He snapped. “We haven’t gotten that far yet!”

“You made it sound like you had pictures of your two fucking!” I snapped, “I at least need a picture of her pussy.”

“I already said I’m sealing the deal tonight!” He shot back. “You wanted the pictures I took, those are the pictures!”

“Fine.” I shut the folder. “It’s the same deal. You fuck me over, I release them.”

“Yeah, yeah…” He sat back down and unpaused the game.

“I’m leaving.”

“H-hey! You can’t go!” He jerked up. “Mom wants you here for my birthday. You got to stay…”

“If I’m staying, then you need to treat me like a friend.” I shot back. “You think your mom won’t notice otherwise.”

“Fuck!” He cursed. “Fine… we’ll act like friends for the rest of the party. Agreed?”

“Agreed.” I put out my hand.

The pair of us shook hands, and that moment was struck by a doorbell ringing. A group of people arrived and his mom got the door. He immediately turned off the game and stood up, fixing his collar, slicking back his hair, and then spritzing some cologne on his neck.

“How do I look?” He asked.

“Like an asshole,” I responded.

He glared at me, but his Mom’s yell stopped him from saying anything. “Stevey, I sent your guests to the backyard. Why don’t you join them?”

“I will Mom, and just call me Steve!” He shouted before glaring at me. “Just don’t embarrass me.”

He turned and walked away, and I stuck my tongue out toward his back as he left the room. After standing there for a moment, I dropped my arms and shook my head. This was going to be a long night. I should have asked for more, like free rides in his car or something. What if he wasn’t still spreading rumors? He was just one guy, and everyone else could still be trying to destroy my reputation. He wasn’t exactly popular, so it wasn’t like he could do anything about them.

I planned to use these photos of his girlfriend to blackmail him a little more. With this, I might even be able to bully him a little. I could get those car rides and even more. Thinking about that, I relaxed a bit. I took a step toward the door, but just then a large chest bumped into me.

“Ah! Mrs. Parker.” I cried out.

“Oh? Lucas? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were still here.” Steve’s Mom was standing there with a laundry basket held to her hip. “I was just getting the laundry he left behind. Oh, that reminds me, did you remember to bring swim trunks?”

“Yeah! I um… was just going to change now.” I coughed awkwardly.

“Here, you can change in the bathroom. Leave your clothes there, I’ll throw them through the wash.”


She leaned forward, her ear right next to mine. “They smell kind of bad dear, my son’s clothes get like that too when he rewears stuff he left on the floor.”

I stiffened at her words, both because of how close her lips were to my ear, and also the embarrassment over the scent. I knew it was probably from the bucket of crap that had been dumped over my head before. The scent must have lingered in my hair. A dip in the pool was the best option for me now.

I didn’t explain any of this to Steve’s mom though. “I-I’ll go.”

I quickly ran to the bathroom and then pulled off my clothing. However, when I tried to put on my swim trunks, I frowned. They didn’t fit.

That wasn’t exactly true. They did fit, but my body had grown and now they fit tightly. They looked normal, but the outline of my dick ran down the side very noticeably. I didn’t understand how other guys were capable of hiding their snakes. I always had to get baggy swim trunks to hide it, which always made me look silly. I couldn’t wear ones my size, or it’d be visible and was also a bit uncomfortable.

I had gotten this last year, not realizing I must have had a growth spurt or something. They now fit me, but there was no way I could wear them. For not the first time, I wished I could just cut it off. I felt like there was some grand secret and I wasn’t left in on it. The doorbell rang several more times as more guests arrived, but I remained locked in the bathroom. I tried to reposition my dick a dozen different ways, but there was no way to prevent a massive bulge.

At that moment, there was a light knock on the door and I nearly jumped. “Y-yeah?”

“Sweetie, is there a problem? Everyone’s arrived.” Mrs. Parker’s gentle voice already made me feel bad.

“Um… I don’t have a pair of swim trunks. It turns out these are too small.”

There was a few moments of silence, and then Mrs. Parker spoke up. “That’s fine, dear. My ex-husband left some basketball shorts. You can just wear those.”

