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“Hey, are you not listening? We’re doing this now!” Steve shouted.

As everyone else was getting out of the pool, I jumped into it. When my head emerged from the water, Steve was looking at me with annoyance while the others were giggling. I jumped in because I likely still smelled from the odor before and I was determined to smell like bleach instead. However, when it came to the spin-the-bottle game, I was even less enthused.

“There are eleven people here, six boys and five girls,” I responded. “I’ll sit this one out.”

“Dude is scared of girls.” One of the guys spoke under his breath, eliciting more laughter.  

I frowned a bit. I already didn’t want to be there, and these were some of the people I liked the least. They weren’t the bullies that I hated with a passion, but a few of them used to be my friends and turned their back on me. I didn’t want to hang around them anymore. As for Danielle, I had no interest in her. I wasn’t one of those simps who longed after the girl who got away. Danielle knew that I liked her when she chose to go out with Steve. She ghosted me just as hard as he did.

Plus, since then, I have heard rumors about her. I hadn’t just been trying to insult Steve when I called her a slut. The rumors said that she had been railed by half-a-dozen guys. Even if it wasn’t true, she was willing to bang Steve as long as he had a car. That told me as much as I wanted to know about her. I knew her mother. She was friends with my mother, which was how we had become childhood friends in the first place. Her mom was a beautiful and gentle woman. Meanwhile, Danielle was a bitch.

Danielle wasn’t even the worst one there. There was also Stephanie. Stephanie was a bitch. It would wound my pride to call her a bully since she was a girl, but of the people who made my life a living hell, Stephanie was no worse than the quarterback. In truth, no one in school liked her, but everyone had to pretend to like her. This was because she was the daughter of some politician who made a massive donation to the school. The principal and teachers bent over backward for her.

One year, a girl called her a bitch to her face and she jumped on the girl and attacked her. After the teachers pulled them apart, the girl had lost half her hair and her face was covered in scratches, some of which became scars. The girl got expelled while Stephanie faced no consequences. After that, no one was willing to mess with her. Perhaps, if she was cute, there would be some redemption for a crazy bitch, but she was a big girl, as you’d see on a wrestling team, and she had a resting bitch face that belonged on a horse. Steve likely invited her because failing to do so was social suicide.

Suffice it to say, with five girls present, a 40% chance of getting a bad pick was too much for me. I didn’t feel any regret in rejecting their offer.

“If we can refuse, then I’ll stay out,” Stephanie declared.

“Me too!” Another girl spoke up.

“Why don’t we just do something else?” Danielle offered.

“No, let’s play!” One of the guys cried out.

“It’ll be fun!” Another declared.

The girls had already been reluctant. After all, it was a kissing game. With me trying to step out, Stephanie tried to do the same, and with that, all the other girls were trying to leave too. Meanwhile, the guys were all shooting me vicious glares. Somehow, I had ruined their game even though I wanted nothing to do with it.

Steve kneeled to the edge of the pool and hissed at me quietly. “Come on, dude, don’t be a little bitch.”

I ground my teeth, but I knew that if I didn’t follow along, my social standing would only take another hit. I sighed and swam to the edge of the pool.

“Fine,” I spoke as I got out.

I grabbed one of the towels and dried myself off as the others went to sit down. There was a paved area with seating that made a circle. The center area was normally a firepit, but when it wasn’t in use a metal cover went over it that turned it into a table. I ended up sitting down across from Danielle and Steve. There were six seats in all, so I was the only one sitting alone. Thankfully, they weren’t pared up boy and girl or I’d start to feel a conspiracy.

Steve pulled out an old beer bottle and put it in the middle of the table with a clink. “Alright, rules are simple. We’ll go boy-girl-boy. You spin the bottle. Closest person of the opposite sex you kiss.”

As he explained this, the girls all blushed while the guys grinned like idiots. I had to admit that even I was a little excited. Besides Danielle and Stephanie, the three other girls were bad-looking. There was a redhead, a brunette, and a blond girl, so it was like the trifecta of types. I was pretty sure the brunette and the blonde were related though. They looked very similar except one of them had bleached her hair.

“I’ll go first!” Stephanie declared, standing up and spinning the bottle.

The bottle finally landed on one guy, who looked a bit dispirited. She let out a laugh and then got up. He moved to give her a gentlemen’s kiss, but then she grabbed him and kissed him roughly. He let out a cry, holding out his hands, but she took every liberty short of grabbing his dick before letting him go. When she finally let him go, he was gasping for breath. She giggled and ran back to her seat. The redhead sitting next to her giggled, and the two whispered playfully.

Steve blinked and then said. “I guess I’ll go.”

He spun the bottle again. This time, it landed on Danielle. Danielle’s face turned red, but Steve grew a smile. He wrapped his arm around her, going for an aggressive kiss just like Stephanie had done, but Danielle pulled back a bit, and all he got was a peck on the lips. He pulled away, looking awkward, while she just gave a smile.

“My turn!” The blonde declared, getting up and spinning the bottle.

The bottle ended up landing on the brunette girl she was sitting next to. No guys were near her, but it was about in between me and another boy. The pair of us looked at each other, although his eyes seemed to fill with hostility. The girl was cute, and I liked blondes. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to fight with him over it though.

“Oh no! It’s on my sister. Well, I don’t mind.”

“W-wait!” The guy challenging me cried out. “It’s the closest opposite sex. She’s the same sex?”

“Really?” The girl asked helplessly.

“Shut up!” The guy who had been kissed by Stephanie hissed. “We could watch two girls kissing! Sisters even!”

“It’s your call, birthday boy.” She stuck her tongue playfully at Steve.

“Ah…” he looked at everyone and then spoke quietly. “The bottle did land on her and if she’s willing…”

The guy who had been arguing looked indignant for a bit, but when he saw the blond girl sitting on her sister’s lap, his cautious expression slipped away.

“It’s not a big deal. It’s not like I’ve never kissed her before.” The blonde girl leaned over and the two kissed.

Every guy was watching with raptured attention, and even the girls seemed slightly interested. I had to admit that it was pretty hot. They didn’t just do a peck on the lips, but they used tongues. Seeing two girls who were sisters kissing like that felt like it should be taboo. I felt my body reacting. In the end, I had to look away though. If I got an erection, even those baggy pants wouldn’t be able to keep it from showing. Steve noticed me look away and then smirked.

“What?” I asked him.

“You’re next.” He chuckled.

I made an ugly expression, but I still forced myself to lean over and then spin the bottle. I was pretty excited on the inside though. I wanted to kiss a girl. I never thought this would end up being my first time. Perhaps this would signal the end of my unpopularity. Yet, when the bottle stopped, I couldn’t help but inhale aggressively.


That forty percent chance of selecting one of them became a certainty. It was fine though. I could handle this. I got up and walked over to Danielle. She looked up at me. She wasn’t showing much expression on her face. It was hard to tell what she was thinking. Should I just give her a peck? She seemed to refuse anything more from Steve, and that looked super embarrassing. However, even two girls used their tongues, so if I didn’t I’d look just as pathetic.

I gently leaned forward. My mind sort of went white as our lips touched. Her lips parted and the next thing I knew, my tongue was in her mouth. Her breath tasted sweet and she was kissing me back. I felt a tingly sensation shoot down to my grown, and so I pulled away. I stood back up, and Danielle was watching me with an imperceptible look in her eye.

“Ooooo!” The guys all started making sounds, and she finally blushed, her eyelids fluttering.

I turned away and retreated to my seat, trying to keep my face from becoming hot. I couldn’t get an erection in front of others. There was no way to hide it and that would be far too embarrassing. Why did the other guys always seem to be able to keep their cool? Were they more practiced than me? As soon as I sat down, I felt like I was being watched. I looked up to see Steve glaring at me, an ugly expression on his face.

I wanted to give him a mocking look. His girl kissed me and barely kissed him. What was that about? Yet, I’d just embarrass myself further if I did something like that, so I tried to keep my face free of expression, even as the guys continued to tease me. However, I seemed to have earned some credit. The guys weren’t looking down on me. For once, I felt like one of them.

“This is boring.” Steve’s voice broke through the laughter and teasing. “Let’s ramp things up a bit.”

“Ah!” Danielle looked up worriedly.

“What do you have in mind?” One of the boys asked.

“Seven minutes in heaven.” He grinned, pointing to the pool house in the corner. “In there…”

“That…” The girl who hadn’t participated yet looked a bit worried.

“I’ll tell you what.” He spoke up before the girls could protest. “The girls each get a spin. Just one spin. Five rounds, five of you.”

“What if a guy gets picked twice?” The blonde girl asked, looking slightly interested.

“Then he’s a lucky guy.” Steve laughed. “What? It’s not like you need to do anything. None of us will know. It’ll be between the two of you.”

It was back to the boys trying to convince the girls. The brunette girl seemed to be resisting the most. Danielle glanced at me and then looked away.

“I think we should try it.” Her words caused everyone else to be quiet.

Steve’s expression brightened. “Yeah, let’s do it!”

I frowned slightly. What was her game? Why did she kiss me like that, and now she wanted to play this?

“Alright, I’ll start.” Red-head who hadn’t done anything the previous round spoke up. “It’s better to get it over with.”