“Th-thanks.” A minute later, she returned and passed me the shorts through the door.

I looked at them and took a breath of relief. They were very baggy but had a string I could get tight enough that they wouldn’t fall off. I didn’t take off the swim trunks. Instead, I put the shorts over the trunks. This was a trick I had learned after countless bullying. Seeing big, baggy shorts, many bullies wouldn’t hesitate to pull down my pants. A second tighter pair first helped me contain my snake but also prevented me from revealing my bare ass.

Putting the shorts on and finally feeling covered, I turned to the door and opened it, only to stop short by another person standing there.

“D-Danielle?” I knew she was coming to this thing, but I was still not mentally prepared.

Although we shared a few classes, I had remained distant from her ever since she went out with Steve. Since then, our relationship has remained strained.

“Hey… Lucas.” She looked away, appearing like the same beauty I had a crush on.

Plus, she was in a two-piece swimsuit. It was at that moment I realized it was the same swimsuit she had been wearing in those lewd pictures. It was the same outfit, but in one she had been on all fours, and in another, her legs were spread open. It had a different feel, and having seen it, it gave her current appearance a more vivid feel. I gulped while I felt my snake shift slightly.

“Excuse me.” I quickly ran around her, fleeing the situation.

She looked after me as I fled, but then turned and entered the bathroom while I headed toward the backyard.

“Fuck, I’m so horny…”

When I heard those words, I couldn’t help but freeze. The words came from the kitchen. The hallway I was in was adjacent to the kitchen, and there was an open bar which created a space between the hall and the kitchen leading to the back patio. I cautiously crouched down and glanced into the kitchen, where I saw Mrs. Parker talking on the phone. It was hard to believe such a vulgar sentence came from the usually respectful mother.

“Yeah, the party is going on. Stevey and his friends are outside.” Mrs. Parker bent over, stretching her back, her butt pushing out toward me in a very erotic way.

Perhaps, It wasn’t erotic, but after the words I thought I heard, my teenage brain was already firing on all cylinders.

“How long has it been? Since the divorce… what? Not since Stevey’s dad. I know he’s an asshole who cheated on me, but that doesn’t mean I’d cheat back.” She was talking to someone else, but I couldn’t hear their side of it as she let out laughter. “You’re so bad… they’re just kids… Yeah, I guess Stevey is getting to that age… Well, he better not get any before me! Hahaha!”

I gulped, feeling like I was in a situation I shouldn’t be in. This was one of those adult conversations, and it was disrespectful to listen in on it. Feeling a bit of panic, I started to sneak past the kitchen, almost crawling on the ground so she couldn’t see me as I fled outside.

“What do I want? At least, six inches.” She let out another laugh as she continued talking. “You’re so bad… seriously? He’s that big? Eight inches? You lucky bitch. Stan was barely four inches. I’d love something bigger. Too big? Shut up. I want a stallion!”

As she laughed again, I nearly tripped as I inadvertently heard her conversation. What were they talking about with sizes? Her words were confusing, but I was sure they were lewd. I felt like they contained some secret in them that I had been missing. I had stopped moving and started leaning toward the kitchen, listening for more.

“What are you doing?” A voice asked behind me.

I jumped, knocking over a stool I had been leaning on. Spinning around, I saw Danielle behind me, a small frown on her face. When I looked back at the kitchen, Mrs. Parker was standing and looking my way too. She didn’t seem embarrassed, just surprised. My face, on the other hand, turned red.

“Um… sorry…” I quickly muttered and then fled through the back door.

I came out into the backyard, where a dozen people were jumping into the pool. It was late in the year, and although it was still warm out, the sun had already started to set. The pool had numerous lights illuminating it, so along with the streamers and balloons, it gave the entire place a party feel.  Behind me, Danielle followed out the sliding door, still looking at me awkwardly. Steve narrowed his eyes in my direction as he saw us together.

“Hey, since everyone’s here, let’s get this party started.” A guy suddenly spoke up before I could even head for the pool. “Let’s play a game.”

“Wh-what game?” A girl asked nervously.

“Spin the bottle.”

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