She grabbed the bottle and spun it. It landed on the same guy that Stephanie had kissed earlier. A smile grew on his face, while her cheeks turned nearly as red as her hair. She reached out and took his hand, and then they went into the pool house. The rest of us continued to sit there. As a minute or two passed, things started to become awkward amongst the waiting group.

“Let’s start the fire.” Steve coughed.

The boys all grabbed some wood and piled it up. By the time the flames caught on, the pool house opened up again and the boy came out with the girl. Her face was slightly red, and he looked quite satisfied with himself.

“How far did you get?” Steve whispered to the guy.

He put a hand to the side of his mouth so the girls couldn’t see, but then he mouthed the words ‘handjob’. Everyone’s eyes opened. Even if he was completely lying, no one knew. By the embarrassed expression on her face, it was completely possible. By tomorrow, rumors would be all over school that she stroked his dick. The guys all wore stone faces, so the girl had no clue what was said about her. That was the basics of the bro code.

“Alright, alright, next!” He laughed.

The blond girl went next. Her bottle landed on the same guy. She looked at him and then smirked. He looked at all the guys and then shrugged like he was helpless to resist. Where did this asshole get all the luck? It was like by getting kissed by Stephanie earlier, he had earned enough karma for an eternity in heaven.

“Anyway, we got marshmallows and stuff.” Steve looked a little unhappy, perhaps thinking he’d be the one lucking out. “Let’s meat.”

The group pulled out roasting sticks and then we each got marshmallows. By this point, it was dark out and the pool lighting and fire were all that could be seen. His mom was still inside getting his cake and presents ready. I was on my second marshmallow when the door opened again. The blonde girl didn’t look embarrassed, but perhaps a bit flushed.

“Well?” Steve mouthed toward the guy.

He grinned, and, and secretly brought his hand to his nose and sniffed two fingers. The guys turned away, each one stamping their feet or cursing under their breath. He was saying he had fingered her. One girl stroked his cock, and then he fingered another. Holy shit! Even I was floored.

We got back in the circle again, and the blonde’s sister went. We all let out sighs when it landed on another guy, and not the same one. However, she did look a bit disappointed. Did she want the same guy her sister was with?”

We continued to eat and talk casually at the fire while waiting. Seven minutes later, the two of them came out. She looked slightly icy, and when Steve raised an eyebrow, he shook his head slightly. The guys all broke into laughter. He had scored out completely. Even I laughed along with everyone. It felt somewhat good to laugh with friends.

“I’ll go last,” Stephanie spoke up. “You go!”

She pointed at Danielle, who nodded. She had been the one to convince everyone to do this in the first place. She spun the bottle. This time, my eyes were on it. If they picked me, what would I do with her in the closet? I had already said I had no interest in her, but her behavior earlier left me both confused and maybe a little hopeful. The cap looked like it was about to stop on me, but it kept going until it pointed at the boy who had picked twice before.

“This is bullshit!” Steve cursed out loud.

The guy broke into laughter. Even I felt a bit bad for Steve. He just wanted to have reasons to get close to his girl, and now she was going to spin seven minutes in a pool house with another guy. Steve looked like he was going to bite something. I kept my mouth shut as Danielle was escorted into the pool house by the other man.

This time, the atmosphere became exceptionally weird. Steve had his arms crossed in front of him and was watching the pool house like a hawk. Meanwhile, the others were getting sick of marshmallows as well as this game. It had already been going on thirty minutes, and it was mostly waiting. They wanted to get back in the pool.

“Just one more round.” He practically seethed as he spoke through his teeth.

The door finally opened, and Danielle’s was red from head to toe. She also had her head low. Without even being asked, he held his fist up and then jacked it twice while using his tongue to push out his cheek. He was claiming Danielle sucked his dick. Steve visibly shook, but the other guys grabbed him.

“He’s joking.” One of them whispered.

“He made it up!” Said the other.

“Line up, boys. I’m next!” Stephanie declared.

No one could dwell on whether Danielle did or did not suck dick, because now it was Stephanie’s turn. None of the guys wanted to be picked by her. The previous four girls had come at the cost of her coming up. Yet, three of those girls had gone to the same guy, and the other had ended up being a dud. In other words, no one got an advantage but they all had to take a risk of ending up with Stephanie. Most of them hoped the guy who got the three could take one last one for the team, after all, he had already gone to third base with over half of the girls present by his admission.

She spun the bottle, and she used a lot of strength so it ended up spinning for a while. All the guys were muttering prayers under their breaths, prating it wasn’t them. The girls were watching with just as much interest. The bottle finally stopped, and it looked like my bad luck would continue.

“Fuck.” Why did it have to be me?

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